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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


At this moment, these sky wolf Legion soldiers who are guarding outside the warehouse are very shocked.

The armed forces, the heavy weapons of the water, even the heavy bombing guns and armored combat vehicles of the ship classification weapons are coming. Is this really the scale of the grass-roots team such as the interstellar pirates?

The regular armies of those small planets are almost ashamed to death.

“The warehouse door couldn’t withstand several attacks of bombing cannons, and the armored soldiers outside couldn’t resist it and began to retreat.” A soldier reported to the monitor.

“It’s strange that motherfucker can stop it! We are a cruise ship, not a combat ship!” In addition to the low combat level of their own ships, they belong to the logistics forces, and the soldiers were more inclined to the technical arms, not the complete combat forces.

This group of interstellar pirates was really fucking crazy! Mutated!

The squad leader looked behind him and placed ancestral stones equipment, gritted his teeth and made up his mind, “No more retreat, TNND.” 1 He put on the alloy skeleton armor that belonged to him next to him and put on the Gatling machine gun, “Only five people are staying to guard the warehouse, the rest are going out with me, fuck him! “


And at that moment, Ewan and Baylor finally reached the mouth of the pipe near the warehouse. Thanks to the ship’s pipe map in Ewan’s terminal, they could avoid all kinds of people, sneaking into the warehouse.

Of course, the journey was not easy. They broke through the encirclement five times, both of them have added new wounds, especially Baylor.

Baylor blocked the bullet, and now his right shoulder could hardly move. In such a situation, even if he could detect the orbit of the attack, he could not dodge it.

Along the way, Ewan had been very careful like Baylor, but still inevitably added a new injury. He reached out his hand and touched Baylor’s shoulder, gauging the extent of the injury, and said, “Your right scapula is broken.” After a pause, he frowned to say what he had been wanting to say inside, “You shouldn’t have blocked that for me, I’m an alpha with higher muscle density than you, and would have suffered less damage than you.” At the very least, if that stray bullet had hit him, he wouldn’t have broken a bone.

Baylor, who was in a cold sweat after being touched by Ewan, took a breath and looked at Super Wolf, who was licking the back of his hand at the moment, and then subconsciously said, “Who thinks so much? I was only thinking that I couldn’t let you be in danger, and besides I’m better off injured than you are.” If he was injured, he could recover if he didn’t die, but if the guide had a problem, he would die with him.

For example, just now, when fighting, he had been strengthening his five senses, but also with Super Wolf, if not always next to Ewan’s share of clear and fresh ‘guide element’, his current body simply could not carry such a use of spiritual power, and he was afraid that it would go out of control.

The idea was that he couldn’t help but lean towards Ewan again.

The feeling of being surrounded by the ‘guide’ was so reassuring. He felt like he could go up and play ten more games when he got recharged!

Ewan noticed Baylor’s somewhat ‘intimate’ proximity, and was not comfortable with being too close to people, he was trying to move away, but his subconscious movements were stuck there.

The boy’s words just now were in his mind. Ewan’s lips twitched slightly as he thought about the young man’s words, which were so passionate that they were comparable to a confession, but in the end he took a deep look at Baylor before turning his head away and putting those thoughts behind him for the moment.

Now was not the time to be distracted.

After this crisis, he could talk to the omega.

Turning his head, they saw the side door of the warehouse open and a column of armored soldiers glide out at high speed.

Baylor looked at the high-tech armor worn by those armored soldiers and his eyes lit up, “What’s that?”

“Alloy skeleton armor, combat equipment for land soldiers.” Can force the armored soldiers who stay in the warehouse almost all out, the battle ahead did not seem to be optimistic.

Combined with the explosions heard just now, he was afraid that there were heavy bombardment guns on the opposite side. Now that it has fully landed, with the presence of heavy bombardment guns, I’m afraid that the armored fighting vehicles have also driven up.

According to the information obtained along the way, Ewan immediately in his head quickly calculated and built out all the current battle situations, and then made the corresponding deployment.

He immediately turned on the terminal and sent a command to Captain Rox using the military code.

Crusader Captain Rox, who was busy at the moment, received the contact from Ewan and was immediately at ease.

Translating the code into text, he hastily opened the encrypted contact channel and relayed Ewan’s orders to the soldiers of Sky Wolf Legion.

“What are you doing? What are we going to do now?” Baylor asked somewhat pressed as he watched Ewan’s continued lack of understanding.

Ewan, who had already given his orders, closed his terminal and said, “I’ll go outside and hold off the enemy, and as for you…” He looked at Baylor and said, “You stay here.”

Baylor’s face fell, “Are you underestimating me?”

