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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


“When is your estrus?”

Baylor was now burning all over, making his head dizzy, still holding Ewan’s hand. He heard this sentence blast into his head and was full of confusion.

In estrus? What did that mean?

Ewan stared at the blocker necklace on Baylor’s neck and let out an annoyed ‘tsk’.

He was too careless.

The pheromone abnormalities of the other party were not detected at all at first because of the blocker.The doctor had previously advised that because of the toxin, Baylor would appear feverish, so when he said feverish at first, he didn’t even think in the direction of estrus. It wasn’t until now that the raging pheromone couldn’t even be stopped by the barrier and spilled into the air that he realized something was wrong.

His nostrils were lingering with the sweet and slightly bitter but unusually addictive scent of grass. The addictive scent of grass, mingled with his pheromones, blossomed into an overwhelming aroma.

From the time the young man began to behave abnormally to now, it had been almost three hours .

Ewan’s muscles tensed up and he gritted his teeth and asked word for word, “You’re in heat, and you don’t even know it?” The abnormal body heat and gland swelling pain was already a sign of the outbreak of estrus, the outbreak of estrus had been three hours, he was also really able to endure.

Omega’s estrus does not happen overnight. Before the outbreak, there would be a pre-tide, and, at that time, if they did not inject inhibitors, an omega would experience every second filled with pain, but more importantly, after the outbreak, inhibitors would not work!

At this point, Baylor, with only a trace of clarity, used his mind to find the concept of ‘estrus’. He had previously read about omega’s sex science information.

But he hadn’t ever experienced estrus so how would he know?!

He half-squinted his eyes in distress, panting impatiently, grunting like a kitten, but even so, he still didn’t forget to glare at Ewan, “Damn it… You told me that it was a toxin!” And he told him that he had been given the medication and would be fine soon!

He just thought it was a toxin! And he kept holding back! He was even wondering why the toxin acted so much like an aphrodisiac. The evil fire in his body was constantly burning!

It was like there were ants crawling in his bones, or like an electric current. In short, no part of his body felt comfortable. 

Baylor uncomfortably rubbed around on the bed, he had injuries but this movement and pain, also let him scratch the itching, burning sensation, letting him feel some relief. But this inevitably pulled on his wounds, and the bandage gradually oozed with blood.

Ewan had no choice but to reach out and press Baylor’s constantly moving body down. The body was in a state of shock. Ewan’s strong self-control let him suppress his body’s desire. Even his calm voice did not sound strange as he said, “You need to stay put, I’ll call the doctor.”

However, whether he called in the doctor or not, Ewan already knew what he would say. 

“What?! In heat? And an outbreak?!” The doctor’s shocked voice sounded over the communication, he said with a splitting headache, “This, after this enters the outbreak phase, the normal inhibitors will be useless ah, have to use short-acting inhibitors …… but, short-acting inhibitors are very harmful to Omega’s body, he is now injured and his body is poisoned, I’m afraid he can’t withstand it!”


Baylor, who heard, couldn’t stop trying to rub against Ewan’s body but he struggled with that last glimmer of sanity and said, “What… can’t withstand, old man, I can withstand!” If this goes on he would be the one who couldn’t withstand it.

The short-acting inhibitors would be like attacking poison with poison, using the enemy to do a  thousand self-inflicted injuries to hurt eight hundred.

With Baylor’s current body, he really couldn’t withstand it.

“What about not using short-acting inhibitors?”

The doctor replied without thinking, “Let him get through it on his own, or do a temporary mark.”

Without inhibitors, those were the only two methods left. Ewan was silent.

At this point, Baylor’s body had honestly almost leaned into Ewan’s arms, his voice soft and sticky, also mixed with gasping curses, “I can get through this fucking thing?”

By now Super Wolf had already fallen to the ground with a sickly look.

Ewan held the man and fixed him to keep him from moving. The upper half of Baylor’s body rested in his arms, and his hand subconsciously touched the back of Baylor’s neck where the glands were, but what he touched was the blocker.

