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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Wellin stood right behind Ewan, noticing that the man who had been so hot and bothered a few seconds before was standing there, motionless. What’s wrong? Could it be that the scene inside was not promising?

Wellin curiously took a few steps forward, his eyes blankly swept from the already shattered hall, and then saw the two people supporting each other.

By now, Baylor and the others had noticed that the door had been broken open. Baylor turned around with the man propped up, and met Ewan’s eyes. His face was hidden under a transparent mask of alloy bone armor, which was slightly reflective, and Ewan’s gaze looked like it was separated by a thousand layers of fog, inauthentic and distant.

Baylor was not good at reading people’s emotions, but, with malicious emotions, he could distinguish them more carefully. The rest of the emotions for him was like a minor detail that did not need to be mentioned so he never thought about it. But at this moment, even from such a distance, he still felt the complex emotions Ewan had. It felt like anger, but it was not just anger.

After that test that day, Ewan was inexplicably cold, and this was the first time they saw each other since then. After so many days, Baylor did not understand what he had done to offend Ewan, so much so that Ewan suddenly changed his attitude one day, and even asked him to move to the dormitory a few days later.

The only explanation he could think of came from what Sean had told him, that Ewan had helped him many times with his troubles and cleaned up his mess. And the day of the change in attitude coincided with the mental strength test. Ewan felt that he was trouble, so he threw him out as if he was a whore, impatiently getting rid of him.

Rationally he could understand, emotionally he could not. The cold white skin, like plum blossoms in the snow, lips pursed. Raven-feathered eyelashes on the skin reflected two shadows, with a pair of eyes full of cold depression.

It was said that the face was born from the heart, Baylor’s body’s looks were now more and more open and sharp, the soft color between the eyebrows completely dissipated, and now only the arrogance of the unbeatable remained. And if someone wanted to break his pride, even if it was just a broken corner, then Baylor would make sure that the crumbs would be able to zap the other party’s face.

He never knew what it meant to swallow his anger, let alone know how to understand, he knew just a tooth for a tooth. When someone made him unhappy, he had to make the other person unhappy too.

So when Ewan walked up to Baylor, he said in a deep voice, “There is no danger, someone will come to save him, you can let him go now.”

Baylor’s voice was lazy, even his eyelids were half drooping, not giving a positive look, “Oh.”

Then continued to hold the man and prepared to head out.

The armor “creaked” a movement, in the wrong body. Ewan put a hand in front of Baylor, through a layer of protection, his voice was more and more dull, “Is he missing hands or feet? Can’t he walk on his own?”

Baylor finally looked at him, his eyelashes lifted, his eyes half exposed, his lips lifted, and he said slowly, “I’m happy to carry him, it’s none of your business.”

The arm in front of him did not move. Ewan’s tone, which had always been as light as a floating cloud, was like a dark cloud with thunder hidden in it, and his tense voice was sealed with anger, “I said let him go.”

“Then I also said it’s none of your business.”

Without the armor, others might be able to see the tense muscles of Ewan’s body, like a cheetah ready to strike, and the angles of his face were more distinct, and he exuded a cold and harsh sense of oppression. He looked at Baylor’s eyes and restrained his emotions, “None of my business? Do you really think it’s none of my business?”

Ewan’s hand clenched into a fist, his voice cool and sarcastic, “What’s his relationship with you? Why are you defending him so much?”

Aynor, who had been silent, suddenly spoke up, “My relationship with him is between us, and if Baylor thinks it’s none of your business, then the general should stay out of it.” But he stood up straight, did not put his weight on Baylor again, turned his head, and said to Baylor, “I’m fine, thank you for helping out just now.”

Ewan coldly smiled at Baylor, hating how very intimate they seemed. Just now, he was like a limp shrimp, but now he was standing well? He looked like he was deliberately taking advantage of the young man.

Ewan slightly narrowed his eyes, recognizing the familiar face, “Worthy of the film emperor, good acting skills, but, Film Emperor, before meddling in other people’s affairs, why not first deal with your own love affair? Baylor is not like the people in your circle, not a person for you to play with.”

Aynor subconsciously looked over at Baylor and explained, “How can General be concerned about all that nonsense gossip? Isn’t that a little boring?”

Ewan gave a low laugh as if he had heard a joke, “Concerned? You think too highly of yourself.”

Baylor wasn’t interested in their bickering, so he simply walked around Ewan and headed for the door without having to help Aynor.

Ewan noticed Baylor leaving and fell silent. Looking at Baylor’s back for half a second, his heart swelled with emotions of all kinds, and turned back to Aynor. At this time, Baylor was not there, he no longer had a trace of cover, his voice turned into a sharp edge, cold to the extreme but calm without any ups and downs, “Do not go near him.”

He did not threaten him, but his simple words contained a strong warning. His eyes were filled with an extremely ruthless killing intent.

Of course, Aynor knew that Ewan would not really kill him but he would never let him get away with it. Aynor was not someone who would be intimidated, although he was hemophobic, which prevented him from undergoing military training and had to pass by the military. He was an S-rank alpha, and he had the same might within his body that was enough to be a leader.

“I’m curious.” Aynor said provocatively and to the point, “In what capacity was the General speaking when he said that? After all, the way I see Baylor, you guys don’t look like mates either, not to mention, didn’t General never give a damn about love affairs?”

