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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Baylor stared at his own spiritual body, he narrowed his eyes, then with a glance up he turned to Ewan and asked, “Do you have anything else?”

Ewan took his eyes back from the map, and he replied, “What?”

Baylor’s eyes showed a deep thought, he said in a serious tone, “Let’s go back to the empire, I need to make a spiritual breakthrough immediately.”

After looking at the prison map, the guess in Baylor’s mind had been verified. When he was preparing to leave, Super Wolf was with Right River! The slight mental energy fluctuation he felt at Super Wolf’s side at that time must have belonged to that Right River.

Then Super Wolf might know some information about Right River, or even how he escaped from prison… As long as he could complete his spiritual breakthrough, recover his spiritual power, and take Super Wolf back into his body, then he will be able to learn Super Wolf’s memories. He would also be able to know what happened in the prison at that time.

Ewan did not know how Baylor came to this conclusion, but he looked at Baylor’s rare seriousness, he nodded his head and answered, “Yes, we will go back immediately.”

Anyway, after the right river jailbreak, Ewan could not stay here to review the development of new weapons. The military, or rather the imperial capital, was already in turmoil.

After wrapping up the work at hand, Ewan immediately took Baylor back. But even if they left immediately, it would take almost two days to fly back to the Imperial Capital from Planet D1. And during this flight, the news was already spreading.

In the imperial palace, Julius looked at the message sent by his mysterious friend, he raised his eyebrows with interest, and then immediately ordered, “Have someone look into what happened on planet D7.”

If this was true, that would be great. It’s just a pity that the beauty would have to suffer some consequences. Thinking of Baylor, a trace of regret crossed Julius’s eyes. If this person had belonged to him from the beginning, he would have been a useful talent, but unfortunately he was not in his camp.

Meanwhile, on the return flight, Baylor sat in the lounge, thinking about what had happened on Planet D7, looking out the window at the light that had come through millions, even hundreds of millions of years, the bright and dreamy nebulae in the dark universe like a veil. He remembered that Char’s class had talked about it, but at that time he did not listen carefully, and could only vaguely remember that they were of the same culture as the Ya’an Empire, one of the two exploration teams that had left from ancient Earth…

When he was a sentinel, he was living on top of the Earth, so this world was the future of his former world? It just doesn’t seem right to think so, after all, there were no sentinels or guides in this world. But there was spiritual power.

Ewan came over and saw Baylor with such a thoughtful expression. Such a preoccupied expression and Baylor was very inconsistent, Ewan would prefer to see Baylor heartless look. He frowned slightly, then sat down opposite Baylor and said, “The Marl Galaxy has nothing to do with you, you don’t need to be upset about it.”

Baylor’s expression narrowed, and he said with concern, “I’m not upset, I’m just thinking.”

Who would be bothered by such a thing?

Ewan chuckled softly, “So what did you think about?”

Baylor thought Ewan was sure he wasn’t thinking about anything, he hummed, relaxed against the back of his chair, his voice soothing and lazy, “I’m really thinking about it.”

Ewan raised an eyebrow, “Tell me about it.”

Baylor immediately said, “I’m not telling you.”

Ewan: … It’s really like a child’s temper.

Ewan, slightly helpless, his lips slightly opened, was about to say something, but at this moment, his terminal suddenly issued two successive beeps.

It was from Wellin and the ninth team leader, Major General Anne.

These two people, when one led people to Black City to hunt down the interstellar pirates revealed people, one led a team to go to the battlefield where he first encountered an ambush search.

Now it seems to be the result of both sides. The time to come was not too late.

Ewan as soon as he looked up, he met Baylor’s dark, bright eyes.

Ewan suddenly remembered one thing, he said, “about the spiritual power fluctuations within the ancestral stones you said, after going back I will prepare a piece for you, you study, this matter I also told the Institute side, let them focus on observing the type of energy within the ancestral stones and the human body spiritual power whether there is the same.” After a pause, Ewan admonished, “Just don’t mention this to anyone else.”

Probably for fear of misunderstanding, Ewan a slight droop of the eyes, then he explained, “not for military secrecy, but for yourself, let others know that you have a special ability…”

“It will attract danger to me.” Baylor added the second half of the sentence for him, he frowned and said with some suspicion, “I think there are times when you and Sean are treating me like a fool?”

Ewan choked for a moment, then thought carefully and said seriously, “Not to that extent.”

“…” Baylor felt a question mark rise in his head.

Two days later, the airship arrived at the imperial capital. Because of Right River’s prison break, G7 planet was in chaos, so the mission time of the supporting recruits was lengthened, and Kana and the others were still on the G7 planet when Baylor and the others returned to the imperial capital.

Considering that the psychic breakthrough required the use of a psychic testing chamber, and that the military headquarters was relatively safe, Ewan and Sean decided to do it directly in the military headquarters at night.

