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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


“201 killed, 170 gained one point.”

“113 killed, 170 gained one point.”

The last candidate of the team, hiding in the grass, hurriedly reported to the contact, “170’s coordinates 243, 56! Retreat immediately!”

George found the person in the grass, he took the gun and quickly killed him before he was ready, after all, Baylor should come over and grab him.

And at that moment, a new order also came from the contact, “We immediately let the nearby people over.”

The eliminated candidate looked at George, and then looked at the contactor that was still talking and showed a heartfelt expression. George, through what he heard and the candidate’s expression, suddenly had a suspicion in his heart, he was ready to leave the footsteps suddenly stopped, “What are you going to do?”

The candidate turned his head, bending to his ‘dead’ nature, not saying a word.

George’s face sank, he walked back towards the candidate, then picked up his contact, turned off the sound and put it away in his arms, followed by turning back without a word. Although each battle was over very quickly, after using seven hours of their mental energy, and also maintaining a high degree of concentration, Baylor still inevitably felt tired.

In addition, the sky had also darkened. Baylor walked for about ten minutes, found a mountain which was easy to defend. Baylor looked at the tallest tree and began to climb up.

Kana tilted her head and watched as the young man climbed nimbly, she was tired and sat on the ground, while she sipped water and asked, “What is Baylor going to do again?”

Wolcott, after all, was an ambush and information intelligence professional, he immediately analyzed Baylor’s intentions, “It is not easy to be attacked by the enemy in a tree.”

Kana opened her mouth, “Ah, so we have to climb too?”

Wolcott shook his head, “I’ll set up a few traps nearby, I’m at least in the ambush department.” At this point, he turned his head and saw George, “Hey, captain, let’s rest here for a while.”

The ‘captain’ now sounded incredibly ironic, George looked around, “Where is he?”

Wolcott pointed up, “Up there.”

George looked up and saw that the man had climbed a good distance. He glanced at Kana, who was now clearing moss and grass from the ground in preparation for the night’s rest. George gestured to Wolcott to leave with him. Wolcott was a little puzzled, but he watched George leave without moving a muscle.

The two men stepped over two bushes and walked over to the bog, where Wolcott asked, “What’s wrong?”

George turned around and faced Wolcott, “I’ll tell you for the sake of you being pretty smart – that kid has been targeted, and just like I predicted at the beginning, the three major military school alliances have set him up as a target and are currently tracking his coordinates. “

Wolcott was taken aback, and he showed a panicked look, “Then we have to tell Baylor in a hurry!” 

Turning his head, Wolcott impatiently tried to head back to tell Baylor, but he was yanked hard by George and fell straight to the ground. Not waiting for Wolcott to react, George lowered his voice with hate, “Don’t you get it?


“If we follow him, we can not pass the test!”

Wolcott did not understand, “Why, why, he is very powerful…” 

With such a big brother, how could they not pass the test?

George looked at Wolcott condescendingly, “He only wants to pass the test himself! He’s been killing candidates all over the place, he’s already number one on the scoreboard, and when time runs out, even if he’s the last to finish, he’ll be at the top and pass the test, but we’re different! And now because he’s causing trouble, he, along with us, has become a thorn in the side of the three major military schools, don’t you know the seriousness of the matter?!” His voice was full of anger, “We’ll be dragged down by him and eliminated by the combined candidates of the three major military schools! Do you think he can be so powerful that he can beat a group of people by himself?!”

Wolcott gulped, George’s words were justified. Although, by following Baylor, he was able to pick up a few kills and get two clues from those eliminated candidates, but looking at it this way, being on a team with Baylor would indeed do more harm than good.

But he still didn’t quite believe it, “How do you know?”

George took out the contactor he had just picked up from his arms, “Just now I heard them communicating in the contactor when I went to kill that candidate, that candidate I remember, was from the United Military Academy, and they are now organized and ready to surround that kid.”

Wolcott’s face went white, “Well, what should we do?”

He still wanted to pass the test, he was old enough to graduate next year, leaving him with few opportunities, he had to pass the test.

George saw that Wolcott was already in the same camp as himself, he squatted down and held the contact up in front of Wolcott, “We have to defend ourselves.”

Wolcott was stunned, “How do we defend ourselves?”

