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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Toynbee asked Ewan to keep an eye on Baylor, but he was a little uneasy inside, like something bad was going to happen. He was going to go back to the discussion room, but halfway there, he felt as if he couldn’t feel completely at ease even if he left it to Ewan, so he turned around and walked in another direction.

But after a few steps, he felt that he was making a fuss…

So the surrounding soldiers could see Toynbee walking around the corridor with a ghostly wall.

Until a man interrupted this pointless cycle, “Toynbee!”

Toynbee stopped in his tracks and looked up, it was Austin, he wailed in his heart, why another difficult one? This time, what was he trying to do?

However, when Austin came closer, Toynbee realized that today Austin’s expression was different from the past, white and white, as if he had just seen a ghost, “Young Master Austin, you don’t look well, do you need to see a doctor?”

Austin didn’t answer him, just grabbed Toynbee’s arm sharply, “You come with me.”

Toynbee followed Austin around the corner, and Toynbee was about to ask Austin what was wrong with him today, when he saw Austin’s eyes widened and said sharply, “This Baylor, this Baylor is a fake!”

The moment Toynbee heard the name ‘Baylor’ come out of Austin’s mouth, he felt that it was not good, but after hearing the second half of the sentence, he felt not only troubled but also confused.

What’s this all about?

He smiled reassuringly, not taking it seriously, and replied, “How can Mr. Baylor be a fake, did you have a problem with him again today?”

“No!” Austin interrupted Toynbee furiously, his hands shaking with the force of his voice, gritting his teeth, “He’s not the same person he used to be! Can’t you see that? Those eyes of his… Those eyes… those are the eyes of a man who has killed. Think about it! How can a person who was raised in the palace and lived on those streets have that kind of eyes and character?” The more he thought about Baylor’s performance, the more certain he became, “You may not have seen the real Baylor, but I’m different, I’ve been with that Baylor for five or six years, and I can guarantee with my reputation that he is definitely not Baylor! If you don’t believe me, you can find out!”

Toynbee didn’t expect Austin to really doubt Baylor’s identity, and he paused slightly because Austin’s words did poke some doubts in his mind. Baylor’s personality was indeed not quite the same as the Count Baylor he had heard about… No, it was completely different. And as Austin said, Baylor’s aggressive demeanor was indeed unlike that of an orphan who had been bullied as a child, and his fighting style was unlike anything a member of the royal family could touch.

Austin saw that Toynbee did not say anything and knew that Toynbee was beginning to waver, so he hurriedly said, “Are you also suspicious? Even if I don’t say anything today, you must have already felt that this Baylor is not right, he must be an impostor, maybe he has killed the previous Baylor, went to the Ya’an Empire under his name, and then wanted to use this opportunity to do bad things and dump the pot on our TL7 planet! He may be a spy from another country!”

Toynbee saw Austin getting more and more outrageous, he frowned and stopped Austin from going on, “Young Master Austin, such a thing is impossible.”

Austin almost screamed, “How is it impossible?!”

Toynbee said sensibly, “I accompanied him to the qualification test at the beginning, which included a genetic test, even if someone could fake a face like Mr. Baylor’s, it is impossible to fake the same genes, so it is absolutely impossible for Mr. Baylor to be an impostor.” This statement was not only speaking to Austin, but also to himself.

Even if Baylor might be a little strange, there was absolutely no way he could be an impostor. That would be too outrageous.

“Or, perhaps, the report was falsified… An accomplice, yes…”

Toynbee saw that Austin was already possessed, he patted Austin’s shoulder, “Young Master Austin, I think you are still too tired today, why don’t you take an early rest? I still have things to do, I’ll leave first.”

Looking at Toynbee’s back as he left, Austin fell into despair all of a sudden. No one believed him. This Baylor was definitely a fake! He must have another agenda. Maybe, in the end, he will kill them all… Austin walked unsteadily to his room, the devil’s whispered words replaying in his head, filling his heart with fear.

“Why are they cleaning the windows?”

“Don’t you know yet? They offended the TL7 mission men and Colonel Jon in the restaurant before, and were dismissed from the military, now they are just a cleaner, and when they return to the empire, they won’t even be cleaners anymore.”

Austin heard the soldier’s words next to his feet stop, then he raised his head and looked to the left corridor, where three alpha dressed as cleaners were cleaning windows, their faces were gray, their eyes full of injustice and indignation.

He had heard about the incident, and they had been punished because they had fought with Baylor in the restaurant. Austin stopped walking there and looked at the three figures, hatred flashed in his eyes, he squeezed his hand, finally, he stepped away and walked towards the three men.


