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Chapter 129: Extra – Domineering husband protection

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The largest competition of human civilization, the Military Alliance, was drawing to a close, with tens of thousands of the best human fighters competing in the past few days, and many famous scenes or battles have been born.

For example, Colonel Yu of the Crystal Swallow Federation’s sniping match in three hours, Lieutenant Colonel Yuan of the Lituan Kingdom’s guerrilla warfare, the Sycamore Church Army’s superb scouting power in the Marine Squad match…

However, none of these sights were Baylor’s to enjoy. Before the competition began, Baylor was the biggest talking point, and almost all eyes were on him. But after the competition began, as the competitors showed their skills, no one could turn their attention away from the brave and courageous aura of the fighters and their ability to push the limits of mankind.

But under such a feverish excitement, Baylor’s silence is also slightly puzzling.

It’s not that there weren’t mecha tournaments these days, there were mecha singles tournaments where the blood is boiling, and the mecha singles tournaments are drawing to a close, with the finals in two days, but Baylor seems to have disappeared from these tournaments, with no sense of presence.

Some people realized after the fact that they had forgotten about this person in the limelight for a long time, and checked Baylor’s participation status with the thought that he had already been eliminated from the competition.

There was no noise at all, it could only be a silent elimination. It was after all the finals, elimination was not unusual. However, to their surprise, the person was not eliminated, and was sitting firmly on the list of finalists.

The person was not eliminated. How did this person advance? How did they get to the finals? They have memory loss?

And then after checking, good man, what the hell is this shit luck? Not only in the preliminaries, but Baylor’s opponents in the subsequent rounds, quarterfinals, etc., were either less powerful, or, even if they weren’t, they played poorly and lost quickly without showing much strength.

One of the most dramatic times was when Baylor was preparing for a match and the player on the other side of the court was forced to leave the match due to food poisoning, and Baylor won without a fight.

While a typical mecha singles match lasts about three to four hours, Baylor’s average match length is now just under an hour.

What kind of luck is that? Is it a blessing from the gods? Is he really the son of God?

But who would believe that it’s just luck? Who would be so lucky as to avoid the strongest opponents all the way to the final? If it’s not luck, then it could only be man-made.

(In order to get your partner into the finals, the General really went to a lot of trouble.)  (The competition is really his own backyard, and he can manipulate it anyway he wants.) (He can afford some hard-working warriors?) (Disgusting!) (The fact is that he is the General of the Ya’an Empire, not the emperor of the Alix constellation! What are you thinking about other countries’ peoples?)

There were even many supporters of Ewan, who accused the General of their country of being  love-brained. Not avoiding their relationship, and now even showing their love in a high profile way, using their power for personal gain for their partner.

The fans who still had not seen the long-awaited battle for various inexplicable reasons also began to spew their anger in the face of these people’s indignation.

Baylor’s strength is not something you can question? You couldn’t see the performance in the preliminaries, could you? Your own eyes are blind to the audition video? Who’s to blame if your own country’s fighters don’t give a good fight?

We’re also angry that your players are too chicken to let our BayBay play. We are the ones who are elected by the Ya’an Empire, so you have to force them?

The internet forums were filled with smoke and curses, even to the point where the focus was no longer on Baylor’s himself, but on the body of outlying groups.

Some say that Ewan is too domineering and hegemonic in the empire, even the power of the imperial family is hollowed out. Some are not convinced and have come out to count Ewan’s achievements since he took office, arguing that his power is rightfully his. Some counter that that is no reason for Ewan to play the galaxy in the palm of his hand now…

It’s not too surprising that Sean advised Ewan to avoid public suspicion and not to overemphasize his relationship with Baylor, fearing that one day people would question Ewan’s use of his position for Baylor’s benefit. To be honest, the questioning has come too late.

Of course, if the situation had developed to this point, there must be Ewan’s political opponents in the push behind the scenes.

Some of the people watching on the wall are thinking, this storm and the other day they heard of the ‘military General candidate turmoil’ whether there was a connection, maybe this was a premeditated political game.

“General, if left unattended, I’m afraid the impact is not good.” Weifield eyebrows, “although it’s only a few remarks, it may let some people with bad intentions like fish in muddled water, to promote their faction, maybe cause a storm.

Even if they can’t really shake Ewan’s position, the flies around were very annoying.

