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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


In the virtual communities of StarNet, virtual figures of all shapes and sizes were eating and drinking as if they were in the real world, and today, the virtual communities were gathering in groups, and if you listen carefully, you will find that they were all discussing the same topic. That was the recent news spread silently on the Star network – Empire’s General Ewan and Marl Galaxy collusion.

At first, this news did not attract much attention, after all, there were too many such rumors to withstand the slightest scrutiny.

Empire General and Marl Galaxy collusion? What do people want? Not to mention who doesn’t know that the General had defeated the Marl Galaxy fleet. How could such a person collude with the Marl Galaxy?

However, without even realizing it, there was a constant flow of corroborating information that added to the absurdity of the story, making it seem more and more real.

“Think about it, if there is not really some secret relationship, why would you prefer to fight the royal family, rather than send troops to fight the Marl Galaxy system?” In a cafe in the virtual community, an octopus wearing a panda’s head said, “General never used to be a coward, the surrounding planets but anyone who dares to provoke, immediately send troops to knock, but the Marl Galaxy over there frequently send forces to harass, but we have always been on the defensive.”

A pineapple with a hand to pull their pineapple leaves, agreed, “Yes, our planet was intimidated by General Ewan, then he scared our pineapples, and that’s why he has a war god name.”

The panda-headed octopus continued, “What’s more, now that the Marl Galaxy prisoner has escaped, the guards are Sky Wolf Legion’s, the planet is shielded and heavily guarded, and if someone is not inside the echo, how can it be so easy to escape from prison? Moreover, it is said that before the crime, the planet caught a suspicious person, but the result was the General made the decision to let them go, even if the investigation procedures were not completed. Isn’t that a little fishy? Who will believe him?”

A small carp soaked in its own mobile water tank, gurgling out of the water, “But as the Empire’s General, why collude with the enemy? It doesn’t do any good, does it?”

“Who says there’s no benefit?” Panda-headed octopus that octopus whiskers wiggled, “people who are not satisfied with just being the Empire’s General want to rule the entire constellation. Maybe he cooperated with the Marl Galaxy on the condition of helping the Marl Galaxy to invade, and then get the rule of the entire constellation. You do not see that recently the royal family are suppressed by the Ministry of the military and dare not speak? Even the royal family is not in the eyes, this person’s ambition can be too big.”

The little carp dived a little deeper into his tank, “Ah, that’s too scary, he has almost the entire Empire’s military force in his hands.”

The panda-headed octopus nodded his black and white head, “So the first order of business is to get the troops back?”

“How to grab?”

“It is said that the royal family has submitted an application for investigation to the court, if the application is approved, it will be able to file an investigation, according to Empire law, all powers are suspended during the investigation, when the military will be temporarily managed by members of the royal family.”

At this time, in the palace, a handsome blond young man standing in the garden corridor watching the attendant saw the back of the chancellor leaving, Julius’s beloved said, “If we can successfully file an investigation, we can take the opportunity to completely make Ewan lose his General status.”

After all, as long as the case was opened, wouldn’t the evidence be easy to forge? What’s more, once the case was opened, if Ewan was already convicted on the public side, who cares if the final result was guilty or not guilty? Even if he was not guilty, the people will think that Ewan was using his power to cover up the sky.

In any case, he will lose his credibility among the people.

The emotions in Julius’ blue eyes were so well concealed that it was difficult to see them clearly. Listening to the words of his beloved, he raised his eyebrows gently, “Don’t take it lightly too early.” Seeing that the man was out of sight, Julius turned around and strolled towards his palace, saying, “This is a great opportunity, we can’t afford to fail.”

This was a great gift from his friend. It had to be taken advantage of. Ewan… It was time to deal with the sword of Damocles that hung over 1 the royal family. If he could get the help of one person, this matter would also be more certain.

Julius thought about the leaping fighting figure, showing a thoughtful gaze.


When Baylor woke up, it was already the next night. He woke up in a pain that almost ripped his head open alive, and, in addition to the pain in his head, there was the intense noise that tormented him like crazy.

Those ‘noises’ were not worth mentioning for ordinary people – the sound of electrical appliances in the house, the wind outside, the sound of birds chirping in the distance, and even the sound of hovercars gliding in the distance…

Opening his eyes, the furnishings in front of him reminded Baylor that this place was in Ewan’s home, but at this moment he couldn’t care less. He didn’t even have any time to think about what happened before, the moment he woke up, all his thoughts were occupied by this unbearable everything.

Shit. The moment he woke up there was no mental power riot bonanza?

“How are you?”

The cold pheromone came along with his voice, and Baylor didn’t know if he had any sense at the moment, but his desire was very clear to his brain.