Unlike the boiling lust in his body and the very aggressive pheromones that erupted from him, his voice sounded calm to the point of almost cruelty, “It can simmer, simmer for ten hours and it will pass.” The knot in his throat rolled, his fingers slid across the skin next to the barrier, causing a light tremor in his arms, lowering his eyes, he looked at Baylor, adding, “But it won’t kill you.”

Baylor gritted his teeth, closed eyes and breathed deeply.

This is what people say? 

Sweat dampened his hair as he tried to think of something else to divert his attention.

So he began to count up, ten hours, or one sleep, and he usually trained for more than ten hours. He had experienced so many things. Could it be that he couldn’t get through ten hours?

“If I won’t die, then I will withstand it.” His voice was like a swimming silk, but with a tenacious determination. He even carried his own incessant desire to burrow into Ewan’s arms, resisted the urge to inhale Ewan’s pheromones and struggled to keep himself away from Ewan.

This was something that was unimaginable to ordinary people.

However, Ewan’s hand was slightly stronger, pulling the person back against his chest. His voice, which masked his emotions, rang out above Baylor’s head, “If you don’t mind, I can help you by giving you a temporary mark. In two months, the temporary marker will be gone. It won’t affect you in any way.”

Baylor was silent for a second.

Then why did he not say it earlier? And made him say he was going to withstand it! It’s really painful to stand and talk! Inwardly cursing, his voice was soft and sticky, but his meaning was still expressed very well.

“Then stop speaking fucking nonsense!”


“Okay, I’ll take this information.” Toynbee put away the information documenting this crime against Baylor, which he would need to report to the president at that time.

Wellin said responsibly, “I am sorry that such scum came out of the Sky Wolf Legion, we will definitely punish these three soldiers severely, and when the investigation is completely finished, they will be sent to the Prison Star.”

Toynbee faintly stared, “Has Prison Star… already made a decision?”

Wellin nodded, “Yes.” Since the general himself gave the order, no one can save them.

Toynbee slightly opened his mouth, “Ah… this can…” he certainly wanted those three people to be punished as harshly as possible, but sent to the Prison Star, really was unexpected, and also so quickly.

It seemed that the Sky Wolf Legion was really a team of iron-blooded discipline.

He said with admiration, “Thank you very much, I will tell Mr. Baylor the good news. Then I will go back first.”

Wellin answered, then watched Toynbee walk out of the office. However, at that moment, a message came from his terminal, which was sent to him by Ewan.

He carefully read the message several times, just a few words, but then his head went into the clouds. Blinking, he remembered something, and although he hadn’t quite figured it out yet, he had rushed out of his office to go after the person.

“Mr. Toynbee! Wait! Give me the key to Mr. Baylor’s collar for a second!”

Toynbee, who heard the call, stopped in his tracks and turned his head to look at Wellin, who was running towards him with a shocked expression.

What the hell? The key to Baylor’s blocker? Give him a second? What with what? How could he not understand?

There were only two keys to Baylor’s collar, one was sent to the Empire’s general – that is, Ewan – with Baylor’s identity papers at the beginning, but of course since Ewan was away, the odds were that it was with Wellin’s brother, Ewan’s second-in-command, Weifield.

The other was with Toynbee, just in case. But this just in case, definitely did not include Baylor on the ship suddenly going into his estrus outbreak, needing an alpha to temporarily mark him!

Even in the very beginning, when he gave Baylor the collar, it was to prevent him from getting a twisted mind and letting another alpha mark him. Otherwise, the other key would have been given directly to Baylor for his own safekeeping, instead of letting Toynbee keep it.

“No way!” Toynbee refused sternly as he walked sharply towards the ward, “Are you kidding me? How can you let an alpha from nowhere mark Baylor?” How would he be able to deliver him when the time comes? How could he give a marked omega to the Empire’s general?Wouldn’t this cuckold the Empire’s general? What would he do when the general got angry and brought people to destroy their planet, hm?

Wellin was also very confused. After all, in his perception of the general, this person was someone who was not close to any omega, not to mention having the idea of a temporary mark since it was such an intimate matter, he did not even hold an omega’s hand! Before an omega pretended to fall down in front of the general and the general directly threw that person out of the way, and did not help them up.