The place was in Sean’s research room.

“We’ve modified this pod.” Sean introduced, “In addition to the security lock of the ordinary detection module, so the information storm and pressure generated for you is not the upper limit, after the connection is established, the module will pour high intensity energy into your brain, to force you into a mental breakdown situation.” With a slight pause, Sean looked seriously at Baylor and stressed, “This includes but is not limited to forcing you to recall your most fearful memories, which is very dangerous, and if you are not careful you may have a complete mental breakdown and fall into madness.” He confirmed, “Are you sure you want to start?”

Super Wolf, who was also with Baylor at the moment, scratched Baylor’s pant leg with some concern and then let out a whimper.

Before Baylor could say anything, Ewan added, “I will watch your mental activity from outside, if there is anything suspicious-“

Baylor stared at Ewan, he knew what Ewan was going to say next, so he grabbed Ewan directly before he could finish his sentence and said, “You can’t force an interruption either.”

Ewan fell silent, looking into Baylor’s goose gray eyes that were now dark and gloomy.

Baylor turned his back on Ewan and Sean, walked to the psychic detection chamber, turned around and looked at them, Baylor said in a firm tone, “No one can interrupt unless I decide to get out myself.”

As he said this, his eyes were fixed on Ewan, and it was clear that the words were directed at Ewan. Then Baylor said, “Let’s get started.”

Sean nodded and controlled the psychic detection chamber to close and prepare to start, and a second before the door closed, Super Wolf gave an aow and tried to rush in, but was stopped by Ewan’s quick eyes.

The cabin was crowded,  in case Super Wolf affects the line connection, it was not good.

Super Wolf was very dissatisfied with this, heavily stomping on Ewan’s feet. Then he went to the hatch, head to the hatch down, knowing that he should not go in, it was ready to wait here for Baylor from inside out.

In the testing bay, Baylor also noticed Super Wolf’s last move, and Ewan stopped Super Wolf, much to his relief. If Super Wolf came in, he really did not know what would happen.

The connecting wires extended out of the pod as if they were alive, and then climbed up Baylor’s body, like the tentacles of the detection pod. Immediately after, the gentle female voice that was no different from the one he had when he did the mental power test rang in his ears, “The connection has been completed, please close your eyes. The test will begin in ten seconds, please do not force yourself during the test, please press the button in your right hand immediately to disengage if you feel dangerous at the moment.”

Feeling the red disengagement button in his palm, Baylor closed his eyes and then listened to the countdown gradually go to zero–

It began.

A thin stream of information came through the connection line, just like last time, only this time it progressed a little faster, and soon he felt that last sensation of his five senses sharpening after his mental energy had been forcibly mobilized.

It should be Sean who adjusted the program.

Last time, Baylor spent half an hour in the mental power detection chamber, all as if it was in warm water, but this time was different. After ten minutes, he felt the frequency of the foreign information flow increased, and Baylor frowned slightly.

The brain was like being swept by a strong wind, stirring up violent dust, those dormant memories like paper were blown to the sky. Mental energy was even stirred up violent waves, turning up the waves of shock.

The sound of the tight structure of the testing chamber, which was hidden under the metal shell, even if it was subtle, was clearly filling Baylor’s ears, while the voice of Super Wolf, which was starting to stir up outside, and the conversation between Ewan and Sean, were clearly audible.

Ewan asked Sean if this was too soon, and his tone was disapproving.

Sean replied calmly, according to his previous mental power test results, if he didn’t use the SS level mental power information flow right away, it would be like scratching an itch…

So this was a SS-class mental power level information flow…

 The clock on Sean’s desk made a ‘ticking’ sound, and Baylor heard a jamming sound in the body of the clock, which was already an old clock with some minor malfunctions in its body parts.

In the distance, there were passing two low ranking soldiers standing under a tree after training, talking in a low voice.

“Did you see the news that broke? I heard that the General and the Marl Galaxy have been secretly colluding for a long time, that’s why they are repeatedly reluctant to send troops to solve the Marl Galaxy problem.”

“What’s the evidence for that?”

“Two days ago, an important person from the Marl Galaxy that we arrested escaped from prison and escaped.”

“What does this have to do with the General?”

“I heard that the General was close to the person who assisted in the escape and used the General’s authority to harbor the person down after the escape.”

As the autumn wind blew, a yellow leaf fell above the treetops, hitting the ground and being stepped on by their military boots, making a crisp creaking sound, as if wailing-

The flow of information was still gradually increasing, and even though the bell kept ringing in his ears, becoming one of the many sounds, time had lost its meaning, Baylor’s five senses almost reached a state of limit, and then just at that moment, he felt what felt like a pinprick of pain coming from his head, yet in the next second, or perhaps a few minutes- The pins and needles pain increased instantly, as if a drill had fallen from the sky and drilled into his brain without warning, starting from the surface and violently drilling down to death.

