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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Sean’s study was surrounded by windows on three sides, and outside the windows were woods that looked deeper and deeper in the night. On the desk in the study were the materials Sean had accumulated last night from his mental power investigation.

The door closed, Sean sat on the fabric sofa, crossed his legs, the movement was casual and relaxed, but did not lose his elegance. Sean was born into the Empire’s illustrious old-school aristocracy, the Chatrians, and the nobility he grew up with had long been engraved into his blood and bones.

Sean gestured for Baylor and Ewan to sit across from him, and then said in a soft voice, “I went to the Institute today and talked to a good friend in mental power research.”

Sean noticed that Ewan was showing some concern and disapproval, he immediately understood and added, “Don’t worry, I didn’t reveal Baylor’s situation. Their research group recently published a paper, and I just discussed with him based on a model proposed in their paper.”

Ewan’s expression eased slightly at this point, and he asked, “So what did you come up with?”

Just now in the hallway, Sean said that it might be possible to solve Baylor’s mental power problems, obviously their morning discussion was the result of something. Baylor was surprised to find that there was actually a research institute for mental power in this world. But Baylor felt that this world’s mental research should not be able to help him much, after all, he was not a person from this world, he was a sentinel.

So he was not interested in the solutions that Sean proposed. He was more concerned about Super Wolf playing with Luxury and Money in the garden. Listening to the sound it made, Baylor thought, Super Wolf came to this world and was indeed very lonely. There were no other spiritual bodies in this world, and it did not have a partner.

At this time Sean said, “Baylor, in the spiritual power test, showed a very strong tolerance. We analyze this means that Baylor’s current spiritual power is in a passive state, in short, like being sealed in a cage.”

Sean’s words immediately brought Baylor’s wandering thoughts back to his mind. He hadn’t been expecting Sean’s discovery, but what Sean was saying now eerily coincided with his current situation. Could it be that the people in that institute had really worked out something?

Sean was usually bad, but at such a critical time, he didn’t hang around, but directly opened up and announced, “To solve Baylor’s mental dilemma, we need help from outside to break the cage.” He shifted his gaze from Ewan’s body to Baylor’s, “We can force you to the critical point by applying excessive mental pressure on you to make a breakthrough in your mental power-“

“No way.” Not waiting for Baylor to answer, Ewan snatched the answer. His eyebrows were fixed and solemn, and his voice was a veto that left no room for doubt, “It’s too dangerous, there’s no need.”

So what if we don’t get a breakthrough in mental power? It’s just that he can’t operate the mecha. Even if he couldn’t operate the mecha, Baylor could still be a powerful single soldier, so why take the risk? Ewan disagreed.

Sean had expected this outcome, and he shrugged, not trying to convince Ewan, “I’m just telling you the results of our discussion today, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do.” He pondered a little and said, “To be honest, I also think this method is too dangerous.”

The purpose of excessive mental stress was to instantly instill a huge flow of information in the brain that was hundreds of times greater than the daily, as well as to force painful memories in the brain through micro-currents, and all of this was to force people into a situation where they are facing a mental breakdown. If this was done, Baylor will face great pain when he proceeds, a kind of mental pain that is separate from the physical level.

And if you are not careful, you will fall from the wire into the cliff, resulting in a mental breakdown. After all, where is the human limit so easy to break through?

Ewan felt the silence next to him, his heart moved to look to the side, then saw Baylor with a pensive face. Ewan’s heart sank.

Sean directly skipped this topic and proposed, “I think we should change Baylor’s entry to single combat in the military competition…”

However, Baylor, who had been silent, suddenly asked, “How are you going to put mental pressure on me? Like the last mental strength test?” Baylor frowned, thinking it was not very reliable, “that thing is not useful to me.” Baylor asked carefully. 

Ewan then knew that Baylor was really seriously considering this option, he looked sideways at Baylor who was a position distance away from himself and aggravated a few points of tone, “This option is not workable, no need to discuss it again.”

