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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Both sentinel and guide have a world of their own, a manifestation of their soul and personality, their spiritual world. In Baylor’s world, a special term was given to this world – the mental picture.

But Ewan did not know this, he just found himself in front of the scene suddenly changed, like the old dream world, eyes closed and opened, then appeared in another world.

The gray sky was like a cage, does not let people feel open, only people feel oppressed and cramped. Four or five-storey houses with stained walls, even almost impossible to see their original appearance. In between these dilapidated houses was one after another or narrow or spacious, but all without exception, filled with garbage and dirty water streets. There were two sewers dug out on both sides of the street, and the dirty water rolls in the sewers, emitting a surging sound. But to be honest, it was difficult to distinguish these streets from the sewers just by their appearance.

Perhaps it was because of the dirty water, the air in this street was sticky, wet, and fishy; disgusting.

All this was no different from the world Ewan once dreamed of. The only difference, and the most shocking to Ewan, was the creatures on the street.

Yes, these ‘creatures’.

The world in the dream, those on the streets were still human. But now this world was filled with all kinds of monsters.

In front of him, a monster in a dress walked by, its head full of flesh tumors, each flesh tumor had a nearly burst eye. When passing Ewan, each eye opened very large, and then revealed intent and lustful gaze. But it still exhaled hot air and left.

Ewan frowned, his heart was full of confusion, but a strange instinct drove him forward.

Next to a monster covered in mud sitting against the door of a building, its floral dress almost completely covered by mud, even down the cloth, and flowing down to the street –

Ewan did not look away from the step directly away from the dirty stain. Monsters of all shapes and sizes were walking like walkers, and they all seemed to be going in the same direction.

Yes, even the face of the monster could not hide the kind of their faces with malicious mixed with the numbness. If ordinary people saw this scene like the end of the world, they would be too scared to move. Ewan did not produce fear, but followed the direction of the monsters walking.

In this piece of inhuman monsters, his long and upright figure was like the only light in the darkness of the night. All these streets looked familiar to Ewan.

In addition to the biological differences, almost all of them were the streets he had been in the dream. Ewan tilted his head slightly and saw the rusty sign that read Gray River District 3.

It was the name of this area. And at that moment, the originally quiet street suddenly began to become noisy. It can’t be said to be noisy, but compared to the dead silence just now, here began to have a normal conversation, as if the mute button was accidentally pressed before.

Standing in the midst of the monster trend, Ewan stopped and then gazed through the bloodstain and saw the figure sitting against the wall.

The skinny, bony child was wrapped in a rag that could barely be called a garment, the legs under the hem of the garment were so thin that they were almost skin and bones. His body was leaning against the wall, his head slightly tilted, his almost disfigured face and pair of eyes like darkness were extremely conspicuous. That was the only color in his pale body, so much so that the black color itself was dark, and could serve as a bright color on his body. He was holding a gray and white puppy in his arms, the puppy was gently licking his wounded arm, but he did not look down at it.

Those dark eyes looked emptily at the ‘man’ in front of him.

It was another horrible sight.

In front of the child, a monster wrapped in a cloak was nailed to the gallows that stood abruptly in the middle of the street. It was undoubtedly dead, its head was cut in half, and half of its body was white bone with rotting flesh hanging from it. Yet even so, it was still talking.

“You can definitely live.” The unshakable mouth opened and closed in an almost curse-like tone, “Don’t worry, you’ll survive, and it’s for the good of all.”

And just around them were circles and circles of monsters with ugly, greedy eyes. It said that the child will definitely survive, but in the midst of such a group of monsters waiting to be divided and eaten, how could the child survive? This was all just a lie, a lie that deceives others as well as yourself.

The words that contained earnestness were now stripped of their hypocrisy, revealing a cruel but true curse underneath. It said, “Actually, it’s okay for you to die. Or rather, it’s better to die.”

Ewan looked steadily at the child with a cold expression, and even though he was now a little younger than he had seen in his dream, and the appearance was even more wretched, Ewan realized clearly that this was the man he had seen in his dream.

And the gray and white puppy was Super Wolf.

Ewan’s mind at this time suddenly rose to an extremely absurd speculation. He listened to the rotting flesh of the monster on the gallows falling over and over again, looking at the thin figure leaning against the almost collapsed wall, his heart sent a throbbing pain. Ewan lips pursed into a straight line, and then he stepped forward and walked decisively towards the figure.

However, as soon as Ewan took a step, those monsters that were just waiting quietly next to him suddenly turned their heads in unison and their eyes were fiercely focused on Ewan.

“You are not allowed to come closer.” A rotten fish head, the lower body was covered with slime octopus tentacles . The monster with its hands blocked in front of Ewan, and on the fish head that was facing Ewan sideways, a pale dead fish eye stared intently at Ewan.

