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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


“General, how come you are going to be an escort for that Count of TL7?” Wellin asked not very understandingly.

Even Theodore III didn’t dare to make the general serve as an escort for him. Could it be that the general had taken a fancy to that omega?

In the private medical room, Ewan was sitting in front of the treatment instrument, the blue fluorescence that promoted cell activation was shining on the horrible wound on his chest that ran from his left shoulder to his right abdomen. In addition to the lack of timely treatment, it was now even more difficult to recover.

Next to him, Super Wolf sat crouching, eyes dripping with blue fluorescence, and a threatening ‘grunt’ sound kept coming from his throat.

What was this thing? What was it doing to mine and the boss’s food?

Ewan was no longer indifferent to its low growl. After all, ever since that lunge yesterday, Dragon Hunter had been hostile to anything that came near him, and he was used to it.

So with his eyes closed and not even giving a glance, he answered Wellin’s question without wavering, “There’s something I want to investigate and it’s good for me to hide my identity.”

That’s true, after all, who would have thought that the Empire’s general would go to work as an escort for a Count in a subordinate country with no power and no authority?

Wellin nodded his head convincingly.

At that moment, the healing instrument made a reminder sound, and Wellin, who did not know that Super Wolf was right in front of him, kicked forward, and Super Wolf hurriedly moved his tail out of the way and then glared at Wellin in a very irritated manner.

Wellin was not aware that he almost stepped on Super Wolf’s tail and skillfully changed another medicine in the healer’s reservoir, and then he asked, without surprise, “Does General think that Count Baylor is suspicious too?”

Ewan opened his eyes slightly, “Too?”

The therapeutic device began its new work, the potion to promote the recovery of tissue production was atomized into a spray of small particles, evenly sprayed on Ewan’s wound.

Wellin took a few steps back to avoid inhaling the potion. He said, “That day on TL7, I was looking at him from the fifth floor window, and he caught me right where I was in the first floor lobby… Not only that, that day you returned to the ship in the early hours of the morning, he also sneaked out of his room and sneaked around outside the captain’s room, and was caught by my subordinate Colonel Nord.” He rubbed his chin and said thoughtfully, “I don’t think he looks like a peaceful person, and I’m afraid that TL7 has evil intentions in sending such a person to you.”

Super Wolf immediately began to grin at Wellin and immediately assumed an attack stance.

Ewan shouted indifferently, “Dragon Hunter, sit still.”

Super Wolf’s tail wagged, not very concerned.

Ewan added a few more words, “Dragon Hunter.”

“Aow~” Super Wolf turned his head to look at Ewan aggressively, but after meeting Ewan’s unspoken eyes, he grunted and plopped himself down, burying his head in his stomach, just to reveal a pair of ice blue eyes looking at them.

Wellin looked around in a panic, “General, so Dragon Hunter is in the room.”


By now the treatment session had ended, and the healer sounded a reminder, “The second session has ended, please receive the next session in 24 hours, current progress is 2/24.”

Ewan pushed the treatment machine away, stood up, and started to wrap bandages around himself, Wellin saw the bandages tied, and then handed him the military shirt.

Wellin watched Ewan dress calmly, although did not say he had long admired him from the bottom of his heart.

Under the cellular activation rays, the wounds on his body would itch and hurt as if millions of ants were burrowing in them. Ewan received such treatment in a completely awake state without any painkillers, and still managed to be so calm and collected, simply showing inhuman endurance.

But without such endurance, it would not have been possible to carry such a heavy wound out of the siege.

Wellin thought of those rotten nobles in the imperial capital who were always jealous of the general’s current power and status, and always tried to suppress the general, he could not help but sneer. All day long, the group was drunk and dreaming and only knew the pleasure of the rice bucket. If not for the general, how could they be so comfortable?

With his bony fingers sharply buttoning up his shirt, Ewan asked, as he dressed, “Any movement in the Marl Galaxy?”

Wellin said in wonder, “Strangely enough, General you have been missing for so many days, they not only have no intention of a full-scale attack, nor have they sent troops out to test the situation, it’s as quiet as if nothing has happened.”

Ewan’s eyes sank slightly, the buttons meticulously buttoned to his neck, covering his shoulders as well as the bandages on his chest tightly.

“Has anyone within the Empire been inquiring about me?”

Wellin thought for a moment and nodded, “Duke Akwei has inquired a few times, both explicitly and implicitly, and even invited Weifield to dinner, just to pry.” His brother was the General’s second-in-command, and everyone assumed his brother would be well aware of the General’s news.

“Any more?”

“Actually, there are quite a few who have asked about your recent movements, and there are some in the military, but they are not as persistent as Duke Akwei.” Wellin deliberated for a moment and said, “I feel just puzzled how you are not in the empire recently, and I have not heard anything.”

Ewan nodded, and as the conversation turned, he suddenly asked, “So is there anyone who doesn’t care?”

Wellin froze, “I haven’t noticed that.”

Ewan put the dark gray uniform jacket on, and put the mask back on, only one goose gray eyes with a metallic cold glow, “Check it out.”

Wellin responded, “Yes, General,” and then asked, “What are you going to do now, General?”

Ewan lowered his eyes and looked at his dog, who was with him every inch of the way, and he dropped the words, “Go for a walk.”


Now that Baylor had found his guide and recovered his spiritual body – though not completely – it was time for him to figure out his next step.

