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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The concept of “mental power” was introduced nearly eighty years ago by an omega scientist named Loletta when she was developing the mecha sensor operating system. During her research, she discovered that a small number of test subjects had the ability to withstand high levels of stress and to parse information at high speeds, allowing them to better adapt to the mecha sensing system and not have their brains collapse under the high pressure of information generated during combat, and to control the mecha smoothly through the sensing system.

For ease of designation and subsequent research, Loletta named this brain power feature [mental power]. However, because of the precision and fragility of the human brain, research on [mental power] has been very slow, and all testing facilities were not even allowed to provide mental power testing services except when it was necessary, because there was a risk of mental disorder from the mental power testing itself.

Situated on the west bank of the Imperial City, the Constellation Alliance Research Institute, a young omega man in a researcher’s uniform entered the meeting room. As the name implies, this institute does not belong to the Ya’an Empire, but to the Alix Galaxy Alliance Association, and the researchers in it were from various high-level civilizations within the constellation.

This omega was called Aidan, from planet TL7. He was one of the main researchers in mental power research. At the same time, he was also one of Sean’s forgotten friends.

“Don’t you need to take students today, or accompany your admiral to go out and play?” Aidan’s face was cool, not half as happy as a friend visiting him, and he straightened his uniform top and sat down steadily. Then he said, “But I have to work.”

Sean had long been accustomed to Aidan’s “keep out of the way” look, as he had become a professor at a young age and was leading an alliance-level research mission on his own, so it was only natural that he had some eccentricities.

“I thought you were in charge of mental power development research.” Sean didn’t have any pleasantries, he asked directly, “I have a question for you.”

And Aidan liked this kind of direct communication, since it would save time, “What kind of question?”

Sean said, “I was looking up the literature and saw a paper you recently published, ‘Distinguishing between the capacity and controllable range of mental power in people with different qualifications’ mentions the possibility that humans may have great mental potential, but it’s just not under our subjective control…”

Aidan interrupted Sean’s words and corrected, “Most of the mental power is not under subjective control, but humans are still able to consciously mobilize a small amount.” For example, endurance, perseverance…

Sean waved his hand, “This is not important.”

Aidan rolled his eyes. What a lack of rigor.

Sean continued, “The important thing is, I want to ask, a model you proposed in your paper, there is a kind of person who gets very high scores on mental strength tests, but weak subjective control. Do you have other data about this?”

“What data?” Aidan said, “This is just a possible model, a conjecture based on the thesis and the arguments of the paper. Of course, if there was data that would certainly be better, then you can further argue our thesis that spiritual power is divided into passive and active…” As he spoke, Aidan fell into his own thoughts.

There was no choice, Sean had to forcefully interrupt, “So you guys aren’t sure if there is such a person? If so, what do you think it might be?”

In a night of searching the literature, Sean only found this paper mentioning active and passive psychic powers that fit Baylor’s case. That’s why he came straight to the man.

“There must be.” Aidan said with certainty, “The universe is so big, there is nothing strange, not to mention, there is now evidence to support our Alix Galaxy in the spiritual civilization is in its infancy, in other galaxies … Far from it, the spiritual civilization of the Marl Galaxy is much more developed than ours. I came back from Black. I have inquired from the merchants in the city from the Marl Galaxy, it is said that there is a race called the tree tower, where people form from the tree’s fruit, the wind carries it away to the ground, and after rooting itself into the ground becomes another tree people. Their body is confined, but their ideas can be embodied into a physical object, travel in the world, and through these ideas communication and dialogue, and even intercourse are possible.”

Unfortunately, the Alix Galaxy and the Marl Galaxy had not established diplomatic relations, so knowledge and culture cannot be exchanged. Aidan did not care at all about revealing that he had gone to the black market to buy information. After he finished lamenting with a longing heart, he stared at Sean and turned to him, “Is your general going to fight the Marl Galaxy or not?”

Sean was thinking in his mind that he might as well not come, when he heard Aidan ask this, he raised the tail of his eyebrows, “Why are you asking this?”

“Didn’t Theodore III himself say on TV that he wanted to conquer the Marl Galaxy as soon as possible?”

Sean said breathlessly, “He’s just spouting words. It’s not only his decision.”

“And what if the other side wants to invade?”

Sean’s expression was frozen, he frowned at Aidan, “What did you hear?”

