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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


“Silver Fir Planet?” Baylor heard this name for the first time.

Julius’ voice was gentle, the aristocratic accent was as gentle as a love story, “Yes, the trees there are all pale white, and look like snow, very beautiful.”

Snow, Super Wolf likes snow. The young man’s dark eyes were so clear and crisp that any ripple was visible.

Julius could see that Baylor was moved, and he went on to say, “It’s only for a few days anyway, so it shouldn’t interfere too much with your training, and it can be your assignment, and you’ll be paid for it.”

Oh! There is money! 

The young man’s eyes gradually lit up, the corners of Julius’s mouth curved up, his voice tinged with laughter, “How about it? Do you want to come with me?”

Baylor’s lips were slightly open, about to say yes, but at that moment, Ewan’s distinctive voice came from the doorway.

“Baylor is just a new recruit, and can not afford such a heavy responsibility. Your Highness will have your own security detail, and the military department will do their best.” Ewan said as he walked into the room. Standing in front of Baylor and Julius, he gave the expulsion order without any mercy, “It is already late, I have arranged for someone to escort Your Highness back to the palace.” Ewan looked at Julius and said meaningfully, “The recent behavior of the interstellar pirates is unusual, for the sake of your safety, I have instructed the royal family to minimize your activities outside the palace in order to avoid any untoward encounters.”

Ewan was trying to ground him.

Julius straightened up and stared at Ewan, his warm breath steeped in cold, “Is the general interfering with my freedom of movement?”

Ewan sat on the seat next to Baylor, leaning his back on the back of the sofa, his eyelashes lifted to meet Julius’s gaze. He lazily hooked his lips and admitted unapologetically, “It’s all for the sake of the Empire’s future.”

Toynbee looked at the atmosphere between the three men, and he felt he should not be in this place.

The smile on Julius’s face fell for a moment. He knew Ewan did have it in him, the Ministry of Military Affairs was in charge of the royal police force, and when Ewan said it wasn’t safe out there, someone would naturally come and watch his actions for him. One side of his eyes fell to Baylor who frowned and was moving to the side to get away from Ewan, and he smiled softly, “Since General said so, then I thank General for his concern.”

At this moment, he handed the bag he had been carrying in his hand to Baylor, “This is the gift I prepared for you today, I didn’t have the chance to give it to you when I met the attack before, I hope you will like it.”

Julius lowered his eyes and looked at Baylor with concentration and sincerity, the smile on his face took on a hint of silence and helplessness. He was a gentle and handsome man, like an orchid, like bamboo, just like the misty scenery after the rain, and was soothing to look at. No one would be wary of such a person. He didn’t feel sorry for himself, but said, “I can’t come out much later, I can’t accompany you often. But that’s okay, when you need company in the future, you can always come to me in the palace. I’ll wait for you.”

Toynbee gulped, feeling only as if Julius was a little heartbreaking.

Seeing Julius like this, Baylor nodded very quickly and promised, “Don’t worry, I will come to you then.”

The answer was positive, Julius glanced over Ewan’s ironic face, he smiled gently, “Okay, then I’ll leave.” Before leaving, he stood at the door and looked back at Ewan and Baylor, “By the way, about the matter of Baylor accompanying me on my visit. I hope the General can reconsider, I believe Baylor has enough strength to be an escort. Moreover, Baylor himself wants to go, but it is a trivial matter. General, why not be a man of honor?”

Julius dropped a sentence and left lightly, leaving a dead silence in the room.

Toynbee felt like a mermaid who had just had his legs turned, standing here with pins under his feet. This floor made his feet hot and he could not stand here. Toynbee said decisively after a second of silence, “I’m going to make a statement first.”

Then he quickly ran away. When he left, he was also extremely thoughtful to close the door to avoid passing people like him into the battlefield by mistake.

Baylor hesitated to go himself. He would have liked to leave with Toynbee, but then felt that he had to leave as soon as Ewan arrived, as if he conceded that he was afraid to stay with the other side. So his butt sank down on the couch, his brow knitted. Lips pursed, Baylor still did not want to stay here, he stood up, ready to leave. But as soon as he got up, he was pulled by the hand and yanked, and fell violently back to sit on the couch.