The next Ewan looked indifferent sitting on the sofa, his eyebrows lowered looking at the reports, “You mean, I should hold a press conference meeting?”

“If you want to clarify…”

Ewan lifted his eyes and looked at Weifield, “Clarify? Clarify what?” Not waiting for Weifield to answer, he hooked the corner of his mouth and laughed, “It’s too much for them. As long as my partnership with Baylor exists, there will be no shortage of questions, so do we have to make a big show of it every time? There are only a thousand days to be a thief, not a day before. If I was really afraid of the gossip, I would have chosen to avoid suspicion in the first place.” 

His statement completely disregarded that someone was playing with the issue.

Weifield wasn’t surprised, Ewan, sitting in his position as General, had never been afraid of the threats of others. He had even said in public, the General’s position was for a capable person, if someone was really better than him, he would not hesitate to step aside to give way.

“But on Mr. Baylor’s side, the General is not worried about Mr. Baylor?” Weifield asked.

Ewan smiled softly, “What do I need to worry about?”

Weifield sighed, he was going to say of course he was worried that Baylor would be affected by those words, after all, anyone who is said to have been let in the back door would not be in a good mood. Then he thought, Baylor seemed to care less about the outside world than even Ewan, his boss.

So he thought such comments might affect Baylor’s future situation, but on second thought, the military is controlled by the General, who can give Baylor a hard time? If it is a relationship between colleagues, Baylor’s body had such a statement, but did not affect how much? After all, the Ministry of the military has always been the strength of the first, and Baylor does have that strength.

Thinking about it, it is surprising that Baylor and Ewan’s side were also invulnerable to poison.

Weifield sighed lightly and said, “I am too narrow-minded.”

Ewan said casually: “You think thoroughly, this is your strength, at this point you and Wellin are completely different.” 

At this point, Ewan raised his eyes to Weifield, “You should let Wellin learn from you.”

The face that looks exactly like Wellin’s has some helplessness, “Sorry, for letting brother Ewan worry.”

The three of them were in the same room as Baylor, and Wellin is sitting next to him, chatting away on the forum.

The reason why the three of them got together is actually quite simple, Wellin because he couldn’t continue to be a light bulb, while Eric was called over by Baylor. The fans who watched Baylor’s game these days were depressed, but the most boring of all was Baylor. There was not a single fight that was painful, simply suffocating him to death.

Baylor, who had been holding his breath, thought that Eric was here, so he made an appointment to fight.

He originally wanted to find Ewan, but probably because of the sinful feedback, Ewan’s previous fish are now revenge back, these days his schedule is very busy “and not much free time, and Baylor feel that every night stay together, and then stick together during the day is not like, so he seems to be unable to live independently as well.

A fight down, two people sweating, is now leaning against the side of rest, Baylor “dong dong drank nearly a bottle of water, the heart of the mouth depression this dissipated a little.

“No more fighting today, no more fighting… Eric gasped, wiped his sweat, he waved his hand and walked towards the rest area where Wellin was sitting, “You’re in the finals the day after tomorrow, just warm up today.”

He needs some time to adjust his mind, how to be pressed to the ground again to play?

“You have grown a lot in strength these days.” Sitting on the chair, Eric said sourly and admiringly.

“Well, that’s our team after all.” Wellin didn’t hesitate to stick it to himself.

Baylor came over silently, and when Eric said he wasn’t going to fight, he looked to Wellin, “Captain, how about a game?”

Baylor does not often call Wellin captain, at this time this plain captain sounded provocative. If it were as usual, Wellin would be raring to go, but at the moment Wellin was like Eric. He waved his hand, mentioning with not even half interest, “this child is right, you will soon go to the finals. If you want to play, go find your opponent.”

Then Wellin said, “Let those people then see your strength, do not spend all day there blindly.”

Baylor raised his eyebrows, “What blind pussy?”

Wellin’s tone showed a few differences, “the network is so noisy but you didn’t know? I thought that was why you were looking for a fight.”

No, he was just simply panicking.

Baylor listened to Wellin’s meaning, probably guessed that some boring controversy on the Internet again, he faced Wellin and them, casually half leaned on the railing, “speak, what are they arguing again?”

Wellin said contemptuously: “Saying that you came through the back door, that your opponents were bought by the General, deliberately tanking the game to let you advance…

The next Eric coughed heavily, with a look to indicate the next Wellin stop, and then he looked at Baylor side with concern.

