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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


When Baylor said that sentence, everyone in the room was silent, not only them, even in front of the livestream, Sean and Ensley, the two examiners, were also speechless. Only Ewan, with a low smile, looked at the person on the screen, not turning his eyes.

Weifield, who wanted to go into the office to look for Ewan, saw through the doorway the concentrated gaze of his general, and immediately beat a retreat, silently withdrew and then gently closed the door. Forget it, disturbing the general who was watching his lover would make him get beaten up.

“This… This…” Ensley clasped her hands, half praised, half sigh lamented, “Young people are so wild.”

The reason for the praise was because such a tyrant was rare and valuable. The sigh was because she had seen many young talents broken by their arrogance. So she gently shook her head, “I just hope he doesn’t fall from this arrogance.”

Not to rely on the team, going alone to complete the task, didn’t this force the level of difficulty to hell?

George also thought so, he deliberately said that before to kill Baylor’s prestige, but he only wanted to preserve his own prestige in the team, and did not want to expel Baylor from their team. After all, after the battle just now, a blind man could see that Baylor was a very strong fighting force, at least better than the two remaining Beta.

So his tone slowed down a bit, “Baylor, now is not time to be playing house. Do not capriciously say angry words.” George was a student council officer in school, also considered a small leader, the best at bullying, so after giving Baylor a step, he immediately threatened, “There’s 1000 candidates, do you think you alone can pass the test? Without teamwork, you’ll be eliminated in no time.”

Wolcott, who only wanted to hug someone’s thighs, said, “Yes, yes, three stinkers are better than one Zhuge Liang, we can work together to find the final mission location quickly and then pass the test.”

At this point, only Kana keenly noticed that although George and Wolcott both felt that it was impossible to fight alone, she subconsciously believed that Baylor was serious when he said that. She looked at Baylor, looking at the pair of inky pupils that did not give away any emotion, she immediately understood why she had no doubt that Baylor would put his words into action.

After all, those eyes . …Kana believed that if her teammates weren’t unkillable, Baylor would have simply attacked them.

“Pass the test?” Baylor put his brass knuckles away, then scoffed at George’s offer, “You guys misunderstood, I’m aiming for first place.”

That honorary rookie position was what he wanted.

George and Wolcott immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, George reacted and laughed mockingly directly, he admitted that Baylor showed strength beyond his expectation, but there was no powerful single soldier in that team just now. Baylor also seized the first opportunity to catch people off guard in order to knock them down so quickly. But to get first place, he was too self-conscious. He said sarcastically, “Okay, first place, then let’s get a clue.” 

No clues at all, being number one in your dreams.

However, Baylor suddenly turned around and left.

George, Wolcott and Kana: ????

Kana looked at the fixed George and Wolcott, watching Baylor go several steps away, she hesitated after still fell in the direction of Baylor, and then asked, “Baylor, where are you going?”

Wolcott saw the situation, glanced at George, and then sloppy said, “Maybe Baylor already has a clue, team, captain, we hurry to follow him.”

And then carry the task box also followed.

Seeing that his teammates had ‘betrayed’ him, George ruthlessly gritted his teeth, he stared at Baylor’s back with a sorrowful gaze, although reluctantly, he still got rid of his shame to follow.

Wolcott watched as Baylor slashed away at the branches and shrubs in his way, then occasionally stopped to judge his direction, and he came up next to Kana and asked, “Is this a clue?” 

But wasn’t it too sloppy to search this way, shouldn’t they carpet search a bit? Can they find clues by walking around like this? 

Kana shook her head, “I don’t know… But it looks like Baylor has a target.”

I just don’t know what that target is.

Fifteen minutes later, they stopped behind a tree, then over the vines they saw a team not far away. That team was investigating a boulder, looking for clues hidden within the assessment area. One of the men Wolcott recognized, as it was his roommate, a student of the First Military Academy’s Marine Warfare Warfighter Department.

Wolcott and Kana subconsciously lamented that that was the normal state of the test. Find clues to hurry up and complete the task, that’s what’s important! As well as, how they bumped into another team again.

Then, they suddenly realized something, turned their heads to look at Baylor, who began to move his neck again, Wolcott said in shock, “Bay, Baylor, you can’t be…”

You’ve come to find another team!

