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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


“Dare to lay hands on my people, you really are tired of living.”

Ewan’s hand slightly stalled, never left the enemy’s gaze but could not help but drift towards the young man standing in the middle of the battlefield. He was still wearing a black barrier around his neck, having a sense of vulnerability, but his chin was slightly raised at the moment, from the corner of his eyes to his hair was a look of pomp and circumstance.

Fragile, but sharp, like a glass sword.

The interstellar pirates who were originally subdued by the uninvited guest saw that the uninvited guest was actually a delicate and beautiful omega, especially since he was not wearing a military uniform, but a comfortable housecoat, and burst into laughter.

“Yo, beauty, are you lost?”

“Must be terrified, come over and let this old man comfort and console you haha.”

“That’s right, what’s so good about that ugly alpha wearing a mask? Our job is definitely better than his, to ensure that you are comfortable.”

The words actually showed they had completely forgotten how just now Baylor had killed. However, the next moment, a gunshot interrupted their obscenities without mercy. An interstellar pirate who was still mouthing off a second ago was shot through the head and fell to the ground with a ‘bang’, the lecherous smile on his face. The smile became the last expression of his life.

People had to look up, back against the wall, in the dead corner of the half-crouched man wearing a mask, gazing coldly at them, the black muzzle of the gun was still smoking, while the other hand quickly reloaded the gun.

“This is a battlefield, are you guys being too lax?” He was wearing a mask and they couldn’t see his expression, yet they could imagine the mocking look on his face as he said this.

“Kill him.” A man said.

That one word was like flicking a switch, and the battlefield, which had briefly fallen silent, boiled up again.

Ewan’s place was in a dead end, but it doesn’t matter, they have so many people, even if they can’t shoot him, everyone rushes up, dozens of them, what was difficult to kill one person?

“Stupid, how dare you hide in the dead corner, now you are completely surrounded by us!”

“Surrounded?” The clear voice seemed so abrupt in the hissing of the group. Baylor stood in the middle of the battlefield, facing the rushing enemy without hiding. He slightly shortened his body, his hand squeezed tightly, the muscles of his whole body tightened to the extreme in an instant. The spiritual power in his body was mobilized, and the acuity of his five senses increased by several times.

At this point, in Baylor’s eyes, the people in front of him seemed to be pressing the slow-motion button, every movement was clear as day, their heaving chests as they gasped for breath, their flailing limbs-

The strained muscles were wailing, but this wailing also became a call to attack at this moment. The anger of being molested and ignored rolled over Baylor’s heart like a huge wave – he laughed in anger, looking at those who charged forward as if they were a bunch of ants.

The next second, he was like a bullet, silent and swiftly going into the influx of enemies –

With a nimble twist of his fingers, the dagger was pulled out like a flower, slicing through the air and severing the limbs.

“No, it is you who are surrounded by us.”

The man next to him paled and stood back, the guns in his hands firing at close range at his opponent’s vitals. They didn’t have any moral heart that they couldn’t sneak up on.

However a shocking scene happened. At such a close distance, the young man did not even see the shooting coming from behind, but he quickly moved to the side, with a small margin to avoid the bullet. Following the sideways movement, he quickly turned around and struck the shooter hard in the abdomen with a fist jab to the jaw, and followed up with a dagger in the other hand, straight to the vitals!

“Sh!” Until the man fell, he didn’t even figure out why the young man knew the trajectory of his bullets.

Because Ewan was around, Baylor had let loose with his mental power at the moment. His body was not fit for fighting, and if it weren’t for his five senses ability enhanced by his mental power, he wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

The commotion here finally forced those who were rushing toward Ewan to pay attention to the beautiful omega.

A part of them reversed their attack and rushed towards Baylor. Then they realized that this seemingly soft omega was like the god of death, mercilessly reaping the lives of those who approached. And next to him, there was always an invisible force attacking them with a pounce.

invisible Super Wolf and Baylor tacitly cooperated as they took down the interstellar pirates , although they were not able to communicate with the mind at the moment, but the tacit understanding from years of combat made it so that they did not need any communication.

When Baylor was caught, Super Wolf would lunge at the man’s hand with the weapon – just as they had done when they first met.

Before it was a tiny child and puppy. Now it’s the flamboyant youth and the mighty, fierce beast.

The only difference was that now there was an additional person –

The hands of the bayonet almost to the young man’s back at the heart of the pirate’s head suddenly opened up and fell to the ground.

Baylor, who had developed a vulnerability because of physical exhaustion, took a moment to look, and it was Ewan, who had left his cover and was approaching himself with a gun and sword.

“We have to leave.” Ewan said quickly as he approached Baylor.

Baylor kicked one of the men away, not happy, “I can knock this whole group down.”