Baylor’s thoughts are not quite the same as Ewan’s. In the morning when he was trying to break through that mental shackle by himself, he felt that he did need a little help from an outside force. To help him reach a state of spiritual power explosion. So he ignored Ewan’s words and just looked at Sean and asked, “That instrument, can it continue to increase its power? To what extent can it be increased?”

Ewan frowned, “Baylor.”

Sean’s eyes went back and forth between Ewan and Baylor, and finally he met Baylor’s unshaken gaze and said, “Theoretically, it can be increased until you can’t take it at all.”

Baylor nodded, without a trace of hesitation as well as fear in that plaintive voice, “Then I think it’s okay to try.”

As if it was like saying you could try a new restaurant, so everyday that it didn’t match the thrill of what the words were supposed to say.

“There’s no rush.” Sean looked at Ewan’s sunken expression and said, “You can think about it before you decide.”

The discussion was over for now, and Sean left Ewan behind.

“All right, if you have anything to say, say it.” Sean knew his student very well, and once he looked at him, he knew that Ewan had something to say to him in private.

Ewan was looking out of the window at the glow of the moon in the woods with his back to Sean, and he looked cold and unhappy, “Teacher, you shouldn’t have made that offer.”

If Sean had spoken to him in advance, he would never have approved of letting Baylor know about the proposal. Sean frowned slightly and did not approve of Ewan’s words, “Ewan, you are too controlling of him. Don’t you forget that he’s not your property, nor is he a child, and Baylor has a 100% right to know about his own affairs.”

Ewan turned and looked at Sean, his lowered eyebrows adding depth to his eye sockets, “I know.” 

A slight purse of tight lips, Ewan looked at the table of information in front of him, with thin calloused fingers gently pushed back the information that was half hanging off the table. Ewan asked, “Teacher has seen Baylor’s performance in the test before, what do you think of Baylor’s fighting style?”

Sean recalled the situation, in fact, he did not need to think much, four words jumped directly to mind, Sean said, “Very sharp and deadly.”

“Right.” Ewan raised his eyes, “But the sharpness isn’t exactly towards the enemy, it is also towards himself.”

“Baylor, he doesn’t know how to protect himself.”

“Not simply reckless, but he would deliberately push himself to the line of life and death.” This was something that Ewan had not mentioned to anyone, but it had always been a thorn in his side. Recently he was guiding Baylor to change his fighting habits, in addition to wanting to make Baylor stronger, why not to be able to make Baylor that hostile aura a little more restrained?

“Now he knows to stop at the edge of life and death.” Ewan’s loosened hand tightened violently, and his loose voice was like a tightened string, sharp as an edge, “But what if one day, he doesn’t stop?”

Baylor at the moment was like someone who wanders from time to time on the edge of high places, fascinated by danger. He stands up high and looks down, resisting the urge to fall, to falter. But if one day, he didn’t resist and leapt down –

Sean was stunned, he did not know Baylor as well as Ewan, did not expect Ewan to actually have such a worry about Baylor. But when he thought back on Baylor’s actions, he couldn’t deny that Baylor did have the determination of a moth to a flame.

It was no wonder Ewan didn’t want Baylor to try a spiritual forceful breakthrough, in case the darkness lurking in Baylor’s heart was completely induced, he was afraid that during the breakthrough trial, Baylor would completely go out of control.

Sean mumbled slightly, feebly and optimistically said, “Perhaps, it’s just that you think too much, Baylor is not that fragile.”

Ewan’s mouth curved up in a mocking arc, his eyes condensed, his tone light, “Before Josh Wimble jumped, did no one think he would be so determined?”

Josh Wimble was a person who would be in tears when his finger was cut with a gash. He was afraid of pain, hardship and poverty. Too weak to be in any danger, even when abandoned, he just shed tears himself and went to the next person to cling to. One of the most decisive things he did in his life was to end his own life.

Sean spoke with a slight pause, which he did not approve of. Disregarding the fact that the man was deceased, he pointedly commented, “I think he’s always been ruthless, it’s just that he finally gave up on himself for once.”

