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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The interstellar pirate had seen arrogant hostages, but never one this arrogant. The other two guarding interstellar pirates grunted disdainfully, guns loaded and sights aimed at Baylor.

“I warned you to behave, don’t think we won’t dare to shoot.”

At the same time, they laughed at their partner who had fallen to the ground, “You’re useless, seeing this beauty made your legs go weak?”

“Fuck!” Getting up from the ground, the interstellar pirate spit, “You all do not shoot! I’ll teach him a lesson today!”

With that, he swung his fist at Baylor’s soft, cold, lush face. He did not hold back, but such a punch was easily dodged, and a palm landed on the inside of his elbow, ‘click’, the joint popped and the pain came.

A scream was about to come out, but Baylor spun around to close the distance, his back was pressed against the opponent’s chest, and his other hand was ruthlessly staggered upward. His jaw was dislodged. Catching the falling gun, Baylor elbowed the man backward in the abdomen.

Avoiding the gastric juices, Baylor held the gun in one hand and grabbed the man’s collar with the other. With a few ‘clicks’, the remaining guns were pointed at Baylor in unison.

“Who are you?” The leader standing on the other side of the hall was staring hard at Baylor from behind the sights.

Baylor watched as Eric had taken advantage of this opportunity to make his move, and he withdrew his gaze without moving.

Bending down, the two closer to Baylor immediately shouted alertly, “Freeze!”

“Just put your partner down.” Baylor said lazily and casually.

The man who wanted to wail but couldn’t make a sound fell helplessly to the ground as he let go of his hand. Baylor slowly straightened up again, at the moment his every move was tightly hooked on the seven people’s nerves, everyone was alert to whether he would suddenly attack.

So Baylor deliberately fiddled with the gun, and then moved his neck and legs, like teasing a cat. It seemed like he was going to do something, but he wasn’t actually doing anything.

“What’s going on here?” As soon as he returned to the temporary war room, Ewan saw that Baylor had been surrounded by seven guns in the center of the surveillance screen. Obviously before he just got out of the car, Baylor had stayed peacefully in the corner, how come in just a few minutes, the situation had become like this?

And Julius, who had been watching the surveillance, his eyebrows slightly seized up, the face that had been wearing a gentle smile was now vaguely tinged with a layer of coldness. His eyes, covered with coldness, were lurking with depression. But such a loss of composure only lasted for a moment, Julius immediately turned the complex emotions into concern, he said to Ewan, “Baylor probably wants to break out on his own, but with so many people, I’m afraid he will only put himself at a disadvantage, it is better to exchange hostages as soon as possible.”

Ewan looked at Julius and his voice was cold, “Your Highness is right, it would indeed be risky to go on like this.”

Turning his head and turning on the intercom on the console, Ewan gave a de+cisive order, “The special attack team will immediately cooperate with the attack and rescue!”

It seemed that the hostage exchange was not going to take place. Julius sighed inaudibly and took a few steps back to make way for the oncoming personnel, then he picked up his terminal and tapped out a series of code words to send.

And at this time in the restaurant, the special attack team was ordered to stop thinking about covering their tracks, but to speed up the pace of action, from the back of the restaurant quickly burst forward to pick up the rescue. But in the middle of the hall, things soon took a new turn as well. Those people apparently also found Baylor’s deliberate teasing, and one shot directly at Baylor with a ‘bang’.

This gunshot broke the stalemate –

Baylor’s eyes narrowed, his body dwarfed, and then obediently set the gun on his knee, not aiming at the one who shot, but shooting suddenly towards the chandelier in the air of the hall.

The chandelier of the Sycamore Waterfall Restaurant as a high-class restaurant was also a special vine shape, that fixed the chandelier of the stabilizer was broken by several shots in succession, the vine chandelier instantly smashed to the bottom.

At this time, the people on that side of the hall saw the rest of the hostages preparing to escape and immediately shouted, “The hostages are running!”