Aidan shrugged, “I just think this stalemate can’t go on forever, last time the general was ambushed by the Marl Galaxy team.” He said indifferently, “If you want to fight, then hurry up and fight, after the fight to recover the opposite, I can also go over to do research, if not, then hurry up to say and build diplomatic relations.”

The only thing that made Sean feel helpless was the crazy attitude of scientific research, but he was not surprised, “War is not something that can be taken lightly, not to mention that we know very little about the Marl Galaxy, and it is obviously difficult to make peace and establish diplomatic relations. Not to mention that the hearts of those who are not our people will be different, just to say that the ‘ancestral stones’ resources. The Ya’an Empire is unlikely to share its cake, so maintaining such a situation is the most desirable at the moment.”

Aidan inclined his head, “But I feel that Theodore III is not thinking that way. This year’s military competition, Theodore III is ready to directly form anarmy of conquest?”

This matter Sean heard his own mate Admiral Von vaguely mention a little, but the military department led by Ewan apparently did not agree with this, and also rejected Theodore III’s proposal. In this regard, Sean was a bit worried. Not because of the conquest of the Marl Galaxy, but because the relationship between the royal family and the military ministry was now a little too tight, especially on this issue.

Although Sean had long been separated from his own family, but after all, he was of noble origin, and occasionally heard the noble’s side of the wind.

The old school nobility, led by the royal family, had long been dissatisfied with the power of the military, especially Ewan, the new general was indifferent to nobility.

Sean felt that Theodore III’s obsession in the matter of conquering the Marl Galaxy Department, the purpose was not in the Marl Galaxy Department, but the Ministry of War. “These things General has his own plans, let’s get back to the matter of spiritual power…”


The weekend belongs to the holiday, especially for the new recruits. Nowadays they still had a small amount of tasks, but they could deploy their own time during the weekend, and also could leave the military department. However, Baylor’s class, the 68th, was a bit different.

Early in the morning on weekends, they went to the training ground in groups and started training on their own. This was a surprise to the soldiers of previous classes. Are they all rolling like this now? Are the newcomers all so desperate?

At this moment if the microphone was given to a recruit of the 68th class, that person would have a lot to say. They wouldn’t want to roll like this if they could. But apparently not.

And it all started with last week’s weekend.

On the weekend of last week, everyone was still happily going out to have fun, after all, they were all young people in their early twenties, and had successfully entered the military, and were looking at life on the road to prosperity, so they had to have a good time, right? However, after playing, someone suggested a stroll through the Ministry. Thinking about it now, they felt regret, after all, sometimes ignorance was also a kind of happiness.

The reason was that at that time they strolled around, they arrived near the training ground, and then unintentionally saw that the beautiful omega-like peach plum was in an isolated corner of the gym, weight training.

That moment, because they were out to play, their hearts became uncomfortable. Although they know that Baylor’s physical ability lagged behind theirs, they knew Baylor’s strength better. Baylor’s physical ability was poor, but he was a strong fighter, and was still the first in their class! But while they were playing, Baylor was still training hard.

From that evening, the recruits of the 68th class unconsciously began to pay attention to Baylor’s movements. They told each other when Baylor was out training again, that he wouldn’t be back until 12:00 pm…

So, they found out that Baylor did not do this only one day, but every day he gave himself extra training. And in the midst of the physical training on weekdays, the youth’s progress was visible to the naked eye.

Every time they saw Baylor, Baylor was either on his way to training or on his way back to the dormitory after training. No one could have expected Baylor to work so hard.

Baylor, as an omega, had lower physical fitness and it was also reasonable. Not to mention, he was not much worse, he could be called a marksman with his shooting strength, and in the test, he also showed superhuman combat skills. He also successfully took the title of honorary newcomer.

To be honest, Baylor had too many reasons to relax and rest. However, he was the hardest working of all. So hard that everyone thought it was unnecessary. But after the initial awe and incomprehension, only admiration and self-examination remained.

People who were better than themself were working hard, so what reason did they have to waste time? At first there were only two or three people who couldn’t sit still and started to give themselves extra training during the breaks as well. Later this team gradually expanded and became a tacit agreement belonging to the 68th class.

So the 68th became the most peculiarly drawn session in history. Because of the special experience of the examination, which resulted in internal struggle and division of this class being almost non-existent, it was the most united class in history. At the same time, the diligent training habits that they developed as soon as they joined the military made the 68th class the class with the highest average achievement.