But now, he wanted to temporarily mark that strange omega from TL7 ?

Just now he listened to Toynbee contact with the doctor’s side, understood the situation, knew that it was that omega’s estrus outbreak, and he needed someone to temporarily mark him. He thought about the missive, ‘Ask Toynbee for Baylor’s blocker key and send it to the ward’.

In context, it should mean that the general was going to help the omega. But again, he still found it hard to believe. Maybe it meant something else? Maybe that omega asked the general to help him to get the key and solve it himself? But he can’t seem to solve it himself oh ……

Although Wellin also did not understand, he still spoke up for the general, “How is he an alpha from nowhere? Gen…Ewan is a very good soldier.”

“The excellent one is General Ewan! Even if his name is the same, he is not the general! Then no!”

No, he really is.

Wellin silently bellyached in his mind.

They went to the door of the ward, Toynbee rushed to open the door to rush inside, but the door opened itself, a strong pheromone rushed out from inside. Even Toynbee, as a Beta, was slightly sluggish, so an Alpha like Wellin was like a cat who had his tail stepped on and immediately jumped backwards and retreated ten meters away.

Ewan stood in the doorway, with a sinking like a mountain of cold might, he looked coldly at Toynbee, voice light but with a frightfulimpatience.

“Where are the keys?”

Toynbee was pressed by this aura, his head was confused, the aura just now wilted, he stumbled, “This, this can not ……” He held back the instinctive reaction of retreat, he struggled to say, “Baylor can not be marked by you, he, he is the general’s. “

Ewan’s eyes darkened as he said briefly and forcefully, “I am the general.”

A question mark popped slowly into Toynbee’s head.

Ewan narrowed his eyes in annoyance and prodded, “Give me the key.”

“Oh…” Toynbee gaped, then subconsciously handed over the keys from his own pocket.

Ewan took the key over to the door, which was heavily closed and ‘snapped’ into place with a lock.

“……” Toynbee looked at the closed door, his mind was like a mess, at this point he reacted with the benefit of hindsight.

What did this Ewan just say? That he was the general? He is General Ewan? He is General Ewan!

He subconsciously turned his head to go to Wellin for confirmation, but found that Wellin had already hidden at the other end of the corridor and was looking at him with admiring eyes from around the corner.

Toynbee felt as if this man was not quite in his right mind. What was this again?

The door closed before Wellin leaned over cautiously. He said in admiration, “You’re amazing.” 

Toynbee did not know how.

He said with emotion, “I was afraid that you would be punched by the general when I was watching.” Toynbee was a Beta, so his pheromone sense was not strong, but as an Alpha Wellin felt the pheromone gushing out and a moment of crisis as soon as the door opened.

An Omegas estrus induced pheromones to court any Alpha and the dominant pheromone of the Alpha in the room became entangled with the others’ so much that it was like a hurricane. At the same time, the pheromone of that high-level Alpha arrogantly warned all the Alphas near that they were not allowed to approach.

At this moment, the general was like a fierce beast that was feeding and would attack any uninvited guest that came near his territory. Wellin would not dare to come closer. 

Toynbee only noticed one key point, that is, the name from Ewan’s mouth, and he asked dumbly, “So… he is really the general?”

Since Ewan had already admitted it, there was no need for Wellin to hide it, he nodded his head. After a little thought, he still added, “The identity of the general is now a secret, I still hope you keep it secret.”

Toynbee subconsciously nodded, he turned back, looking at the closed ward door, he asked with a head of confusion, “The door is locked, what does this mean?”

Wellin gave an equally dumbfounded look at the ward door, incredulously saying, “Probably… a don’t bother us meaning?”

General really having a highly improbable occurrence?


The key to the blocker was a U-shaped iron piece with a chip inside. Held against the blocker, a ‘beep’ sounded and the blocker released. Pheromones immediately exploded into the room.

Ewan’s forehead was covered with a layer of sweat beads. Even he found such a pheromone impact difficult to endure, but Baylor had endured it for so long already.