Baylor turned his head to glare at the person who started it.

“You want to go to Silver Fir with Julius?” The force of his hand did not weaken, and Ewan looked at Baylor with a blank expression.

Baylor looked back provocatively, “Yes.”

“I see you know that film emperor quite well too.” Ewan lowered his eyes and looked at the wrist he was holding, Baylor’s bone structure was small compared to his, the wrist was slender and fragile in his palm, as if it could be broken with a gentle squeeze.

If only Baylor was really this slender and soft. He thought about the softness that Baylor showed when he was poisoned and clung to him with all his heart and soul. If only he could stay like that…

In that moment, Ewan’s mind came up with some extremely radical thoughts. His eyes were tinged with darkness, his hand tightened.

The feeling of confinement from the wrist was impossible to ignore. Baylor raised his eyebrows, he secretly tried to break free, found that only in vain, but was held tighter by the other side. Baylor gritted his teeth and said, “Hey, let go of me.”

His dense eyelashes were like dragonflies that trembled slightly. These words were like a switch in Ewan’s mind, Julius’ provocation, Aynor’s declaration of war, and he couldn’t understand where all these flies had come from in a short period of time. There was a hidden panic in him, like a shadow after the light, nowhere to be found, nowhere to be driven away, and nowhere to be cathartic.

“Let go of you?” Ewan’s voice was calm and unruffled, but a dark tide, “And where are you going? To Julius’ place, or to Aynor’s?” His eyelashes lifted, revealing the pair of goose gray pupils with a cold, metallic luster, “I thought you said you were not interested in alphas? I see that you are interested in them.” 

There was a dark sourness in his voice.

However, Baylor didn’t hear it. He was just annoyed at the change in Ewan’s attitude, ignoring him before and now coming to mind. Half narrowing his eyes, his clear voice sank. He did not avoid staring at Ewan, and his tone was like a saw, slow but forceful, “What does it matter to you whether I am interested or not? If I hadn’t been to your house, I would have thought you lived by the sea and was so broad-minded.”

Ewan laughed in anger, all kinds of emotions intertwined, feelings overpowered reason at this moment, like a ferocious beast breaking out of its cage. He took a deep breath and pulled his hand hard, bullying himself forward at the same time. Looking at the face that was close at hand, Ewan’s other hand took hold of Baylor’s slender neck.

The palm of his hand slid against the barrier to the back of his neck, his tiger’s mouth positioned firmly pressed against where the gland was located.

“You have my mark on you.” There was no hint of tenderness in the low, slow voice, “You are my omega until the mark disappears. Since you chose to take my pheromone in the first place, you have to bear the corresponding price.” The black hair was cold and tangled in his fingertips, and Ewan lowered his eyes to hide the struggle and said, “Baylor, this is my bottom line. I don’t care what you normally do. But to go near another alpha with my mark, that’s not acceptable.”

Baylor clearly liked him a lot before, didn’t he? How could he change his mind so easily?

“At the very least, don’t leave with Julius until it’s gone.”

The tone was a little feeble and struggling, more like a sigh than a warning.

Until he figured it out, stay put, wait for him.

Ewan and Baylor stared at each other for an instant, through eyes that reflected blue streams of light in the dark depths, Ewan only wanted to look deeper, deep enough to understand what the other was thinking. But perhaps because he himself was confused at the moment, let alone see the other side.

Baylor gave a cold laugh, his eyes were not carrying any emotion at the moment, but he responded, “Sure. Anyway, the mark is going to disappear. When it’s gone, you’ll be out of the way.”

Ewan faintly froze. The hand subconsciously tightened, the youth no longer struggled, but he felt the person in his hands pull further away from him.


Wellin finished cleaning up the mess, opened the car door, sat in the car, thinking about the scene he had just seen in the hall, Wellin felt a headache coming on. He felt that the next period of time, the general’s mood may not be very good. If the general’s mood was bad, the underlings would also become tired.