Among these fifty students, one admiral, three lieutenant generals, eight major generals, and fifteen majors would emerge one after another. It was eventually called the Star Class.

And today was just one day of their countless efforts.

“Let’s do some practical training in pairs today after the basic training, there have been some days without any practical training.” Someone suggested.

Shiyel nodded and responded, “Sure, I’ll see how many people want to participate and group them up then.” Then as soon as he turned his head, he asked Kana first, “Kana, do you want to participate?”

“Yes.” Kana immediately answered, although she had been quite afraid of the actual battle. After agreeing, she asked with some concern, “Has anyone seen Baylor today?”

When Kana asked, everyone recalled carefully and realized that the culprit who caused them to roll up didn’t seem to be out of the dorm today. One of the omega recruits living on the same floor as Baylor said, “I didn’t hear any movement in his dorm this morning, and when I went out I felt like he wasn’t up yet.”

“Is that strange?”

Someone immediately seized the opportunity to say, “That’s good, let’s train while he’s still asleep! That way we can surpass him a little!”

“Come on, come on, come on! Don’t waste time, let’s get moving!”

Kana laughed dryly. It was… It didn’t have to be like that. 

It was true that Baylor hadn’t left the dorm. It was nine o’clock in the morning, and normally he would have been at the training ground by this time, but today he had more important things to do. With his hands clasped in front of his belly, Baylor was lying straight and regular. To be honest, it looked a bit scary to the eyes of the onlookers.

But it’s a good thing no one else was around, otherwise they would have been unable to control the desire to call the police. But this was Baylor’s habit, he used to use this meticulous posture to focus his mental energy.

Focusing his attention back on himself, as his consciousness gradually sinks, Baylor tries hard to make a mental link with Super Wolf lying next to him. The doghouse he set up for Super Wolf in the spirit world was still empty, and his consciousness seems to be walking in a fog, without the feeling of being able to reach Super Wolf.

It was like being imprisoned in this body.

The connection with Super Wolf was also extremely weak, like a wandering thread, only allowing him to feel the presence of Super Wolf. Baylor frowned, and his consciousness reluctantly extended in the direction of Super Wolf along the wandering wire, but as soon as he tried, his brain felt like a pinprick of pain when Super Wolf first approached him.

If he continued to try and break through that barrier, he’d get a sharp stabbing pain, as if his brain was going to explode in the next second.

Baylor opened his eyes, but found that he was soaked to the bone from the pain.

Super Wolf next to him also felt it and licked Baylor’s face soothingly. He opened his eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling, remembering what he had just felt. Even for Baylor, the pain that struck straight to his soul had left him in a state of distress. However, he felt that if he could break through that barrier, Super Wolf should be able to return to his body.

So he gritted his teeth and simply closed his eyes again and made the attempt.

Just when Baylor was wandering on the edge of letting his mental power collapse and pushing his limits, the sound of communication coming from the terminal stopped his crazy behavior.

Half an hour later, a freshly showered Baylor appeared in Ewan’s hover car. But because of the previous mental torture, he looked sickly, not much spirit.

Beside Baylor, Ewan was dressed in civilian clothes, his forehead hair fell, blurring the severe eyebrows, and looked much more approachable. While typing in the target location, Ewan looked askance at Baylor’s listless appearance, “Didn’t sleep well last night?” 

Ewan remembered Baylor’s shallow sleep, easily disturbed by the sound of the habit, he began to think up whether the sound insulation of the dormitory was not good enough. Would the sound of the corridor outside disturb Baylor’s sleep?

He didn’t care much about this kind of thing when he was living in the private quarters, plus he didn’t stay in the private quarters for too long. He was soon promoted and went to the officers’ quarters, so he forgot what the soundproofing in the private quarters was like.

He thought maybe he should increase the soundproofing.

Baylor leaned back in his chair, his temples were aching, he smelled Ewan’s fresh pheromone in the car, the pain eased a little, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It’s okay, where are we going?”

Ewan started the hover car, the vehicle rose smoothly to secondary driving height, he looked at Baylor again, before slowly saying, “It’s the weekend, occasionally you need a break.”

Baylor leaned his hand on the window and put his face up, “I didn’t go to training today either.”

However, he was planning to go in the afternoon.