“Those people are just talking ….”

However, Baylor’s face did not change, and even skimmed his mouth in boredom, without any anger, “Oh, no idea.” Those people are a little too bored, really everything can be argued.

The next Wellin incomparably agreed: “Yes, a group of people who really have nothing to do, but also want to play on the issue, questioning the ability of the General, also not looking at what their own identity is but actually dare to judge the General, also threatened to boycott the General’s march, what a joke.” The most respected and admired person by Wellin is Ewan, and when it comes to the recent attacks on Ewan on the Internet, his tone is inevitably worked up.

“Boycott?” Baylor suddenly spoke.

Hearing the youth to the distinctive clear voice, Eric only then noticed that originally a dull face of the person now has a little other expression on his face. Although still expressionless, the emotion in the eyes was like a spark had fallen on top of dry hay. There was a faint start of a fire rising.

The fire rose.

Eric flinched. This is …. The spark?

Late at night, the door of the suite opened with a creak, and the banished group came in. In the living room of the suite, Super Wolf and Lightning were sleeping on the sofa. Because during the competition, there were many people and there may be some with the S-class qualification to see them, they were either staying in the suite, or went back into Baylor and Ewan’s bodies. Ewan did not go directly back to his room, but subconsciously wanted to see Baylor.

In order not to disturb those sleeping in the room, Ewan opened the door very gently, but as soon as he pushed the door open, he realized that his gentle hand was meaningless. Because although the lights were off and the person was lying on the bed, the glowing light from the bed was enough to show that Baylor was not asleep at all, but looking at something.

Baylor threw the terminal under the covers and stared at Ewan, “What?”

Ewan: He’s just checking in, why is he acting like he’s checking in? For no reason, Ewan suddenly remembered Baylor once complained that he was like the head of the grade in school who caught early love.

“… Why are you still awake?” After asking the question, Ewan suddenly found himself more like the room monitor.

“I’m sleeping.” As if to prove his words, Baylor closed her eyes, “Get out if you’re okay, and don’t disturb my sleep.”

Ewan stared at the blanket, and although he was a little curious about what Baylor was doing before, he said, “… You get some rest.” Then he gently closed the door and left.

About ten minutes later, Baylor paid attention to the sound of bathing water coming from the next room. Only then did he slowly open his eyes in the darkness, then take the terminal out of the blanket, and the screen lit up, showing the curses of the Internet users on the forum.

Baylor stared at the content of the characters related to Ewan, the tip of his tongue against the photo gang, Baylor squinted his eyes and grunted heavily before closing the terminal completely, frowning, a pair of eyes staring straight at the ceiling.

The next morning, Baylor got up and didn’t go anywhere, but asked Sean for all the public mecha fight videos of his opponent for tomorrow’s game. He had already seen some of them, and Sean had sent them to him before, but these were mainly videos of recent fights.

Sean was surprised by this request, “Some of the previous ones weren’t enough for you?”

“I watched them all, not enough.” Baylor replied simply.

“Are you nervous?” Sean asked, somewhat sparingly, before organizing the information for him to send over, “I haven’t seen you prepare for a fight with such diligence. I thought you didn’t like to study your opponent too thoroughly?”

Baylor was so confident in his own strength that he would take a general look at his opponent’s situation before the match, but he wouldn’t overdo it, let alone discuss the battle plan with his coach like other players do.

Even, Baylor would sometimes give up studying the opponent’s situation in order to pursue the excitement of the battle on the field, after all, in his view, the battle was kind of fun. After studying the opponent thoroughly on the field, there was no freshness of the game.

At this time, Baylor had received that additional information, his voice slightly deep, just said: “Tomorrow, I must win.”

Sean slightly silent, pulling up his eyebrows, “Although tomorrow is the final, you do not have to put too much pressure on yourself, just play normally.” A lot of players lose due to their mindset, he never worried about Baylor before, but now listening to Baylor’s unusual tone, he was a little worried.

It was not like he’s upset, was it? But Baylor didn’t look like this kind of person.

The reason they let Baylor try out for the tournament in the first place was to use the tournament as a grindstone for Baylor, to give him more experience in the mecha.

Thinking about it, Sean added: “Baylor, remember, we’re process people, it’s the process that counts, not the result ….

“I will win.” Baylor interrupted Sean’s words, his tone firm. “And I’ll win beautifully.”