Baylor reached out and grabbed the hand of Ewan, who had come to the bedside. Baylor’s voice was still a little hoarse when he first came to his senses, and he looked into Ewan’s unexpected eyes and urged, with suppressed pain, “Come on, come on, mark me.”

Ewan: …? Is that a good thing?

However, Ewan soon noticed that Baylor’s expression was not right at the moment, recalling what Baylor said before, he sunk his eyebrows, but did not ask more, just answered, “Okay.”

Baylor did not like the feeling of temporary marking at all.

Whether it was the position at the beginning that revealed his vulnerable parts, the bite, or after that the feeling of being forcefully invaded by the other pheromone almost made him feel scared, and he even had the illusion that he would lose himself in the strange pleasure.

By the time the temporary marking was over, Baylor had broken out in another cold sweat under the shivers.

The pheromone emanating from his body at the moment was already a fusion of his and Ewan’s two pheromones together, but of course, it was not a complete fusion, but he could feel the two clear and different smells intertwined and hard to separate.

The mental energy had calmed down, and reason gradually returned. Baylor only then found the back of his neck, there was a hand touching him with an ambiguous touch. The fondling of the fingers caused his body to shiver severely.

Baylor turned his head and glared hard at Ewan.

“Have you touched enough?”

What a wolf.

Ewan was now sitting on the side of the bed, he did not have the slightest sense that he was taking advantage of people, but said as if nothing had happened, “I’m feeling to see if I bit too hard.” There was a note of concern in his voice, as if he was really just checking the wound.


Ewan’s words instantly brought Baylor back to the moment when he was bitten, Ewan’s attitude… It was like a beast that had caught its prey and was ready to eat. He thought the other was going to break his neck alive and then swallow him raw.

If he hadn’t been pinned down at the moment, with Ewan biting at such a vulnerable part of his neck, he would have taken self-defense – and punched him in the face.

Baylor still glared at Ewan and said viciously, “Then don’t bite so fucking hard!”

Ewan raised an eyebrow and readily responded, “Okay, next time I’ll go easy.”

“…” Baylor fell back into the pillow, backhandedly pulled up the quilt to cover himself, from head to toe written ‘do not want to care about him’.

After doing all this, Baylor began to check his spiritual connection with Super Wolf. He was able to feel Super Wolf’s presence without any problems.

It was in Baylor’s mental picture – sleeping. Baylor felt it, Super Wolf was not damaged, just a little tired. The spiritual body’s slumber was a kind of self-repair of the spiritual power.

It should be the effect caused by the spiritual power breakthrough, and most likely the factor of the mark just now.

After all, Super Wolf had an insatiable aura coming from his body.

Ewan looked at Baylor, who had covered himself in the blanket. He smiled helplessly and wanted to reach out to pull the blanket down, but gave up. Through the blanket, he asked, “So your real name is also Baylor?”

Baylor’s body stiffened, the cold question caused his thoughts to retract from his spiritual body and then return to reality. He was vaguely aware that Ewan had entered his mental picture and that it was Ewan who pulled himself out to prevent him from going berserk.

Only at that moment he had lost his mind, so he could not remember exactly what had happened. But now, it seems clear that Ewan found his true nature in the mental picture.

Just when Baylor was still holding out, hesitating to answer, Ewan’s next question followed, “When did you arrive in this body?”

“…” Baylor lifted the covers off, flipped his body over with a flourish, then sat up and narrowed his eyes to meet Ewan’s. “How much do you know?”

Ewan looked at Baylor’s wary face, he acted calmly, he even reassured Baylor, “It’s okay, the world is a big place. There are savage whales that can freely travel the universe, and ghost dogs that others can’t see, a soul crossing, it’s not hard to accept.”

“…” Oh, then you are really good, great. The corners of Baylor’s mouth twitched. But- Baylor asked skeptically, “Aren’t you accepting this a little fast?”

Ewan asked back in disbelief, “What?” He continued, “So would you like to talk to me?”

Ewan’s intention was that if Baylor didn’t want to talk about it, he wouldn’t force it. He already had an idea in his mind, but he just wanted to get a definite answer from Baylor.

At the same time, he was also curious about what was going on here. But he also understood Baylor would not want to say, after all, how could such a secret be easily revealed?

As a result –

“All right.” Baylor said cheerfully, “I am indeed a soul-crosser, and my previous name was also Baylor.”


That was easy to say.

Ewan looked at Baylor with a slightly weird look in his eyes.

Baylor frowned, thinking that Ewan’s reaction was because of the ‘soul crossing’ thing, he frowned and said with some irritation, “Why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t want to cross over.”