Ewan was indeed a little surprised by this, he was going to go to the training ground to find him. He asked, “Isn’t it boring to be in the army headquarters all day?”

Baylor looked at Ewan curiously, “You spend all day in the military and you ask me that question?”

Ewan looked at the scenery flying past in front of the windshield window, buildings, white clouds, being a workaholic and hating to live directly in the military department, the general fell into silence at this moment. Ewan certainly did not feel bored, but he hoped Baylor felt bored, after all, only then Baylor would come to him.

Since the last time Ewan told Baylor that he could go to him when he was in a bad mood, he had been waiting for the day when Baylor would go to him on his own initiative. After all, Baylor had gone to Julius on his own initiative.

But Ewan found that Baylor was too obsessed with training lately, and he even suspected that if it weren’t for the existence of the dormitory, Baylor would have just bunked down on the floor at the training ground. Ewan initially wanted Baylor to focus on training and not waste his fighting talent.

But he now felt that Baylor was a little too focused.

The two of them were obviously in the military, but what’s wrong with only seeing each other at night when they have extra training?

Thinking about it, Ewan said breezily, “My office is on the 31st floor of the military building, the one at the far end.”

Baylor wondered, “Oh.” 

Then what?

Ewan said suggestively, “I’m always in my office.”

Baylor raised an eyebrow, and with a slight silence, he wondered, “You’re not busy?”

I thought Ewan was busy. Often in meetings and then running around.

“…” Ewan pursed his lips and then looked at Baylor with a cool glance.

Baylor: ?

Ewan changed the subject directly and said, “Let’s eat later.”

Baylor asked, “Are we still going to the same restaurant as last time?” He liked the food there, it’s light and fresh.

Ewan glanced at Baylor’s vaguely expectant look, he raised his eyebrows slightly, and asked indifferently, “You ate it yesterday, haven’t you had enough?”

Baylor remembered the ‘takeaway’ that Weifield had sent over last night, and in fact he had already drunk the nutrient solution at that moment, but he did like the seafood very much, so he finished it happily. After eating, he also politely thanked Aynor.

Then he heard a complaint from Aynor.

“I love that restaurant.” Baylor finished answering Ewan’s question and asked, “Aynor said he came to see me a couple of times and was blocked, and that the military department doesn’t allow outside visitors?”

Ewan looked straight ahead, “The military is an important military place, of course it does not allow casual visitors.” After a pause, he said without moving, “Moreover, he is not very familiar with you. You saved him before only because of his pheromone, seeing him or not has nothing to do with it. Aren’t you busy with training?”

Ewan’s voice was flat, not giving away the slightest emotion.

But the normally sluggish Baylor was unexpectedly perceptive at this moment. Because he remembered what Ewan said to himself after the last accident in the restaurant. Did Ewan not want him to see Aynor?

Ewan did not take Baylor to the same restaurant they went to last time. After all, they had already eaten last time, and since Baylor had enjoyed the ‘take-out’ yesterday, Ewan still wanted to take Baylor for a change. But Ewan still remembered Baylor’s taste, so he still picked a restaurant with a lighter taste.

When he got out of the car, Baylor’s mind was still thinking about what Ewan had just said, and after hesitating, he said to Ewan seriously, “I won’t two-time you until the temporary mark is gone.”

Baylor was not a fool, he could obviously feel the possessiveness Ewan felt for him. But it was hard for Baylor to imagine that Ewan’s possessiveness came from loving him. It’s just that for him, who had a canine spiritual body, it was not hard for Baylor to understand Ewan’s possessiveness over something he had marked.

After all, for canines, anything that was tainted with his own scent was his own.

Ewan was slightly stunned, not expecting Baylor to suddenly talk about this matter. But once the temporary mark disappeared… Ewan’s eyebrows furrowed slightly unpleasantly. The thought that his smell on Baylor would disappear, from the physical to the psychological, he felt a strong rejection and displeasure.

But when he met Baylor’s sincere and honest gaze, Ewan’s heart was flooded with regret.

Although Baylor seemed to be unconcerned now, occasionally late at night when Ewan thought about that conversation, he always regretted it. His tone at the time was too forceful. Especially after learning that Baylor did not want to move on.

He simply did not have any position to say something like that, no wonder Baylor would be puzzled by his attitude. So, to Baylor’s surprise, Ewan suddenly lowered his eyes and looked at him. The half-closed goose-gray eyes only contained his own figure, as if it were the whole world.

