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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Realizing that they were not able to achieve their goals, the interstellar pirates quickly began to retreat. However, their way back had already been cut off.

The interstellar pirates saw the situation was reversed, quickly made a judgment to prepare to abandon their partners on the Crusader and evacuate.

After all, they know very well, Sky Wolf Legion rescue has long been on the way, the longer it takes, the greater the risk. They were prepared to take people by surprise, grab the ancestral stones and run, but because of the other side’s rapid strategic adjustment, the battle situation became a stalemate.

They were not prepared to fight a protracted war with the other.

The interstellar pirate mechas began to break off, air combatants returned to the ships, the ships neatly turned around, and opened fire as they moved forward.

However, they had just sailed 100,000 kilometers when three combat warships appeared before them. These were the Sky Wolf Legion’s seventh and ninth teams that came to support them.

These two teams were different from the Cruiser, they were the real combat troops in Sky Wolf Legion.

The captain of the ninth team stood in the command room, clasping his hands, he ordered at once, “Strike, the goal is to destroy all!”

With the arrival of reinforcements, the curtain finally came down on this crossover change.

The battle within the Crusader was also over.

Both of the interstellar pirates’ armored vehicles and heavy bombardment guns were destroyed, and Captain Wanrich was captured by Colonel Nord.

Wellin finally breathed a small sigh of relief, his battle suit was soaked with sweat, and piloting the mecha was physically demanding. When he got out of the mecha’s cockpit, he tried to find the two armored soldiers who had just been so unusually powerful, but found that they had disappeared.

One of them he actually had in mind, that calm and decisive fighting style, must be the general. What he was puzzled about was the other one, fighting completely out of the ordinary, with a daunting madness… Is there such a soldier on this ship?


Baylor was taken by Ewan.

Even carried away.

Because he was simply incapacitated.

Baylor was wounded, plus his omega body was not adapted to high-intensity combat, and many of the subsequent movements he forced himself to complete with the help of armor. But the human will was not a superpower, and after a momentary burst, Baylor ushered in an even more horrific backlash.

Ewan noticed that something was wrong when he found Baylor in a dodge, did not stand firm, and fell straight to his knees.

Super Wolf next to him barked anxiously at Baylor’s side.

Ewan immediately drew back and rushed to Baylor’s side, blocking the attack that was coming at Baylor.

Wellin and the others had arrived and their mission was complete, so Ewan immediately picked up Baylor and left. He needed to help Baylor get the armor off immediately.

The armor gives support, but with the power unit off, its own weight was a heavy load for the user.

Back in the tube near the warehouse, Ewan didn’t even bother with the armor he was wearing, but immediately got to work helping Baylor get out of the armor.

The helmet was removed, the young man’s face was bloodless, the already cold white skin was now almost greenish white, black hair had been soaked in sweat, stuck to the forehead, and the side of his face, like seaweed. His clothes were stained with sweat and blood, and he had a shoulder and waist wound dripping blood, looking shocking.

Ewan frowned deeply, he reached out and patted Baylor’s face, “Hey, wake up–“

The person was completely unconscious.

And at this moment, the big gray and white dog next to him was also lying prone, eyes drooping without spirit, but still stubbornly raised his eyes to look at Baylor, throat constantly issuing ‘grunting’ sound.

This sentinel’s body was extremely weak, so his spiritual body would also be weak.

Taking off his helmet, he pressed on Baylor’s chest and listened. His heartbeat was weak, but the rate was high, which was a sign of weakened vital signs.

When he thought of the young man that was reckless and completely unrestrained, Ewan’s heart surged with an inexplicable anger.

His lips as well as his jaw line were tense, and he was emitting a gut-wrenching low pressure.

Super Wolf next to him felt it and gave a grunt of aggression.

Ewan pulled out a spare cardiac injection from the emergency medication on the inside of his armor, then moved not so gently to inject Baylor. The body armor was taken off, his chest injury had also been completely cracked to deterioration, the previous days of treatment were considered completely in vain. But he didn’t mind himself, and took off his armor because it made his hands more flexible – so he could bandage Baylor to stop the bleeding.

Because of his anger, his movements were not restrained, but after seeing the young man’s brow, which had not been loosened, furrowed even more because of his movements, Ewan took a deep breath and lightened his movements anyway. He thought, when the person woke up, he had to give him a good lesson on loving his own life.

I’ve seen those who don’t want to die, but I’ve never seen someone who doesn’t care about living. Even now, Ewan found himself wondering why this guy was so desperate.

Clearly, he was not a soldier of the Sky Wolf Legion either, he was just a passerby who could be safe and sound as long as he hid well. Cleaning the wound on Baylor’s waist, a sentence with teenage intent and anger broke into Ewan’s mind – “Dare to lay hands on my people, you are really tired of living.”

Ewan’s hand froze a slight beat, then he remembered Baylor said the sentence, “Who thinks so much? I was only thinking that I couldn’t let you be in danger, and besides I’m better off injured than you are.”