He kindly discouraged, “This is not like the last team, there is a man I know, my roommate, he is a very good fighter and an exceptionally good shot, he is an excellent student of the 1st Imperial Military Academy.”

He had seen his roommate train in the previous two days, obviously a Beta, but the power level was not on the same level as his own, and his combat sense was not something they could exercise in a small military school.

Then Baylor finally responded to him. “Oh? He’s strong?”

Wolcott hurriedly nodded his head. He thought Baylor would give up, but didn’t expect Baylor’s eyes to narrow and his mouth to curl up in an excited arc.

Wolcott: …

Wolcott’s roommate, Liebert, did not show any abnormality, just whispered, “Someone at 9 o’clock, protect the mission box.”

At the same time, a voice came from his contact, “Liebert, do you have a situation there?”

Liebert replied, “We do have something on this side of the boulder, plus we met a team of rats.”

“Do you need backup?”

“No, I can handle it.”

Yes, as Ewan and George expected, the military school had formed an alliance within the general, and even at the beginning of the test, the first task of these candidates was to get in touch with nearby partners, and then divide the work.

Among them, the 1st Imperial Military Academy had found three clues.

At this point Liebert’s teammate asked in a low voice, “Captain, what do we do now? Wait for them to make a move, or do we just meet them?”

Although it was just rats, there was still a risk of leaving it alone.

So after a moment’s thought, Liebert said, “Lisa and I will leave under false pretenses to lure the other side out, and then we will ambush them in the shadows to solve them first and then look for clues.”


“Lisa, let’s go to the front.” Liebert deliberately raised the volume.

The Alpha named Lisa readied her light machine gun, she nodded, “Okay.”

Liebert originally thought that the team would make a move on the teammates who stayed at the boulder, but did not expect that someone actually followed them. And looking at the movement, it was only one person.

Liebert frowned, trying to figure out what strategy the other side was taking by going alone.

It couldn’t be that he was trying to be eliminated immediately. 

After some distance from the boulder, Libert gave Lisa a wink, and then the two had a tacit understanding of the footsteps of a stop, almost completely synchronized, the two instantly leap to the left and right to spread out, and then immediately turned back to the people behind them to encircle!

Their movements were extremely fast, almost like a stigma.

On his side, Libert sheathed his long knife and slashed at the bushes with a flying body. However the sworn attack ended up cutting the air. Liebert was surprised to frown. Just now clearly feel the people here, how not?

The brakes stood on the opposite side of Lisa coldly reminded, “above.” Just now she felt a movement in the leaves above. Then she decisively pulled the trigger of the machine gun and strafed the top.

‘Duk Duk Duk’ dense gunfire rang out in this quiet dense forest, the smoke blended with the mists of the dense forest itself. However, at this moment, in the sky above Lisa, in that big tree, suddenly bright light flashed. She heard the movement, Lisa froze, subconsciously looked up, only to look up to see a dagger that had closed in front of her.

Behind the cold light of the dagger, was a pair of colder eyes.

The youth’s cool voice rang out swimmingly, “No, they’re above you.”

How could…!

Lisa’s pupils fiercely contracted. At that moment, with her combat instinct, she started wanting to back up, but it was too late, the person had landed in front of her, and wearing a fist spur of the other hand hit their chest, ‘beep’ sound, her indicator light up red light.

After Baylor hit, in the moment of landing to receive the body, his strong waist twisted, toes spinning, immediately complete the turning action, feet like a spring to rush out and swing the knife to cut Liebert.

The ‘clang’ sound, fist jab stuck long knife, Liebert wrinkled his eyebrows.

The action was fast.

And it was only then that he and Lisa got a good look at each other’s faces. The face that people would never forget once they see it, the blocker on the neck, this was actually the omega that they thought was a flower vase…

What kind of flower vase was this? A diamond flower vase?

Then came the beep that Lisa was killed.

“870 killed, 170 gained a point.”

Liebert took advantage of the opponent’s blocking gap, a sharp kick, towards Baylor’s chest. However, it was dodged in anticipation, and the dagger in the other hand followed, full of murderous energy, and stabbed at Liebert’s throat.

What was he doing? Did he really want to kill someone? The moment Liebert dodged, he immediately raised his gun and fired several shots at the other side. His shooting was very accurate. At such a close distance, it was impossible to have a deviation, but the boy was a ghostly body ‘just right’ to avoid each shot, and in the dodge the moment, throwing daggers to Liebert, and in a short 0.5 seconds, he seemed to throw the wrong general to Liebert’s right side.

