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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


“Fortunately, not too much toxin entered the body and it will not trigger a serious immune response.” The doctor said to Ewan and Toynbee who were waiting next to him after the diagnosis.

“But still, it can trigger inflammation, and now the body is feverish because of that.” The doctor put his hands in his pockets and said seriously, “But since the injury was not yet healed, if the poisoning causes inflammation… Even a good person can not withstand such a torment, this time he must recover and recuperate well.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Toynbee hurriedly responded, “I’ll make sure he doesn’t mess around in the future.”

Sending the doctor away, Toynbee could not help but sigh tiredly, “We must hurry up to the Ya’an Empire, if this goes on, I’m really afraid that the person I’m sending out will not arrive intact.” He was a little worried, “I hope I won’t have wrinkles on my face by then.”

This was said as if it was not a person, but cargo.

Ewan’s eyes showed some disgust and contempt as he lowered his eyes to look at the man lying on the bed and asked in a scattered voice, “Is that how you want to give someone to General Ewan?” So much so that even though the person was now lying in bed seriously injured, he was worrying about not being able to send him out properly?

Toynbee looked at Ewan with amazement in his eyes, obviously surprised that Ewan would ask him that.

“Of course I want to.” Toynbee said sensibly, “Giving him to General Ewan would be the best outcome for both us and Baylor.”

“Heh.” Ewan gave a light laugh, full of mockery.

Toynbee heard that Ewan’s mockery was for Baylor, he shook his head helplessly, “You don’t understand, for Baylor…General Ewan is much better than those big-bellied noble lords.”

“Noble lords?” Ewan frowned.

Toynbee nodded, “Yeah. Do you think Baylor can go back to planet TL7 if General Ewan doesn’t want him?” He put his hands in his pockets, “Baylor is the only bloodline of the previous king, Mr. President did not eliminate the root, but is wary of him. This time, he decided to give Baylor to General Ewan as a gift, in addition to wanting to curry favor with General Ewan, but also to get rid of Baylor. If General Ewan doesn’t want Baylor, Baylor will be transferred to other officers or nobles. No matter what, he will not be allowed to go back.” After a pause, he sighed, “Actually, what’s the point of going back? No one on that planet would welcome Baylor back. After all, he is the child of the Sin King.”

Toynbee, as Baylor’s guardian, needed to go with Major General Wellin to deal with the three soldiers, so he had to leave Baylor to Ewan’s care.

Outside the ward window was the large pink and purple sphere, which was the fairy star that the Crusader was passing. The sight of this dreamy fairy star meant that they were almost back on Daugherty, where the Ya’an Empire was located.

Ewan clasped his hands and stood against the window facing Baylor, while Super Wolf was lying at his feet, half his body tucked under the hospital bed, making faint snoring sounds. Because of the long period of time without movement in the ward, the lights automatically dimmed, and only the pink and purple ghostly light cast in from the window flowed through the room.

In such a light, Baylor’s delicate face lines looked more soft.

Ewan looked fixedly at the person, and did not move, as if a statue. He realized that he seemed to be staring at the person for a long time, he frowned slightly, withdrew that almost abrupt gaze, covered his gaze with his eyelashes, and simply closed his eyes.

Super Wolf’s body jerked slightly, a sign that it was dreaming.

It’s just that spiritual bodies were not real creatures and didn’t need normal physiological activity. Their sleep was only to cultivate the spiritual power of the body. Instead, their dreams were fragments of memories inspired by sentinel’s spiritual power fluctuations. Such spiritual power fluctuations could influence the surrounding people with high spiritual waveform match and draw people into dreams.

When Ewan was introduced to the dream world once, in that dream he saw Baylor and Super Wolf as a child.

This was the second time he had entered the dream.

Still the same dark, sunless sky, on top of the rubble, a slender young man wearing a black combat suit, and Super Wolf, also wearing a combat suit, surrounded by ten people and their respective animals.

The young man’s attack was severe and ruthless, and he himself was a violent and bloodthirsty blade, blood revelry. It was a toss-up battle, as the victorious youth was drenched in blood and half-kneeling on the rubble, gasping for breath. But it was also a complete and utter victory for the youth, because he defeated all ten of them.

He wobbled to his feet, “Super Wolf, come on, let’s go back and eat, I’m hungry.”

Super Wolf next to him immediately got up from the ground and barked as he walked ahead to lead the way.

They came towards where Ewan was standing, and Ewan finally saw the youth’s face, handsome and elegant like a nobleman of the world.

If you ignore the blood on his body.

Ewan from this face saw the shadow of the child, especially the pair of peach blossom eyes.

But this man and the Baylor he knew did not have a trace of resemblance.

Although their battle aura was quite similar.

What’s going on? Could it be that the child he saw earlier was not Baylor?

When he closed his eyes, he opened them, and Ewan broke out of his dream and saw the hazel-stained room in front of him. He frowned and looked up at the person lying on the hospital bed, and was caught off guard when he met a pair of eyes that reflected the haze and the magnificent light.