George narrowed his eyes and squeezed the contact, “Since they’re looking for the kid, we can use that to negotiate with the United Military Academy.”


Returning from the military headquarters to his home, Ewan looked at the dark mansion, a sight he was extremely familiar with, but he had gotten used to having someone at home waiting for him to return, and these days he could never get used to not seeing the lights when he returned. But the good thing was, it wasn’t completely quiet.

“Woof woof!” Super Wolf, lying at the door, sensed the movement of the elevator and barked loudly in excitement. As soon as the elevator door opened, Super Wolf pounced on the person inside.

Ewan was expecting this and stood firm and let Super Wolf do his thing. He waited until Super Wolf fell to the ground with a thud before he squatted down and rubbed Super Wolf, “If you can behave, I’ll take you to the military tomorrow. “

Super Wolf innocently opened those ice blue eyes, he thought he was very good ah.

Ewan stood up and lifted his feet across the blanket that was chewed on the floor – the blanket was obviously upstairs, and he didn’t know how it was dragged here. He would put it back in the room after washing it. He sat in the living room and turned the test live broadcast on.

Super Wolf saw Baylor in the tree and called out excitedly.

Ewan rubbed the back of Super Wolf sitting next to him, his eyes focused on the screen, and then said, “Your master is really not at all worrying.”

“You could have passed the test…” But he had to go off the beaten track.

The young man on the screen was drinking nutrients, his eyes staring blankly ahead, only his mouth was moving mechanically. His vacant look, made him look a little dazed and confused, and was opposite of the murderous look he had on during the battles.

Ewan’s goose gray eyes filled with Baylor’s appearance, then he helplessly hooked his lips in a smile, “But that’s just his character.”

Then, he frowned slightly, worry showing in his eyes.

And at this time, the live camera in the large classroom finally changed to Baylor.

The sparse thirty or so people in the large classroom, because many of them began calling their friends, at this time there were at least a hundred people, they looked at the screen that sat leaning against the tree, after a short period of silence, someone took the lead to speak, “Do they have the beauty filter on?”

“From today onwards, I have a new dream omega…”

“There is such a beautiful person in this examination, how could the previous candidates not reveal any news! Do they want to have him to themselves? They’re too much ah!”

However no one wanted to share, and Baylor’s shot passed too quickly, plus the test live did not allow photos, so even with the people saying there was a beautiful omega, with no photos, he did not attract too much attention.

“He looks so good! I want all his information in five minutes!”

And at this moment, the student who remembered who number 170 was immediately stood up, pointed at the person on the screen and shouted, “He is that number 170!

The large classroom, which had been boiling up, instantly fell into silence as students looked up to see the logo in the upper right corner of the screen, which was the legendary No. 170.

A student who was drinking water directly choked and nearly spewed out the water.

“This, this can’t be…” A student looked at the beauty who was currently drinking nutrients with a dazed face, and he said incredulously, “The scoreboard is really buggy.”

It was already outrageous to have eliminated two dozen candidates in less than 10 hours after the test began, and now they were told that it was all done by a delicate omega who was too beautiful to be human. This simply was beyond normal, he was at a ridiculous fucking high level.

Such a comparison, the perpetual error-free scoreboard had a bug made it a little easier to believe. Similar conversations took place in the live classrooms of major military schools, after all, from the moment the scoreboard came out, everyone noticed this 170. There were even students who acted extremely well and directly contacted the administration of the military assessment website to report that there should be a bug in the scoreboard.

Because of the many such reports received overnight, the management office also suspected that there was really something wrong with the scoreboard, so they hastily opened a self-test program to screen the system for errors, but the result was, of course, error-free. The fact that the scoreboard was error-free reached the students one after another, but it raised even more doubts.

How can there be no errors? How could a person like that eliminate so many candidates?

“Isn’t that simple?” One student said in a tone of voice that everyone was drunk and I was awake, “He must have gotten a big leg up. I have to say, good-looking people are ‘luckier’ than others.” He said disdainfully, “There must be an Alpha escorting him, maybe more than one.”

At that moment a student rushed back to the classroom with an old professor of command, who was on crutches, “Okay, okay, I’m here.” The student announced happily to the classroom, “Professor Liddon said he could lend us access to unlimited mode!”