If you are not hard-hearted, how can you leave your own child at an orphanage in order to pursue your lover, then go to the orphanage and pick them up after being abandoned, just to seek love from your own child, and then abandon them again when you fall in love again? If one was not hard-hearted, how can one be in self . Before he died, he called his own child, who was only 15 years old, to the spot and made him watch himself leap from a height without leaving a trace of mercy.

No matter how many years have passed, Sean can hardly feel anything good when he thinks of Josh Wimble as a person. He was the most selfish, irresponsible, and ruthless person he had ever met in his decades of living, of all the different kinds of people he had ever met. 

Josh Wimble had many lovers before and after, and he loved each of them to death. Even in times of need, he would also show true love for his children. But Sean knew very well that Josh Wimble’s greatest love was always himself. If it were not for Josh Wimble, Ewan would not have avoided the matter of feelings like a snake, disgusted to the extreme.

Although it was difficult to say whether Ewan was trying to avoid becoming a person as crazy about love as Josh Wimble, or was afraid of making his mate a tragedy like Josh Wimble when he rejected his feelings.

But Sean knew that deep down in Ewan’s heart, Josh Wimble was like a nightmare that was hard to get rid of. Sean also wondered how many lifetimes Ewan had been unlucky enough to stumble upon such a blood relative.

Not intending to go further on the topic of this person, Ewan returned to the subject, “Anyway, this matter of Baylor’s mental power, either find another way or leave it alone.”

Even if you can’t operate the mecha, it doesn’t matter.

Sean nodded, but he wasn’t as dictatorial as Ewan, and he said with some reserve, “It’s just that the initiative in this matter is always in Baylor’s hands.”

If Baylor wants to do it, no one can stop it. This was where Ewan’s headache came in. Baylor’s character… Ewan gave an inaudible sigh, “I’ll talk to him about it.”


Sean watched Ewan walking towards the door of the room to prepare to leave, suddenly remembered another topic in the morning conversation with Aidan, he said out his recent concerns, “The atmosphere between the military department and the royal family should not be too tense, although the royal family is now like an empty shell, but it has symbolic significance after all. On the issue of Marl Galaxy, perhaps the attitude can be more moderate.”

Ewan’s footsteps slightly paused, but did not stop. He stepped away from him firmly, “My attitude has always been clear, as long as there is a second choice, I will not choose to go to war. So the person who needs to watch their attitude is not me, but them.” Hand on the door handle, Ewan slightly raised his eyebrows, clear and shallow voice obscure, “There are times when I am glad I have such a false name as God of War.”

Because there was a god of war, others will be afraid and will not easily provoke war. After a series of thunderous measures carried out by Ewan just after he took office to win the name of God of War for him, a kind of strategic peace was ushered in Alix Galaxy. Ewan deterred the civilization in the neighboring radiation circle with his own power.

The door opened slightly stalled, Ewan thought about the recent movements of the royal family, especially thinking of the blond handsome young man who approached Baylor many times, he half narrowed his eyes, lazy voice with a point of imperceptible harshness, “But you are right, teacher, the royal family is a little too high recently.”

It was not a good idea to be a leisurely royal family that does not ask questions about the world and enjoys wealth and prosperity. Must challenge the limits of his patience.

As soon as the door to the room was opened, Ewan locked eyes with Baylor, who was standing at the end of the corridor.

Sean looked at the door that was closed after Ewan walked out, and Sean’s peachy eyes blinked speechlessly at the man’s obviously implied words. He felt that there was a reason why Ewan was attracted to Baylor.

Both of them don’t listen to people at all, or, just listen to what they want to hear. Did he mean what he just said? He was clearly asking Ewan to hold back! Ewan, on the contrary, directly misinterpreted his meaning!

Leaning back on the couch with a headache, Sean rubbed his forehead, hoping Ewan wouldn’t go too far.

Baylor was sitting on the window at the end of the hallway, and outside the window he could see Super Wolf playing with the two dogs, and Super Wolf kept teasing them with his paws because they couldn’t see him.

Luxury and Money were annoyed and barking along with the cool night breeze, going through the half-open window.

