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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


In the medical ward, the young man lay quietly, inside his loose hospital gown he was almost wrapped into a mummified body. The usually arrogant person was now like a flower in the rain, quiet and gentle and fragile.

Outside the window was a dark, vast universe, Toynbee sat against the window and sighed long and hard. He looked in the mirror today and found that he had grown a gray hair. And he wasn’t the least bit surprised.

After all, seeing Baylor brought back two days ago, covered in wounds, with a rag doll-like appearance, almost scared his heart stopped on the spot.

Although the battle was indeed very intense, he could not figure out what this has to do with Baylor. Baylor, an E class omega, although he did not have much power, was also a pampered Count, even if his temper burst a little, liked to fight a little, how did he end up in a real battlefield?

How could he toss himself into such a state?

The doctor’s diagnosis was torn muscles, a fractured right scapula, a penetrating injury to the waist, organ damage, and a bunch of wounds that were considered “minor” in comparison.

The doctor asked him, how was this omega hurt like this? How could an omega be allowed to go into battle?

He was depressed and he couldn’t answer a word. He could only stare at Ewan standing next to him, who was also seriously injured. He had asked Ewan to keep an eye on Baylor and not let Baylor go down to the ancestral stones. But was this too much of an overkill by Ewan? Directly changing from people ‘away from ancestral stones’ to ‘protect ancestral stones’.

Why did Baylor, an unarmed omega, need to protect ancestral stones?

The chest of the young man on the bed rose and fell slightly, Toynbee stared at the person for half a second, and then let out another long sigh. Then also at this time, his terminal suddenly came the communication beep. Afraid of disturbing Baylor’s rest, Toynbee left the room before putting the communication on.

“Toynbee.” It was Austin.

Toynbee felt like sighing again as he asked, “What can I do for you, Master Austin?”

Austin on the other end didn’t turn on the screen transmission, only his voice, “Come to my room, I need to talk to you.”

Before Toynbee had a chance to ask, the communication was hung up.

“…” The corners of Toynbee’s mouth twitched. He looked back at Baylor in the room through the glass with concern, and then looked at the terminal on his wrist. Toynbee thought for a moment, but still walked in the direction of the residential area.

Baylor shouldn’t wake up anytime soon, so he should just come back soon. However, just before he left, three soldiers wearing Sky Wolf Legion uniforms came from the other side of the corridor. These three were the same soldiers who had been punished for making a scene with Baylor in the mess hall.

They quickly walked up to Baylor’s ward, looked at each other, and then quickly divided their work. One went to the other end of the corridor to look out, one guarded the door of the ward, and the last one pushed open the door and entered the ward.

When he entered the room, the soldier looked at Baylor lying on the hospital bed, and a hideous and ugly hatred appeared in his eyes. It was all because of this omega that they were dismissed from their jobs, laughed at, and had a grim future. Their whole lives were ruined because of this omega.

He walked towards the hospital bed, gritting his teeth and giving a painful smile.

“Thought I didn’t stand a chance.” The interstellar pirate attack earlier, that would have been the perfect time for them to do it – kill this omega in the midst of the chaos, and no one would have known it was them who did it. But they couldn’t find him at the time, and missed a good opportunity for revenge.

But probably the heavens also wanted to help them, surprisingly leaving this omega unconscious.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed Baylor’s face with a fierce hand, his big palm was hard, and with a force that seemed to want to crush Baylor alive, he almost pressed Baylor into the bed, and at the same time he said viciously, “This is all you deserve, an omega, just behave yourself, why do you have to talk! Since you can’t learn to shut up, I’ll teach you to shut up forever.”

At that moment there were a few soft bangs from the door, which was his partner reminding him to hurry up and do it. Although he was eager to teach his opponent a good lesson again, he had to do it quickly. He let out a long breath, then sneered and let go of his hand. He pulled out a syringe from his own pocket, removed the cap, inserted the needle into the infusion tube, and then injected the liquid in the syringe.

The toxin in this could trigger a strong immune storm as soon as it entered a person’s body, triggering gradual organ failure. This was very similar to the condition brought on by a worsening injury, so that it would not arouse suspicion.

Everyone would think that Baylor had died from his injuries and that the treatment had failed.

The toxin-laced medicine dripped down the IV tube and slowly entered Baylor’s veins. He smiled triumphantly and pushed the pusher in the syringe to the bottom, making sure that all the liquid in the syringe had been used up before he was ready to pull the syringe out.

However it was at this time that a clear, muted question suddenly rang out from within the quiet room.

“What are you doing…”

The voice appeared coldly, and he almost shifted his hand to insert the needle tip into his own hand. Putting the syringe away in his hand, he looked down and saw that Baylor, who had been unconscious, had opened his eyes, and those eyes like black glazed rocks looked at him coldly, while the hand with the IV tube attached to it grabbed his hand fiercely.

“In your hand, what are you holding?”

The soldier never expected Baylor to wake up at this juncture, and after a moment of shock, all he could think of was one thing – Baylor had seen him!

The surveillance in this room had long been taken care of by their hands, so all their actions would be unnoticed. But now it was different if Baylor was awake and saw his face.

We can’t let him talk about it! Can’t wait for the toxin to react!

The soldier immediately shook off Baylor’s hand, then panicked and pulled the pillow out from under Baylor’s head and pressed it down on Baylor’s face–


Baylor tried to fight back, but his ragged body was completely disobedient to him, and all he could do with all his strength through clenched teeth was to flip his body over at that moment, roll off the bed, and fall violently to the floor.


It hurts like hell!