This way, they could have a large map, could see the location of all the candidates, and could also freely switch the camera.

Normally, in order to exercise the students’ abilities, they were not easily given the unlimited mode. Once the unrestricted mode was on, the console appeared on the screen of the holographic projection.

“Look at his teammates, maybe his teammates are all big guys.”

So the camera fell on George and Wolcott. And at that moment George was holding that contact with Helen, the leader of the United Military Academy.

“I know you are looking for the whereabouts of 170, we have an offer, I can tell you his coordinates and help you eliminate him, but you have to give the clues of the final mission site in exchange.”


This sentence could not help but hit the face of the student who said before that Baylor was hugging his teammate’s thighs, and made the students angry and despicable.

“What kind of trash is this? How dare they betray their own teammates!”

“Are they stupid? Having an awesome teammate they don’t know to cherish properly, but they actually want to help their opponent eliminate him.”

“What do you mean by not being afraid of a god-like opponent, but being afraid of a pig-like teammate?”

Helen didn’t expect to receive such a cooperation offer out of the blue, “How can I trust you?”

George replied, “I am his teammate, I will tell you his coordinates first, you can send someone over to check, if he is not there, you do not have to tell me the clues.”

Helen raised her eyebrows slightly, “Oh?”

“But again, if your people come over to check and the person is there and you backtrack, I will immediately inform him and tell him to hurry up and leave.”

Helen gave a slight pause, “Okay.”

Sitting on a tree, Baylor rubbed his left shoulder. Today’s combat made his old injury a bit unbearable, plus because the air here in the swamp was very humid, so that his left shoulder felt a constant soreness. The discomfort coming from the fabric of his clothes also made him irritable.

Leaning against a tree trunk, he closed his eyes.

It was better to let this test end sooner rather than later.

There was no point in wasting so much time in such an uncomfortable place.

It’s really too much trouble to find one team after another, if only there was some way to get those people to come to the door themselves.

Frowning, Baylor pondered how he could save a bit of trouble while soothing his spiritual power so that it could rest.

On the one hand, he also lamented that it was good to have Super Wolf stay by Ewan’s side, because with a guide next to his spiritual body, his spiritual power could also recover very quickly. This remote charger was worth having. He just didn’t know if Ewan thought about his proposal properly.

Time left for the test: 62 hours, 05 minutes and 15 seconds.

Baylor, who should have been resting, suddenly opened his eyes in the night, and listening to the movement in his ears, the corners of his mouth ticked irrepressibly.

It was amazing how someone brought him a pillow just when he wanted to doze off. And they really delivered themselves to his door. And it was a full eight points.

With his spiritual power surging up to his ears like a warm stream, Baylor increased his hearing ability, and then listened carefully to what those people said –

“Spotted him. The coordinates are correct.”

“… Yes, the National Military Academy and the First Military Academy have been notified, saying that they will send someone over immediately.”

“… However, isn’t it a bit too trivial? The other side only has one person and one non-combat Beta, two of our teams are already enough.”

“… Yes, we’ll wait for backup.”

Baylor organized his weapons, and it seemed there were more than eight points. And… No wonder that George and Wolcott suddenly disappeared, it turned out that they ran away by themselves after selling his information.

It was good to run away since the glass badge was in Wolcott’s possession, and if he accidentally broke the glass badge in the fight later, it would be bad luck. But such a stupid person was obviously not suitable to continue to keep that badge, when the matter here was over, he had to go to grab the glass badge back.

Late at night, the darkness of the forest, the hazy moon did not penetrate the rising mists, only Baylor’s location was slightly brighter. This darkness provided a good convenience to the ambushers, but such convenience was also for Baylor.

Taking painkillers from his medical bag, the omega’s skeletal limitations made Baylor slightly lighter, which also allowed him to move more lightly as he borrowed a few branches and dropped down from the tree.

Kana, who had been sleeping restlessly, heard the movement and opened her eyes in a daze, seeing the person who had landed a few steps away from her, and she was suddenly awake with a jolt of fright.

“Baylor? What are you, what are you doing in the middle of the night? You’re not going to chase someone again, are you?” She was a little desperate.

Baylor looked at Kana and replied, “No.”