Baylor basically had not much consciousness left, he had a kind of hunger but not hungry kind of numb feeling. He felt himself being helped up from the bed, but his body was limp, without a trace of strength, his eyes could not open. He only felt the place touched was prickly and painful, his sentinel’s five senses were already sharp so his skin was also very sensitive, plus he was in estrus so every nerve ending felt like he was on pins and needles. But the scent coming from the person next to him was his only saving grace.

His chaotic mind was confused but still quite proud of itself. See, he did make it through. He felt he could survive another day. He would not die, what could he not do? When people are dead, they can’t do anything.

The hair on the back of his neck was lifted by fingers. Even though it was beginning to go numb, Baylor’s sensitive glands were touched and although he had done his best to grit his teeth and hold back, he still involuntarily let out a muffled grunt, low and weak, like begging for mercy, and crying.

But it was all an illusion.

Baylor could not have begged for mercy, much less cried.

But the hot breath stopped at the back of his neck because of the muffled grunt. The low voice was so close to him that it seemed to wrap around his ears, “Just think of this as therapy and don’t think about it too much.”

Think about what?


Baylor couldn’t even listen, and he didn’t understand, he was now full of thoughts about this shitty body, and when he got through this one, he was going to rip out that gland.

What a piece of crap.

Only anger could divert Baylor’s attention, but the next second, when he was bitten on his gland, this diverted his attention to be sharply pulled back, so that he jerked back to the real world, back to this dark and dreary room. He opened his eyes wide, in front of him was a dreamy and beautiful fairy star outside the window, with a pink and purple halo like a fairy’s gauze cloak.

The fresh pheromone that made him feel reassured was now overbearingly rushing through his body, like a violent current. This stimulation was too strong for Baylor to speak at this moment, Baylor’s bitten lips spilled blood, his eyes went black, and he fell forward.

A strong arm wrapped around him in time.

Ewan let go of Baylor’s glands, and a dangerous glint ran through his goose gray eyes.

But he still couldn’t see any fluctuation on his face. He laid Baylor flat on the bed, and by the haze outside, he saw the marks of Baylor’s lips being bitten, and his fingers gently wiped away the blood beads on his lips.

“It’s been hard on you.” He hesitated briefly, but drew back to leave.

The door suddenly opened again.

In that instant, Wellin quickly flew away again, a conditioned reflex, leaving Toynbee to look at the reappearing Ewan in bewilderment.

“Ew, General ……” he addressed somewhat awkwardly.

“It’s okay, you go take care of him.” Ewan did not say much, lightly dropped a sentence, and left with a hurried gait.

Toynbee subconsciously nodded at the air in response, he looked at Ewan’s back, his heart completely lost. So what does the general mean by this ……? Really just a temporary mark and go?

So using him?

Wellin was not very reluctant, but watching Ewan that left with a very aggressive pheromone, he was still a little worried. Not worried about Ewan, but worried about other soldiers. So for the safety of others, he still decided to follow, just in case. Of course he didn’t dare to follow too closely, after all, he wanted to live too.

Then he watched as the general used the nearest path and went back to his room.

Once the door was closed, it was almost a day.


This time, it really almost took half of Baylor’s life. But when he woke up again, the previous torment felt like a dream. Nothing seemed to have changed except for the smell of Ewan’s pheromone on his body.

“Woof!” Super Wolf suddenly leapt up next to the bed. When Super Wolf saw Baylor finally wake up, it immediately put its head in front of Baylor and licked Baylor’s face affectionately and enthusiastically.

Baylor used his other uninjured hand to pet Super Wolf’s neck with difficulty, and when he saw Super Wolf here, he subconsciously looked to the side. But there was no sign of Ewan.

Hmm? Is Super Wolf here, but Ewan is not?

Baylor was silent for two seconds, and then he stared at him with wide eyes, “Super Wolf!”

Super Wolf stopped pouting, his ears perked up, and his eyes made a very serious expression along with those bean brows.

Baylor was a little incredulous, “You seem to be able to stay alone with me.” Ewan wasn’t there, Super Wolf was right in front of him, and he didn’t feel any headache at all!

