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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Right River? Who was this? Baylor was puzzled by the unfamiliar name, and he raised his eyebrows in confusion, “Who is this?”

Ewan looked steadily at the expression on Baylor’s face, the pair of goose gray eyes like a falcon soaring through the sky, looking for prey, half a second, his brow slightly relaxed.

Baylor’s face of doubt did not seem to be fake. Unless he was an actor so good that he could perfectly conceal his emotions. But–

Ewan let out a small breath, as if relaxing. He approached Baylor and asked in a low voice, “So what was the reason for your visit to the ancestral stone pit?”

Baylor sniffed, a few moments of displeasure flashed in his eyes, the corners of his mouth fell, his face looked at Ewan in a bad way. “If you suspect me as much as those people do, why did you release me?”

So they got him here, just to continue interrogating him in a different place?

Ewan choked slightly, he went to the sofa and sat down, the leather sofa made a little creak because of his movement, Ewan raised his chin, gestured to Baylor to sit down. Then he said slowly, “Even if I suspect you, I won’t let anyone else touch you.” Ewan’s voice was deep, like fine sand, textured but not overly coarse, but soft and hidden sharpness. He looked at Baylor, not for a moment, “What’s more, I still believe in you now.”

Sitting across from Ewan, Baylor said suspiciously, “How much do you believe?”

Ewan’s voice remained the same, his tone of voice remained the same, his eyes remained the same, but he said something unimaginable, something even he could hardly have imagined in the past, he said, “As long as you say, I believe. Even if you say you were lost, I will still believe it.”

In this light sentence, there was a desperate gamble. A game.

Baylor’s dark, clear eyes were filled with Ewan’s figure at the moment, and he felt a strange feeling welling up in his heart, like a fire, but not the usual irritating feeling, but another, an extremely strange, uncontrollable feeling. He frowned slightly as Baylor asked, “What if I said I just accidentally walked in there?”

Ewan nodded without hesitation, “If you say yes, then yes.”

This bet, Ewan’s bet, was 100 percent trust. He used such a bet to bet whether Baylor will be honest with himself. If Baylor lies, then he loses the bet. But that’s all the result of the bet, and it’s a consequence he needs to bear.

Either way, he had put his trust on the table as a bet. Buy the hand and leave, no regrets.

Baylor lips pursed into a straight line, he looked closely at Ewan with a confused almost obsessive gaze, it was as if he wanted to take Ewan apart bit by bit, trying to figure out this person.

Outside the window gravel flying, fire and smoke, mixed chaos, loud sound. But those were isolated outside the window, the window only left the white fire like sunlight, in the silence of almost all the gloom in the room swept away, but also a kind of in the silence of the thrilling sweep.

There was almost a brutal war between the sunlight and the shadows in the room.

Baylor watched as Ewan had risen to his feet and he heard himself exhale a breath. Then Baylor said, “I did do it out of curiosity because I sensed a mental flux within the ancestral stones.”

At this moment, Ewan knew he had won the bet. The corners of his mouth unconsciously hooked slightly, this victory for him had a different kind of joy. Not the leap of a victor, but simple joy.

Ewan sat back down on the sofa, he pulled his mind back to the words Baylor said. The word Baylor used was new to him. He knew about mental power, but he had never heard of mental fluctuations.

So he asked, “Mental Flux?”

“Think of a person’s mental power as a kind of energy.” Baylor explained, “Like a flame, you can feel the heat of it, and that heat is a psychic fluctuation, an externalized sense of being.” And for the sentinel and guide, it meant the presence of the spiritual body. Because only a being like the spiritual body, which was constructed entirely of spiritual energy, would have a high intensity, which could be captured by the spiritual energy fluctuations.

Even the sentinel and guide itself, in normal times did not have the ability to be detected by the spiritual power fluctuations. Only when highly mobilized mental energy, mental energy was extremely turbulent.

Baylor said, “When I was on guard duty I felt a psychic fluctuation in the pit, but I didn’t know it was ancestral stones and thought it was something else, so I went down to check it out.”

Ewan knows that Baylor had some secrets of his own, and also knows that Baylor was very different from ordinary people, he keeps ghost pets that others can’t see, his own physique was still changing rapidly, even pheromone could change, and also had a level of mental power that was unimaginable to ordinary people…

For what Baylor said at this moment, Ewan surprisingly did not know whether he should be surprised. After all, he had long known that Baylor was different, and had even imagined if Baylor was another creature, but this content was indeed beyond common sense.

Emotions were mixed, but reason allowed Ewan to quickly catch the key point of Baylor’s words, “What did you think it would be? As well as, you can feel the psychic fluctuation, so you can feel my psychic power? Is this your special ability?”