The two men here did not care about Baylor and the chandelier, and immediately turned around to stop the hostages, but Eric moved towards the group.

Toynbee led those people to quickly rush inside according to Eric’s instructions, while Eric stayed in the hall to break the back. There was a light crunching sound as the chandelier hit the floor and the pieces shot out in all directions.

The innocent customers did not have the reflexes of Eric and Baylor, they were just ordinary people, the chandelier fell to the ground, the fragments burst out, they let out a scream, and a number of people were cut by the fragments.

Aynor subconsciously shielded an older man, but his own arm used to shield was cut, bright red blood seeped out. The color was like a leaping flame, burning his eyes hard. His breathing became sticky and his head felt like it was covered in a layer of lead fog, blurry and heavy.

With the sky spinning, he gave the old man a slight push and let him go. Aynor himself was holding on to the wall and slowly slid down. Aynor looked like a fish that had been thrown ashore and could only open his mouth desperately to breathe hard because of suffocation.

“Bargaining break, don’t leave anyone alive, shoot to kill.” The leader ordered cold-bloodedly and cruelly in the midst of this chaos.

As soon as the words fell, the smoke from the falling chandelier had not yet dissipated, and the bullets with sparks rushed through the smoke like a rainstorm waterfall, almost aimlessly starting to sweep up in the direction of the hostages’ escape, stirring up a thicker cloud of smoke.




Eric used a strange force to lift up the stone table and smash it into the corridor entrance, erecting a group partition wall for those who were fleeing deeper to block those bullets.

What he didn’t expect, however, was that his brother had previously left himself under the greenery outside the corridor in order to save others. He was still almost incapacitated and could do nothing about the bullets that came flying at him.

Aynor’s ears were filled with the deafening sound of gunfire, and he even felt bullets flying past him, bursting into flames that licked his skin.

He was going to die here. At that moment, he thought to himself somewhat mockingly. Such a waste of S-class alpha, it was a waste of this qualification, and he did not want to face the eyes of others filled with regret and disappointment.

So Aynor simply gave up struggling, in the smoke that blocked the view, he opened his eyes, there was no trace of fear of death in his eyes, but rather a sense of relief.

Originally in pursuit of a large group of interstellar pirates noticed that there was a single straggler, immediately aimed at Aynor, without a pause, quickly began to shoot.

At least one should hit. This interstellar pirate thought.

However, when the bullets flew, as they were about to hit the person, the person obviously sitting there did not move, but actually disappeared. This bizarre development made the interstellar pirate immediately widen his eyes, he looked at the place where there was no one, blankly looking around, where is the person?

Immediately after, he found Aynor had appeared in another corner, his collar held up, like an invisible thing was tugging Aynor’s collar.

What the fuck? What the fuck is going on here? Did he see a ghost?

Aynor was also in a trance, he looked up with difficulty and saw a large gray and white dog biting his collar, a pair of ice blue eyes like a lake in the snow, looking fiercely ahead.

… Did he get misty-eyed? Why would a dog suddenly appear here?

Super Wolf let go of his mouth, put this ‘guide’ down, and then charged swiftly toward the enemy.

Aynor still suspected that he was in a dream when a cold voice like a mountain spring next to him made his brain snap awake, “Hey, are you okay?”

He turned his head to see that it was Baylor who had caused the current chaotic situation. Baylor had dropped his gun, and somehow came to Aynor’s side, surrounded by smoke and chaos, but he stood in the midst of it, with the ease of a leisurely stroll. As if this chaotic battlefield was his backyard.

Aynor watched in awe as Baylor approached him, then knelt down, smacked his lips helplessly, and took his hand around his neck.


Baylor cringed from the soreness of his muscles for a moment as he rose with force, but thankfully it was only a brief moment of discomfort. Still, Aynor, who was half a head taller than Baylor, was too much for Baylor to handle, and he struggled to half-carry, half-drag the man away from the door.