The man’s figure loomed down, with that warm body heat approaching, hand over Baylor’s eyes, Ewan reached out and closed the window. Almost locking Baylor in the window, Ewan’s voice sounded like it was coming from deep in his chest as he said, “It’s going to rain.”

“Yeah.” Baylor said casually, “Then we’ll have to call the dogs in.”

Ewan withdrew his hand and stood up straight, giving Baylor some space, “Okay, I’ll go get them.”

With that, he turned around and was ready to leave. As soon as he turned around, however, Baylor’s clear, calm voice came from behind him, “I’m not going to jump.”

Ewan’s footsteps stopped hard, his heartbeat was like thunder in that moment, like the light of day in the deep dark night. The warm yellow light on the corridor dispersed the deep blue night outside, and there was no extra sound inside the house with the windows closed, only Baylor’s clear, dry and crisp voice like snow falling, “Even if someone pushes me, I will grab that person’s foot and never easily fall to the bottom of the cliff.”

It was not because he was so attached to this earthly world. It was because he’d never been one to give in easily.

Ewan wrinkled his eyebrows and slowly turned around to look at the person sitting on the floating window, who had not moved. The complicated thoughts showed in his eyes, like a multitude of colors blended together, but eventually turned black. He wanted to ask, just now they were in the room, Baylor heard all the words?

But in his mind was the clarity of every word, swelling and glowing, occupying his every thought, making it impossible for him to organize a single word. Ewan should not trust Baylor. But he found that Baylor’s light words, like a needle in the sea, stopped the turbulence in his heart.

He could not doubt him.

He unconsciously trusted him.

Just now, Sean promised to talk to Baylor, but now he can only turn his thoughts into a silent sigh. Ewan’s eyebrows moved slightly, turning into a piece of helplessness, “You’ll try it?”

Baylor didn’t say it explicitly, but Ewan knew exactly what Baylor would say to himself. Baylor was trying to tell himself that he was ready to adopt Sean’s plan.

Baylor looked at his own reflection on the window to show some surprise, he turned his head sideways, looking back at Ewan. He said in a complicated tone, “It seems that you really understand me.”

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. The corners of Ewan’s mouth tugged, he could not easily agree to Baylor making such a dangerous attempt, but it was also really hard to refuse Baylor. In a dilemma, he could only say, “You let me think about it.”

Baylor nodded and put one foot on the ground, “You go get the dog first.”

Ewan smiled gently, “Okay.”

Watching Ewan’s back as he left, Baylor’s gaze became far-reaching.

The walls, which were not specially soundproofed, were as if they were nothing to him. Sitting on top of the window, Baylor took in the conversation between Ewan and Sean in the room, word for word. Thinking about the conversation he had just heard, Baylor shifted his eyes back to the window.

He knew that Ewan’s figure would appear a few moments later on the garden lawn he was looking at. Baylor was silent, and from the midst of those thousands of thoughts, he found it hard not to care about one thing.

Who was Josh Wimble? Baylor rarely cared about other people’s business, especially the secrets that dissolved between his lips. But he’d never heard Ewan mention a person in that tone.


“We’ve been asked by the Alliance for an update on the distribution points of the ancestral stones resource.” Sipping a small glass of wine, Admiral Von said while petting the little black dog sitting next to him, “ancestral stones have been dwindling since they were discovered, but the intelligent armed systems like mecha can’t get rid of them for the time being…”

Sean came over and interrupted the discussion between Admiral Von and Ewan about the recent situation, “This is not the military department, nor is it your office.” He said breathlessly, “Pack up and go to your room and get ready for bed.”

It was still early, just before ten o’clock, but Ewan thought of Baylor’s tired appearance today and nodded. Baylor was very popular with the dogs, and he kept flicking his hand at the other little yellow dog, causing him to open his mouth to take Baylor’s hand, which Baylor pulled up.

Super Wolf next to him was a little competitive for favor and immediately put his paws on Baylor’s hand as soon as it was held high.

Until Sean came over and called, “I’ll show you to your room.”