Liebert looked at the dagger attack, immediately dodged to the right, however it was such a dodge. He actually directly hit the young man before throwing a small stone, and that stone accurately hit his sensor chip.


“089 killed, 170 gained one point.”

Liebert froze in place, watching the small stone that hit his body roll down to the ground with a ‘pop’ sound. As the saying goes, the aim is not as accurate as the catch. He actually dodged the other side of the attack instead of hitting it. Could he be any more speechless?

However, at this moment Lisa was a serious expression staring at Baylor, the spectator, just now that blow was never a coincidence.

In the examiner’s room, Ensley slapped the table as she stood up, “Damn!” And then shouted across the table at Sean, “Sean! Did you see that?”

There were seven examiners in the room, and the other five turned their heads when they heard the commotion.

“Ensley, why are you so excited?”

“What’s wrong?”

Sean twitched his mouth and then said indifferently, “I saw. Ensley, sit down first.”

However Ensley could not contain her excitement .She directly moved the stool to Sean’s side, “He threw that stone, it is simply calculated! He actually saw the direction 089 was going to dodge at the moment the dagger was thrown and predicted the position to throw the stone! This dynamic vision, the ability to anticipate, a first-class sniper!” Her eyes are glowing, “God shooter!” But she suddenly froze, suddenly realized something, “How come he didn’t seem to use the gun much?” 

He obviously had a pistol on him, didn’t he?

Sean moved his chair to the side, “Because such a dense forest is not suitable for long-range combat.” 

The field of vision was not open enough, the use of firearms at close range would instead make the movement of one hand limited, just like the 089 just now. Sean clasped his hands and looked at the camera as Baylor had started back to prepare to kill the remaining two candidates, he frowned, “Is he trying to accumulate points by killing and then get first place?”

Ensley sniffed and suddenly recalled Baylor’s series of actions since the test began. While everyone else was looking for clues, he was looking for other teams. There wasn’t even a trace of looking for clues along the way. And when he met up with other teams, he didn’t want to ask for clues at all, but started fighting directly.

You know, generally at the beginning of the test, everyone would first focus on the search for clues, to avoid direct war, often large-scale collisions were in the last 12 hours, after all, the test mission goal is to send the glass badge to the final mission site.

She spoke in a daze, “So… Seems like, really means this?”

She turned her head and once again looked at the delicate looking, omega candidate named Baylor on the screen. She finally clearly realized the meaning of the phrase ‘this is an individual battle’ that he had said earlier. He had no intention of solving the puzzle and finding the final mission location, he was only thinking of gaining points with his kills.

That meant that his goal was to kill fifty candidates, no, even more!

Time left for the examination: 65 hours, 28 minutes and 09 seconds.

At this time, in the large classrooms inside the major military schools, there was basically a new group of students watching the live broadcast.

1st Imperial Military Academy’s Shishul took over someone else’s notebook, and like this long assessment often needed to help each other to relay to complete the notes record. He roughly flipped through the front, “As expected of Eric, our school’s alliance has already obtained five clues, this is really fast… The national army side has actually gotten four clues as well, everyone is progressing quite fast this time.” He asked the people in front of him, “What’s the overall situation now? Have the standings come out yet? How many have been eliminated?”

The student sitting in front of him said, “It’s only been six hours since we started, and the scoreboard doesn’t mean much.” Each session of the assessment in the early basic points list is in a small fight, after all, everyone is riveted to find clues, most of the points are in three or four points this way, and the early points high to the last 12 hours, will also be pressed down by others, and even the assessment can not pass.

But Shishul liked ranking scores and such things, and every time he looked at the game he had to ask the score first. So he simply opened his own terminal on the assessment intranet and opened the current candidates’ scoreboard. And the moment the scoreboard was opened, Shishul saw the first place points, he rubbed his eyes to make sure he didn’t see it wrong, he shouted, “What the hell is this?!”

There were only about thirty people in the large classroom at the moment, and they frowned at Shishul who was shouting.

Is there any public etiquette?

However, Shishul had no time to care about the reproachful eyes of the students at this moment, he just shouted in shock, “First place in the scoreboard!

The students in the classroom were silent for a moment, and then those who were close asked incredulously, “You’ve read an extra zero, right?”