Ewan’s voice had always been a mellow but not dark clear, like the sound of the waves of the sea. And at this time that voice tone slightly deep, “I was in a bad mood that day, and if my words hurt you, I apologize. You don’t have to forgive me. But I won’t be like that again.”

Before this, Ewan could hardly imagine himself unable to control his emotions because of a particular incident, and a particular person. His pride and joy in self-control had never worked in Baylor’s presence. Although that day, he also misunderstood Baylor’s change of heart to himself, so he lost control of that.

But he didn’t want to make excuses for himself. In any case, he should not allow his anger to lose its reins and hurt people wantonly. Or hurt the people he cared about.

Ewan sighed faintly and said it again, “I’m sorry.”

Baylor rarely received such a solemn apology. It was still spontaneous. Usually all the apologies he heard came from people begging for forgiveness. The only two times he’d heard it had been from Ewan, the first time at the pool, when Ewan had apologized for hiding his identity, and the second time now.

Baylor averted his eyes uncomfortably, his ears burning slightly as he took a step forward, then said, unconcerned, “What’s there to apologize for? I’m not that petty.”

He had heard worse words than that. Even that day was not so bad. It’s just that he did feel very angry that day. But it didn’t have much to do with those words. It had more to do with Ewan himself. For some reason, that’s how Baylor felt.

If it was another person who said that to Baylor. He would have felt less than a fart. But because it was Ewan, he was angry. He just couldn’t figure out why. 

With his eyes downcast, Baylor walked forward inattentively, his mind pondering the question. He thought maybe in his mind he had always treated Ewan as a partner, and that’s why it was so different. After all, Ewan was recognized by Super Wolf, and in the sentinel’s eyes, people who were recognized by their own spiritual body were their own people.

At this time, Ewan followed behind Baylor, watching the autumn light but not blinding sunlight enveloped in Baylor’s body. The monotonous colors of autumn were beginning to become even more uncomfortable with Baylor’s lushness. It was as if the world was moving into autumn, but the colors that had gone from summer remained on Baylor’s body.

In the gap between the black hair over the cold white skin, was the splendid splendor that makes everyone’s heart long for. Not just Julius, but Ewan could understand Aynor’s obsession for Baylor.

After all, he felt the same.

In order to prevent the last fan meeting from happening again, this time Ewan booked a private room. Sitting in the booth, he ordered the food according to Baylor’s preference. Ewan’s fingers lightly tapped the table, a little thought, he said in a serious tone, “But I still think you should not get too close to Aynor.”

“Why?” Baylor’s eyes retracted from the window and looked at Ewan.

“You care about Aynor only because he’s an S-class alpha,” Ewan said scatteredly with a collected look, “but he has so many fans, you’ll get into a lot of trouble if you get involved with him.” With a slightly heavier tone, he emphasized, “It’s not worth it for his pheromone.”

Kind of makes sense. Baylor raised an eyebrow to signal Ewan to continue.

“Since you need an S-grade alpha pheromone, shouldn’t you find a safer one?” Ewan said with a serious face.

Baylor followed his words and asked, “What’s safe?”

Ewan’s voice was slow, carrying a convincing charm of its own, “First, it has to be close enough to be safe.”

Baylor nodded. Indeed, who knew when he would need S-grade alpha pheromone? Water from afar couldn’t put out a fire nearby, so one did have to find one close by.

Fingers snapping rhythmically on the table, Ewan continued, “Secondly, the man has the right to make his own decisions.”

Baylor’s eyes showed some confusion, what does this mean?

Receiving Baylor’s doubts, Ewan explained, “Like Julius, he is the crown prince, he must be married to a nobleman, and whoever he associates with will be under the jurisdiction of the royal family.”

Baylor had not wanted to find Julius, so many S-class alpha, why would he want to provoke a country’s prince? The time to get into trouble is not good to run away. Then Baylor subconsciously asked, “Then who is more suitable?”

Ewan withdrew his gaze, he said indifferently, “Didn’t you say before that you wanted to make a deal with me to provide you with pheromone at regular intervals?”

Baylor opened his mouth slightly, there was such a thing, before going to the military examination he asked, the results he had almost forgotten.