A few minutes later, Baylor looked at the room with a terrace, a nice view, and a queen-size bed inside and expressed his satisfaction.

Then as soon as he walked in, Sean’s voice rang out behind him and Ewan, “You’re staying here tonight, toiletries are in there, pajamas are new, and change of clothes go down the laundry chute by yourselves.”

Ewan turned his head to look at Sean and he said, somewhat helplessly, “I know how much room you have here.”

It’s not as if two people have to squeeze into one room.

Sean said with his eyes wide open, “The other rooms are being redone.” He’s locked up anyway.

Ewan crossed over to his teacher to see Admiral Von, who was open and honest. Admiral Von was behind Sean, showing Ewan a helpless gaze, saying he can’t help. Admiral Von had always stood by Sean unconditionally as long as he didn’t do anything illegal or disorderly. Even the general could not shake his position.

Baylor was not as torn as Ewan, he walked into the room, looked at Ewan still in the doorway, curiously asked, “What are you doing standing there?”

Sean heard this and glared at Ewan with hatred, “That’s right, are you a log?” Baylor did not care, what was the point dwelling on it?

Sean patted Admiral Von and said, “Von, let’s go.”

Admiral Von looked at Ewan gloatingly and followed Sean out. Usually, he was the one who was scolded for being wooden, and now it was the general’s turn.

The corners of Ewan’s mouth twitched slightly as he walked into the room and closed the door behind him. The enclosed space was left with only two people and a dog. Baylor was looking inside as if nothing had happened, indifferent to the ambiguity of two people sleeping in the same room. Ewan mocked himself in his heart. Among the two of them, who was more like wood was still uncertain.

Just then, Baylor suddenly spoke up, “We can’t sleep in the same bed.”

Ewan was slightly stunned, and was a little surprised. Could Baylor have grown a heart?

Immediately after that, he heard Baylor said, “I sleep too lightly, the person next to me will wake up when they roll over, and I will attack when I wake up.” Baylor looked at Ewan and asked seriously, “You don’t want to put your life in danger, do you?”

“No.” Ewan felt contempt for himself for thinking Baylor was enlightened in that moment, he took off his jacket and put it on the couch, “I’m not interested in fighting with you in the middle of the night.”

Baylor nodded fervently, “Me neither.”

Ewan sat down on the couch, which was short and he curled his long legs and said, “I’ll sleep on the couch tonight.”

Baylor listened to the scuffing sound of the leather as he sat down on the couch.

Baylor shook his head, “This couch is too loud.”

Ewan raised his eyes to Baylor speechlessly.

He was the one who had just agreed to use a room, and he was the one who was so nosy.

Baylor thought about it and suggested, “Why don’t we make a bed on the floor?”

Ewan: … That was very kind of him.

Baylor said indifferently, “I can sleep on the floor.”

Ewan sighed, his voice helpless, “No, you sleep on the bed.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Baylor nodded decisively and said, “Okay.”

There was no trace of politeness, it was very quick.

A lot of people would have offered the bed to the other, and Super Wolf was even more straightforward, and jumped on the bed.

Ewan was slightly stunned, and finally could only let out a soft laugh helplessly, and then got up to make his own bed. But it was clear that the night would not end so easily, especially for Ewan. He should have known that sharing a room with Baylor would only be torture for him.

As the heat filled the room, the bathroom door opened and Baylor stepped out in the pajamas Sean had prepared. Sean wasn’t so badly off that he had to prepare erotic pajamas. The style of the pajamas was normal, just a soft t-shirt with pajama pants.

The pajamas were fine.

The problem was Baylor himself.

The cold white skin in the water vapor under the baking flushed, wet black hair on the cheeks, neck, already lush and lush color more show moist and dynamic, as the siren attracted into the magic of the general.

Ewan watched the water droplets fall from the end of the somewhat long hair, hitting the exposed collarbone, and then followed the skin to hide under the collar. He felt his throat only slightly dry.

Especially when Ewan noticed that Baylor apparently did not have the patience to dry himself completely before dressing, white T-shirt fabric wet, making part of the fabric against Baylor’s torso see through, outlining a thin but darkly powerful waist.