Covering his left shoulder, Baylor could not react from the pain before the soldier grabbed Baylor and flung a vicious slap across his face, then pressed on top of Baylor and took a pillow and pressed it hard into his face.

“Die, die quickly! Don’t struggle, hurry up and die!”

“Mmm!” Baylor let out a muffled grunt of pain.

The air was rapidly deprived, and a painful sensation almost exploded from his chest. Just in the nick of time, the soldier suddenly let out a scream, and then immediately afterwards, his hand covering the pillow suddenly released its force. The next second, the door was slammed open vigorously, and the soldier guarding the outside was kicked off into the wall of the ward.

Lying on the floor, Baylor reached up and grabbed the pillow off his face, coughing violently as he turned on his side in distress.

Ewan rushed into the room, saw Baylor on the floor, took a few steps to Baylor’s side, lifted the man up and half leaned into his arms, his head bowed and his brow deep in his eyes, “Are you okay?”

At this time Wellin also escorted the soldier who was watching outside into the room, “General, here is another one.”

Ewan did not raise his head, calm voice is a cold, he said, “Since you have the intent to murder, you do not have to wait to go back to the empire. Immediately detain them for interrogation, after the questioning, send them to the prison star, never to come out in this life.”

Hearing the title General from Wellin’s mouth, the three soldiers were already scared out of their wits, and hearing about the Prison Star, they immediately cried out for mercy.

“We were wrong, we don’t dare.”

“I didn’t do anything! Don’t send me to the Prison Star!”

The Prison Planet was the most hostile planet in the Alix Galaxy, and not only that, it was full of vicious criminals, comparable to evil spirits.

It was a real hell there.

Originally, they were only dismissed from their jobs, but now they were sending themselves to hell with their own hands. One of them was frightened by the horrible prospect and passed out.

However, they were no different from the dead to Ewan, so he didn’t care how they reacted. He just frowned at the young man in his arms – after he stopped coughing and finally got his breath back, an unnatural flush appeared on his pale face.

The weight of the young man was like a piece of paper in his arms, and then he quickly but gently put him on the bed.

He immediately pressed the emergency call button to notify the doctor to come, Ewan obediently propped up on the side of the bed with one hand and bent down to check Baylor’s condition carefully.

At this time, Baylor’s brain finally found a moment of clarity, he grabbed Ewan’s hand, and Ewan’s face became serious because Baylor’s body temperature was a little abnormally high.

Baylor struggled despite his weakness and said hatefully, “That piece of shit, he injected something into my IV.”

Although the infusion tube on the back of his hand had long been wrenched off because he fell off the bed, part of the liquid had already entered Baylor’s body.

He didn’t know if it was because of fear, or because of weakness, the youth struggled to grab his hand and trembled slightly. At that, Ewan immediately found the broken syringe by the bed.

The liquid inside the syringe was colorless and odorless, and with the naked eye it was impossible to tell what it once contained.

Many possibilities appeared in Ewan’s mind, making his face gloomy and frightening.

However, his voice did not reveal the slightest bit, still a calm and steady tone, to cling to his Baylor said reassuringly, “Do not worry, the doctor will be here soon, it will be fine.”

Baylor did not easily trust others, but at this moment, perhaps because of the reassuring scent, or perhaps because of the previous side by side battle, he really put his mind at ease after hearing these words.

Ewan felt Baylor’s grip on his hand slowly loosen, and the pair of eyes that were still stubbornly staring at him also collected the persistence and struggle inside, like a shell that had been pried open, becoming soft and sticky.

He watched the young man look at himself for a few seconds, and then slowly closed his eyes, the thick eyelash feathers drawing the curtains over his pair of clear eyes.

And that originally stubborn and arrogant voice now also removed for the camouflaged general, becoming soft and fragile, “Okay, then I first sleep a little…”

This was a Baylor that Ewan has never seen before, soft and gentle, like a small beast that leaned over intimately.

Looking at the sleeping face of the young man who was defenseless to himself and put away his fangs and claws, Ewan felt his breath inexplicably empty for a beat.

The doctor soon arrived, Wellin also handed the person bundled to his subordinate Nord, he returned to look at the crowded and busy ward, to stand in the corner of Ewan proposed in a whisper, “General, the person has been dealt with, the doctor is here, you are not needed here, why not go back to rest?” The general himself was still injured, what was the point of standing here?

Then Wellin looked at the general for a moment, and suddenly looked at himself with a cold and disgusted gaze.

Wellin:? Did he say something wrong? He scratched his hair, and his baby face was filled with confusion, “General, you still have business here?”

Maybe it was just him, but he felt the general’s gaze got even colder.

One word woke up the dreamer.

“No, there isn’t.” Ewan turned to the young man who was surrounded by people, he thought sensibly and said decisively, “Let’s go.” Wellin was right, there was no reason for him to stay here.

And just then, Super Wolf stepped in front of his feet, even biting his pant leg and letting out a “whine”.

He was about to step away when he quickly stopped and asked with a raised eyebrow, “Dragon Hunter?”

Wellin’s eyes widened next to him, he still didn’t see the legendary dog, but he did see Ewan’s pant leg being tugged.

He was still puzzled when Ewan had looked up and said to him indifferently, “Dragon Hunter won’t let me go, you go back first.”


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Good General sending them to Prison Star, never to be released! They will get what they deserve!

Even with all the medicine, there is nothing better than the guide being next to the sentinel 😉

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Close call!!! Ewan’s frosty heart is melting ☺
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Both sides of Baylor have hooked Ewan. He thought he was beautiful when maniacal and now when soft, with his guard down.

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Toynbee seems rather suspicious, but I still trust him for some reason. Such an exciting chapter!

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