These were not good questions to answer. Baylor silently glared at Ewan, simply to get an inch, and… He told them he didn’t like talking to Ewan. The other side always caught the key information easily and then hit the nail on the head.

Baylor thought about how he would always be carried away by other people’s words, and he replied somewhat glumly, “I can’t feel your mental energy, normal people don’t have such strong mental energy fluctuations.” He looked over at Super Wolf, who was interested in their conversation at the moment, and kept standing up on his hind legs between them, clamoring for his presence.

The spiritual body thing was so inconsistent with the worldview of this world that Baylor said vaguely, “Who would have thought that a pile of rocks would be emitting psychic energy, I thought it was a being like Super Wolf.”

He thought in his mind that he wasn’t lying, since Ewan didn’t ask him what Super Wolf was anyway.

Ewan looked at Super Wolf and had a figuratively apt name for Baylor’s special ability all of a sudden, “So you have psychic awareness.”

Baylor: …?

Ewan looked at Baylor with a confused look on his face, he frowned, “Aren’t you able to see ghosts?”

Hell, what kind of understanding was that? Baylor’s mouth twitched and he could only say, “If you think Super Wolf is a ghost… I guess so.”

“But even if you can see ghosts, why does your physicality keep changing?” Ewan murmured with some confusion.

Ewan’s voice was low, but clear to Baylor’s keen hearing, and he asked, puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you know yourself?” Ewan raised his eyebrows slightly, “Your qualification test results have changed from F to B in less than six months.” He said, “Usually people spend their whole life hardly crossing a grade, and your pheromone also changed.”

“…” Baylor was stunned.

When Ewan said that, it seemed to be the case. He remembered that he started out with a floral scent, but because he had been wearing a blocker, he hadn’t smelled his own pheromone for a while, and then when he removed the blocker, his pheromone changed back to the grassy smell he had when he was a sentinel.

In that case, could it be that his change in qualifications also had something to do with this?

The pheromone became the same as when he was a sentinel, which means that the change in his body’s qualifications should also be gradually approaching that of his sentinel self…

That’s why it crossed so many levels in a short time. This was something he never found out himself.

Baylor raised his eyes to look at Ewan inquiringly, “When did you find out about this?”

“Very early.” Ewan said, “When we arrived in the empire, I read all your information, at that time I doubted your qualification test results, so later I took you to another test…” In fact, registration for the military examination only requires qualification testing within three years, and Baylor did not need to be tested again at all.

However, in order to confirm his suspicions, Ewan took Baylor to have another qualification test because of the military examination.

And the result was a B.

After all these days, if they follow the previous pattern, then Baylor’s qualification result would be different again.

Baylor then realized that he had unknowingly been fooled once again. He grunted and suddenly remembered the question Ewan had asked himself when he came in at the beginning.

Baylor frowned and asked, “What you just said, who is Right River?”

His intuition told him that Ewan would be so serious at the beginning, and this Right River had nothing to do with it, even before Weifield that strange look was also related to this.

Baylor mentioned, Ewan’s face suddenly had a cold and serious expression. He did not hide much from Baylor, after all, this matter and Baylor was also a little related.

After all, it’s too much of a coincidence.

Ewan leaned against the back of the sofa, the back that had been straight relaxed, but his expression was not a trace of relaxation. He said, “Right River was a prisoner of war captured by my own hands in the midst of a border scuffle more than a year ago. He was from the Marl Galaxy and was known as ‘The Wise One’ by the people in that army at the time.”

Baylor recalled that when he arrived on planet D7, there was talk of an important prisoner of war from the Marl Galaxy being held in the prison there, “What happened to him?”

Ewan’s fingers on the armrest tapped the leather surface as he said faintly, “He escaped.”

His eyelashes cast an inescapable shadow under his eyes, and his cold, austere eyes grew even deeper as Ewan looked at Baylor and said, “Just a few hours after you left D7.”

Baylor’s lips parted slightly. He said, “I don’t know him.”

Ewan didn’t doubt this, after all, when he mentioned this man at the beginning, Baylor didn’t show any surprise at all, only suspicion. He replied, “I believe you.” 

Baylor frowned as he said with a serious expression, “But you suspect I know him and think I helped him break out of prison.”

Ewan nodded frankly, “I did suspect that.” His bony fingers fell gently at last, resting on the armrest, no longer making a tapping sound, “I think a lot of people hold that suspicion now.”

Baylor pursed his lips. But he could also hear that Ewan said this not to question, but with an attitude of discussion. Baylor asked incomprehensibly, “Just because he broke out of prison after I left Planet D7? And you suspect me?”

