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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


As Baylor changed from a child to a strange young man, the grey and white puppy in his arms disappeared, replaced by a warning canine growl behind Ewan. Ewan did not turn around, but he did not have to turn around to know that behind him was Super Wolf.

He just quietly looked at the youth’s extremely strange eyes.

Baylor’s original look was even colder. Ewan had never seen bamboo people before but Baylor had the temperament of a kind of bamboo forest after the rain like clear and elegant, thick black ciliary feathers in his cold white skin cast a heavy shadow. In the shadow of the ciliary feathers, the pair of deeper peach blossom eyes were now full of strange eyes.

He did not recognize the person in front of him. But there was a kindred spirit about him.

Baylor leaned against the wall with his head slightly tilted, black hair swept across his neck, dust was falling behind him, but he just asked without changing his face, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

At this time the space suddenly rose in the twilight, was hanging between day and night existence, the sunlight difficult through the layers of heavy halo slanting in, trying to make the world tinted with a dim light.

Baylor noticed the change in the color of the sky, he turned his head sideways and looked in the direction of the sunlight, the open streets were now filled with the remains of monsters, the bright red blood was like a haze of fire to the dusk.

“It’s getting dark.” He murmured.

Ewan’s voice was deep and thick, and he followed Baylor’s words by asking, “What happens when it gets dark?”

“It’s dark…” Baylor froze as he returned his gaze to Ewan, his eyes showing a bit of naive cruelty, the corners of his mouth curled, “Of course it’s going to be dark and people are going to die. Everyone in here dies.” Baylor reached out and pointed to Ewan and then to the street next to him, “You, they… All of them will die.”

Baylor waited, did not see the look of fear from the man’s face, he felt bored and skimmed, and then said indifferently, “But everyone will wake up early the next morning.”

Ewan, who did not have a change of expression because of what he just said, now frowned slightly, “So you die every day in this world again?”

“…” Baylor did not answer after a short silence, he just frowned a little annoyed, “Who the hell are you?”

Ewan understood the meaning behind that silence, he was still in that half-kneeling position, hearing Baylor’s question again, he replied word for word, “I am Ewan.”

Baylor immediately said, “I don’t know you.”

Ewan had never had such a peculiar experience before today, but he knew it was supposed to be something like the spirit world. The handsome young man in front of him at this moment was Baylor’s true form, the most real existence in the consciousness form.

At this moment, Baylor said he did not recognize himself, perhaps with the spiritual power breakthrough he was now experiencing. Of course, it may also be because he himself was not yet important enough for Baylor to be engraved into the consciousness.

So Ewan replied calmly, “It’s okay, you’ll recognize me later.”

You can’t forget. 

The tone of his certainty caused Baylor to blink gently, a bit of confusion and wonder in her eyes. Baylor laughed softly and said disdainfully, “You’re going to die soon, who will remember you?”

As he spoke, the growling sound behind him that showed his fangs was like an engine, as if it would come up in the next second and bite Ewan to pieces before the night came.

“It’s okay.” Ewan said indifferently, “won’t they all come back to life together tomorrow?”

Baylor again silent, dead and resurrected, resurrected and dead, over and over again through death was not something interesting, he was numb, but this man was not him. This man did not have to stay here and go through all that at all.

Baylor’s handsome eyebrows looked like knots as he looked at Ewan with a gaze like a fool, “Are you stupid? Why do you want to stay here?”

“Because you didn’t leave.” Ewan put his hand forward again, indifferent tone of voice with a rogueness, “Why don’t you hold my hand?”

Baylor asked inexplicably, “Why should I hold your hand?”

“If you don’t, how can I take you?”

“…” What the hell was this?

The sound of falling rubble became more pronounced in the dusk of the dull twilight, rustling like falling snow, Baylor and Ewan’s shoulders and the top of their heads were piled up with a layer of white ash and stone particles.

A piece of rubble cracked open, stone chips bursting towards Ewan, then flew across his face, a bright red blood flowing down his cheek.

Baylor warned, “You’re bleeding.” If you don’t leave, you’ll only bleed more.

“Um, it’s okay.” Ewan found a cool sensation coming from his cheek, and he was a little surprised that he could feel pain in this world. He said carelessly, “I’m the one who’s bleeding, okay.”

Baylor found this man incomprehensible. The wall behind him was disintegrating and he warned again, “When this place falls, you’re going to be crushed to death.” With a slight pause in his voice, Baylor asked, puzzled, “Aren’t you afraid to die?”

“No.” Ewan said without hesitation, “but more than that I want to take you to live together.” Ewan looked at Baylor steadily, “So, come with me, Baylor.”

Baylor was silent for a long time, and the gray and white husky standing behind Ewan gradually stopped his threatening roar. Baylor felt that this person was really persistent, meaningless persistence, obviously wasn’t afraid of death, but he had to hold his hand.


Baylor’s slightly light-colored lips pursed as his hand finally lifted and then reached for the hand that reached out to him as if it would never tire, but just as it was about to touch it, he stopped. He warned, “If you betray me, I will kill you.” After a pause, he emphasized, “The kind that doesn’t come back to life. I advise you…”

Baylor’s voice stopped as Ewan didn’t keep waiting for him, but moved upward in an extremely forceful manner and grabbed his hand.

The moment their hands met, the wall behind Baylor collapsed, and the air shook up as if the sky had collapsed, to swallow them completely. A force came from the clasped hands, and Baylor’s body was pulled forward and then fell into a warm embrace that was both empty and real.