He frowned deeply, goose gray eyes in addition to the young man’s figure, but was tinted with a few complex emotions. Does it mean that… This guy is so desperate, really all for himself? His previous statement that he wanted to join the Sky Wolf Legion for his own sake was not just a casual remark either?


Ewan didn’t understand, they hadn’t spent much time with each other, when did he have such feelings for him?

It was really… he didn’t know what it was, but why was he so deeply attached?

Ewan subconsciously frowned. He never believed in such things, love in his eyes was extremely illusory as well as an indifferent existence. The people who were addicted to love and completely lose their senses were stupid in his opinion. He also did not believe that anyone could really be so stupid.

But now he had some doubts. Was there really someone that stupid?

Ewan bandaged the wound on Baylor’s waist, and after a moment of relief, he was able to relax. He rolled over and sat with his back against the wall, his hair stained with sweat, one hand on his half-bent knee, pulling his collar back, and then the other on Super Wolf’s head, rubbing it soothingly.

Then through the wet forehead hair, he looked askance at the person lying next to him again, his gaze focused, as if solving a puzzle. After a long time, he hooked his lips and laughed softly. The tail was drawn long and light, like a feather. His mocking voice carried a faint echo in the pipe.

“Well, he doesn’t look smart.”

Super Wolf sniffed, his ears flicking slightly, then rubbed his head against Ewan’s hand.

It also felt so.


“Regarding Sky Wolf Legion’s general attack on the interstellar pirates this time, which resulted in a great victory, may I ask if Your Highness has any thoughts? When did this matter begin to be planned? Did His Highness know about it beforehand?”

The handsome young man with blond hair in a gown smiled slightly, elegant and easy-going, “Of course. Interstellar pirates have become a great threat to the planets, and we, the Ya’an Empire, as the Great Empire in this galaxy, should take the responsibility to eliminate interstellar pirates and offer our power to the world. The power of the Ya’an Empire. This matter has been discussed for a long time between the Royal Family and the Ministry of Military Affairs, but there has been a lack of suitable timing, but the sky is not the limit, and finally we were able to seize the opportunity to hit the interstellar pirates within the galaxy.”

He turned to the camera and said sincerely without being overly flattering, “The Sky Wolf Legion has paid a lot for this, and this honor belongs to every soldier in the military, and I thank you for your efforts on behalf of Empire, and on behalf of the civilization of Alix Galaxy, your glory will be remembered in history.”

Looking at the virtual image in the air, Wellin commented, “This Prince is much more reliable than His Majesty.”

“…” Ewan finished his treatment, he raised his eyes to look at the person in the image and said indifferently, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Wellin knew he was out of line, and he responded sheepishly, “Yes, General.”

By now the man’s upper body had been re-bandaged to hide the hideous wounds, but Wellin knew how heavy the injuries were underneath, and he said worriedly, “General, you must heal well.”

No matter how strong you are, you are still human. What’s wrong with almost splitting yourself open like this day after day?

“I know what to do.” Ewan said carelessly. He was not the little maniac Baylor. 

Wellin was dumbfounded, he wanted to argue but if the General knew the score, he would not let himself get into this situation, but he did not dare. So he could only say, “The seventh team and the ninth team have all the interstellar pirates under control, after two days of torture, their purpose is indeed the ship’s ancestral stones.”

“How do they know there are ancestral stones on board?” Knowing that the cruiser did not purposely go to pick up the TL7 mission, but received an impromptu escort mission on the way back from the mission, even the people inside the Sky Wolf Legion may not be fully informed.

Wellin replied in a serious tone, “According to them, they received information from a mysterious person, including the fact that there are ancestral stones on the Crusader, as well as the strength of the Crusader, and the navigation route.”

Ewan did not say anything, just silently arranged his clothes.

Wellin felt that the matter had been extremely serious, but– He said speculatively, “General, you said that the mysterious person, and the one who joined forces with the Marl Galaxy to ambush you in the first place, could be the same person?”

Although he was guessing, he had almost decided in his mind. After all, where would there be so many betrayers?

Ewan still didn’t say anything, he just buttoned up the button in silence, his eyes were deep.

At that moment, Super Wolf, who was lying next to him, suddenly stood up, then barked loudly and rushed out like an arrow.

Ewan was interrupted by Super Wolf’s sudden movement, he watched Super Wolf disappear straight through the door, he frowned at once.

For Dragon Hunter to react like this… could it be Baylor?

After Baylor had been treated by him in an emergency to stabilize the situation, he had been sent to the medical office for professional treatment. It was just that Baylor was seriously injured and still hadn’t awakened in two days. He originally asked Dragon Hunter to accompany Baylor, but it insisted on refusing to follow him, just like before, never leaving.

Now he suddenly rushed out…

Had Baylor awakened and it sensed it? The big gray and white dog barked with anger before he left to dispel this thought. If it was the owner waking up, this would never be the reaction.

Then there was only one possibility, there was danger on Baylor’s side –

Ewan immediately put on his mask with one hand and opened the door of the room while wearing it and took a big step in the direction of the medical care room.

“Gen, General!”


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Thanks for the chapters!

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Battle is won, but Baylor has been badly injured.
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Thanks for translating and editing.

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