Shishul’s eyes widened and he pointed his finger at his terminal screen, unable to contain his excitement, his face turned red, but he still spoke clearly, “It’s 20 and not 200, is it a matter of seeing one more zero? Can I still see a zero out of thin air? Look for yourselves!”

The student next to him came straight over and took a look at the terminal, and then his first reaction was – “Holy shit?!”

It’s really 20!

6 hours! 20 points! 20 candidates killed!

A total of 119 candidates have been eliminated, and he alone eliminated one-sixth of them!

That’s a lot of shit!

The students who were farther away opened their terminals to look at the leaderboard, and then all kinds of shocked voices rang out from all corners of the large classroom.

“What the hell is this?”

“Is there a bug in the leaderboard?”

“Holy shit, which god is this?”

“Who is candidate number 170, Eric?”

“The kid has watched several sessions of the examination, such a scene really never seen.”

Shishul’s shock was not as shocking as the crowd, they had sent screenshots of this points table to their buddies. And in the school’s internal forum related posts quickly appeared – “with a sentence so that students can only say crap”; “6 hours and 20 heads, click on it to see the current military assessment of the largest hanging force “; “Have you ever seen such a scene? Allow me to open your eyes!” …

At the same time, the students in the large classroom began to ask each other, “Who is this 170th candidate? Does anyone know him?” And – “Was there a shot of Candidate 170 just now?!”

Then, a student who had been watching the live broadcast for the previous 6 hours suddenly recalled, “I remember! But as soon as he finished shouting, he hesitated and began to doubt his memory, “It can’t be…”

Seeing him stammering, the student next to him couldn’t help but urge, “Hurry up and say it!”

The student scratched his head, “Candidate 170, a beautiful-looking omega.” There was about 3 minutes of footage before, but the other party was just walking.

If it weren’t for the good looks, he wouldn’t even remember the candidate’s number at all.

He stressed, “Very, very pretty.”

At this time, the 6-hourly updated scoreboard also attracted the attention of the candidates.

In a cave hidden by vines, several candidates from the United Military Academy gathered together.

“What’s up with this number 170?” One man asked.

“Our team has been eliminated by two groups, and I guess there are teams over at other military schools that he eliminated as well.” The leader in the United Military Academy was a female Alpha named Helen, she frowned, “Although our priority is to find the final mission site, there are too many variables with a mad dog like this around.” Their military school already had a small team, just 10 groups of teams, and now they had already eliminated 2 groups.

At this rate it would be hard to compete with the other two military schools, and they would be at a disadvantage in the later battle for clues.

The others inside the cave had heavy faces, “What should we do then?”

Helen raised her eyes, her gaze firm, “20 people eliminated, the other side of the battle is very powerful, alone will only be broken by the other side one by one.” She made a decision, “Assemble the team and surround the 170th.”

And almost at the same time, the Imperial National Military Academy and the 1st Imperial Military Academy’s alliance also made the same decision.

The leader of the Imperial National Military Academy’s alliance, Alex, gave an order through the contact, “Prioritize the task of collecting the whereabouts of 170, if you encounter him alone don’t respond, quickly retreat form a large group.”

And the 1st Imperial Military Academy’s leader, Crimea, also decisively ordered, “Inform all teams, two teams to act as a group, look for 170, finish him off within four hours!”

So this military examination had an extremely strange situation appear.

The big military school alliance’s that should be competing with each other and looking for clues were now being forced to group up and prepare to round up an ‘ordinary’ person in the field.


The author has something to say: 

Others are struggling to find clues to decipher the mystery.

Baylor: I have my own ideas for solving the problem.


Addis Note: 

1st Imperial Military Academy

-Ranked 1st

-many excellent mecha combatants and marines

Past attendees- Ewan, Wellin, Weifield

Current attendees – Eric (actor’s brother), Liebert (Wolcott’s roommate), Shishul, Crimea


Imperial National Military Academy

-Ranked 3rd

-many children of the Ministry of the military as well as the children of the nobility to attend

Current attendees – Liam (Baylor’s roommate), Alex, 


United Military Academy

-Ranked 2nd

-mechanical and reconnaissance departments are very good, and the ability to set traps should not be underestimated

Current attendees – Helen


Mason Military Academy – George

Small, unknown military school attendee – Wolcott


In-the-field attendees –

Baylor, Kana


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