It was him who had the problem.

Ewan averted his eyes somewhat woefully and got up from the tiled floor. He grabbed another bath towel and walked over to Baylor, then pulled it over Baylor’s head to cover the floating flush of lustful color.

“Wipe your hair dry.” He said with affection in his dark voice, “Don’t get water all over the floor.”

Baylor thought Ewan was nagging, always concerned with the smallest details. He grabbed the towel himself and rubbed it ungently on his head in a muddled manner. Then, holding the towel over his head and lifting his face, Baylor said, with little patience, “Now that’s enough.”

“Mn…” Ewan was still standing in front of Baylor, and he noticed that once he got close, he could even feel the heat and the scent of the shower gel coming from Baylor’s body.

His nose twitched, trying to find the grassy scent that he remembered so well from that scent. But even when he was so close, he didn’t smell Baylor’s pheromone. He looked at the blocker around Baylor’s neck and hid an annoyance in his slightly dark eyes, “Do you still have to wear the blocker?” Was this blocker so effective that it was somewhat unnecessary? It actually isolated the smell of Baylor’s pheromone.

Who gave Baylor this barrier in the first place? It was simply superfluous.

At this time in the imperial city in the hotel room Toynbee sneezed loudly, he looked at the sky outside, got up and closed the window. It’s going to rain. No wonder it was chilly. Was he going to catch a cold?

If Ewan did not mention it, Baylor would have completely ignored the existence of his blocker, fingers touching the soft material, he said carelessly, “It does not affect anything, I almost forgot about it.”

Ewan, on the other hand, seemed to be very concerned about his blocker. This was the second time he’d been asked about it.

Moving past Ewan, Baylor walked to the bed, threw the towel on the nightstand, stomped his feet, and took off his slippers as he climbed into bed with his back to Ewan. Resting his pillow on his back, Baylor adjusted his posture and was about to lower his head and turn on the terminal on his wrist when there was a sight so strong that it was hard to ignore.

He suddenly raised his eyelashes, the pair of clear eyes looked straight at Ewan.

Because the heart felt uncomfortable, Baylor’s eyes colored with a grumpy, “You do not go to shower? If you don’t take a shower, lie down and go to sleep.” 

What’s with standing there looking straight at him? Especially the sight… It made his back tingle.

Ewan, after a slight wobble, revealed the trembling of seeing the sky fall apart in his gaze. He felt he was finished. Baylor’s words can make him think.

Forcing himself to withdraw the gaze that made Baylor uncomfortable, Ewan walked expressionlessly to the bathroom. That day in the Crusader dining area, the young man read the indescribable part of their relationship in Ewan’s mind like a spell.

Especially the part describing Baylor wearing a blocker and fucking him. He knew that the original sin of everything was on that day. He should not have gone to the dining room that day.

The rain that had been hanging in the sky and had accumulated finally fell. This was the first rain after autumn, even with the windows closed, the coolness penetrated pervasively.

Sean likes the primitive state, so unless extreme weather, generally do not turn on the house temperature regulation system. In the winter when it snows, they prefer to raise the fire in the fireplace in the house. Ewan didn’t quite understand this kind of romance before, but now in the midst of the autumn rain, he suddenly had a glimpse of understanding.

The sound of the rain wrapped around the quiet space, Baylor lay in bed, his closed eyes were a little sore, so he opened his eyes, and saw the walls dappled with moon shadows, as if cut and broken. He thought that perhaps it was because he hadn’t shared a room with anyone for too long.

Ewan’s breathing was shallow, but it was clear to him. The room was silent, but something was always clamoring. But not to the extent that it disturbed sleep. Ewan’s cool pheromone was like a sleep aid aromatherapy, soothing his nervous mental energy and making him drowsy. But Baylor was conflicted, he wanted to sleep and did not want to sleep.

Baylor said in a rare calm tone, “I think we can try the mental power thing.”

After waiting for a long time, he did not wait for Ewan’s reply.