Kana was relieved.

However, Baylor’s next words immediately made her heart rise to her throat, “The man himself came to the door.”


Baylor put a finger in front of his mouth, “Shh.”

Kana immediately covered her mouth and just stared, swallowing the gasp of surprise as she dropped her hand and asked quietly, “Are there many people?” She turned her head to Wolcott and George, “Where’s the captain and Wolcott? We need to tell them quickly.”

Baylor thought about what he had just heard and he estimated, “There should be about two dozen people.”

Kana: ????! Kana got anxious, “Then what, where did the captain go with Wolcott?”

Baylor raised an eyebrow, “They’ve run off.”

Kana froze, “Huh?”

“If you want to run, hurry up, it will not be so easy to run later in the fight.”

A fight… Kana looked at Baylor in shock, “Two dozen… Are you ready to fight?”

Baylor replied gently, “Of course.”

“He’s crazy.”

The students in the large classroom heard these words and after a second of silence could only use the word ‘crazy’ to comment.

“The opposite side is very strong, there are many people, at this time to avoid is the first best policy.” Someone analyzed.

“No matter what, we are all students of the military school, there can’t be a world of difference in combat power, he wants to fight two dozen people by himself, is he overestimating himself or underestimating the opposite side too much?”

A command student shook his head, “A big no-no on the battlefield, too proud.”

Shishul touched his head. At this moment it was almost twelve in the morning. He looked inside the large classroom, expecting to see less people, but only saw more and more people. The large classroom had been filled halfway, he was puzzled.

“Is no one ready to go to bed?” It was so late.

The student next to him clasped his hands, “Sleep? What’s sleep? Watching the show is more important.”

“…” Don’t forget to take notes, you’ll have to turn in your homework.

Ensley, with a cup of coffee, looked at the map and saw that people had started to gather in the direction of Baylor, she lamented, “Such a battle…” she leaned against the table and glanced at Sean, “I can only remember it happening twice, once now and once with your good student, our general.”

Sean said, “Ewan was different.” The book in front of him had recorded a series of data that he had taken down while watching Baylor fight, data that would become an important reference for subsequent training programs. “Ewan was scorned because of his reputation, so those people wanted to ‘kill God’.” 

When Ewan first took the test, he was targeted by the rest of the candidates from the beginning, because everyone wanted to knock down the 1st Imperial Military Academy who had never lost in the test, and then make themselves famous.

So Ewan was forced to do nothing.

Baylor, however, put himself in this situation of his own accord. More crazy than Ewan, but also more brainless than Ewan.

At the moment it wasn’t just Sean and Ensley who were concentrating on the situation, the rest of the examiners were also fascinated by the situation and one asked curiously, “Sean, do you think he can really go one-on-thirty?” 

Yes, not the two dozen Baylor had predicted, but a full thirty.

“We’ll see.” Sean said. Then he lowered his eyes and wrote in his book the general idea of Baylor’s future training program.

The eight men of the United Military Academy, led by Jake, stood guard in the dark mists, keeping a close eye on the movement ahead and then waiting for backup to arrive, although Jake felt it was completely unnecessary to go to such lengths. Jake asked, “How long until they arrive?” 

“Ten more minutes.”

Jake nodded as he squinted at the moonlit tree. In order to avoid being discovered, they could only hide far away, the mist caused their vision to be limited, but they could still see a dark shadow in the tree.

That man was still in the tree.

“Prepare for battle, when the person comes, we immediately start to move.” After saying that, he smiled somewhat sarcastically.

Who would have thought that they would be in such a tight position just to kill an unheard of omega? It would be a laughing stock to say the least. I just hope no one I know saw it.

“Then give you ten seconds.” Suddenly in the dark, a somewhat unfamiliar crisp voice rang out, “Prepare for battle.”

This voice was too unexpected, so Jake simply could not react.

However, just at this moment, the countdown had already begun, “Ten– Nine -“


Jake was the first to react at this point, “It’s the enemy! Quick!” Just as the words fell, from that shadowy shrub shot out several shining silver-white light from it.

Silvery white light! It must be a sharp weapon!

Jake and his partner beside him quickly rolled over to dodge, crouching on the ground. Those few things fell to the ground, Jake carefully looked, but it was a broken glass badge, not a sharp weapon.


