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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The training pod was certainly not broken. Ewan was able to rule out the possibility of a ‘malfunction’ by demonstrating it in person. Baylor looked at the mecha, which was like wood under his control, and it moved like Ewan’s own body under his control. He opened the pod, rested his hand on the seat, and gestured reluctantly to Ewan, “Come on out, I’ll try again.”

Ewan slowly and methodically unhooked the sensor rings on both wrists, and he got up to give up his seat. Then after Baylor sat in, he stepped in and put the sensor ring on for Baylor, and as the ring ‘snapped’ on, he admonished, “Don’t be too impatient.” 

Sometimes when one was impatient, one’s mind was in turmoil, which could lead to inconsistent sensing.

Baylor frowned, put on the conduction screen glasses, clear face serious. The training pod closed again, the interior darkened, and then Baylor’s eyes once again saw the wide, flat expanse of land. Huge environmental data into his brain, it was like a computer mainframe suddenly appeared a few dozen G of data files, there was a strong sense of incongruity.

But he did not have the pain and rapid onset of fatigue that a normal person would feel when faced with such a large amount of information, as he did when doing the mental strength test, Baylor took on this huge amount of data very easily. The problem, however, was that he didn’t know how to get the mecha moving.

His mental energy was mobilized, but it was limited to himself. He was able to know in an instant the humidity in the air, the direction of the wind, the movement of the grass at 1,000 meters… Yet it was impossible to communicate his thoughts.

Fifteen minutes passed.

Sean looked at the motionless mecha on the screen and his expression froze. What’s going on here? It should be able to move a bit.

Sean turned to Ewan and asked, “How long did it take you to get started?”

Ewan was silent and didn’t answer. He was able to make the mecha work smoothly when he first touched the training pod. Baylor had a very powerful mind, so there was no way he couldn’t control the mecha.

“Are we being too hasty?” Sean wondered.

Ewan just looked at the pod and waited for almost twenty minutes before sighing inaudibly. Ewan walked over to the pod and pressed the button to open it. The door opened and Ewan lowered his eyes to look at Baylor who was looking at him. He said, “Come on out.”

Baylor wrinkled his brow, obviously not willing.

“There’s no use rushing, come out and discuss it first.”

Baylor’s expression loosened slightly, taking the sensing ring off his wrist as he stepped out of the training pod.

Sean greeted him, “How are you feeling?”

Baylor pursed his lips and said, “It’s weird, I can feel the information mecha is sending me, but I can’t get my commands out.” After a pause, he described it, “It’s like it can’t hear me.”

Sean froze slightly, this was a situation he had never encountered before. He’d seen patients who couldn’t handle the amount of information that led to brain damage, or who were so lost in the sheer volume of information that they couldn’t manipulate it accurately, causing the mecha to look like a damaged cerebellum. But it was the first time he had seen one that could perfectly bear the huge amount of data, but could not create a two-way connection with the mecha.

But Baylor’s mental power was already extremely unusual.

Sean said immediately, “That’s it for today. I’ll go check the literature and see if there are any similar cases.” Maybe there were records of similar situations. Sean barked and left with a heavy heart, “You guys practice something else today.” 

Baylor watched Sean’s back as he left, his face tense and sullen. He subconsciously looked at Ewan, and then he ran into a thoughtful look.

Ewan asked with care, “Baylor, you told me yesterday that your mental power is occasionally unstable, so you need S-alpha pheromone, right?”

What’s this all of a sudden? Baylor, who was in a disturbed mood because of his big frustration with mecha training, nodded casually, “Hmm.”

Since that’s the case… Ewan stared seriously at Baylor, and he asked point blank, “So, are you mentally normal now?”

Baylor froze, his eyes staring blankly.

Ewan analyzed, “Your mental power is different from normal, since you would have the need to use S-grade alpha pheromone to stabilize your mental power, is it possible that you also have a mental power abnormality right now? Is that why it caused you to be unable to make a two-way connection of your mental power?” He watched Baylor’s expression change rapidly, and Ewan asked tentatively, “Do you have a clue?”

Yes. When Ewan said that, Baylor did remember something. His mental power was indeed not in its normal state now.

Ewan knew that Baylor must have thought of something, and he asked, “Do you know what’s going on?”

“It’s Super Wolf,” Baylor replied subconsciously.

Ewan was slightly stunned, not understanding how this could be related to Super Wolf.

At that moment, the big gray and white dog who was watching Animal Planet in the middle of Baylor’s dorm room grinned and stuck his tongue out, his ice-blue eyes focused on the two male wolves fighting over the female wolf in the screen, occasionally letting out a few devoted barks.

Stupid! Hit it below! Oops, this time it was estimated to lose, its mate can only be lost. Vow to defend mate even to death, punk!

Its tail swayed slightly, its ears turned like a sail, and it blinked its eyes. It felt as if the boss was thinking about itself eh. Then it also think about the boss well. That bit of missing was fleeting, paws scratching his head, Super Wolf quickly went back to Animal Planet.

Ewan looked at Baylor’s thoughtful appearance and asked, “What does your mental power have to do with Super Wolf?”

Of course there was a relationship. Super Wolf was his spiritual body, and even now his spiritual body had not succeeded in returning to his body.