In fact, he was still a fan of the film emperor, Aynor, but in front of the general and Aynor, he very clearly found his position. Baylor was obviously the general’s omega, how could Aynor try to become his lover? I never thought Aynor would be like that!

Just then, he suddenly felt his car shake slightly, as if something had jumped on his car. However, he was the only one in the car. Could it be…

In the next second, Wellin watched as the paper towels in his car were pulled out, and then he felt a furry touch pressed against his palm.

Wellin was slightly silent and asked tentatively, “Dragon Hunter?”

Wellin felt the unseen paw pull at him.

Wellin tentatively held the paw and shook it, but it was very strange, obviously the other side touched him, but when he touched the other, he could only feel the air.

What kind of existence is this?

“Don’t you want to go to the general?” Wellin subconsciously asked, and then quickly shook his head, “Forget it, you should not go now. The situation there is too complicated.”

Although Wellin could not hear, Super Wolf still called out in response. He felt the same way. A good dog should be smart enough not to get involved in things he shouldn’t be involved in.

“Super Wolf?”

A tentative call suddenly came from outside the car at that moment.

Super Wolf quickly turned his head and found that it was the guide he had saved earlier. He immediately stepped over Wellin, jumped out of the car through the open door, and then ran to the guide and smelled him. It was the guide.

Although it still prefers the smell of Ewan, this guide also smells good. Super Wolf stirred, stood up, and put two paws on Aynor’s body. Aynor squatted down with Super Wolf’s strength and stroked Super Wolf’s head, “So your name is really Super Wolf. Thank you for before.”

Aynor thought about it, looked up and asked Wellin, who had one foot on the ground and was sitting in the car, “Do you have a snack?” Just a verbal thank you was not sincere, don’t dogs like to eat snacks?

It was a pity that there was not enough time today. Otherwise, Aynor would have liked to go buy a carload of snacks for Super Wolf.

Wellin was silent for half a second, then he asked, suspiciously realistic, “Is this Super Wolf you’re talking about, a big gray dog?”

Aynor frowned in confusion, “Are you color blind?”

“…” Wellin didn’t know the name Super Wolf, but that wasn’t the point. The point was Super Wolf was clearly Dragon Hunter. And Aynor could actually see Dragon Hunter!!!

Wellin stared at the air in front of Aynor, and he still couldn’t see anything. It was now nighttime, and the roadside lights were pulling a long shadow over Aynor’s figure, but it was only his shadow. He confirmed again, “You can see the dog?”

It was Aynor’s turn to be silent. Only then did he notice, as an afterthought, that there was no shadow beneath the majestic-looking, sharp-eyed dog in front of him. The hand that was touching the dog’s head froze, and Aynor inwardly told himself not to panic as he slowly looked at Wellin, his tone suspicious, “… You can’t see him?”

Wellin gave a sharp nod, “Yeah.”

Super Wolf was not very satisfied with the sudden stop of the hand with his head. He was enjoying himself, why did this guide stop?

Aynor mechanically complied with Super Wolf’s intention and continued to touch.

Aynor remembered Super Wolf’s fighting stance, it was no wonder. He never knew of such a powerful dog, jumping up and down in such chaos, almost soaring. At that time, he thought it was military training, since military dogs were different from ordinary dogs. When he thought about it, he was right at that moment.

The dogs of the military were different, they have gone beyond the world and started raising ghost dogs.

On the way home, Aynor looked out of the window for a long time, and then said to Eric, who was driving next to him, “Our country is amazing.”

Eric listened to his brother’s cold sentiment, he was silent and did not know what to say.

But Aynor was not waiting for Eric to say anything, he continued, “Even ghosts can be tamed.”

Eric: … Eric looked at Aynor, his gaze vaguely revealing a worry, “Brother, are you alright? Do you want to go to the hospital again?” He was starting to talk nonsense.

Aynor frowned, he looked at Eric carefully, then he admonished, “Put away your playboy side and train well.”

Eric faintly froze and nodded obediently, “Oh.” Because Aynor could not accept the military training, this thing had been a thorn in Aynor’s heart, so they rarely talked about military matters. Aynor rarely asks him about training, but he did not expect Aynor to actually take the initiative to urge him to train well.