The training ground was out of Baylor’s range, but with Ewan leading the way, no one came out to stop them. The roar of their voices echoed through the space, shaking the air, and some of them noticed Baylor, a man who didn’t fit in, and threw their eyes at him.

And Baylor, while following Ewan, looked sideways at the soldiers training hard. He felt the blood in his bones also boil, his eyes more full of eagerness to try.

The instruments used for training here were not quite the same as those in his world.

I really want to play with it.

Then, at the same time, he inwardly disliked the soldiers’ movements. There were such good instruments, but the movement was still so flabby, really a waste. The result was a ‘bang’ as he hit a firm, warm back.

Baylor stood firm, then looked up and met the meaningful gaze of Ewan looking back at him.

Baylor frowned, “Why did you stop and not say anything? Are we there yet?”

Ewan looked at the training ground; many soldiers were bare-chested for the convenience of training, strong and lustrous muscles dripping with sweat, watching would make other’s blood boil. He hooked one side of his lips obliquely, grunted and said sarcastically, “I see you are enjoying yourself.” Pushing the door open, he walked in first, “Come on in.”

This was a closed white room, not big, in the door directly opposite a black training pod. Super Wolf immediately rushed to the training module curiously and sniffed around the circle. Baylor walked over to the training pod, he didn’t know what it was for, it just looked a bit like the game bins in their world.

“How does this work?”

Ewan took his ID card and ‘dripped’ it on the permission detector next to him, and the black training pod lit up with white lights around it, while a mechanical voice emitted from inside the pod, “Training pod 055, please prepare training personnel.”

“The training pod will build different combat situations, this is the training of combat awareness, but also an important item in the military assessment, sit in, and then I will help you adjust the training difficulty.”

In fact, Ewan had thought about a real battle with Baylor, but considering that the omega was currently in a state of muscle strain, and he was also recuperating, it would be better to use the virtual battlefield.

Ewan watched Baylor sit in the training pod, he was thin and thin, in this training pod looks more petite.

“Put the sensors on.” He said.

Baylor looked around and searched, frowning, “What sensors? Where are they?”

Ewan’s lips twitched slightly and he sighed, simply walking over to them.

Leaning down, he pulled out the two sensor gloves on the outside of the training pod and prepared to hand them to Baylor, but was caught off guard when he came into close contact with those clear, lingering eyes. In the light, the depths of those dark eyes glowed with a hint of blue, and Ewan was slightly stunned.

It turned out that his eyes were dark blue, the same as the starry sky.

With a frown, Ewan quickly returned to his senses, a little annoyed, he threw the gloves ready to hand Baylor directly to the person, said without moving, “Put them on.” Then he lifted his hand and pulled down the sensing helmet above the training pod, “Sit your body down.”

However, Baylor was still looking down at the moment to put on the gloves, simply ignoring him.

So Ewan simply reached out and put his hands on Baylor’s shoulders, and with slight force, broke his body upright, then grabbed his chin and forced him to look up.


Before Baylor could finish his sentence, his head was ungently shoved into his helmet.

Baylor: …

His eyes went black and he frowned, saying irritably, “What are you doing? I haven’t finished putting on my gloves!”

The person next to him was silent, and then the next second he felt his wrist being lifted by someone’s hand, and then his fingertips slid unobtrusively over the skin of his wrist to fasten the buckle holding the gloves on.

This action was a bit more gentle.

“Later I will help you adjust the difficulty, it will start soon, you get ready.”

Baylor responded, “Oh.”

Then after waiting for a few seconds, suddenly a sharp alarm sounded. But the alarm sound seems a bit strange, not like from the ear, but the sound from outside the helmet.

Baylor, still in darkness before his eyes, asked, “Is it starting?”

However, in the next second, the knuckled hands removed Baylor’s helmet, and Baylor looked at Ewan, who was bent over in front of him, unsure. And Ewan’s one exposed eye was now full of seriousness, and he said, “There’s no time for you to test, it’s the ship’s alarm. There’s an attack.”


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December 6, 2022 6:26 pm

Good grief another cliffhanger! Omg, this is gonna be good😁❤️❤️

December 7, 2022 4:44 am

Austin still hasn’t listened; just leave Baylor alone and go your own way! But no ~ he’s obviously inciting trouble with those Alphas.
An attack? After the cargo, or Ewan, or both 😬
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 6, 2023 3:12 pm

Austin is an idiot. You’re supposed to run from danger, not headfirst into it.

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