Baylor ignored Ewan’s question, he was enlightened by Ewan’s words just now, his spiritual power was indeed in an abnormal state, the loss of his spiritual body had caused a huge part of his spiritual power to be missing, and… His one-way connection with mecha was like his current state with Super Wolf. He could feel Super Wolf’s presence, but Super Wolf could not feel him.

Clutching his shoulders, Baylor’s mind was filled with confusion, and he frowned in confusion. So the question is, how was he going to get his mental power back completely? How could he get Super Wolf back into his body?

In the beginning, Super Wolf left his body because his body could not bear such a huge amount of spiritual power, out of self-protection, Super Wolf left. In fact, at the beginning, whenever Super Wolf came near him, he would get a splitting headache.


Thoughts floating around, Baylor’s eyes focused on Ewan.

He remembered that profound night.

Until – Ewan temporarily marked him, leaving that S-rank alpha pheromone inside his body, Super Wolf approached himself, that mental power did not produce a riot. Could it be…

“What’s wrong?” Ewan saw that Baylor was deep in thought and looked at him with a strange gaze, as if… He was a plate of food, and there was a simple desire in it.

“Well, nothing.” Baylor said perfunctorily, “That’s enough for today, I’ll go back.”

He had to go back and think about it with Super Wolf.

Ewan watched Baylor’s back suspiciously, he had a bad feeling. Ewan was going to go back to his office, however, on the way, his terminal rang.

“General, the guards at the entrance said that the film emperor Aynor is here again, and this time he said he is looking for Mr. Baylor, look…”

Since the last time Aynor came to the military headquarters to try to find a chance to see Baylor, Ewan specially instructed the guards to report directly to Weifield if Aynor came, no matter what he did. When he heard Weifield’s briefing, Ewan raised his eyebrows.

I can’t believe he’s not gone yet. Aynor certainly won’t go away easily.

The day in the restaurant Baylor refused to give up his own look vividly, later in order to learn more about Baylor’s situation, but also deliberately let Eric relay some of Baylor’s performance in the test. Although he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he was able to outline Baylor’s stern and confident fighting posture in his mind just by listening to Eric’s words.

 Aynor regretted that he had not watched the test live and missed Baylor’s exciting fight. But he thought that meeting at the restaurant and being attacked together was his destiny with Baylor.

He should have met Baylor earlier. This was a man after his own heart.

Carrying an exaggerated lunch box containing Baylor’s favorite food as revealed in his communications, Aynor stood in the waiting room in the front yard of the military headquarters waiting for Baylor to come out. At this time of the day, Baylor must have just finished training and should be eating.

Recently, he had been exchanging messages with Baylor from time to time, so he knew that Baylor had trained very hard. That’s why Aynor thought of buying Baylor something good to eat. He felt that Baylor would not eat properly.

Aynor looked up at the door, but it was not Baylor he was waiting for, but a strange officer, “Mr. Aynor, please leave.”

Aynor didn’t even have to think about it, he sneered, “Doesn’t General have anything to do? Staring at the gate of the military headquarters all day long?”

The officer frowned slightly, “Please be careful with your words, Mr. Aynor.” After that, he said, “Mr. Aynor, the military headquarters is not a tourist attraction, and not everyone is allowed to enter. Anyone who comes to harass us again and again – it is illegal.”

The officer’s unmistakable voice turned Aynor’s face blue. But Baylor was in the military… In that man’s jurisdiction. Aynor knew that he would not see Baylor again today, so he simply stood up and left.

“Mr. Aynor, your things.”

“That’s for Baylor.” Aynor snorted, “If you don’t want to give it to him, then do as you please.”

Ewan looked at Aynor and saw the name of the restaurant on the box and his eyes narrowed slightly. This was clearly the seafood restaurant he took Baylor to eat. A sourness surged in his heart, it would not be possible for him to know that Baylor liked that place unless he was told.

Weifield watched Ewan stare at the lunch box as if he wanted to dig a hole through it. He suggested, “Why don’t we just throw it away?”

Ewan took a deep breath and held back the sourness in his heart as he said, “Take it to Baylor.”

Weifield froze, doubting his ears, “To him?”


Baylor had mentioned the restaurant to Aynor, and must have said so because he liked it.

Baylor was in a bad mood today because of his mecha training setback, so it was good to eat something he liked.

Weifield took the lunch box, hesitated, and asked, “So… Do you want to say who sent it?”

Ewan was silent for a few seconds, frowning, “Yes.”

Why not say, anyway, in Baylor’s eyes, it was just a S-class alpha pheromone. Staring at the lunch box, Ewan made a decision after a cold snort in his mind. Tomorrow, I will simply take Baylor to eat fresh food.


The author has something to say: 

Ewan: Anyway, Aynor was just an S-rank alpha pheromone to Baylor.

Although he was also (smile).

On the Useless Climbing Mind of Humans.


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January 19, 2023 4:57 pm

LOL S-Class Alpha, if only Baylor understood.
Although taking Baylor to the restaurant is a very good move. Hope you guys don’t forget to wear disguises! Lest you want fans chasing you both!

January 19, 2023 7:45 pm

It’s seems Baylor is making some sort of connection between himself, super wolf and Ewan. As long as Ewan plays nice and shows some affection, perhaps they will finally come together ❤️ Time for another marking?!❤️❤️ Thanks for updating 💜

January 20, 2023 1:58 am

Well that didn’t go as expected.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 12, 2023 3:49 am

Time for bite #2?

Official LMW release!

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