“No, I think you are too easy…” The secret was out. Ewan swallowed the second half of his sentence and said instead, “It’s okay, go ahead.”

Since Ewan had already been to his mental picture and knew his true identity, Baylor simply told his original identity and, under Ewan’s guidance, gradually completed the things that happened before and after he appeared in this body.

Baylor did not bother to conceal again, some of the words he said were convenient.

What’s more, Ewan had helped him so many times, although he did not know what he was now, but also brought himself back from the brink of madness, from the bottom of his heart, Baylor was also willing to tell him these things.

A few moments later, after listening to what Baylor said, even Ewan, who had long been mentally prepared, could not help but reveal a few moments of surprise.

“… So Dragon Hunter is your spiritual body.”

Baylor nodded cheerfully.

Ewan showed a few moments of contemplation. In that case, everything would make sense.

During the time Baylor was in a coma, Ewan went to check the place of Gray River District 3, but there was no similar record. There was a place with the same name, but the environment was different. It turned out that it was because that place did not exist in this world.

There were also those mysteries about Baylor before.

He just didn’t expect that Dragon Hunter was actually Baylor’s spiritual power… Ewan remembered Super Wolf, who had disappeared since Baylor’s coma, and he was concerned, “What about Dragon Hunter? Is it okay now?”

Wouldn’t it disappear later?

“Oh, he’s sleeping.” Speaking of which, Baylor stared fixedly at Ewan, his eyes unblinking, as if he wanted to see through Ewan completely.

Ewan asked suspiciously, “What’s wrong?”

Baylor looked at Ewan, who was at this moment as if nothing had happened. Although his memory was vague, he vaguely remembered that another strong spiritual power fluctuation should have appeared in the mental picture.

It was definitely Ewan’s spiritual power, there was no doubt about that. But what concerned Baylor more was the other presence coming from that mental wave.

Baylor asked tentatively, “You don’t feel any different?”

“Like what?”

Baylor thought about it and realized that he didn’t seem to have an exact idea either. After all, when Super Wolf appeared, he didn’t even realize that Super Wolf was his spiritual body, he just thought it was an abandoned stray dog, and even later, when Super Wolf didn’t eat, he just assumed that Super Wolf was more resistant to hunger and would then go out to find food on his own while he was asleep. Later still, after completely differentiating into a sentinel and entering the tower to study, he realized that Super Wolf was his spiritual body.

But his case was also rather special, according to the tutor who had not seen a case where such a small spiritual body appeared, but the sentinel had not yet fully differentiated.

Baylor could only recall what he had learned about science and asked, “Is it that you feel your body boiling and then a piece of something suddenly comes out of your brain?”


Baylor continued to recall, “Or, the brain suddenly clear, like after the nasal congestion is cleared, the air fresh kind.” Just like him now, after his mental power broke through the shackles, he became more sensitive to the outside world.

What was all this with what? Ewan quietly watched Baylor finish before slowly answering, “No, I’ve been awake.”

These descriptions of his make him sound like a fool.

Baylor asked skeptically, “You really didn’t find anything strange?”

Seeing that Baylor was so concerned, Ewan couldn’t be too perfunctory, he seriously recalled, “No.”

Baylor was a little confused. Could it be that the presence of another spiritual body he felt before was all an illusion? But Ewan did enter his own mental picture, but without the spiritual body he was not a guide…

Then what the hell was Ewan?

“All right, you get some rest.” Ewan saw Baylor thinking hard, and considering Baylor’s health at the moment, he advised, “You can think about it tomorrow.”

He got up from the bed and prepared to leave.

It was now eleven o’clock at night, and it was time to rest.

Not to mention the fact that Baylor had been through so much. He turned to Baylor and said meaningfully, “If you need me again in the middle of the night, you can always come to me.” He emphasized, “You’re welcome.”

“…” Baylor knew that Ewan was talking about a temporary marker for mental instability, but why did he sound so out of place? Baylor said expressionlessly, “No, it’s not necessary, it’s enough for a while.”

Ewan shrugged and said, “That’s a shame.”

Baylor watched as the door was gently closed behind Ewan and he blinked. Why did it seem to him that Ewan wasn’t the same as before?

The touch of the other man’s lips and the touch of those fingers still lingered on the back of his neck, and while the autumn air was slightly cool, Baylor felt the skin burning. It was not the glands under the skin, but the skin that had been touched.

Baylor suddenly felt uncomfortable.

It was clear that his mental energy had calmed down, but his mind was in turmoil.

He shook his head, got up and prepared to go to the shower.

Just now the temporary marking had made him sweat.

And now back in his room Ewan also went into the bathroom ready to bathe, but not in the same way as Baylor as he took a cold shower.