The next thing Eric heard was his brother saying seriously, “Don’t become unable to compete with a dog.” There was also a note of dislike in that voice.

“Oh… Ah?” Eric’s mouth twitched, “Brother, although I lost to Baylor and did not pass the test, I’m not that bad.”

“Heh, that’s hard to say.” Aynor lamented in a serious way, “The world is much wider than what you see.”

Eric: …

Eric grew up as a proud son, he had always been very confident in himself. But at this moment he found his brother seemed to be really worried that he couldn’t compete with a dog. This, this hurt his self-esteem.

And then at that moment, Aynor suddenly asked, “What is the general’s relationship with Baylor?”

“General? Baylor?” Eric faintly froze, unsure, “They have a relationship?” Eric suddenly remembered, “Oh, that day after the examination, the general went to see Baylor. After all, Baylor’s performance was so excellent, and the general must have high hopes for him.” Speaking of this, Eric grinned slightly proudly, “The general also encouraged me to train well and not to waste time on other things.”

“What’s that?”

“Relationships and such. The general wants me to focus on training.” Eric sighed, “It’s true that the general devotes himself to training without distractions like that to become the youngest war god in history.”

“…” Aynor silently looked at his younger brother with a “you’re so stupid” look. This silly younger brother actually did not realize that it was an alpha being jealous, and looked back out the window, “Forget it, just train well.” I wonder if Baylor would be embarrassed.

Eric:? Why did he feel he was being despised again?


It was ten o’clock at night after the completion of the statement.

The early autumn night had a slight coolness. Super Wolf, as a spiritual body, actually did not feel the temperature, but perhaps by the influence of his own subconscious, it still liked the cooler temperature. So when it arrived at the beginning of this world, and Baylor unintentionally separated, as a spiritual consciousness it will go to the planet where Ewan is. Where there was a guide, there was its favorite snowfield.

With the windows open, it stretched its head out the window and enjoyed the refreshing cool breeze. Outside the window of the hover car was an endless sky. The sky was currently covered with thick clouds and fog, and there was a vague kind of stormy formation.

And inside the car was silence.

Baylor originally did not want to go back with Ewan. But Ewan told him that there was a curfew on the military quarters, and even if he went back to the military, he could not go back to the military. And since Baylor had promised Ewan to be quiet before the mark disappeared, he didn’t care if he stayed at Ewan’s place for another night.

Returning to the familiar courtyard, Baylor found the cottage was lit up, looking like a star in the night. Baylor raised an eyebrow in surprise. He remembered that Ewan never liked to turn on so many lights, and always did not turn on the lights if there was no one in the house, so was there someone inside? But after entering the house, Baylor found no sign of anyone else.

“It’s useless to regret it now.” Ewan saw Baylor standing in the doorway and thought Baylor was suddenly regretting his decision to return to the dormitory. But it was true, Baylor definitely didn’t want to stay with him now. A bitterness flooded his heart, and with a little hesitation, he lowered his eyes and walked past Baylor toward the house, his flat voice carrying some fatigue and weakness, “If you really don’t want to stay here, I’ll take you to a hotel.”

Baylor smiled coldly, “I’m not that pretentious.” What was the difference between changing houses?

With that he headed upstairs, subconsciously ready to go to the master bedroom where he was staying before, but his footsteps were halted as Baylor watched Super Wolf already walking towards the same room he was in before, frowning as he turned his head and asked Ewan, “Hey, which room am I sleeping in tonight?”

He used to sleep in Ewan’s room, but Ewan must have moved back in after he moved out.

Ewan didn’t expect Baylor to ask this question, he froze slightly and asked in return, “You don’t want your room anymore?” 

Was it because he didn’t like the room that used to be his? Ewan felt that Baylor was really heartless to a certain level. Before, he would defend himself, would say he liked him… his pheromone. As a result, now that he had met other alphas, not only did he fight with him for those alpha and want to leave with those alpha, but also disgusted himself to the point that he even disliked his room.