Winning beautifully? What is this new obsession? How is it a beautiful win? Sean wanted to ask, but Baylor hung up unilaterally, staring at his terminal with a puzzled look, which Admiral Von noticed and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t say…Baylor’s state is not right, I do not know whether it is good or bad … Sean wondered, “Do we need to talk to Ewan about it?”

“If you think something’s wrong, just say so?”

Sean frowned nervously, “But it makes me look like a really useless teacher to go to the group when something is wrong.”

… Admiral Von did not know how Sean would come to this conclusion, just two people, saying something when finding another person was not behaving normally?

“And it also looks like I’m chewing on this person with the other.”

Admiral Von said expressionlessly, “Don’t say it.” 

Sean thought about it and nodded, “I think so, maybe I’m just being paranoid.”

So Ewan was oblivious to all of Baylor’s actions, except that when he returned to the hotel early in the evening, having deliberately put off some of his business in the belief that tomorrow was the final, he found Baylor with the door locked and the sound of a mecha fight coming from inside.

Ewan knocked on the door, and before he could say anything, he heard Baylor say through the door, “I’ve had dinner, I’m busy, so don’t bother me tonight.”

Ewan, who had come back earlier to have dinner with Baylor: …? Brows furrowed slightly, Ewan asked, “What are you doing?” And leaving the door locked.


Baylor just did not want to say more, Ewan rubbed his brow, and finally he did not go out to eat, directly ordered the hotel dishes to the room, when the dishes were delivered, he also went to ask Baylor again, but got the same result. Very ruthless and decisive. Ewan followed the two mental bodies silently to finish the meal.

Sitting alone in the living room reviewing the reports of the teams, Ewan finished his part of the official and looked up. It was already 10:00 pm, but the closed door still had no sign of opening.

He cast a glance toward Baylor’s room, frowning. What the hell is going on here?

But Baylor went to bed early at night, just after 11:00 p.m. the lights in the room went out. Ewan, sitting on the couch, saw the light coming through the crack in the door dim, wiped a hand across Super Wolf, and got up to go to his room.

The next day, the finals would begin at 9:00 a.m. Baylor went to the arena early in the morning to prepare.

It was late at night in the Ya’an Empire, but that didn’t stop the spectators in the Ya’an Empire from watching the game, and Kana and others gathered in the lounge area of the hostel to cheer for Baylor.

The 100,000-seat arena was packed to the rafters at this point, and the final of the mecha tournament was not the first or last final, but it was definitely one of the finals that everyone was most concerned about. The majority of Baylor’s supporters were currently nationals of the Ya’an Empire, and no matter what, they would always support their own country’s player, while the opposite side was getting most of the votes except for the Ya’an Empire nationals.

Baylor’s opponent in the finals was Colonel Ren from the Crystal Swallow Federation, a Class A Alpha, the youngest colonel in the Federation, and one of the fastest rising.

Compared to Baylor, who had a smooth ride all the way through the tournament, Ren met many strong opponents, many of whom were seeded as possible champions, and some with more experience than him, but all of them were defeated by him.

Ren’s fans proudly stated that he was the undefeated king, and that the moment he entered the competition, the winner of the mecha was unquestionable.

The two finalists were already in place, Baylor on the left, dressed in a dark gray Sky Wolf Legion combat suit, with a straight face, and a proud glow in the eyes of the clinic, with the sunlight leaking from the middle of the ceiling, spilling over his body in an unrestrained manner. The right side was the young and promising Colonel Ewan, wearing the uniform of the Crystal Swallow Federation, his features were straight, in fact, his looks were also very good. With Baylor next to him, no one will pay attention to his looks, as for Baylor, the only person who could make him feel handsome is Ewan.

“Do you two have anything to say to each other before the game?” The moderator said deliberately archly.

Ren boasted, “I’ve seen you fight, you’re very talented, but unfortunately you’ve met me, and today’s victory will be mine.”

It is a moderate provocation, you can see that any colonel was a very cultured person.

However, he used in front of the noble and exquisite Omega did not half appreciate, Baylor’s face was indifferent, but not the usual lazy, his clear voice through a bitter sharpness, “I will win.”

The three words were loud and clear, and when they were said, Baylor did not keep his eyes on any of the colonels, but looked toward the audience, and the three words were more like a general statement to the audience.