Temporary marking such a thing …it was pleasure and torment at the same time.

The moment he bit Baylor’s gland, Baylor’s mouth unconsciously muffled a moan. Ewan’s goose gray eyes were heavy with lust. The idea to kiss him asked in his head. 

It was a close call, almost a kiss.

Baylor’s sense of crisis at the time of being temporarily marked was not wrong, Ewan did want to take Baylor apart. It’s just a different kind of ‘eating him’.

After crossing the barrier in his heart, completely clear his mind, Ewan’s desire for Baylor was like a fire on the weeds, blowing inextinguishable, igniting a prairie.

But not yet.

If he was too hasty, he would only scare him away.

The Empire’s General’s use of war strategy was perfect, if he wants to hunt, he must be the best hunter in the hunting ground.

The next day, Baylor was ready to go back to the military headquarters, but was stopped by Ewan.

“You have just completed a breakthrough in your spiritual power, you need to rest now. I have asked for leave for you in the military department, you should not go. I contacted 1st Imperial Military Academy to arrange more classes for you.”

Baylor frowned, not quite understanding, “I just finished my spiritual breakthrough, shouldn’t I start mecha training right away? Isn’t the military competition coming up soon?”

Ewan nodded, “You’re right, then I’ll ask the teacher to arrange mecha classes for you in the military academy.”


Baylor felt something wasn’t quite right, “Why can’t I go back to the military?”

Ewan handed warm water to Baylor’s hand, his voice as loose as ever, “It’s not that you can’t go back, it’s just that you’ve been living over here lately, so if there’s a problem with your spirituality I can detect it in time.” It was not possible to hear whether it was a perfunctory or serious answer.

Baylor stuffed a large bite of bread into his mouth, and under chewing, his cheeks puffed out, just like a hamster.

After a good night’s sleep, Baylor’s mind was much clearer. He also remembered the reason why he was in a hurry to make a mental breakthrough immediately. But Super Wolf was still dormant at the moment, so he could only ask about what happened in the prison at that time when Super Wolf woke up.

Swallowing hard, Baylor stared at Ewan and asked, “So, do you have any clues about Right River’s escape?”

“Not yet.” But there was little concern in Ewan’s voice as he said breezily, “But don’t worry, there always are.”

Ewan returned to the military headquarters, Weifield immediately knocked on the office door and came in.

“General, the royal family has formally submitted a request for investigation to the court. The royal family’s action has the support of many nobles who have been discontented with the military ministry, and it seems that it will not stop easily.”

Last night, Ewan had read Weifield’s report on the recent movements of the royal family, but also on the current public opinion in the public situation. In fact, that was why he had asked Baylor not to return to the military recently.

After all, Baylor was also the ‘covered up’ character in the public opinion, and it can’t be ruled out that someone in the military department will try to save his own life and take action against Baylor.

Of course, what he said to Baylor before he left the house was true. He did want to keep Baylor with him first.

Once he returned to the military, Baylor went to the dormitory after every training session, and it was not easy to see him.

As for which reason was the decisive factor, that was a matter of opinion.

Ewan, with his hands clasped under his jaw, listened to Weifield’s words without much concern on his face, he just smiled mockingly and said, “Those people have been dying to get at the military for a long time, and now that they’ve found a reason, how could they stop so easily?”

But it wasn’t exactly against the military. It’s more about him. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring him down and support a pro-royalist General?

“It’s better not to stop.” Ewan said indifferently, “I am afraid that if they let go, there is no way to pull out the carrot and bring out the mud.”

If there was a concern, it was only that he did not want to involve Baylor in all this.

The mess was annoying for Baylor to watch.

But just as he arrived at 1st Imperial Military Academy and was about to turn on the terminal to find a classroom, a communication dialed in, and Baylor, who was about to tap on the map, accidentally clicked on the connection without even seeing who it was.

But soon, he knew who it was.

At the other end of the voice communication came a voice like a breeze and rain, speaking in an elegant and gentle aristocratic accent.

“Hello, Baylor.”

Baylor raised an eyebrow slightly, “Yes?”

He had to find his way to class.

Julius was unfazed by Baylor’s somewhat prodding inquiry, and he smiled softly, his tone still gentle and still with his soft smile, “Well, are you free today? I would like to meet with you.”


The author has something to say: 

Baylor: I want to make a career.

Ewan: A career is not as good as a relationship.

Damn, I didn’t expect Super Wolf to not wake up in this chapter, I can’t tell you its name!


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Translator Notes:

  1. idiom that means one is faced with imminent danger or trouble. In Greek mythology, the courtier Damocles was forced to sit beneath a sword suspended by a single hair to emphasize the instability of a king’s fortunes.


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