Who would have thought that just less than half a month ago Baylor was going to join the military for him and join the Sky Wolf Legion?

Heh, Baylor’s like was cool to this point.

There really were no eternal and unchanging feelings in the world.

“That room is still mine?” Baylor was a little surprised.

Ewan smiled sarcastically, “Or what? Do you think everyone is like you?” A change of heart is a change of heart. He hadn’t even touched anything in that room since Baylor left.

Baylor frowned at Ewan’s grimace, What’s like him? Ewan was really strange and completely incomprehensible. But…. . didn’t Ewan kick him to the dorm? What’s the point of keeping his room?

Forget it, so many rooms, maybe Ewan was just too lazy to clean up, why did he think so much? 

Ewan looked up and watched Baylor go into his room without looking back, and once the door was closed, he sat down wearily on the sofa in the living room. The fog between his eyebrows was a fog of sadness that would not go away.

Sean saw it more clearly than he did, or maybe any of them did.

He did like Baylor.

Even though he had avoided the other side for the past few days, he still could not suppress the hidden and raging emotions. He didn’t know whether it was more frightening to find out that Baylor was about to leave him, or more frightening to find out that Baylor was about to leave him for someone else.

Baylor’s words, ‘After you disappear, I’ll go as far away as you can’ were still in his ears, and his closed eyes were filled with Baylor and Aynor’s intimate proximity.

A sour emotion flooded his heart, and Ewan’s palms clenched.

After the mark disappears, could he really let go of Baylor and leave him?

If he didn’t…

After the mark disappears, could he really keep the other person?

The clock ticked toward midnight.

Ewan realized that it was already that time, and thought of the two questions that he couldn’t figure out in a roundabout way, and he smiled to himself as an afterthought. He also swore a promise that he would never be like that person. But now that he thought about it, what’s the difference between him and that person?

This was probably the strange inheritance in the bloodline.

Ewan got up, but instead of going back to his room to rest, he walked to the basement, where there was a locked room at the end of the corridor. Ewan entered the code and opened a long-dusted room.

Although there was a central air purification system, the room still smelled of dust and mold. Turning on the lights, Ewan looked at the room in the pile of miscellaneous items. And on the table was a picture frame, the picture in the frame recorded the man’s rare cheerful smile in life.

Josh Wimble, this was the man who lay in the cemetery in the sky. The room is stacked with the relics of Josh Wimble. When Josh Wimble died, Ewan was going to throw away all his belongings. But in the end, he did not do so.

Ewan thought, after the death of the man, not many people would remember him. He had painfully struggled so much in life, even when dying, he was such a sensation. He had worn his most exquisite clothes, jumped from the empire’s busiest building, but still did not get much care. So if all the relics that belonged to him were thrown away, then there really wouldn’t be much trace of his existence.

Wouldn’t that be too tragic?

Although Ewan didn’t give much pity to him either, Ewan still couldn’t be too cruel to him after his death. After all, no matter what –

This man was Ewan’s only family, the one who gave him life.

Opening the photo album, which was the beautiful omega with his loved ones, each one was carefully cared for. Josh Wimble was a doddering flower with love as his sustenance.

Ewan looked at the photos, his brow furrowed, but then stretched with relief. Fortunately, even now, he still couldn’t understand Josh Wimble’s behavior.

It seemed he hadn’t quite become like Josh Wimble. Then perhaps he could be a little more indulgent.

Super Wolf walked in silently, looking curiously at the room it had never been in before.

Ewan noticed it and asked in a soft voice, “Is he asleep?”

Super Wolf let out an ‘aowl. Baylor was so tired from physical training today, and experienced something like that at night, plus after moving to the dormitory, because the sound insulation of the dormitory was not particularly good, Baylor’s sharp hearing could always clearly catch the sound of the outside, so he had not been sleeping well. After washing up, he fell asleep on the bed.

Super Wolf turned around and knocked over a box, which was not locked, and the contents were poured out, but there was nothing but letters inside.

A pile of letters, Ewan picked up one of them, it was written on the recipient: Dad Josh Wimble, the sender was his then still young handwriting: Ewan.