“You don’t have much time.” Baylor re-turned toward the left cockpit, “I will end this game as soon as possible.”

At this time Ewan had already settled in the special seat, heard Baylor’s words, his face a little complex expression. Baylor had always been arrogant, but today it did not feel right.

And the audience heard this sentence, immediately exploded. “What does he mean by that? Does he really think today will be the same as the last few matches?” 

“That’s awesome.” 

“You’ve been deceiving yourself for so long that you believe it?” 

“Is he serious?” 

“It’s just a tough talk, isn’t this the usual practice, just listen.”

However, when the game began, the two mecha just appeared on the field, soon we all found that Baylor seems to be coming true. The huge rainbow-like figure began to rush directly towards his opponent, and the ammunition flew along the way, threatening to level the entire field.

The audience who had watched Baylor’s audition suddenly recalled that once Baylor was like this, clearing the field and forcing his opponents to meet with their own swords, and then directly divided into victory and defeat.

The person who was on the pop-ups of the live broadcast began to say, “This scene, déjà vu.” 

“He’s for real.”

“He’s actually serious.” Then some unknown viewers began to ask questions, and many people on the pop-up screen popularized the heroic deeds of Baylor in the audition. Convinced by his reckless arrogance, but the situation was different, it was the final, and the opponent was so strong that they couldn’t help but wonder if Baylor was being too arrogant.

The eyes of the colonel were also a bit surprised, but he had studied Baylor quite thoroughly. Baylor’s past games he is familiar with, for this, his gaze awe-inspiring, not dodging anything, directly facing his opponents. There was no greater victory than to win in the opponent’s area of expertise. Since Baylor wanted to go head-to-head, he would not be timid. Moreover, what he was best at was frontal combat!

The two mecha were like meteorites colliding with each other, fiercely rushing together in the air, their mouths colliding with their lightsabers, and in a flash of lightning, they had already made a few moves. However, it was also in these few moves, any heart suddenly felt a shock.

What happened? This feeling…

When the two mecha began to fight in the air, everyone did not have the heart to make any comments, not to mention typing, even to say a word to the next person did not have the time, their eyes were attracted by the two ghostly rapid but every blow can cause a huge movement of the figures, and even forget to breathe.

It isn’t until the eyes are a little dry, that they realize that they have not blinked for a long time and have begun to ache.

As the fight went on, these people realized that Baylor’s phrase “finish the game as soon as possible” was not a delusion, he was indeed moving toward this goal.

Forty minutes into the fight, the two mechas showed no sign of separating from the fight. Everything was moving at a breakneck pace, and it was like the race was being pushed into fast-forward, rushing forward unstoppably.

The fans realized that Baylor was indeed replicating the fight, that he was bringing his opponent into his own high-paced fight, trying to push them to the brink of exhaustion. Although Baylor did win in this way, it is still surprising that he was trying to use a tactic that was completely overwhelming in such an important match against such a strong opponent.

More importantly, he actually succeeded.

Colonel Ren had been caught in this high-frequency battle rhythm and could not break out of it; it seemed he had been wrapped too firmly in the spider’s web, and could not escape.

In fact, they did not think wrong, at this moment, before any other entanglement back, he finally realized that at the beginning, he had felt the strange feeling. The person, like being able to read minds, was able to predict his next move! The competition field was so big, but he was like he was trapped in a narrow square box, completely unable to leave half a step!

This meant that the opponent knew every move he made. But was he really so understanding? Even he can hardly understand himself fully. He asked himself, he also did a comprehensive study of Baylor’s fighting style and habits, but he couldn’t do what he did…

The man in front of him was showing a different fighting style than he knew. What the hell is going on here?

No one expected that the much-anticipated final would turn out to be like this. Everyone expected the final, not to say it would be tit-for-tat, or equal, but at least there should be a back and forth. However, the situation on the field was now a lopsided situation, and not to the advantage of the undefeated king of colonels, but to another person.

The match ended at one hour and thirty-eight minutes. It ended unexpectedly, but the tempo of the match made it feel like a long time had passed. When the winner of the match – a young man in a dark gray battle suit came out of the battle cabin.

Everyone was silent.

The mood is too complicated.

This was really the final? Was this the end of the final? Baylor won?