Super Wolf blinked a little, his tail wagged subconsciously, then just shook violently, like a little gyroscope, and he grinned excitedly.

Oh oh yes! It could finally stay with the boss!

Baylor pet Super Wolf hard, and although he was excited, he was still thinking internally. His mind suddenly recalled that before he passed out, his gland seemed to have been bitten by someone. That gnawing on his neck seemed to be a temporary marker.

Because he didn’t have his blocker with him, he was once again able to smell his pheromone. The tip of his nose twitched slightly, there was that crisp ‘guide’ smell in the pheromone, was it because of that?


Baylor sniffed carefully to make sure there was no mistake. He said to Super Wolf in surprise, “Super Wolf, smell it, the smell of pheromone on me, it seems to have changed back.”

The sentry and the guide also had pheromones, and a guide element actually referred to the pheromone on the guide. So as a sentinel, Baylor used to have his own pheromone, and this Baylor’s floral scent is different, his pheromone was a bitter grass scent.

And now, the smell of pheromone emanating from him was obviously the same pheromone smell he had before he transmigrated.

Super Wolf froze for a moment, then shouted loudly.

Yes! The smell of the boss went back!

Baylor’s body pheromone smell changed, which had originally caused Super Wolf to be very confused. Baylor felt the changes from his body and narrowed his eyes. Obviously, these changes in his body must not have happened suddenly by itself. It must have something to do with that temporary mark, because of the temporary mark, his body had the guide element?

Baylor decided to find an opportunity to confirm, although he had not yet thought of how to confirm, but he needed to see Ewan first.

So a day passed, two days passed, three days passed ……

Baylor was able to get out of bed and walk around, but Ewan never showed up again. Baylor even asked Super Wolf to get the man, but in the end, only Super Wolf himself came back.

Baylor finally couldn’t help himself, he put on a stern face and asked, “Where’s Ewan?”

Toynbee, who was drinking water, almost spit out a mouthful of water, since he knew that Ewan was the general, he was now scared when he heard the name.

Baylor frowned and looked at him with disgust.

Toynbee silently wiped the water off the table with a paper towel and coughed lightly in embarrassment as he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Have you seen him lately?”

“No… not really.” Toynbee said honestly.

Baylor queried adding to the disgust in his eyes, “You stammered?”

“….” He just wondered if the little ancestor knew Ewan’s true identity. Toynbee said, “Maybe he is quite busy lately…. I heard from the doctor that you recovered quite quickly, quite well. The day after tomorrow we will arrive at the Alix Empire.” But it does not seem to matter if you can’t get to the Alix Empire, the main person was on this ship, but also marked, although it was temporary.

Then Toynbee saw Baylor get out of bed, put on his slippers, and was about to walk outside.

Toynbee hurriedly stood up, “Where are you going?”

At this time Baylor walked to the door, opened the door, “I want to go out for a walk. I’ve spent the last few days watching you, and I’m bored.” To prove that he was really bored, he also opened his mouth and yawned.



“So you’re not going to hide your whereabouts anymore, General?” Wellin asked in confirmation.

“Mn.” Ewan said, “When we return to the Capital, we will go straight back to the military.”

Wellin asked incomprehensibly, “But don’t you want to lure the betrayer out, General?”

With a ‘pop’ sound, the pencil holder on the table in front of Ewan rolled on the floor, and Wellin’s eyebrows twitched, unconsciously gazing strangely.

Ewan ignored the movement and said, “So many days, if we could draw them out, they would have acted already.”

Wellin forced himself to concentrate, “General means, even if they have not appeared, the betrayer will not do anything?”

Bony fingers gently tapped on the solid wood table top, the corners of Ewan’s mouth slightly hooked, “I mean, that rat knew my whereabouts a long time ago.”

With a ‘brush and pull’ sound, the paper on the table was torn in half by sharp claws. Originally very shocked, the result was interrupted by tWellin, who reacted half a beat slower, then wanted to cover up, “They’re too much! He actually knows the whereabouts of the general!”

“……” No reaction would have been better than a forced reaction.