“This is our prey.”

Ewan’s eyes half narrowed, because of anxiety, that low voice filled with impatience and anger, like a beast before the attack issued a deterrent low roar, “Get out of the way.”

“This is our prey.”

“Outsiders, get out.”

“No one is to come near this place.”

The monsters roared and swarmed thickly toward Ewan, as if they wanted to tear Ewan apart before eating the children there as a meal.

And in the face of the horrible monsters, Ewan did not change his face, and his feet did not retreat a bit, but instead he walked towards them – no, he was towards the figure in the corner, without a moment’s hesitation. The pair of goose gray eyes carried an almost to ruthless determination.

He had never seen such a monster, and he didn’t know if his attacks were effective against them. But those were the things that reason needed to think about. Outside of reason, Ewan knew he had only one thing to do now, and that was to get there at all costs.

Ewan almost reveals a few points of madness rarely seen in him normally.

However, when Ewan looked at the monsters about to touch themselves, he was ready to attack, suddenly a loud and clear whistle pierced the sky, and then a white light from nowhere, and then ruthlessly towards the nearest monster. In that group of white light with an arm’s length, you could vaguely see a pair of hook sides of the claws. It hit the monster, the claws embedded in the heart and was pulled out directly.

Then the white light quickly took off, a short hover after a bullet, towards the rest of the monster.

Its attack was fast and precise, like a bomber in the air, those monsters under its attack was like a puddle of mud, unstoppable power.

What was that? Ewan did not know what the white light was, but he had a vague feeling that it was his other existence, after all, it was in such a strange world, and nothing seemed to happen was too surprising.

So with just a slight pause, after observing the white light for a few seconds, he immediately continued to run towards the figure in the corner. Ewan had a feeling that the wall he was leaning against was about to fall down.

However, when he stepped over the wreckage and ran towards the person, the half face beneath him said indifferently, “Are you qualified to save others like this?”

Ewan was slightly stunned.

“Obviously you haven’t even made up your mind.” The demonic voice came from the bottom of his feet, but it seemed to come from the deeper darkness. “Coward, just like you, still wants to save others, laughing.”

“What, you’re not afraid anymore?” At this point there was a slightly more gentle voice of advice, “If you go further, you will not be able to turn back, it is still time to stop.”

It was as if they were really thinking about Ewan. The white light in the air was slightly hesitant.

0.5 seconds, 1 second – Ewan mercilessly stomped that half face, and then continued to walk forward. His careless voice was laced with a bit of self-deprecation. “I already know the answer. There is never any turning back.”

A new sound almost resounded through the sky from the white light, it swooped down from the air with a speed so swift that it was almost impossible to catch, the claws that extended from the white light ruthlessly crushed a monster’s head. With no monster in the way, Ewan stepped over a puddle of blood and then walked up to the slim figure.

He half-kneeled down within the collapse of the dangerous wall and made himself level with the extraordinarily clear but also void eyes. Ewan looked seriously at the man who had appeared many times in his dreams, and reached out to him, the cold voice softened, and Ewan asked slowly, word by word, “Baylor, come with me?”

The eyelashes like a frightened butterfly like a soft tremble, the dull eyes moved to the man who suddenly appeared in front of him. At that moment, the skinny child suddenly became what he grew up to be in the blink of an eye.

The wall behind him began to fall dust, debris smashed on top of the man’s shoulders, black-haired cool and handsome youth a pair of peach blossom eyes shallow and biting, he curved a leg, hand on top of the knee, looking at Ewan expression cold in the midst of a kind of innocent ignorance. And at this time, the monster on the gallows also kept repeating the lie that no one believes anymore.

The white light seems to be tired of hearing this chatter, it in a slight hover, quickly aimed at this target, claws grabbed the head, threw it, mercilessly thrown into the sewage ditch.

The world was completely quiet, and only they remained.


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January 31, 2023 3:06 pm

Wow 😳 yeah 😲 thank God Ewan didn’t stop. I hope this brings them closer. What a strange thing to happen

January 31, 2023 3:49 pm

So many interesting twists to the story! Absolutely captivating 👍🏻💁🏻‍♀️

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January 31, 2023 4:46 pm

So it is confirm that ewan was the guide.

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January 31, 2023 10:24 pm

I definitely did not cry in this chapter!

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February 1, 2023 10:29 am

Gosh, some of the wording is hard to follow.
I think this is Baylor having broken through and mind melding with Ewan. Maybe the white light is Baylor’s consciousness giving Ewan the opportunity to stop, or find out Baylor’s biggest secret.
Ewan now seems to have decided that this younger version of Super Wolf’s previous owner, is definitely Bayor.
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Thanks for translating.

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March 12, 2023 2:46 pm

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