Ewan’s attack never dragged on, very clean and decisive, a sword to seal the throat, a shot to kill, he said calmly, “knock down this group of people, there will be another group, win this group of people is not a win, only completely crushed their plans to win, here is just a waste of time.”

As he said, the first group of pirates had been almost wiped out by them, but the surrounding pirates came to support, before and after, which led them to be left here. Moreover, both of them were originally wounded, and now they were each wounded again, so they were really not suitable for a protracted battle.

Ewan’s words poked Baylor’s heart, and he hooked the corners of his mouth in excitement, very satisfied with the idea Ewan proposed.

“Where to?” He was going to stomp their plan to pieces!

Ewan narrowed his eyes, “The warehouse.”

“I don’t know the way.”

“I know.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ewan launched a fierce attack with his machine gun on the other side of the corridor, clearing a path, while Baylor immediately charged towards that side under the cover of the machine gun, while Super Wolf broke off the rear. This was the first time Ewan and Baylor had fought together, but the two understood each other as if they had been partners for years.

“They’re getting away!”

Breaking through the encirclement, Ewan quickly overtook Baylor with his alpha burst and led him towards the warehouse where the ancestral stones were stored.

The Sky Wolf Legion support force never arrived, indicating that most of the force was being held back. The interstellar pirates could not have attacked the ship for no reason, they had a purpose, and their purpose could only be the resources on board.

The ship had now been forced to land, there must be more air power outside, there were only seven mecha pilots on board, should have been all out, the ship’s Sky Wolf Legion’s combat power would be significantly weakened.

Then at this moment in the warehouse side, only afraid that the situation was more not optimistic.

Unlike Baylor, Ewan, as general of the military, had always been more focused on the big picture. Just now although he was also fighting, his mind thinking about things was never simply to wipe out that group of people, but the big situation at the moment.

The group apparently also had very clear instructions to drag out the rest of the ship’s troops and keep them from going to the warehouse for support!

So they immediately chased after Ewan and Baylor and tried to leave them behind!

Super Wolf, who had broken off, faced them and let out a roar of attack.

The ‘invisible force’ then blocked their path of attack once again.


If people can’t get through, bullets can always get through.

Bullets of all colors were like streams of light, and Baylor’s mental power boosted his hearing and vision to almost the peak, trying to avoid the attacks.

Ewan did not have the same mental strength as Baylor, but his Super S alpha physique and long training also allowed him to always dodge in time. Only the blood on his chest had been so much that it was able to drip to the ground, and his movements were inevitably restricted.

At that moment, a burst bomb exploded in the air, triggering a heavenly shrapnel attack. And among them, two pieces of shattered bullets then flew towards the back of Ewan’s heart opening, and Ewan frowned, as his movements were held back by his wounds, apparently unable to completely dodge them. He stretched out his hand, ready to sacrifice his own hand to block this vital blow.

However, just at that moment, the person next to him was faster than him.

The shattered bullet crashed into the shoulder of Baylor, who was in front of him. Baylor grunted and his forehead bruised up before he could stabilize his body from falling forward with the impact of the shattered bullet.

But even so, Baylor was still unsteady on his feet and stumbled forward slightly.

After a beat, he turned to Ewan, dropped his sword, and hurriedly reached out to the person who crashed into his chest half support half embrace, and the blood on his chest also stained each other’s clothes.

Lips pursed, one arm around the person quickly ducked into a dead end, Ewan in a moment of dazed, after raising his eyes, a chill in his eyes.

However, at this time, Baylor grabbed the hem of his shirt, raised his head to reveal a pair of eyes was a vibrant wariness, “What are you stopping here for?! Hurry up and lead the way, I want to make them regret to the bone!”

These eyes were beautiful, at this moment was even more beautiful causing his heart to tremble.

Ewan froze, goose gray eyes looking at Baylor, listening to Baylor’s capricious and childish words, his lips hid under the mask hooked up in a shallow arc, “Okay.” He followed Baylor’s words, “Make them regret it.”


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December 8, 2022 6:24 pm

What a team they make! Stupid pirates, actually stop fighting to flirt with Baylor😂 oops.. thank you so much for the update ❤️❤️

December 9, 2022 3:53 am

I am in love with Baylor’s character… totally 😁
The 3 of them are unstoppable.
Ewan, from accounts in previous chapters, seems to dislike the idea of an omega being all about beauty, clingy, dependent and acting coquettishly ~ Baylor’s none of these things. He’s already fallen for him, I reckon.
Can’t wait for more.
Thanks for translating.

January 17, 2023 4:19 pm

Nooo. Pomp and Circumstances. You made me thinking certain songggg..T.T 😂😂😂

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Never underestimate a woman or an omega.

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