Ewan calmly crumpled the torn paper into a paper ball and tossed it with his hand, it landed steadily in the trash can. Then as the paper ball fell into the garbage can, the next second a gust of wind swept by, the garbage can was knocked to the ground, and then the note returned to Ewan’s side.

To be precise, it was floating around Ewan’s side.

Ewan explained clearly, “The intergalactic pirates were attacking, and the other side probably saw my handiwork in the counterattack command.” So there was no point in hiding it any longer.

“…Oh.” Wellin unconsciously glanced at the floating paper ball with the afterglow.

Ewan looked at Wellin, who was a distracted look, and said helplessly, “Go back. I will need to deal with the matter sent to you.”

Wellin heard the words, jumped up from the chair, hand clinging to the seam of his pants, he hung his head, and gave a very self-critical apology, “Sorry General! My self-control is too poor! I will definitely increase my stamina!”

Only at this moment did Ewan give a patronizing glance at Super Wolf who was holding the paper ball next to him. He probably thought it was a ball tossing game, and immediately rushed out and picked up the paper ball the moment Ewan threw it out.

He waved his hand towards Wellin, “All right, you go out.”

“…Oh.” Wellin sadly left.

Ewan then said to Super Wolf, who had been announcing his presence, “Dragon Hunter, don’t disturb me when I’m in the office.” Leaning back in his chair, his posture was lazy and casual, “I’ve been very busy lately.” With a slight pause in his tone, he said, “If you’re bored, go find your master to play with you.”

Super Wolf was still holding the paper ball in his mouth, his tail was wagging, and his front paws were urgently pulling at Ewan’s trouser legs.

Don’t talk to it about all this nonsense. People have rules, dogs have rules. It picked up the stuff, so, be, quick, pet, him!

The pair of ice blue eyes were staring at Ewan.

Nearly a minute passed, Ewan gave a soft sigh, his body moved forward, put his hand on the furry head and rubbed.

Super Wolf enjoyed it and moved his head so his ear was getting scratched and raised his head slightly, allowing Ewan to pet him more smoothly.

Ewan: ……

This was an inch of progress. It was really a master-like type of thing. Ewan frowned slightly when he thought of the young man who had recently distracted him.

Super Wolf suddenly noticed that the hand on its head stopped moving, and it discontentedly bumped the big palm with the top of its head, urging Ewan to continue. Ewan, however, withdrew his hand.

“Okay, you should go back.” Ewan was relentlessly ready to shoo the dog away; it had been here almost all day today, and it was time for the omega over there to get ready to find the dog.

Super Wolf stood up, but instead of moving forward on his own, he turned his head to look at Ewan, and at a glance, he was waiting for Ewan.

“……” Ewan was not surprised, it had been like this for days. It seemed he really wanted him to see Baylor. Ewan looked at Super Wolf who was waiting for him and was a little hesitant.

However, just at this time, his door suddenly opened – just now Wellin went out and did not lock it. He looked up and saw Baylor in a hospital gown with his left arm in a sling.

This was indeed beyond Ewan’s surprise, smelling Baylor’s pheromones mixed with his own, his expression moved slightly, “You should not be able to come to this area.”

Baylor looked at Ewan’s face without the mask and did not answer, but raised an eyebrow and asked somewhat curiously, “Hmm? Why aren’t you wearing a mask today?”

“……” Who wears a mask when you’re in your own room?

Ewan had been wearing a mask, but Baylor had actually known what he looked like because he had seen him in his dreams. He thought it was Ewan’s fetish to wear that very middle-aged looking mask. But there was one thing, that mask was pretty cool.

Ewan saw little reaction from Baylor and guessed that Baylor should not know what General Ewan looked like, so there was no point in him wearing a mask in front of Baylor. He crossed his legs and held his hands loosely in front of him. Although he was sitting and tilted his head slightly to look at Baylor approaching, his posture and look were lazy and arrogant. He asked, “What are you doing here?”

He didn’t ask Baylor how he snuck over here. With Baylor’s character, he could guess, and did not care what area he could go and what area he could not go, and went where he wanted to go. In addition to his keen detection and evasion ability, it would be easy to come here.