“Seven–” that clear and crisp voice rang out sharply and ended sharply, and in this short fraction of a second, a figure flew out from the shrub. The black longsword swallowed even the moonlight, the longsword pulled out a beautiful sword flower, and gathered the candidates who couldn’t react because of the dodge attack under the sword flower.

In an instant, three candidates’ chips were hit and disqualified from combat.

This was a melee fighter! Jake quickly made a judgment, “Pull back the distance! Shoot!”

A command, the remaining five candidates quickly to the attacker as the center of the circle spread around, and then aimed at the center began to shoot.

The machine gun shot and the sound of dense gunfire shattered the quiet of the late night –


After all, these bullets did not produce real damage, except for some pain when they hit the body. But this was easy to say, if he was not a sentinel that had sharp five senses as well as having long-term combat awareness, it was simply impossible to make a sharp judgment in such a situation, and then choose which should be avoided, which to be discarded.

Even many sentinels could not do this. But Baylor was a veritable combat genius, a combat genius that was rare to find even among sentinels.

His five senses were greatly enhanced at this moment, and those eyes, which were the same color as the black night, shone with a sharp light that was colder than the moonlight, calmly searching for an opportunity to attack amidst the hail of bullets, “Six…”








Each countdown was accompanied by a pull of the trigger.

Each time the trigger was pulled, a beep sounded. The sound of the gun gradually became thin, Jake continued to shoot while trying to find the figure that was simply like a mirage. Every shot was aimed at that person! But it doesn’t hit! He was like a ghost without a physical body! Is this possible?

The same dark night, the same fog, obviously everyone was in the same conditions, their vision was limited, so the other man should also be the same. But why, he was able to dodge their attacks with such precision and was able to aim so accurately? Were they really living in the same world?

Realizing that he had lost track of the other man, Jake immediately felt that something was terribly wrong and prepared to turn around and flee, but as soon as he turned around, he collided head-on with a face.

“Are reinforcements arriving soon?” Baylor asked.

Jake’s eyes were fierce, and he gritted his teeth and rammed his head hard into the other man’s head with his head like a mallet, while he dropped his gun and reached out to punch him in the ventricle.

Baylor’s body leaned back. He used the momentum of his hand being braced on the ground to kick out to hit Jake’s jaw, and then flipped. His body crouched, he used the other’s blind spot to dash forward. The other man had to dodge at the same time, his other hand holding a gun with the handle of the gun hit each other hard in the abdomen, and then knocked the other side to the ground.

This was an extremely beautiful and sharp gun tactic.


The gun handle hammered on Jake’s chest, the force was not heavy, but it was enough to make him eliminated.

“201 killed, 170 gained one point.”

“Forget it, no more questions for you.” Baylor stood up and looked into the dark depths, “It seems that reinforcements are already around here.”

Lying on the ground at this moment, Jake’s mind was still a mess. He had been eliminated, yet he felt that everything had gone as fast as a dream. He even now just had time to catch his breath and let out a question, “Didn’t you say you’d give ten seconds for us to prepare?”

That question was also on the minds of those currently watching the broadcast. And in the next second, Baylor gave them an answer. He lowered his eyes, the thick ciliary feathers covering his pupils, making his eyes shadowed, “Are you kidding me? The battlefield does not give you time to prepare.” Lifting his eyes, the corners of his mouth hooked up to reveal a light, yet inexplicably gut-wrenching smile, “The battlefield is a deadly place.”

So there could be no hint of hesitation, no hint of retreat, no hint of letting go of an opportunity to attack. The best defense was to attack!

Once again swallowing a painkiller, Baylor pulled up that longsword, then to everyone’s surprise, he suddenly threw the sword towards the dense forest. The longsword was like a dart, slicing through the branches, and in the next second, his figure was like a bullet following that thrown longsword, rushing together.


The author has something to say: late late late, originally wanted to write more, because I want to simply finish this siege, and then show you (see how good this author is, do not hang your appetite!) But it’s about time.

After the siege immediately after the assessment is over, see if it can end tonight, the author again to write himself tired (lying flat), the end of the assessment is Baylor will find the guide element problem kkkkkk


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