This statement hit Ewan in the heart. His hand dropped to his side and squeezed tight, several internal emotions finally still found a gap from the movement and leaked out, he exhaled a deep breath of turbid air, “You really do have plans for him.”

The two alpha’s eyes went toe-to-toe, and eventually Aynor declared war, “Whether or not, but since Baylor and General aren’t mates, isn’t this a free-for-all?”


Baylor was stopped because he was a hostage, and he needed to cooperate with the police in their investigation, as well as being pressured by a doctor to check his injuries. Although his body was basically not injured, after all, the words of the doctor were law. As a perennial injury, Baylor had a natural fear of doctors. In front of them, Baylor was like a small animal caught in the door of life, always well-behaved.

When he was a sentinel, others were disgusted with the trouble of taking medication to print small red flowers, and would even forget to take small white tablets, but he would do it meticulously.

Directly using a few boxes in the restaurant as a simple medical room, the medical team had long been on standby to treat these fly-by-night people in earnest.

“Fortunately, except for Mr. Eric, the rest of the people are not very seriously injured. Basically some scratches, and we just need to pick out some debris out of the wound and apply a clean bandage.” The nurse examined the hostages’ wounds and smiled warmly, “It’s unfortunate that something like this happened to them, but it’s fortunate that they didn’t suffer any major injuries.”

The corner of Toynbee’s mouth twitched as he looked over at the youth who hadn’t said a word, and he wanted to say that they could have had no injuries at all. Who would have believed that the only injuries on their bodies were not by the thugs, but by their own people.

Toynbee was keenly aware that this look was Baylor’s face filled with displeasure. Of course, there was no need to be more perceptive. After all, Baylor’s emotions had always been like black ink on white paper, clear. Baylor never bothered to cover up. Even when he was angry, he often wanted everyone to know in case someone doesn’t have eyes.

Seeing that most of the room had their wounds dealt with and went outside to make a statement, Toynbee, although not quite wanting to get involved, but the thought of how he brought Baylor all the way here, he more or less had some sense of responsibility for the young man. After dressing his wound, he did not leave immediately, but carefully approached Baylor, and then sat down in a chair next to Baylor.

“How have you been?” He said, “I heard that you have succeeded in entering the military, congratulations.”

Baylor frowned slightly and looked up wanly at Toynbee, “What’s there to congratulate?”

His mood was indeed bad. Toynbee affirmed in his mind, and then he said without moving his face, “You entered the military, so you will be able to establish yourself in the Ya’an Empire for good.” With his new identity, Baylor could get rid of his identity on planet TL7 and become not just a ‘gift’, but an independent person.

“Establish?” Baylor’s tone was scattered with disdain, “Why would I want to establish myself here?”

Toynbee flinched slightly, “What do you mean?”

Baylor said, “Literally, the universe is so big, do I have to stay here?” Thinking about it, he simply asked, “Any recommendations for other planets?”

“…” Toynbee looked at Baylor’s expression that did not look like a joke, he did not dare to recommend it. If he gave a recommendation and the person ran away, then his crime would be big. This situation was not right.

Before sending Baylor as a gift, Baylor did not even think about running away. How come now that everything was going in the right direction, he suddenly had the idea of running away? Toynbee hesitated, but asked, “Baylor, do you really not want to stay here?”

“Isn’t it the same wherever I am?” Baylor’s tone was flat, “Whether it’s here or TL7, it’s all the same to me. So…” He looked at a point in the void, and the tone of his voice changed slightly, like a rhetorical question, more like a self-question, “Doesn’t it seem like there’s no point for me to stay here?”

At that moment, there was a light knock on the door, Baylor looked up, it was Julius. He was carrying a bag in his hand, “If you’re bored here, why don’t I take you for a walk?” 

When he walked in, he looked Baylor up and down once then those gentle, watery eyes curved slightly.

Toynbee naturally recognized Julius, he immediately stood up, “What is His Royal Highness doing here?”

Julius smiled faintly, “I came to see how Baylor is doing. Fortunately, I am not hurt, I am the one who asked you over today. If you were hurt, then I would really feel guilty.”

Toynbee froze, his eyes looked back and forth between Baylor and Julius. How could Baylor know the prince? Moreover, it was the crown prince who asked Baylor out for dinner today? What was this situation?

At this time Julius had walked up to Baylor, he slightly bent his body down, close to Baylor who was sitting on the sofa, “As a reparation for this scare, Baylor, how about I take you to another planet for a stroll?”

Baylor thought for a moment and raised an eyebrow, “Where to?”

Julius replied, “I’ll be visiting Silver Fir Planet in a week, you can go with me as my escort. That planet isn’t too far away and would be a good first destination for you.”


The author has something to say: 

I thought I could write this chapter until Baylor fought with the general, but tsk, I’ll leave it for tomorrow.

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Ahh geez, looks like Ewan better make a move soon or he is going to loose Baylor🤨 thanks for updating ❤️❤️

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Honestly, someone needs to knock these two’s heads together! [Ewan & Baylor]
That fight should clear the air.
I still don’t trust the Prince.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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The “issue” here is that Ewan did not respond yet to Baylor’s offer. Baylor won’t be going around saving other “guides” when he can get his own, for security purposes of course!! 🙂

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What a cluster. Ewan tries not to care and Baylor isn’t in touch with his feelings.

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General ‘s rivals is showing hp one by one 😁

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