The door closed, Baylor sat on the chair opposite Ewan, “I came to look for the dog.”

If you want to find the dog, then find the dog, what are you sitting down for? He was quite nonchalant. Ewan raised an eyebrow, “Dragon Hunter is here, take him back.”

“Yeah, I see him.” Baylor also leaned on the back of the chair, did not mean to leave at all, and Super Wolf, stared at Ewan just like his master.

There was something stubborn about  the both of them.

Ewan sighed in his heart, he said, “Then let’s talk.”

Anyway, the man was here, so why not make some things clear? He also happened to have some questions for Baylor. Picking one of those questions that he felt was most appropriate to ask now, Ewan asked in a businesslike tone, “What exactly is Dragon Hunter?”

“……” What is this feeling of having nothing to say? Baylor raised his eyebrows in surprise, “I thought you weren’t going to ask that question.”

“Never found the right opportunity.”

Baylor pondered at once, he certainly couldn’t directly say that Super Wolf was his spiritual body, but he did have a hard time explaining the existence of Super Wolf as well.

Too lazy to think of a reason, Baylor simply said cheekily, “I’m not sure.”

Ewan asked suspiciously, “Didn’t you say you were the master of Dragon Hunter?”

Baylor was not truthful, “I picked up Super Wolf when he was like this, how would I know?”

But this answer is unexpectedly in line with Ewan’s expectations, he said with understanding, “So the person in my dream is really not you.”

Baylor heard this for the first time, “In a dream?”

The originator, Super Wolf, tilted his head with a swish of his tail.

“It’s Dragon Hunter’s dream, haven’t you ever been lured into one by it?” Ewan furrowed his brow.

Realizing what was going on, Baylor glared at Superwolf, who innocently turned his head away and got back down. Baylor’s cheeks tightened and his voice sank, “What did you see?”

Ewan didn’t say it all, just said, “A man, fighting with Dragon Hunter.”

That was his memory of the mission.

Baylor’s eyebrows stretched out, the image of the mission, look at it, just look at it. He said indifferently, “Well, that’s the last owner of Super Wolf, who gave it to me.”

So that’s it.

Ewan asked with concern, “Where is that person now?”

Baylor replied without thinking, “Dead.” 

There was no sense of cursing himself.

Ewan did not mince his words, “Pity.”

Super Wolf’s ears twitched.

Baylor’s heart jumped slightly and asked curiously, “Pity about what?” It was the first time he heard someone lament his death, and the feeling was quite… wonderful. But not annoying.

Ewan recalled the youth he saw in his dream, and the stubborn eyes of his early childhood, he said, “He was a very good warrior, I would have invited him to join the Sky Wolf Legion.”

Then with a glance up, he saw the corners of Baylor’s mouth rise inexorably, like a cat that had just stolen a fish. Immediately after that, Baylor said nonchalantly, “I’m the same as him, and it’s okay to invite me.”

Ewan looked at Baylor’s proud and confident look, laughed softly and asked, “How is it the same?” They were a little bit different, although the combat aura and habits were very similar, but that young man’s combat strength was a level higher than Baylor.

Now Baylor was relying more on a desperate aura, using a one-for-one approach in the fight. It was quite similar to that youth as a child.

Baylor thought seriously, then replied, “He taught me everything he knew.”

Ewan wanted to tease, but when he saw Baylor’s serious look, he put away his laugh and his voice sank slightly, “…You want to join the Sky Wolf Legion so badly?”

Baylor answered rightfully, “Of course.”

Ewan’s heart jumped slightly, the muscles of his back tensed slightly as he leaned back in his chair, “Why?”

Baylor thought that Ewan really had a bad memory, he had already answered this question once before, and then he asked it again. If it were anyone else, Baylor would never answer a question twice. But Ewan was different, Ewan deserved his special treatment.

So he answered again in a casual tone, “Didn’t I say that before? Because you are in the Sky Wolf Legion, I have to stay with you.”

Ewan’s eyes looked at Baylor, who had a frank face, and slightly raised his eyebrows, “…You went to the Alix Empire for General Ewan, what’s the point of staying with me? And would the TL7 mission people let you do that?”