The letters had not been opened. They weren’t then, and they remain perfectly sealed now. And every single letter in this box was like that. He’d almost forgotten there was a box of these.

Ewan put the letters back into that box and put the box away. He lowered his head and said to Super Wolf, “Don’t tell Baylor.”

Super Wolf blinked and turned to walk outside, and when he reached the door he stopped and turned to look at Ewan. Ewan followed its silhouette out of the room, turned off the lights, closed the door, and locked everything back up.

The next day, there was actually no training assignment for the weekend, and Baylor could have stayed here and gone back Sunday night. But Baylor insisted on going anyway.

Ewan had some reluctance, but thinking that the young man had already compromised yesterday, he was not willing to force it again and again. It was just as well that he needed to go to the military headquarters to take care of things. He was carrying people back to the military headquarters, however, at the entrance of the military building, Ewan saw an unpleasant figure.

It was Aynor, followed by a few people carrying stuff, hauling a cart of dog snacks, and bouquets of banners.


Baylor also saw Aynor’s huge procession. But Ewan did not stop and drove by, even speeding up. As he sped under the dormitory, Ewan said, as if nothing had happened, “Here we are, I’ll be at the military headquarters all day, so if you need anything, call me.” Thinking of Julius’ comment yesterday, he frowned and added, “You can come to me if you don’t have anything, especially if you’re in a bad mood.”

Why should he go to Julius when he was right next to him?

At this point, Ewan had forgotten that he was avoiding the young man.

Baylor smiled sarcastically.

Ewan was taking it one day at a time, and Baylor didn’t even bother to listen to what Ewan had to say anymore.

“Why were you in a bad mood yesterday?” Ewan asked, suddenly remembering. He realized at this point that he seemed to have not asked Baylor about it.

It was clear that Weifield had told him yesterday afternoon that Baylor was in a bad mood because of training, but at that time he had only noticed that Baylor was going to have dinner with Julius and had forgotten about it. If he thought about it, Baylor might have been in a bad mood all day yesterday. Ewan thought, and even hoped, that it was a fluke.

However, Baylor was not interested in talking to Ewan, he said, “It’s none of your business.”

Then he opened the car door and got out.

Super Wolf leapt down after him and followed Baylor.

Ewan did not leave right away, and stopped there, silently watching Baylor’s figure disappear from view. He suppressed the sourness that rose in his heart because of Baylor’s coldness, and with a closed look, he contacted the guards at the gate, “Why is there an outsider inside the military department?”

The guard didn’t expect to receive a personal inquiry from the general, and hearing Ewan’s clearly displeased tone, he replied with trepidation, “Are you referring to Mr. Aynor, General?”


“He said he came to the military headquarters to send a banner to thank everyone for last night’s incident, and we informed Colonel Hathaway, who said he would receive Mr. Aynor to bring the military and the people closer together.”

After all, it was to send a banner, the other was also a big name film emperor, he was also considered a fan. The guard suddenly remembered something and said, “By the way, that Mr. Aynor also said that he would send snacks to Super Wolf, the military dog yesterday.”

“Super Wolf?” Ewan’s brow furrowed when he heard this.


Baylor actually told Aynor about Super Wolf’s existence.


That’s not true. If Baylor had only told him, he would not have come over to give Super Wolf a gift so brazenly. The military dog Super Wolf? Aynor was thinking that Super Wolf belonged to the military department, not to Baylor. That would mean… Aynor could see Super Wolf.

In this moment, although surprised and unexpected, the feeling of displeasure overwhelmed everything. This was supposed to be a secret between him and Baylor. If it were in the past, Ewan would have gone to Aynor first to confirm, and to study why Aynor saw Super Wolf, whether there was any special opportunity, and maybe even take the opportunity to find out the existence of Super Wolf.

But at this moment, he simply said in a tone that brooked no argument, “Send him out.”

The guard was stunned, “Now?”

“Yes, immediately.”

What a thank-you banner? He was using it as an opportunity to find Baylor. Thinking about Aynor’s free-for-all yesterday, Ewan raised his eyebrows coldly. This alpha was simply out of his mind. Who was free to compete with him?