Ewan was slightly stunned, suppressing the question in his mind, he simply asked, “How do you feel now?”

Baylor frowned, his throat was dry, and his voice was very dark, “I feel hot, I want to drink water.”

Pouring a glass of water, Ewan reached out to Baylor’s head to let him drink, and as soon as his hand touched the other man’s body, his brow twitched slightly. It was indeed hot, like it was on fire.

While slowly feeding the man water, Ewan thought about the doctor’s words and explained, “The toxins in that syringe are causing inflammation, so you have a fever, but the doctor has changed your medication, and the fever will go away after a while when the medicine takes effect.”

Baylor gulped a few large sips on Ewan’s hand, and a reluctance rose up inside him as Ewan’s hand was withdrawn from the back of his head.

It seemed like he didn’t want to let the other man’s hand go.

Baylor: …

Baylor felt that something was wrong with him, and in addition to the heat he felt in his body, he felt some swelling and pain in the back of his neck, where the third cervical vertebra on the back of his neck, where the blocker was pressing. He had been wearing the barrier all along, and usually almost forgot it was there, but today for the first time he felt the barrier strangling his neck.

But hearing Ewan’s explanation, Baylor naturally assumed it was also due to toxins.

It’s normal to have inflammation and painful swelling.

It’s just that the heat was really kind of uncomfortable and Baylor was a little irritable. His emotions were transferred to Super Wolf, who also started walking around on the floor in an annoyed manner.

“Is it unbearable?” Ewan was a little surprised, after all, Baylor hadn’t said a word even though he was so badly injured before, but now he was clearly acting uncomfortable.

Baylor’s voice was weak, but he still said, “No, I’ll go back to sleep.”

He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep again, but the fire was getting hotter and hotter, his whole body seemed to be on fire. His forehead was covered with a dense layer of sweat, he kicked his feet and kicked the blanket to the floor. At the same time, the air with Ewan’s pheromones was increasingly strong, and only that pheromone let Baylor feel a touch of relief, like a clear spring in the desert.

Ewan bent down to pick up the quilt that had been kicked to the floor, and he asked, “Is it hot? Do you want to call a doctor?”

Tightly closing his eyes, Baylor said, holding back his inner irritation, “No, I thought the medicine worked quickly. I’ll be fine in a minute.” Pursing his lips, he asked, still uncomfortably, “Come over here.”

Ewan was slightly stunned, but he leaned over and stood beside Baylor’s bed as he had hoped, “What?”

Baylor opened his eyes, reached out and grabbed him, then with a slight push, pulled him to sit on his side of the bed and ordered brutally, “Sit here and don’t move.”

Ewan raised his eyebrows, a little surprised. Ewan thought that Baylor was a patient at the moment, and his hand was very hot, so he didn’t struggle and sat on the edge of the bed, his light tone tinged with a little helplessness, “I’m not leaving, you can let go.”

“Oh.” Baylor was a little reluctant, because he felt that Ewan was like a block of ice that could lower the fire in his body, but he still retracted his hand. After all, he doesn’t have a hobby of holding on to other people’s hands.

The time passed little by little, Baylor waited for the effect of the drug, but it did not come, he only felt more and more uncomfortable. In addition to the heat, his skin also became extremely sensitive, as if wearing an uncomfortable fabric, and his body has been unconsciously curled up in the direction Ewan was sitting.

Ewan’s pheromone was the only presence that could soothe his discomfort.

The doctor gave some kind of bullshit medicine, why does it feel like it’s not working at all!

Ewan noticed Baylor’s abnormality, he reached out and touched Baylor’s forehead, it was scary hot, and his hand was immediately grasped by Baylor, who unconsciously let out an unbearable sigh.

At this moment, a slightly bitter grass fragrance quietly spread in the room. The fragrance was not strong, but very seductive. It mingled with the clear pheromone called citron wood that floated in the air.

Ewan felt something was wrong.

He felt his own pheromone boiling.

And the heat of the young man seemed to follow the hand that was held and spread down to his body. He was slightly bent down at the moment, and he could feel the grassy scented pheromone that had suddenly appeared in the air, wafting out from the young man’s body.

Obviously through a mask, it still felt the breath of two people entwined.

An ominous suspicion rose in his heart. His dry throat rolled slightly, as he suppressed his arousal that came with his desire. Ewan’s goose gray eyes locked on Baylor as he asked, “When is your estrus?”


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Oh boy🥺 poor Baylor, first a painful injury , now he’s in heat. What a miserable trip😔 and nobody wants him
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Things are not going right for Baylor, are they 😬
He probably has no idea about estrus at all. Really feel for this character.
Ewan not giving in… yet?
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Uh oh. It’s an unplanned pheromone party. Poor Baylor is injured, miserable and has now gone into heat.

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