Baylor smiled smugly, about which was the most crucial element of this plan of his. He shared his plan rather proudly, “Isn’t that general in the Sky Wolf Legion? If I say that I want to go to the Sky Wolf Legion in order to get close to that general, they will definitely agree, don’t worry about that.”

“…..” Ewan breathed a sigh of relief. What was he relieved about? Relieved to hear Baylor talk in front of him about using him as an excuse to hook up with another alpha? And the other alpha was also himself. Ewan felt he had some mixed feelings for a moment.

The same complex as when he heard himself as the main character in the 18+ dining area fragment.

Only this time it was a dog drama with himself as the main character. He felt a headache, the kind of pain of exhaustion after calculating a lot of battlefield information in his brain. It made him want to give up thinking for a short while.

Exhaling a foul breath, Ewan pulled the rhythm of the conversation back to himself as he gathered his emotions and said with a straight face, “I can recommend you regarding your entry into the Sky Wolf Legion. But there are two things I need to make clear to you first.”

Baylor was a bit surprised how Ewan talked as if the Sky Wolf Legion was his own, but he still asked, “What?”

“Firstly, relationships are not allowed within the Sky Wolf Legion; secondly…” Ewan lowered his eyes, his eyelashes covering his goose gray pupils, unable to see his expression, “The temporary mark that day was just an act of urgency, I am not interested in omegas.”

“….” Baylor was eerily silent for a second. He digested it briefly, then the corners of his mouth twitched, “You’re talking…” What a crock of shit, swallowing the second half of that sentence, Baylor inexplicably asked, “Are you talking to me?” Why did he say it as if his advances had been rejected?

Ewan’s eyelids lifted lightly and he looked at the person sitting right in front of him without wavering, “So if you’re thinking of entering the legion with a non-determined intention, then I advise you to give up.”

“…Oh.” He was saying to himself. Baylor probably understood that Ewan should have misunderstood what he meant. Although he did not mean that aspect of courting, Baylor was still upset and even a little annoyed in his heart.

Was he disliked? Baylor had rejected others many times, but it was the first time he was rejected by others. This feeling is really a bit sour. He narrowed his eyes, if the usual he turned on the mockery mode, but smelling his own body and the air of the other side of the crisp ‘guide scnet’, lips moved slightly, he still swallowed those words.

Forget about it, the walking guide-element maker, saying anything could be forgiven.

But he still couldn’t hold back his poisonous mockery, “Is your general a high school teacher? Why do you still care whether people fall in love or not?”


After saying that one sentence, which he thought was not too much, Baylor stood up from the chair, his good hand tucked in his pocket, his tone full of mockery, “But don’t worry, I’m not interested in alphas either.” He was only interested in keeping his guide near him, and what should be made clear was still made clear. He was not originally an omega either.


At that moment, the door was suddenly knocked twice, then pushed open again, and Wellin, who had gone and returned, spoke, “General…”

— Just now Baylor did not lock the door when he came in either. Wellin looked at Baylor standing inside, and suddenly stiffened in embarrassment.

Baylor heard the address, twisted his head to look at Ewan, his eyes blinked blankly.

Hmm? General?


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December 13, 2022 8:01 pm

Cats out of the bag😁. Oh Ewen, you are sooo gonna regret your words🤣 not interested in omegas huh? Baylor just needs your smell to calm him…🤔 Of course that will change soon enough too😉 awesome update, thank you❤️❤️

December 13, 2022 11:09 pm

These 2… carry on kidding yourself Ewan and Baylor, please carry on being a little petulant, it’s amusing.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Black Lotus On the Halfmoon
Black Lotus On the Halfmoon
December 13, 2022 11:58 pm

Oh~? he finally knows~

December 14, 2022 5:18 am

Wonderful and long chapter! Thank you for the update! very calming cliffhanger 🙂

March 6, 2023 5:58 pm

Is it possible that his sentinel abilities will continue to strengthen? Maybe he could regain some of his physical endurance?

March 31, 2023 3:26 pm

Hahaha Super Wolf playing fetch and just a floating paper ball is so funny

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