The whole game, without any twists and turns, without any reversal, without first inhibition, without a hint of suspense, from the moment the two men started to fight, the young man stood proudly with an air of destruction. He was like a beast playing with a small hamster, playing with his opponent in the palm of his hand. This was a match that no one could say was “watered down” because it was impossible to fake the superb level of the two. But it was also a match in which the victor had overwhelming strength. It was like an unrelenting crushing.

But, Baylor vs. Ren-? A one-sided crushing? What the hell was going on here?

Even Sean and the others showed a look of shock. The game was so fierce that it really didn’t leave a single chance for the other side. A tidal wave of applause and cheers rose after the fact, almost shaking the entire arena.

It was amazing.

What’s more, every time they thought it was the youth’s limit, the next time the youth would break his previous record.

The members of the Sycamore Church Army who were watching did not hesitate to stand up and pay their highest respects to their holy son.

At the end of this shocking victory, while the front was preparing for the award ceremony, the press was already flocking to interview the newly minted winner of the mecha alliance competition, the youngest winner and only Omega ever.

“Ensign Baylor, do you have anything to say about your past self?” 

“Can you tell us about your daily training hours?” 

“Being the first Omega champion, what advice would you give to future Omega fighters?” 

“Ensign Baylor, I’d like to interview you, how are you feeling right now?”

At this time, Baylor uncharacteristically did not have any impatience and avoidance, for these interviews, he stood in front of those cameras generously, unlike the previous anxious to leave. Because of the game just now, his cold white skin was a little red, looking like porcelain jade.

For those reporters blathering questions, Baylor was over those people, looked straight to those cameras, and then asked, “This, it can be seen everywhere?”

The reporter was stunned, “Where… Yes, we’re live across the galaxy.”

“That’s good.” Baylor said with satisfaction.

The reporters responded, “Does Ensign Baylor have something to say to the viewers?”

The people who were watching the interview live were also attracted by this, they looked at the person on the screen, the pair of clear eyes like burning eyes, as if they were looking at them.

“I will only say it once.” The young man’s cold voice with a casual loose tone, but extremely serious, “people who know nothing, be good and keep your mouth shut. I have a bad temper, whoever bullies my people, you have to be prepared to pay the price.” He narrowed his eyes, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up an arc, violent with disdain. “Even if you just stick out a finger to my people, it is still a provocation to me, if you have the guts to come and try. I will not show mercy.”

At first they thought it was Baylor’s response to the questions people had asked, but as they listened, they realized that it was not a response to the comments that had haunted them. It was a naked bias and defense of someone, a warning to others. As for who this someone was, everyone knew it by heart.

Toynbee finally realized that Baylor’s statement that he didn’t care about what people were saying about him was true. But he couldn’t stand the attacks on Ewan, so he stood in front of the camera and warned everyone.

The man was the highest authority in the empire, the number one warrior in the stars, the man who had the name of God of War.

A person who did not need any protection in the eyes of everyone, but was  dominantly behind the protection of this young man, revealing his own teeth, threatening everyone was not allowed to cross the thunderbolt step.

“This guy… That’s why he studied his opponent so uncharacteristically yesterday? To win beautifully just for this.” Sean lamented, “I don’t understand it at all.”

In the special seats, Weifield turned his head to look, and found that Ewan, who was sitting next to him had disappeared. He did need to think to know where he went.

But also, even as a spectator in his heart set off a huge wave, let alone the General. 

Suddenly he felt a little envy.

Baylor obviously just wanted to unilaterally use these media, after finishing, he ignored those people’s retention, turned away.

The passage to the podium is a bit dim, followed by noisy reporters and unending flashing lights. Baylor walked a few steps, then looked at the person standing in the middle of the passage and stopped.

Dressed in a straight military uniform, Ewan stood against the light at the end of the passage, their eyes meeting in the air.

“What are you doing here?” Baylor frowned, his tone tinged with a bit of discomfort.

Ewan looked at the reporters behind Baylor, his gaze was faint, but they consciously put away their equipment, and consciously took a few steps back, away from Baylor.

The eyes fell back on his body, as if there were shocking waves rolling under the illusion of calm, but thousands of thoughts, all were put into a simple sentence, “I wanted to see you.”

“…” Baylor became even more uncomfortable, the tips of his ears burned slightly, he walked forward, passing Ewan, and muttered discontentedly: “Don’t say such words, it gives me goosebumps.” 

Ewan gave a low laugh, then followed, walking beside Baylor.

In the long passage, the two walked side by side.


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