Ewan gave a slight shake of his head as he said, “No, in fact it would be a way to lessen your suspicion.”

Baylor guessed, “Is that because I snuck into the ancestral stones pit earlier?”

“It’s one of those things.” Ewan said, “But the most important thing is that right after you were captured and put in a cell, Right River spoke up.”

Baylor thought this was simply inexplicable, and he had never heard a more unreasonable reason. Even as unreasonable as he was, his mouth twitched in total incomprehension, and he smiled mockingly before saying, “How come he didn’t go to the bathroom and drink a glass of water after I went in.”

But Ewan wasn’t joking. With a serious look in his eyes, he said, “Right River has never said a word since his arrest, over a year ago.”

The sarcastic smile on Baylor’s face froze for a moment.

“In order to get him to talk, the military department has used every method.” Ewan’s eyes narrowed slightly, apparently none of those ‘various methods’ were exactly gentle persuasion. “If I hadn’t heard him speak when I was on the battlefield, I would have almost thought he was mute.” Ewan never took his eyes off Baylor, and he took in every minute of Baylor’s expression, “but it was such a man who, 17 hours ago, suddenly spoke, and the only thing that was different from before was that there was an extra you in the cell.”

Such a coincidence. Not to mention Ewan, Baylor would have suspected himself. And he had sneaked into the ancestral stones pit the day before, who could not be suspicious of this?

And yet, Ewan said he believed him.

Ewan’s voice sounded steadily in the quiet room, giving a sense of peace of mind as he said, “Fortunately, because of my orders, you were sent here, and you were on the craft when he broke out of prison, with a very strong alibi.”

Because he gave the order, Baylor couldn’t have been the one who arranged this departure in advance to give himself an alibi, nor could he have arranged in time how to rescue him in his absence.

Thinking about it, Ewan couldn’t help but be a little glad that he had asked Kiki to send Baylor to him.

Otherwise, if Baylor was in jail right now, he would be sent directly to the military court. At that time, it was not a situation where Baylor could be easily rescued by his words. Baylor listened to Ewan’s words, some stability in his heart, but he could not be completely at ease. Because he suddenly remembered when he left, that foreboding feeling.

He frowned and asked with concern, “You just said he said a word, what did he say?”

Ewan was no longer prepared to hide these things from Baylor, and he was quick to say what was confidential, “The apocalypse has come.”

This was to take the surveillance video to the Marl Galaxy of the country of birds language experts to decipher the result.

Only, no one was clear yet what he meant by that.

At this moment, Baylor suddenly recalled that Super Wolf was walking out from the depths of the prison when he was leaving. His back straightened and he suddenly asked, “Do you have a map of that prison?”

Ewan was a little confused as to why Baylor would suddenly want to see this, but he nodded, “Of course I do.”

“Pull it up and let me see.”

Under Baylor’s urging, Ewan hesitated for a few seconds and pulled out the map of the crypt prison from his terminal.

Baylor looked at the map, which looked like a maze in the air, and his brain became dizzy. He looked at Ewan blankly and asked, “Do you know where the interrogation room I was in is?”

“…” Ewan frowned slightly, his focus elsewhere, “The interrogation room? Did they interrogate you? Did they torture you?”

How come no one had talked to him about this? How long had it been since he was arrested? And they were interrogating Baylor?

Baylor waved his hand indifferently, “That’s not the point.” He pressed again, “Where is the interrogation room?”

Ewan had been to the prison a few times because of Right River, so he was fairly familiar with it and said, “There are several interrogation rooms, but at your level, I’m guessing this is the one.”

He typed in a command to locate an interrogation room on the outer edge of the map.

Baylor looked at the 3D image of the interrogation room, and it was indeed the same structure as the one he was in. He nodded and then asked, “So, where’s the cell that Right River was in?”

Ewan this time quickly located the place that was almost in the center of the map. Baylor’s finger set off along the office outside that interrogation room, heading for the cell where Right River was. Although he couldn’t write down the entire route he took when he went to Super Wolf, he still had an impression of the general direction.

Baylor looked at the route his finger had traced, and a bit of surprise appeared in his eyes. From that direction, he was walking towards the location of the right river at that time.

No wonder those two soldiers stopped themselves at that time.

He was already very close to Right River’s cell.


Baylor suddenly lowered his head and moved his eyes, which were looking at the map, to Super Wolf, who was currently lying on the floor, chewing on the foot of the sofa. Super Wolf noticed Baylor’s gaze and stopped his ravaging mouth, but the two paws were still holding the sofa feet, and then his eyes looked straight at Baylor.

Very innocent.


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