Ewan was slightly stunned as he admitted without thinking, “No, you’re good, especially considering your physical attributes.”

He had silently watched Baylor’s performance in the battle before.

To be honest, he was surprised by Baylor’s strength. Although some of his movements weren’t smooth and powerful enough, his reflexes, his anticipation of attacks, and his combat awareness… and the aura he had when he fought.

If he was still skeptical before, just now he was almost certain that this beautiful omega was the ‘mad dog’ he had seen in his dream. It was the talent that he was moved to take under his command. So he said with deep meaning, “With your fighting potential, with time and training, you can become a powerful warrior. So now you should not force yourself, you are currently injured seriously, and can no longer fight. Not to mention that you are not currently a soldier of Sky Wolf Legion either.”

In fact, Ewan’s words had expressed his regard for Baylor, but Baylor was dissatisfied and said in a cold voice, “No, you’re just underestimating me.”

Ewan frowned, thinking that Baylor was being a nuisance, but the next thing he heard Baylor say was, “I’m not a delicate omega, I’m a warrior now.”

With time and training, he would become a powerful warrior? He was already one!

Baylor’s eyes did not duck and stare at Ewan, his clear voice was not heavy, and even a little light, “No warrior would be a deserter in battle.” He hooked the corners of his mouth slightly in a contemptuous smile, “Besides, I prefer to trample my enemies under my feet personally.”

Super Wolf at Baylor’s feet gave a loud and clear howl in time, which was the code of battle they had always believed in.

Death to the bones of the enemy!

Ewan’s breath caught, and in his goose gray eyes, the young man stood in the darkness of the pipe but did not hide those starry eyes. His usually clean and tidy beautiful face was now stained with blood and dust, his hair was also blood and sweat condensed into a wisp, but this wretched appearance was more stunning than any other moment to Ewan.

At this moment, he was like a beautiful painting that had a soul, completely alive.

Ewan, for the first time, felt a ‘stunned’ emotion towards another human being.

This is not less beautiful than the magnificent natural scenery in the universe and the mecha and ships at the peak of human technology.

Ewan dropped his hand at his side and his heart in his chest slightly moved, this strange feeling made him a little uncomfortable, so he immediately moved his eyes. Then he laughed lightly and said, “Warrior, pretty words won’t keep you alive on the battlefield, you’ll have to come up with a workable plan to convince me.” 

The moment this statement was made, it meant that Ewan had recognized what Baylor said and treated him as a real soldier.

However, in the next second, Baylor inexplicably looked at him askance, “… Why should I convince you?”


“It’s not like I have to listen to you.” Baylor thought this guide was a bit funny, was he not just a soldier, why was he thinking of commanding him? And technically speaking, he obviously still didn’t have to listen to him.


“But you tell me, where can I get a set of that alloy bone armor?”

Ewan clasped his hands at this point and sneered, “… Weren’t you cocky just now? You figure it out.”

Baylor turned his head, “How petty.”


On the helper path inside the Crusader, two heavy bombardment cannons were arranged on two armored fighting vehicles.

Wanrich, one of the first captains of the interstellar pirates at the head of the group, had a cigarette in his mouth as he sat in the armored fighting vehicle and manned the behemoth. He was one of the best chariot pilots in the regiment.

“Boss, another group of people have come, armored soldiers.” The men in the terminal reported.

Thirty-five armored soldiers had already unfolded their formation at this moment and quickly merged with the troops still remaining, they rushed up to the sky with the fire from their feet and then quickly launched a strong attack in the air, the attacks from the rapid-fire photon gatling gun were like a downpour in the air.

The floor around the chariot was even dented and turned up, and smoke was everywhere for a while.

“Aim at its engine and cockpit!!!” The squad leader shouted. Other armored soldiers climbed up the other side of the chariot like spiders and tried to attack at close range.

“Heh.” The chariot suddenly spun like a gyroscope, flinging the man on top of him, and then the body backed up quickly, while Wanrich’s unhurried voice reached the terminal of his partner next to him. He said contemptuously, “A bunch of trash, they can’t stop it.”

He was completely unimpressed with the combat power of the armored soldiers, and his other hand quickly unlocked the heavy bombardment cannon with dazzling speed, shells aimed. “Then who will the bullet hit? Let me show you my treasure!”

In a second, the cannonball muzzle gathered energy and then prepared to fire-

Sky Wolf Legion’s soldiers struggled to attack and could only try to destroy one engine, one cockpit. But for them, a single heavy bombardment cannon blast was enough to kill them. The suppression of force was so simple and brutal.

At that moment, however, the ceiling suddenly exploded and the crumbling building materials came crashing down heavily.

