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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Baylor sat in that old man’s chair, feet forked, with a stern face, “How come I have so little money? Aren’t I a count?”

The money was not as much as when he was a sentinel!

Toynbee: …

Ancestor, this count was the legacy of the previous state system, or the current president in order not to be said to be too hard-hearted grace left behind an empty count, and still expect to eat the people’s wealth as before?

Toynbee spat this in his heart, opened his mouth to comfort, “In fact, you do not need much money, food, drink, clothing and accommodation are counted as the expenses of the mission, the money you need to buy yourself some small things is also enough.”

Baylor said without thinking, “Not enough.”

Toynbee’s pen fell on the table and rolled, he stared at Baylor in surprise, “What are you trying to buy?”

Trying to buy someone. Baylor rested his hand on the table, tapping rhythmically as he mulled over the question, “What’s the benefits package like at Sky Wolf Legion?”

“The Ya’an Empire’s number one legion, the benefits should be pretty good.”

“Does that pay well?”

“Definitely, I heard they give away houses too.” Toynbee was fiercely envious, it was the greatest joy of playing a worker.

“…” Baylor thought about the speed of Ewan’s strike that day, that was not something an ordinary soldier would have the ability to do, even if they were an ordinary soldier now, they were always shining gold, sooner or later would be out on the top.

Although the feeling of money lure was already unlikely, Baylor still asked a question, “How can I make money the fastest?”

Toynbee was silent for a second and then opened his terminal. Baylor watched him operate the screen in the air imaging, and then the terminal on Baylor’s wrist sent out an alert that a file had been received.

Baylor thought it was a way to make money, but when he opened it, there were several documents in the folder, namely “Alix Galaxy Law”, “TL7 Planet Law”, “the Ya’an Empire Law”, followed by some planet laws that he had never heard of before.

Baylor frowned and looked at Toynbee curiously, “What does that mean?”

“The fastest way to get money, it’s all in there.” As an experienced beat worker, Toynbee’s temper was at once high and even a little arrogant when he talked about the topic of making a living.

However, in the next second, he was quickly pulled back to reality by Baylor’s cool gaze.

Just… Just kidding, it’s not cute at all.

Toynbee coughed lightly, “Every line of work and every industry you reach the top position and make more money, if you say that once you get started you are guaranteed to make a lot of money…” He searched around in his own head and then laughed bitterly, “Then I guess there’s only such simple and rough work as digging up ancestral stones.”

“Ancestral stones?” Baylor remembered that this was the material that the TL7 planet had offered to the Ya’an Empire, and he had asked before, ancestral stones, as the core energy source of all cosmic equipment, just like oil in the old Earth civilization, were this world’s hard currency, but also an important strategic resource.

Such things were certainly precious.

Baylor propped up his face with one hand and gave a meaningful ‘hmm’, then he casually asked, “How do you sell ancestral stones? What is the market price?”

“100 grams is about 10,000 star coins…” Toynbee subconsciously replied after looking at Baylor’s look like a small fox, a look of ill intent, he immediately alerted, “What do you want?”

These days together so he could somewhat guess the ancestor’s brain circuit, his brain alarm bells suddenly screamed, he hurriedly warned, “Do not go to the warehouse to get the ancestral stones. If caught, I will not protect you, I can not protect you. Other countries need ancestral stones, that is a reason to go to war directly. Only the interstellar pirates dare to steal ancestral stones… Your previous play in the dining area, thanks to Colonel Jon, who did not care, did not affect relations between the two countries, but ancestral stones are a problem.”

The more you say, the more you think it’s possible, Toynbee was now looking at Baylor as if he were a vampire.

However, the fact that he was not blindly worried, because Baylor was indeed said to be in the mind, he bristled, feeling not much fun to stand up, hands in his jacket pocket, he grunted, dropped a sentence, “I’m leaving,” and simply opened the door to leave.

After the door was closed, Toynbee looked at the closed door and was pretty sure that Baylor was really hitting on ancestral stones! Toynbee, who should have continued to work on the files, became more and more restless, and after sliding his fingers onto the screen and filing all the files himself, he stood up.

No, he had to go find someone to watch Baylor.

They may not be able to avoid the interstellar pirates, but they could avoid their own people.


“How can you join the legion?” Ready to check the equipment, Jon was suddenly caught by Baylor, and then before he could think of a few words to cultivate feelings with each other, it was Baylor’s question that caused him confusion, “Why do you ask this?”

Baylor replied, “Curious.”

Jon’s uniform jacket was hanging on his shoulders, and although he did not know why Baylor asked, this was not a secret, so he was very quick to answer, “First of all, you have to join the army. Once in the army, you have to be a new recruit and train for a year. A year later, you can fill in the volunteer legion. Of course, you may not go where you want to go, as each legion itself also has selection requirements. You have to pass the tests of each general.”

Baylor thought for a moment and asked, “Is there a nationality restriction on joining the army?”