But the pain was closed in his brain, like putting an elephant into a box of cakes, not knowing whether he was the elephant that was forced into a container that didn’t fit the size, or the box that could be crushed by an elephant’s foot and was about to explode.

The intense pain made Baylor’s body as if carried out of the water, cold sweat had soaked his shirt, the white shirt stuck to his skin, every touch was unmistakable. He did not become unconscious because of the pain, but only more clear.

Baylor even felt the friction of his skin against the material was painful, as if there were wires scraping his flesh and blood-

Baylor’s hand unconsciously reached for the detached red button.

It was an instinctive move, his body trying to protect itself.

Baylor opened his eyes, the black and white eyes now covered with horrible blood, just like his consciousness, his eyes at this moment were not the slightest chaos, but more clear. Clear to the point where the determination was clear.

Baylor did stretch out his hand towards the red button, but he was sinewy, directly pulled the button with force, sparks rose, the line connected to the disengagement button was ripped off hard. He will not end until he reaches his goal.

Then it was in this instant that the world in front of him changed.

The world in front of him went black, then suddenly bright as day, and after that, he saw the street again.

Damp and smelly streets, where people were like rats living in the gutter, dirty and unpleasant. Baylor took a step forward and stepped on the sewage without the protection of shoes, and the wounds on his feet flooded with thick water under the pollution. He lowered his eyes, his thin hands covered the already concave abdomen, there was little fat under the skin of his hands, almost visible bone.

He knew the feeling, he was dying.

Outside at the moment, the system showed a malfunction of the detection pod and an alarm sounded.

“Escape button compromised, escape button compromised.”

Sean looked at the malfunction alert that appeared next to the screen that showed the information flow as SSS level. He slammed his palm on the table, his voice urgent and angry, “Escape button destroyed? What is Baylor doing in there?”

How could the escape button be broken?

Ewan’s voice came, at this moment, his voice but no wind and waves of general calm, but listen carefully, but you could hear the calm lurking under the raging emotions. He said, “He’s stopping himself from leaving.”

Sean looked up at his student, only to see Ewan’s handsome face was somber and cold, seemingly wrapped in a cold wind, his aura was bitterly cold, “This is too messed up!”

“He’s already on the limit.” He was there to make sure that Baylor was not in danger.

Just when Ewan was about to forcefully interrupt the detection chamber, his eyes flickered and he suddenly noticed that Super Wolf, who was guarding the outside, was suddenly lying on its side on the ground, its paws were weakly scratching in the void, its tail was clamped hard between its legs, and a painful and exhausted expression was revealed on its face.

What’s going on here?

Ewan immediately strode over and crouches down, not caring that Sean will find him, and directly reached out to touch Super Wolf, with a bit of worry in his voice, “Dragon Hunter, what’s wrong with you?”

His proximity made Super Wolf grunt in aggravation, and he wanted to rub his head against Ewan, but he didn’t have the strength.

What’s more, its ice-blue eyes stared intently into the cabin, unblinking. And it was at this point that Ewan’s body suddenly stiffened, and he turned his head to see that the detection cabin within easy reach suddenly emitted a strange sense of presence.

It was like a wave, ebbing and flowing, forming a strong fluctuation. It was a feeling he had never felt before, not from his ears, not from his eyes, not a feeling captured by any of his senses, but appearing in his brain out of thin air, just like the legendary telepathy.

The most important thing was that he could feel the meaning of the fluctuations coming from the cabin – the riot. It was not a calm wave, it was a riot that almost set off a tsunami of water that wanted to swallow everything.

What was going on inside, and what was happening to Baylor now?

Brows furrowed, Ewan’s vacant hand clenched tightly, teeth almost embedded in his own lips, he stared at the closed door, under the other hand was a twitching Super Wolf. He didn’t understand what that strange sensation was, but his gut told him it was related to Baylor, that riotous wave that was screaming Baylor’s pain.

Strong emotions came up, struggling heartache and anxiety and chagrin surfaced in his eyes, and for the first time Ewan felt so impotent that he could do nothing. The brain was washed by the strong wave, Ewan knew that was what Baylor was feeling at the moment, he began to struggle to understand that wave.

In that moment, Ewan suddenly had the feeling that the single figure was standing in front of him at the moment, but was also gradually moving away from himself, as if there was a strong wind that was about to tear Baylor apart.

He wanted to reach out and grab Baylor. He had to catch the other person-

Under the strong emotion and obsession and desire, another mental energy fluctuation unknowingly appeared in this room. That spiritual power and the detection of the cabin was in a rampage of spiritual power from the strong collision gradually in tune, emitting a resonance –

The next second, Ewan saw the place he had dreamed of.


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