The guards got the news and had no choice but to immediately ask Aynor to leave.

At this time, Colonel Hathaway, was also the main responsible officer for the public relations in the military department. She just came out to see Aynor, ready to exchange pleasantries, saw the guards move towards them in a hurry.

The guard attached himself to her ear and conveyed Ewan’s message.

So Aynor looked at the originally warm and welcoming Colonel Hathaway’s face change slightly, and then said apologetically to Aynor, “Mr. Aynor, I’m sorry, I can’t seem to entertain you today, thank you very much for coming today. I’ll pass on your thanks, but for now I’ll have to ask you to leave first.”

She did not say a word about why, but Aynor knew the reason. The hover car had just leapt by quickly, but Aynor could see who was inside with his excellent dynamic vision.

It was Baylor, and sitting next to him was Ewan. He didn’t even have to think about it to know that Ewan didn’t want him to see Baylor, so he ordered him to leave. What an abuse of power.

Aynor hummed with contempt in his heart, remembering the brimming and cold eyebrows, Aynor said reluctantly, “Since Colonel has something to do, I won’t make it difficult for you, but there is one more thing I need to ask you.”

Colonel Hathaway was sorry for having to leave so suddenly, but Aynor needed her help, so how could she not, “Mr. Aynor, please.”

“Here is a gift of thanks, please give it to a soldier in the military department for me.”

“Yes, what is his name?”

“His name is Baylor, he’s a new recruit in this class.” Aynor said, “And please don’t tell anyone about it, Colonel.”

This request was a bit unusual.

Colonel Hathaway faintly stared, “Why is that?”

Aynor put on his sunglasses, “My identity is special, if others know that I gave him a gift, I am afraid that it will cause some unnecessary storm.”

That’s true, thinking of the horrible gossip news, Colonel Hathaway immediately nodded her head with understanding, “Okay, I understand, please don’t worry Mr. Aynor.”

Aynor smiled, “Thank you.”

With Ewan’s intense possessiveness, it would have been a storm if he hadn’t kept it a secret. He also wanted his gift to reach Baylor.


Ewan went straight to the military prison, where all of the gangsters from yesterday were dead, except for the leader. Not killed by the military, and not by suicide. But the terminal carried on the body suddenly emitted high-frequency electric current, electrocuting them to death.

This was someone’s silencing them. Just like the assassins who were ready to attack the escort team in the middle of yesterday. The soldiers watching brought the people to the interrogation room, interstellar pirates’ warlord Shane was handcuffed and sitting on top of an iron chair, she looked at the handsome alpha sitting across from her. She raised one eyebrow and expressed her surprise, “I am truly honored by the general’s personal interrogation of me.”

Ewan scattered hooked the corners of his mouth, he sat in a posture that was always casual and lazy, owning a confident idleness. “An honor, but not an accident.” Ewan said, “After what happened yesterday, you and I both think it’s a good time to talk.” Ewan got right to the point and asked, “Who provided you with your weapons and information?”

She didn’t expect Ewan to ask so directly, as if she was sure she would tell him. She said, “I have answered this question many times before, from the black market.”

“No.” Ewan smiled and gave a slight shake of his head, “That was the answer before.”


“After almost being silenced, you should give me another answer.”

Shane asked, pretending to be uncertain, “… Silenced?”

Ewan looked at Shane, the sharp gaze was enough to pierce all the disguise, he said lightly, “Smart as you are, you do not really think that those “partners” came to rescue you yesterday?”

Shane was silent. She asked, “Where are those people?”

“Dead.” Ewan said mercilessly, “You should have been among them.”

Ewan almost really fell for it, thinking that the group of “interstellar pirates” were really coming to the rescue. But then on second thought it became clear that the rescue plan was too crude and unworkable, a rescue plan that was almost impossible to pull off. But if their purpose was not to take Wanrich and Shane to leave alive, then this plan was much more reasonable.

They faked the rescue, and after the hostage exchange, either they would do the killing themselves, or they would fake their escape and force the military to do it. In any case, they would both let Wanrich and Shane die in the imperial capital. Even as soon as Wanrich and Shane leave the military ministry, they will be ambushed on the way.