Baylor thought Ewan was asleep, not far from the bed came the more lazy voice of Ewan, “I got it.”

Baylor hesitated for a few seconds, thinking about the conversation he heard today, Ewan’s words of concern for himself, he finally pressed on, “Are you afraid I’ll die?”

The voice was filled with simple curiosity, like a child pointing to the stars in the sky and asking why they were glowing.

“Yes.” A faint response sounded in the room.

So that was it. So someone was afraid he would die too. Baylor closed his eyes, touched Super Wolf with one hand in the dark, rubbed it, and then let himself follow the sleep-aiding pheromone and fell into sleep.

It felt pretty good.


With the forest they were in was the same humid air, but not the same, the air here was laced with a thick wet stench as well as the stench of sewage. The sky was still so overcast that one wondered if the world would ever see the light of day, and Ewan stepped in a puddle of sewage. He knew where this place was.

This was Super Wolf’s dream. Only he hadn’t dreamed of it for a while. Was it because Super Wolf was sleeping next to him today?

Ewan looked around, then found his target in front of a broken wall. The dark-haired child was propped up against the broken wall, peering into the ruins. He seemed to be looking for something, but he didn’t say a word.

Only after Ewan approached, he heard an anxious whine coming from the other’s mouth, “Where did it go?”

While Ewan was wondering what this Super Wolf’s first owner was looking for, a still tender bark came.

Then the gray and white dog wagged its tail and ran in their direction with its now short legs.

Then Ewan saw the anxiety disappear from the child’s face, and it was clear that he was looking for Super Wolf.

But he didn’t say anything.

Just after Super Wolf ran up to him, he frowned, with displeasure on his dirty little face, “Where have you been?”

Super Wolf cocked his head and looked at the child, sensing his anger, he stretched out his paws and gently rested on the child’s feet, then flipped them over to reveal his snow-white belly. The boy looked at Super Wolf’s apologetic look, his lips pursed and cracked to some blood, and then he compromised by squatting down, reaching out and rubbing Super Wolf’s belly, and then forcing its open legs together and turning it over.

In that cold voice he lectured, “You can’t expose your fatalities to others. I’ll take a stone and you’ll be dead. You can’t die.” Holding Super Wolf in his arms, the child led Super Wolf to the other side of the ruins.

He calmly said to the dog in his arms, “I won’t abandon you, but you can’t abandon me either.”

The voice was flat, but the words were almost insistent, “I won’t mind you being a nuisance.” After thinking about it, he coldly snorted, “You probably aren’t qualified to think I’m trouble either.”

Pupils narrowed, and for a moment, Ewan almost reunited the dark-haired kid with Baylor, who had said ‘I’ve never been anyone’s burden’ within the training ground that day.

He frowned. This was not the first time he had felt this way. When he watched Baylor fight before, he also had the same feeling the two had. As he followed the young boy’s figure, Ewan’s brow was tinged with suspicion.

Super Wolf’s first master, what exactly was the relationship with Baylor?

Ewan stared at the back of the ragged, too thin to tell his actual age, his gaze inquisitive. Who was he, really? And where was this place?

Ewan tried to find some clues from the dream, but because of the dream or because the dream owner, Super Wolf, couldn’t read or write, everything in this world was very vague and looked extremely distorted, as if through a thick fog.

It was simply impossible to distinguish and there was no way to remember. He had gone to investigate before, Baylor had stayed on planet TL7 since he was a child and had never left TL7 before coming to the Ya’an Empire, not even leaving the president house much.

Baylor’s contact with people in the president’s house was also very limited. Because Baylor was the son of the sinful king, so was not popular, he grew up with few friends and not too many close relations.

Ewan even had someone investigate Baylor’s network, from his childhood nanny to his teachers and classmates, as well as those guards he came into contact with in the president’s house, none of them fit the dreamer’s profile. Baylor said that the dreamer was his teacher, but where did he know this teacher from?

The dream ended when the child returned to his place, which was a dilapidated room that barely served as a shelter and was no better than the ruins at the beginning.