“I wasn’t sure why you needed it in the first place-” the low voice carried a few spare moments from the scattered tone, “-but since it was for your safety, I promise you.” With an abrupt lift of his eyes, Ewan’s eyes clutched Baylor’s gaze and a few emotions leaked into his voice as he said, “Our temporary mark can become permanent.”

Baylor did not expect Ewan to agree so easily, he was a little suspicious, “Really?” 

You’re not going to go back on your word again?

“Yes.” Ewan changed the subject, “But you have to promise one thing.”


Ewan twirled his fingers around the wall of his cup and said, “No one else’s pheromone.”

What’s the point of thinking about someone else’s pheromone when you already have his?

Baylor nodded his head and agreed decisively, “Yes.” But at the same time he also put forward his own requirements, “If one day, you do not want to, you say it straight, and I will not rely on you.” 

Don’t avoid him on purpose, like before.

Ewan slightly hooked the corner of his mouth, “Okay.” He lifted the cup to his mouth in time to block out the slight leakage of his emotions.

However, at this moment, Baylor suddenly asked, “So if I have your pheromone, can I go play with someone else?”

Ewan paused in his movements. He raised an eyebrow, “Like what?”

Baylor blinked, “Like the last time I went out to dinner with the Prince.” He said very crisply, “I’m not interested in his pheromone at all.”

Poor Julius. Ewan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at that statement.

“…” Ewan said with difficulty, “It’s your freedom to make friends… It’s just that…” Ewan frowned as he stared at Baylor and asked with concern, “Why didn’t you look for me?”

Baylor’s mouth twitched, he was just asking a casual question, trying to figure out where the line was.

Ewan once again stressed, “My office is on the 31st floor of the War Office.”

They were so close to each other, why would they want to go far away? For a moment, Baylor thought Ewan looked a bit like Super Wolf, who was usually lonely and pawing at him to make his presence known. He shook his head, it must be an illusion.


Ewan brought Baylor out, in addition to wanting to take Baylor to rest and eat some good food, there was another thing. That was to take Baylor with him to Sean’s house.

This was what Sean had asked for early in the morning because they needed to discuss the matter of Baylor’s spiritual power together. So after dinner, Ewan took Baylor around a few times, and when it was almost sunset, Ewan didn’t send Baylor back, but took him all the way to the southern suburbs.

Sean and Admiral Von did not like the hustle and bustle of the city, according to them, since they were older, they could not listen to the noise, and liked the quiet. But one of the main reasons was that they don’t like to be disturbed by others.

When living in the city, whether because of Sean or because of Admiral Von, there were always people visiting from time to time. Although they could refuse to accept anyone, if it were to happen too often, it was always troublesome. So they simply moved to the extremely remote southern suburbs, away from the city, a full two hours of driving away.

Baylor, due to his morning toss with his spiritual power, he was already tired. Super Wolf was lazy and could not raise his spirit. Smelling Ewan’s comforting pheromone, Baylor leaned directly against the car window and fell into a shallow sleep. He felt Ewan flatten his chair and cover him with a shirt, but Baylor only slightly lifted a slit in his eye, and when his hand left, he closed his eyes again and went back to sleep.

When he arrived at his destination, Baylor didn’t wait for Ewan to call him, and when he heard the faint sound of the engine disappear, he opened his eyes sorrowfully and propped himself up, the jacket he had been covered with and belonged to Ewan, was sliding to the side.

“Are we there yet?” Baylor asked with weariness.

“Yes.” Ewan replied softly, he rarely saw Baylor fall asleep in the car. It seemed that today Baylor was really a bit tired.

“I told Mr. Sean that we will not go back today and stay overnight here.” The road was so far away, which was fine on weekdays, but Baylor was so tired today, and going back for another two hours will inevitably delay Baylor’s rest.

Baylor nodded carelessly, he unbuckled his seat belt and opened the car door to get out. Super Wolf also took advantage of Baylor’s open door to jump out of the car, and then propped up on the ground with a big lazy stretch.

The place where Sean lived was halfway up the hill, with the yellow leaves of the forest surrounding the small manor house, and it was already night time, and the cold scent of the woods wrapped around Baylor, making him feel very comfortable.

At that moment, a few barking sounds came from the small garden. Super Wolf immediately pricked up his ears and ran towards the small garden with his tail wagging.