And this was proven yesterday. The person Ewan was after was afraid that Wanrich and Shane would expose themselves, so they wanted to kill him without a second thought. Even Ewan has a few guesses about the identity of the man, but he still needs more definite evidence. He believed that Shane had the evidence, or clues, he needed.

“General, it’s all been recorded.” The officer outside the interrogation room handed the recorded contents to Ewan to read.

Ewan skimmed through it and nodded, “Organize a reconnaissance team immediately, follow the clues and dig up the evidence.”

“Yes, General.”

Ewan looked down and saw that it was after eleven o’clock. There was no telling what Baylor was doing. Ewan’s brow furrowed slightly. Now as soon as Baylor was out of his sight for too long, he felt less than comfortable. Thinking about the confirmation he got last night in the basement, Ewan felt he could indulge a little.

So before he could react, he had subconsciously started to look for Baylor. It was only at times like this that he realized he was actually having a hard time finding each other. Even in the same place, if Baylor doesn’t respond to him, it’s hard for him to know exactly where the other person is.

If one day Baylor really left completely…

Ewan’s pace picked up as his heart gripped slightly. Then he suddenly thought of what Sean had told him this morning when he had to ask him because Baylor wouldn’t tell him.

“Baylor is too weak, failed yesterday’s training, so of course a proud person will be in a bad mood.” Sean said so.

Ewan turned on his heels and walked to the training ground.

Even if it was the weekend, there were still many soldiers training on their own in the training field. It’s just that the recruits didn’t have that strong sense of urgency yet, so after looking at several training fields in a row, Ewan didn’t see a few recruits, and certainly not that imaginary figure. But Ewan still persistently searched the training ground.

Then Ewan saw the closed door, in the corner of the training ground, somewhat dilapidated. The military department was not built overnight, the facilities were always updated, everyone went to those newly renovated, new equipment training grounds.

Only occasionally there was really no spare training ground, would they choose these rooms that had been almost eliminated, but also the remote old training ground. Even the military department itself, also began to use these old training grounds as a warehouse.

Ewan was moved to walk towards the unattended training ground. Not immediately pushing the door, but standing by the weeded window, Ewan looked inside.

Then he saw Baylor in his training uniform doing push-ups, his dark gray T-shirt darkened by sweat, his black hair curled into wisps of sweat, his body free from youthfulness showing beautifully smooth and powerful arms and leg lines.

Super Wolf, on the other hand, was lying on a mat next to him, very bored. The ground was stained with sweat. It looked like he’d been training here all morning.

Ewan stood by the window, focused and oblivious, watching Baylor’s strenuous form. He doubted many things, but he only did not question why he was attracted to Baylor. In Ewan’s mind, it was a matter of course to be attracted to Baylor. Even before he realized he had, he had thought about it.

If he really wanted to be mates with someone in his life, that person should be Baylor.

Baylor, who was concentrating on his training, turned around and his eyes, which were brighter after sweating, looked exactly in the direction where Ewan was. He was looking for a remote place in order not to be discovered, how come there were still people coming?

Ewan saw that he was discovered, and simply no longer hid, he turned to the door, pushed open the door to enter, and then met Baylor’s not very welcoming gaze. He thought he still had some way to interest Baylor.

For example-

Ewan took off his somewhat rigid military jacket and rolled up his sleeves, “Just doing physical training isn’t enough for you, want to fight me?”


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January 13, 2023 8:30 pm

Sorry Ewan, but you asked for this to a certain extent.
He was the one who distanced himself from Baylor, who in turn got confused and a little upset.
Now he’s going to have to work.
Poor Super Wolf… he just wants his favourite smell and comfy room… and someone to play with ☺
Wonder if Ewan will find out who leaked the info.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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What’s wrong w Ewan is that he’s not pathetic enough! He needs to grovel and convince Baylor that he misses him.

March 11, 2023 1:08 pm

Did I understand that Ewan’s father didn’t read any of his letters? If so, that’s very traumatic to a child (as well as an adult).

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