Even the rebar was bare. Exposed outside. But still could be found in that broken room in some of the characteristics of the residence, such as in a swept away stone open space, there was a found some damp empty paper box, as well as some rags into the ‘bed’.

The empty box was Super Wolf’s nest, because as soon as they returned there, the child put Super Wolf inside. A second before the end of the dream, Ewan watched the child crouch down and look for something to eat among the piles of scraps, he reached out and touched the child’s head in a ghostly way.

The child raised his face, the pair of dirty, but not to hide the beauty, blue eyes met his eyes. It was as if he was aware of his presence.

The dream ended.

Little Baylor looked fixedly into the void for a few seconds, and then said to himself, “Oh, I remember, I found bread that day…”

The next day, after breakfast, Ewan, who had automatically taken over watering duties for Sean, took the watering can and carefully poured fertilizer on the roots of the bush as Sean had instructed. He said, “The spiritual breakthrough needs to be carefully planned.”

Sean, who was sitting on the iron swing in the garden, holding the little yellow dog, looked at Ewan’s back and raised his eyebrows in surprise, “Why did you change your mind in one night?”

Last night, he was so firm and said he was going to convince Baylor, but in one night, Ewan changed his mind. You know, Ewan was the most stubborn person. Sean wondered, “What did Baylor use to convince you?”

Sean ran his hands along the hair on the neck of the yellow dog, Money, and he showed some interest. Did something good happen last night?

What Sean didn’t know, however, was that Baylor had barely put in any effort. His student, as stubborn as he was, couldn’t resist a few words from Baylor.

“Baylor won’t be willing to let it go.” Ewan simply replied, “Instead of letting him run amok, let us plan.” 

There was a slight note of helplessness in his voice. This was better, at least, to have him on guard.

Sean admired Baylor’s influence in his heart as he nodded, “Okay, let’s plan it out then.”

Only, I’m afraid that no amount of planning can mitigate the risk of this matter. Sean frowned slightly, although this matter was initially proposed by him, but really to go to implement, his heart still can not help but worry up. I just hope that when the time comes, everything goes well.


The author has something to say: 

Ewan: the royal family actually want to plot a rebellion?

Little Baylor thought it was strange how this found puppy would never get dirty and didn’t need to eat. Until the teenage years, Baylor knew the knowledge of sentinel after hindsight: so this was my spiritual body.


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January 21, 2023 5:49 pm

Ahh the anxiety is starting to build. I hope Baylor has his breakthrough with out any problems. He needs to reunite with super wolf. Then Ewan and he can get together ❤️ Thank you for the update ❤️❤️

January 21, 2023 8:46 pm

I hope Ewan can awaken a spiritual body of his own someday so super wolf has someone to play with everyday. At least in other S/G novels both sides usually have spirit beasts.

January 21, 2023 9:07 pm

Loving story! Tysm for translation

January 22, 2023 7:47 am

I’ve liked the care & respect for Baylor that Ewan’s shown all through this story. Yes, he’s conflicted by feelings that he’s never had before and he’s possessive ~ but he is an Alpha and Baylor carries his temp mark. However, he’s always been first to protect, support and in wanting Baylor to grow and succeed.
Josh Wimble really damaged Ewan by his cruel and selfish actions.
I feel Ewan is getting closer to Baylor’s truth through the dreams.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 22, 2023 7:52 am

Xīnnián Hăo / Gong hei fat choy
Happy Chinese New Year!

March 12, 2023 8:29 am

I understand now why Ewan didn’t want an omega. He’s been used and traumatized by his father. Who would want to put themselves out there for someone else to abuse them. But even so, his gentle caring for Baylor is something he can’t stop doing because he really does like (love?) him.

April 27, 2023 2:27 am

It got tiresome a long time ago that despite having finally figured out that pheromones have an influence on his stability, Baylor apparently hasn’t thought of the collar as being a problem, in that it interferes with his own pheromones. The one time it was taken off after he reunited with Wolf, his situation improved… and apparently he hasn’t even thought about seeing what happens when he takes it off since then?

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