“Not really…” Jon saw Baylor’s question so carefully and asked jokingly, “You’re asking so many questions, you don’t want to join, do you?”

Baylor’s feminine but not feminine eyebrows were raised and he responded, “No?”

Jon froze for a moment, and before he could say anything, he saw the young man’s small, delicate nose twitch slightly before he turned his head to look down the hallway. He followed the same line of sight and saw the strange soldier wearing a mask that he had seen in the cafeteria that day.

Ewan led Super Wolf towards Baylor, and he watched as Super Wolf had been all set to run towards the other, only to suddenly turn back around halfway, urging him to follow beside him. Because he was a head taller than Baylor, who was an omega, he approached and saw the youth tilting his head slightly to look at him, and Ewan stopped at a distance of three or four steps from Baylor.

“You’re here?” Baylor was satisfied with the crisp pheromone smell in the air. Although there was also Jon’s tobacco pheromone smell, it was like a sudden bright color in a dark color, enough to let Baylor completely ignore the existence of other smells.

The young man’s voice had no obvious outward emotion, but the words themselves sounded intimately familiar.

Ewan faintly flinched. It seemed like they had made a date. But he did come looking for Baylor, mainly because the beta named Toynbee suddenly found him, and then pleaded with him to keep a close eye on him and never let Baylor act alone.

He didn’t know what this person was trying to do again.

Jon’s attention was not on this at the moment, but on what Baylor had just said. He pulled the subject back, “Little…” Swallowing the mantra ‘little beauty’, he asked, “You’re not going to join the legion and then try to impress the general, are you?”

Ewan raised his eyebrows slightly, almost forgetting that Planet TL7 was ready to shove Baylor down his throat.

And Baylor’s eyes lit up as a new thought popped into his head, “Can that be possible?”

Jon thought Baylor was asking himself how this would work, and he got a headache, and if it wasn’t for the smoking ban on the ship, he wanted to light himself a cigarette, and he said, “Well… It’s not like no one has ever done it before. After all, everyone knows that Ewan is not interested in sex and romance, and likes to spend every day in the military, is a complete workaholic. There are several omegas, who, in order to get close to the general, deliberately commissioned relations into the military, wanting to be the general’s ‘confidant’.” He spread his hands and shook his head, “None of them succeeded, instead they were so tired of the training arranged by the general that they ran home crying. So although I appreciate your determination, there is a lesson learned from the previous car, you should give up.”

After saying that, he suddenly felt a chill down his back, he looked sideways, but only saw the merciless side face of the masked soldier. Was it his illusion, how he just felt that someone was glaring at him in this direction.

And just then, he heard Baylor say, “No, I think this is a good idea.”

Jon: ??

Ewan: …

Jon opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but finally he sighed, shook his head and said regretfully, “Forget it, you won’t turn back until you hit the wall.” Waving his hand despondently, he left without taking a cloud with him.

Baylor raised his eyebrows and turned his head to look at Ewan, “Is it hard to get into Sky Wolf Legion?”

Ewan’s expression twitched slightly before he asked in a light tone, “Are you really going to take the military test to get close to the general?” He should have told people to keep a close eye on the recent examinations and not to let anyone in the water?

But Baylor, who was so determined just now, quickly changed his position, “Why should I go for that strange general?”

Ewan: … That’s what you just said. “Then why?”

Baylor squatted down and petted the wolf’s head with a leap of excitement in his rightful tone, “Aren’t you in Sky Wolf Legion?”

He thought about it, Sky Wolf Legion’s welfare was so good, and the probability of him running away was null, so he should join the other man.

But thinking about the problem, he saw a pattern. If you can’t beat it, just join it!

Joining the Sky Wolf Legion was good.

And the house!

Ewan’s mouth corner twitched. Just a moment ago, he was sincere to the general, now as if nothing to say to him.

It was really admirable.

But he thought for a moment and said smoothly, “There are simulators in the training ground, and the procedure inside is somewhat similar to the military examination, why don’t you try it?”

It was good that he can take this opportunity to see the level of the omega.


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December 5, 2022 4:40 pm

Ah yes! Join the army and get his strength back, get money and a house and be close to the guide😁 can’t wait for more of this story😏 thanks for updating ❤️❤️

December 6, 2022 2:31 am

Baylor is superb; his internal thought processes are so quick to change direction and he doesn’t care at all how what he voices might sound to others. Only his goal matters.
How will he do in a simulator? Will he impress Ewan?…
Thanks for translating and editing (some of the wording is a little confusing / ‘clumsy’ though ~ no offence or lack of appreciation for hard work intended 🤗)

December 6, 2022 4:03 am

Baylor is not interested in the General, although, with you masked man, Baylor already has plans for the future together!

March 6, 2023 2:58 pm

Hope Baylor shocks Ewan with his skilz.

March 31, 2023 2:19 pm

I can’t wait to see Baylor defeat everyone in the military!

Thank you for the chapter!

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