It was two small and medium-sized dogs, no pedigree, one black and one yellow, both were wild dogs that Admiral Von picked up on the side of the road. The black one was called Luxury, the yellow one was called Money, there was no meaning to the name, basically Admiral Von’s head was a flash of light at the time, what word came to mind, and that became their names.

“Don’t be loud, don’t be loud.” Even at home, Admiral Von still dressed very neatly, shirt buttons to the top one, hair to be combed meticulously, always a look of rigid old-fashionedness.

Sean was very annoyed with Admiral Von, but sometimes it made him want to bully him. After all, what he liked to do at night was to force Admiral Von to be messy.

Admiral Von said to the two barking dogs, “Can’t you recognize the general? You’re so noisy in the woods. People in the neighborhood will be frightened.”

“There’s probably no one around here.” Ewan took his coat and closed the car door. He stepped on the original path towards the small garden, looking at the Super Wolf who wagged his tail at Luxury and Money and made an inviting pose to play. Ewan smiled slightly. Raising his eyes, worried that Admiral Von would notice the strange behavior of his two dogs, Ewan took the lead and said, “Where is Mr. Sean?”

“He’s cooking.” Admiral Von looked curiously at the omega that was looking around. Although he had known about Baylor’s existence for a long time, this was actually the first time he had seen the omega that had caused their General Ironwood to blossom.

He did look very special.

Ewan looked over, his expression complicated, “Cooking?”

Admiral Von gave a heavy nod, but then he said very kindly, “I did most of it.”

Ewan then put his mind at ease.

Sean grew up in the aristocracy, was spoiled, even after the family went to war, his cooking was not good from birth until now. Ewan could usually tolerate the taste of salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce and vinegar, but Baylor was surprisingly sensitive to the taste of food, so to let him eat that kind of food, he was afraid that Baylor would lift the table.

So a few steps behind, Ewan whispered to Baylor, “Don’t eat or talk nonsense later.”

Baylor was still curiously looking at the furnishings of the house. He had never seen such a chaotic style of place, hearing Ewan’s admonition, he felt it was slightly strange. But soon he understood what Ewan meant.

The dining table was a long table, because there were not many guests on weekdays, so nearly half of the long table had all kinds of miscellaneous items on it. There were condiments, cups, and sometimes a tie was casually removed. Then the other half was set up with their dinner today.

Most of it looked pretty normal, but one of the plates was like a pot wash, a light brown liquid with some veggies and a dark brown, battered ’round cake’.

Baylor’s sense of smell was very keen, so he could accurately tell what was in it by the aroma; it had a strange paste and strange salty scent. He subconsciously looked over at Ewan, Did your teacher blow up the kitchen?

Ewan looked back plaintively, Now it’s your teacher, too.

Sean closed the kitchen door, blocking out the chaos inside, smoothing down the loudly flared apron and tossing it aside as he greeted them, “Sit down. I’ve been waiting for you guys for a while.”

Baylor and Ewan sat to one side, opposite them was Admiral Von, and Sean, who sat at the main seat of the long table, was very convenient for him to load everyone’s food.

When Sean filled a bowl of that ‘pot wash’ for Baylor, Ewan didn’t wait for Baylor to raise his hand and immediately took the bowl and said, “He has a light taste, I’ll take this.”

Sean thought about it, he did make it pretty heavy, and shrugged, “Okay.”

Baylor breathed a sigh of relief. Then Baylor unconsciously looked at Ewan with admiration as Sean told them to hurry up and try it. Ewan took a bite of the batter-colored round patty without changing his face and felt very emotional.

This was actually meatloaf.

Admiral Von honestly and sincerely said, “Sean, I can actually tell this is meat! Your cooking skills have improved a lot!”

Sean reached out and filled Admiral Von’s bowl with another big spoonful, propped himself up and looked at his mate, “Shut up if you’re not going to eat.”

Other than Sean’s dish, the other dishes were fine for Baylor. This was because Ewan had long talked to Admiral Von about Baylor’s taste, so Admiral Von deliberately made it light.

After the meal, Sean left the house robots to clean up the mess and then said to Admiral Von, “Von, you can help them out with a guest room.” Turning to Ewan and Baylor, he said, “Come into the study with me.” As he walked toward the study, Sean said, “There may be a way to deal with Baylor’s psychic powers.”


The author has something to say: 

Sean: Von, go clean the [a] guest room.

I actually think people will be a little tired of reading…


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