“I’ve never seen such trouble.” Baylor muttered grumblingly.

Aynor gave a self-deprecating laugh at that, “You can leave me alone.”

“That’s not possible.” Baylor said decisively.

S-rank alphas were a scarce resource in this world… One dead was one less.

Aynor’s pupils filled with shock, his eyes flashed surprised uncomfortable shaken, and finally he uncomfortably averted his eyes, “With me, you can not run fast and they can easily attack you…” With that, he suddenly realized that no one seemed to be paying attention to this side.

Baylor sensed his confusion and simply explained, “Super Wolf is here, they should be in a mess right now.” He said, gloating a bit.

And the group could not see Super Wolf, they were only teased by Super Wolf.

“Super Wolf…” Aynor gave a slight pause and subconsciously looked down at Baylor, wondering, “Is that the name of that dog just now?”

Baylor’s footsteps stopped and he turned his face sideways, because he was holding Aynor, and as he turned his face, their noses touched.

Aynor’s eyes widened as he looked at the face that was so close to kissing him, and Baylor’s glistening brow was reflected in those amorous peachy eyes, “You can see Super Wolf?”

The young man’s light, cold voice rang out over a violent roar, and behind them, the door collapsed inward, sending up a cloud of dust. That’s why Baylor had to take Aynor to hide away from the door because he had heard the commotion outside the door.

Ewan started breaking down the door as soon as he let Super Wolf in through the window.

At this moment, the door blasted down, Ewan, in alloy bone armor, stood in the open doorway. His pair of goose gray eyes were like a falcon, sharp and silent as they looked at the wreckage and then fell onto the two who were close together, eyes entwined.

The message came from the contact in the armor, “General, as you expected, the escort team was attacked, the attackers found that the car was not the two criminals, and immediately retreated.”

Ewan did not answer.

At this moment, his eyes, ignoring the ruins, were only filled with the two people who were close enough to kiss.


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January 11, 2023 4:49 pm

Whoa, why is Baylor so weak still? At least he was able to do something. Ewan and him need to talk. Thanks for updating ❤️

January 11, 2023 5:25 pm

Poor ewan, the things with the prince is not resolved yet but now with aynor he will be more sour.

January 11, 2023 5:45 pm

Yet another person who can see Super Wolf. Can all S-Class Alphas do so, I wonder.
Baylor doesn’t hang about!
By Julius’s reaction, I really wonder now whether he isn’t in league with the pirates.
Ewan, if you’re going to get so uptight every time Baylor’s in close proximity to another Alpha, you’re really going to have to face up to your feelings and be clear with him; very, as he’s slow too in that regard.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 11, 2023 8:29 pm

Ewan will eat several jars of vinegar before he breaks this stalemate of feelings and anger. I love the super wolf, and a party every time he comes on the scene. Thanks for the chapter!

March 11, 2023 12:19 pm

Kinda hard to win against an invisible dog and a being from another world, huh, pirates?

March 24, 2023 1:47 am

General,stop taking a bath using vinegar..😁

Maybe all S Class Alpha has the ability to see Super Wolf.

April 2, 2023 8:25 am

Super Wolf saving A is the same way that he saved Ewen too, cue the vinegar 😀

Thank you for the chapter!

April 26, 2023 9:49 am

Wait… Super Wolf (that’s really a horrible name. Maybe it’s not as absurdly bad in Chinese…?) … Anyway, Super Wolf can go through walls and doors. Why does it need to be ‘let in’ the window?

July 20, 2023 7:45 pm

Hm the prince is sus af

“It seemed that the hostage exchange was not going to take place. Julius sighed inaudibly … he picked up his terminal and tapped out a series of code words to send.

And at this time in the restaurant, the special attack team was ordered to stop thinking about covering their tracks, but to speed up the pace of action…”

Coincidence? I think not!

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