Wanrich frowned, quick-eyed and quick to make the chariot carry on backing up, avoiding the chariot being buried. The passage was blocked by debris, at this time from the hollow above suddenly leapt down two figures in alloy bone armor.

One went straight to the surrounding pillars and started attacking, aiming to destroy the space, this was Ewan.

The other went straight to the interstellar pirate team on either side of the chariot, the Gatling carried in his left hand did not play the role it should have played, but was turned on automatic fire and was thrown into the enemy group as a cannonball, just like a fried fish. Then he himself, with the help of this commotion, sounded the east, straight to the face of the chariot, using his body as a weapon, and hit hard on the glass on that cockpit. It was Baylor.

“Fuck! What the hell is this!”

Ewan saw Baylor’s behavior which was completely out of their plan, frowned and reminded Baylor through the intercom, “Don’t forget our purpose.”


Baylor didn’t even turn on the walkie-talkie.

Realizing this, Ewan thought, this soldier is too difficult to lead.

Just then, the walls of the ship suddenly exploded. The black and gold four-meter tall mecha rushed in behind the smoke of the explosion.

It was Sky Wolf Legion’s mecha! It was Major General Wellin and the others!

The armored soldier’s attack could not help the armored car, the mecha could not.

He yelled at the terminal, “What are you doing? What are you doing here?”

The mecha pilot on the other end replied, “They suddenly started to withdraw, we tried to chase them, but…” He looked at the battle ships that had suddenly abandoned their entanglement and the other four mecha that had abandoned their active attack, and looked grave, “We’re being held up.”


And at that moment, a reply from the captain came from Ewan’s terminal.

“General, all deployments are in place.”

And at the same time, the captain looked at the instructions that Ewan had sent to himself, and couldn’t help but feel, “Worthy of the name of God of War, General.”

To be called the God of War, it was not enough to have the strongest fighting ability in the Empire, but also the strongest battlefield command ability.

General Ewan, in the absence of any detailed information, quickly deduced the deployment of the opposite forces, and then shot like a thunderbolt to their available armed resources to arrange accordingly.

Have Major General Wellin and others who were out fighting quickly disengage from the battlefield and return to the depot for support. Command the rest of the combat craft to harass Major General Wellin their retreat, organize the ship’s land forces to cut off the enemy support routes…

Even for the reinforcements that had not yet arrived, he had made arrangements – secretly bypassed Crusader, directly intercepted from behind, breaking the interstellar pirates’ back, so that they had no way to escape by then.

As well, there was one last item –

Gather the remaining teams of Sky Wolf Legion, immediately to their respective jurisdictions to carry out a general attack on the interstellar pirate’s strongholds.

No matter how big or small, all wiped out.

The captain froze for a moment, immediately reacted, there were so many interstellar pirates here, their stronghold at the moment must be the weakest strength! This wave, this wave was called, while people were away, steal people’s old home!

At that moment his blood boiled! He seemed to have thought that this battle would later be engraved into the Empire history books!

It was called the destruction of the interstellar pirates!

This must be great courage, how keen on the battlefield, to make these deployments in an instant!

And it was these deployments that instantly transformed them from a passive situation to an active one!

General Ewan!

As the captain thought, Ewan indeed thought of taking this opportunity to simply carry out a major purge of interstellar pirates. After all, he promised Baylor that he would make the other side regret, so how can it be enough if the other side does not bleed badly?

But Ewan did not tell Baylor this, just before the operation, he instructed Baylor, “the purpose of our action was not to destroy the other side, but to defend. As long as we hold, they are bloodless.” After all, Wellin and the others would come right over to support them.

He confirmed to Baylor, “Is that clear?”

Baylor nodded then, “Understood.”

At the moment, Ewan watched the young man, wrapped up in alloy bone armor, lending his firepower, charging even harder than before, using his left hand, which was still moving, to fight with the group of interstellar pirates.

Major General Wellin, in mecha, also apparently noticed the warlike armored soldier, and was surprised and puzzled.

Who was in there? So fierce?

However, they could not imagine that it would be Baylor, a flower vase that they considered a plaything, an E class omega. Only Ewan was clear about the identity of the person inside, and he gave a slight shake of his head, somewhat helpless.

How could he believe that a little madman knew what it meant to be defensive?


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Translator Notes:

  1. internet swearing slang from  他奶奶的  meaning literally “his grandmother”


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Of course, Baylor doesn’t defend, he attacks until the enemy is dead😏 he is not some weakling. Thanks for updating ❤️❤️

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Baylor displaying his true worth and potential (with Super Wolf’s support), and Ewan actually apreciating it. He’s into him for sure.
What a team!
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Baylor and worthy of being the omega of General Ewan the God of War, perfect match. Thanks for the translation!

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