The world around them suddenly curled up and the end of the street was lifted upward like a carpet, then wrapped tightly around them in an unbreakable cage, and darkness descended.

The bonds grew tighter and tighter, yet in the midst of this darkness, he felt Ewan’s lips on his ear, his breath burning, “If I betray you, I will give you the knife myself.”

In the midst of the roar, there was a loud, clear sound that cut through the air like a trumpet, then intertwined with a ferocious bark, and they rushed together toward the cage, tearing at the shackles in an unstoppable gesture, and trying to turn the unshakable cage upside down.

This was the real sky and earth.

At this moment, in the research room, Sean only found that the sudden collapse of Ewan’s body and the spiritual power testing cabin suddenly burst open a very strong pressure, like a mountain overturning the sea, he could hardly breathe.

And at the same time, the bitter grass-flavored omega pheromone and the cold citron wood alpha pheromone were like a bomb explosion in an instant and swept through the entire space.

Under that pressure, Sean found it difficult to hold up his body, and then he saw a magical scene. Beside the fallen Ewan, a large gray and white dog faintly revealed its body, and also issued a loud growl, he stared, but just when he was ready to look closely, the next instrument suddenly came the sound of a shrill alarm.

Sean subconsciously turned his head to look, only to see that the instrument that supervised the mental power detection pod showed that the current operating speed of the mastermind was spiking extremely high, and the information flow being delivered had exploded to a level that even the mastermind could not withstand.

This was the detection module out of control!

Realizing this, Sean immediately prepared to carry out emergency operations to stop the operation of the detection module, such a high-intensity information flow, the people inside the module was simply a destructive punishment! It’s torture!

Cold sweat dripped down on the operating panel, Sean was afraid that he would not be too late. Before he could stop, however, the instrument let out a sharp wail.

The detection chamber… Because of this ultra-high-speed operation was directly scrapped.

The hatch popped open at the last moment of the scrapping, Sean looked up in a daze, and saw the person inside the pod was as pale as snow, with his eyes open, but his vision unfocused.

Baylor walked out of the hatch with fragile disconnections, and walked unsteadily to the hatch, dropping his eyes and looking at Ewan on the floor, his empty eyes briefly coming into focus.

“… . Baylor.” Sean subconsciously shouted.

However, in the next second, he saw Baylor’s body go limp and fall straight down, then with a thud, fell on top of Ewan.

Sean realized that the strong pressure had dissipated, the sudden appearance of the big dog in the void also disappeared, as if everything was just a hallucination of his, only the strong pheromone and he was covered in cold sweat to prove that everything that had just happened.

Oh, and the alarm was still buzzing.

Sean tapped his head painfully hard to the console to turn off the alarm, and then immediately ran towards the two fallen men. Only because of the pressure just now, his gait staggered, some like drunkenness.

The door of the research room was hurriedly pushed open, and Admiral Von, who was guarding nearby, rushed in. He was feeling the strong pheromone coming, and as soon as he pushed the door open, he asked, “What happened? How did the General’s pheromone…” When he saw the scene inside the room, he immediately rushed to the side of Sean in a serious manner. He didn’t forget to discreetly close the door behind him. “What’s going on here?”

Sean, who was checking on the two men at the moment, replied with difficulty to hide his concern, “I don’t know… There was an accident all of a sudden.”

Admiral Von knew the plan of mental breakthrough, he frowned, but walked towards that monitor.

Sean did not notice his actions, full of thoughts on Ewan and Baylor, at the same time, he also immediately contacted the previously prepared medical team.Ewan had previously prepared in case of emergency, from his private medical resources, so no one would know.

But Ewan did not expect that he would also be using the medical team.

After contacting the medical team, Sean was still paying close attention to Baylor’s situation, after all, just now in that chaos, the loss of control of the psychic detection module was simply a devastating disaster. He could hardly imagine that people could still be in that situation to ensure the sanity of normal. To be honest, even though it was hard, it was difficult to remain optimistic in this situation.

Clenching his fists, Sean’s heart was filled with remorse like a tidal wave. How did it get out of hand? Was there something wrong with the program? Baylor… How should he explain to him?

“Damn it!” Sean cursed.

While he was deep in self-blame, Admiral Von, who had gone to check the monitor, looked at the data records left before the main brain was scrapped.

Sean slightly froze, subconsciously looked up to Admiral Von.

Admiral Von looked at the data, though incredulous, but-

“The loss of control of the detection pod was due to a backlash of energy.” He said, “Not out of control because of overfeeding the information flow, but out of control because of a tremendous amount of energy being reversed in a single moment.” He patted the glowing instrument and concluded, “Simply put, this thing is propped up.”

“…” Sean digested this with some difficulty.

After realizing what this means, his pupils shrank and he looked at the pale Baylor with wide eyes. So, it was Baylor who had forced the mental power detection pod out of control?! Was this possible? could this really be done?

At this time, in the vast universe, a giant fish suddenly leaped outside a spaceship, as if soaring in the sea, its huge body like a flowing star cluster, dreamy and beautiful. That was the legendary barbaric whale that could freely travel in the universe.

And in the airship, Right River looked out the window at the leaping barbarian whale, the long curly hair was tied up by the ribbon, and he said, “The barbarian whale also appeared, indeed.”

“Lord Wise, what exactly is the divine revelation that you conveyed earlier?”

Faced with the man’s question, Right answered, “It is war.”


The author has something to say: 

Soon we will know the third name of Super Wolf.


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Does this mean that as a Sentinel, Baylor has resurrected multiple times before, but always in the same body?
Ewan’s faith in both Baylor and them, is quite something. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.
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