TL7 planet was going to give him to the general with the same name as his guide, and it was expected that he would be handed over shortly after arriving at their destination, and when there were more people, it would not be so easy to run away.

To be on the safe side, he had better act before he was handed over to the general.

Sitting under his blanket, Baylor took a pen and paper and planned carefully. When he left, he’d have to take the guide with him, so he’d have to plan it out. The word ‘plan’ was written on the white paper. Baylor had never done a killing mission. However, taking away human limbs or destroying anything, he was very good at it.

But to take a living person, this kind of task was generally not given to him, and he was afraid that he would not do it correctly.

How would he get someone to go with him? Force and entice? But he didn’t have much money right now…

Baylor’s eyes lit up because he suddenly remembered that Toynbee had told him earlier that he had savings! Baylor jumped out of bed, put on his shoes and went to look for him.

As soon as he left the room, he bumped into Austin who was going back to his room.

This man was a ghost.

The two of them said at the same time.

Since the day Baylor cried wolf, Austin had learned to behave better, not to come looking for trouble, and probably even felt ashamed, and had even deliberately avoided him.

Today, Austin’s face turned blue and white as he scolded, “Don’t you have eyes?”

Normally, Baylor would have spoken up, but today he was busy, unavailable and in a good mood. So he just sneered and skipped past Austin and kept walking.

Austin was a bit surprised by Baylor’s reaction, he turned his head and stared at Baylor’s back as he left, his eyes suspicious.

After thinking about it, he wasn’t going to go back to his room and followed him directly. He had to see what this man was up to. Then his stalking was as obvious to Baylor as wearing night clothes in the daytime.

Baylor gave an impatient ‘tsk’.

Why can’t he learn?

Austin followed two corridors before he suddenly noticed that Baylor, who was still in sight, had suddenly disappeared. He came out of his hiding place and looked around somewhat suspiciously.

“Where is that man? I just clearly saw him coming this way.” He was about to take a few steps forward to look for him when a pair of hands suddenly reached out from behind the door frame next to the hallway and grabbed him by the neck, then slammed him against the door.

When he looked back, Austin saw Baylor, whom he was looking for just now, in front of him. Obviously the difference in height between the two men was not much, but at the moment he felt a great sense of oppression from Baylor.

“You, you, what do you want?” Being pressed against his throat with his arm, Austin looked at the pair of eyes in front of him, and a wave of fear rose up from his heart.

Baylor looked at him coldly and his voice was as cold as ice, “This is not the first warning, but this is definitely the last.” He said, “Don’t mess with me.”

With his other hand, he patted Austin’s face, which had been finely cared for with expensive care products, and Baylor half narrowed his eyes, “Because when I’m in a good mood, I’ll play with you, but when I’m in a bad mood–” The hand on Austin’s neck was suddenly a little heavier, “- I’ll kill you.”

The blood on Austin’s face faded at once, his face white and bloodless.

Baylor let go of his hand, and he immediately slid down against the door with weak legs, and in the shadow of Baylor’s body, he looked up at Baylor with fear and stuttered, “I… I won’t dare.”

Then Austin saw Baylor bend over him and offer him his hand–

In that moment, he could hear himself screaming deep inside. This man was really going to kill him. He was going to die! Yet the hand landed not on his throat, but on the top of his head.

Baylor patted him on the head, “Good boy.”

Then Baylor turned to leave, his mind now filled with thoughts of how much money he had in his coffers and whether it would be enough for him to lure the man away.

Austin sat there trembling, his gaze horrified at Baylor’s back as if nothing had happened, his heart beating erratically after the aftermath of the robbery, he realized one thing more clearly. That person definitely was not the Baylor he used to know.

Absolutely not.

TL7 planet people in the ship’s activities were very limited, only in the living area could they walk freely. The rest, like training areas, warehouses, and office areas, were areas they could not enter, and it was the same for Toynbee.

So the location of Toynbee is very easy to find. If not in the room, it would be at the canteen. If not, it would probably be at the discussion room of the living quarters – Toynbee often used it as a meeting room. So Baylor easily found Toynbee in the discussion room. Then he sat down in a chair and urged Toynbee to check his balance.

Toynbee didn’t know what kind of drugs Baylor was taking today to suddenly ask this, but he still quickly pulled out Baylor’s petty cash balance.

“Ten thousand star coins.” He said.

Baylor frowned, “How much is that?” He didn’t have much idea about the currency of this world.

Toynbee rubbed his chin, “Enough to cover your living expenses for two months.”

Baylor: …

So he was a poor man.

Now, not to mention the lure, after the abduction of people, his living expenses were not enough.

I am angry.


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December 4, 2022 4:54 pm

I am SO loving this. Baylor is like a breath of fresh air.
So he wants to make off with Ewan… what will he do when he finds out Ewan is his new owner?! Probably be OK with that now, I hope…. assuming Ewan will want to accept him when that time comes 🤞🤞
Thanks for translating and editing.

Black Lotus On The Halfmoon
Black Lotus On The Halfmoon
December 4, 2022 8:46 pm

would Ewan train Baylor later cause he is dragon hunter’s owner and pulled him into his team? or just make him into his wife and hide him from probing gazes? this two and their entourage was so interesting, can’t wait for the next chapter~

December 5, 2022 5:47 am

I love Dragon Hunter’s thoughts and I love Baylor’s humor. thanks for the chapter

March 6, 2023 2:44 pm

Seems like Austin will finally back off.

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