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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


After the sharp and piercing siren, followed by a loud boom, the ship began to shake the sky and earth in general. The corridors were lit up with red lights everywhere, and the soldiers were going to their posts as fast as they could to follow the command to fight.

At this moment, in the deep and vast universe, three ships of the same class as the Crusader surrounded it, interstellar ion cannon muzzles left, right and back against the Crusader’s hull brutally indiscriminate attack. While those combat ships and twelve mecha blocked the Crusader’s front, ten manned ships were like leeches clinging to Crusader’s hull. The thieves in various costumes with various types of high lethality weapons boarded the ship through the gap opened by the interstellar ion cannon.

Meanwhile, Crusader, who was suffering from attrition, had no choice but to start a temporary forced landing downward toward one of the nearest neighboring planets.

“It’s the interstellar pirates…” The captain commanded the forced landing, their soldiers began to meet, but he still frowned deeply, looking gloomy, forehead even with some cold sweat, “… Three ships, when did the interstellar pirates begin to act on such a large scale?”

Interstellar pirates, although they often harassed and robbed ships in the universe, have never used guerrilla warfare tactics, and would not be so tough to provoke the authority of the Great Empire, only daring to pick soft pinches. However, now they had three military-class ships which were basically regular army specifications.

First of all, regardless of when the interstellar pirates have such a large scale of warfare, history can be such a scale of attack? Moreover, why would they suddenly attack the Ya’an Empire’s cruisers? Cruisers were not transports, and have never been their target…

“The interstellar pirates had their eyes on the two tons of ancestral stones they were transporting, and with such a show, they were probably determined to get their hands on the ancestral stones. Determined to attack, determined to win. But how did they learn the news?

Although there were both Major General Wellin and General Ewan on board, the General was now seriously wounded and certainly not suitable for battle. There was still Major General Wellin, but it would be difficult to resist the enemy’s advance.

The captain steadied his mind and made a decisive move to send a distress signal to the surrounding area. He knew very well in his heart that this was no longer a situation that Crusader could handle alone. Although there were many soldiers on board, mecha pilots were a scarce commodity, and aside from Ewan, who would not be with the mecha and was now unfit to fight, there were only seven mecha that could be deployed, including Major General Wellin, Colonel Nord, and Colonel Jon.

The seven mecha with the emblem of the Ya’an Empire and the emblem of the Sky Wolf Legion bounced out of the Crusader like bullets – without any hesitation, without any negotiation, without any preparatory action, they were like cannonballs. As soon as they touched the enemy troops, they immediately exploded and started fighting.

The rocking of the ship gradually smoothed out, and Super Wolf, now with his tail between his legs, grimaced, and let out a threatening low growl deep in his throat, his body in a combat-ready position.

Ewan reached out and pulled Baylor out of the training bay, he said calmly and decisively, “They can’t get in here without Empire soldier clearance, you stay here for now. If the battle doesn’t end in more than two hours, you need to find your own way out, because the ship itself is no longer safe.” He gave the order to Super Wolf, “Dragon Hunter, stay here.”

With that, he opened the door and went out without a moment’s hesitation.

By now the training ground was empty and the soldiers had all quickly returned to their posts. There were no firearms-type weapons in the training ground, but there were cold weapons, and he took a long sword in his hand, slightly hooking the corners of his mouth.

He never thought he would one day use a sword on the battlefield.

Although inwardly cussing, he revealed his eyes were like cold stars, cold light as his hands took his sharp sword out of the sheath.

Ewan’s eyes narrowed slightly, the sword did not enter the smart device, it would destroy it, and then picking his moment, he raised his foot to kick the door open, his horroric S-class alpha power was clearly reflected in this moment. At the training ground, the two should have pushed in the door but kicked it hard, making it fly open —

 Beyond the door, in the corridor, there was back and forth gunfire and smoke. The ship’s soldiers and interstellar pirates were attracted by the sound of the door

And it was in this momentary gap, a figure like lightning emerged from the door, stepping on the door which was blown away in the air, leaping up people like a spring, the body a pressure filled rush of wind and lightning, the figure had come to the front, just like a ghost.

No one could react, including the soldiers of Sky Wolf Legion on the other side.

When everyone reacted, there was already a long sword like a rainbow, with blood pouring, the interstellar pirates had fallen in shock, like a paper tie, fragile.

In this moment, those soldiers watching suddenly remembered the core of Sky Wolf Legion’s fighting style: like a wolf as swift as the gale, not leaving a moment of respite for the prey.

This was a wolf, a real wolf.

Ewan wasn’t prepared to give anyone any chance to react, and as he slit the throats of the first set of men, he quickly ducked down to grab a firearm from the hands of a corpse on the ground while grabbing a man to block the bullets coming at him.

The body quickly began to liquify, he threw the body to the ground, the flesh had half melted into mush. This was due to the use of chemical bullets, once the bullet entered the human body it would explode into a large amount of corrosive liquid and human tissue would melt.

He did not look at the corpse, his body wound had cracked, blood began to seep through the bandage, even staining his uniform jacket, but he did not care, his eyes were locked on his enemy, like an emotionless blade. The gun in his hand took hardly any time to aim, but there wasn’t a shot that was empty, almost as if he had an automatic targeting plug-in on.

The shocked soldiers behind finally came back to their senses and prepared to fight, but at this moment, the enemy reinforcements suddenly arrived, a bullet-headed combat ship like suicide from the outside and slammed into the prow of the ship into the corridor, cutting off the passage between Ewan and the soldiers, and then another group of people rushed down from the ship .

This time, Ewan was surrounded in the front and back, fighting alone.

The interstellar pirates, who had been intimidated by Ewan’s fierce attack, were suddenly energized.

“Shoot this son of a bitch down! Kill him! Avenge our brothers!”



Ewan frowned slightly at the two-phase attack, in this case, remaining unharmed was impossible, but the damage could be reduced to a minimum –

However, at that moment, a grayish-white figure that they could not even see sped out, and then swooped down on the group that was preparing to attack Ewan behind him.

Ewan breathed a slight sigh of relief.

“Fuckin’ hell! What’s going on!”

They couldn’t see Super Wolf, they just felt something suddenly slam into the people around them and tear into their partner.

It was alarming, but no one dared to let up in the moment of battle, “What a trick! Never mind! Attack!”

Someone rushed up, and then from the direction of that training ground, something else shot out like a sharp arrow, but in the blink of an eye, those few people were cut off at the ankle one after another.

Damn it! What kind of place was this! Every day something flies out of it!

What the hell!

At this time, Baylor, who should have stayed in the training room, was wearing a fist spike on one hand and holding a dagger in the other, standing in the middle of the wailing crowd, his beautiful eyes filled with a murderous intent and crazy excitement. At the same time, there was ferocious anger.

“Dare to lay hands on my people, you are really tired of living.”

Do you know how much of a headache he would have without the guide?!

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December 8, 2022 5:26 am

Oh Baylor, you and Super Wolf really are a delight and a big surprise to Ewan, I’ll bet!
Fierce battle ahead and the trio are heavily outnumbered 😬
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 6, 2023 4:06 pm

Flippin’ hell, I love these crazy Omega characters.

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It is a magic door that pops out enemies one after the other lol

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