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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


In the morning, there was Sean’s class ‘Alliance: The Past and Future of New Human Civilization’. Baylor was still drowsy, but this time his attitude was much more serious. He even took out a pen and paper to take notes, although he didn’t write down a few words, but his attitude was at least there.

During the course of the lesson Sean had been paying attention to Baylor’s state, although the medical team did a detailed examination of Baylor, especially the brain, and did not find any damage. All brain functions were normal, but Sean was a little worried about Baylor. He had witnessed the scene of the mental power detection module going berserk, and even though Von had later confirmed that it was caused by Baylor himself, he still found it hard to believe that anyone could be unharmed in such a situation. But he watched a class, but did not find anything abnormal about Baylor.

The only thing that wasn’t normal was that Baylor had started taking notes. Wait a minute, could this be after that psychic power outburst that changed his personality?

After class, the students who wanted to talk to Baylor, Sean walked to Baylor’s desk, heavy books ‘snapped’ on the desktop. Sean looked at Baylor and looked up from the book in response, he subconsciously took Baylor’s notes and looked at them.

The notes were just like a codebook, a hammer in the east and a hammer in the west, no sentences, and strange symbols. Sean saw a subconscious action, and then wanted to glance at the results of this look, he studied.

After looking at it intently for half a second, he asked Baylor with interest, “Are you going to play code-breaking here? Where’s the code book?”

Baylor: …What code-breaking…

Although he could automatically read the words of this world due to the influence of his body, occasionally when he wrote fast, he would subconsciously use the words of the previous world.

Baylor took his notes back and blurted out, “In my head, not a genius can’t read my notes.”

Sean didn’t bother with his notes, he just said, “Come to my office with me.”

What? I’m getting detention for taking bad notes?

Baylor followed Sean to the office upstairs in the classroom, and Sean was a very pleasant man. The research room in the military department had the best view, and the office in the school had a whole wall and ceiling of insulated single glass.

Baylor took a look around and commented, “It’s like a flower room.”

“…” Sean’s mouth twitched, but after Baylor said that, he himself felt a bit like a flower room. Stop, you can’t let your mind be led astray. It’s sunny and close to nature.

In the middle of the 50 square foot office, Sean walked to the wall, then put his palm up, the wall quietly revealed a hidden door. Turning his head, he beckoned to Baylor, who was standing there fixedly, “Come with me.”

It seemed that it was not a detention hall.

Baylor followed him to the circular elevator, feeling the speed of the descent, Baylor asked, “Does your principal know about these secret passages?”

Sean raised an eyebrow and said, rightfully, “The secret passageways are a specialty of 1st Imperial Military Academy.”


The school was so distinctive that the school’s architect wasn’t even afraid it was toxic.

Baylor suddenly realized, no wonder he was always lost in the school, but now that he thought about it, those paths were designed like secret passages!

The elevator stopped and the doors opened to reveal a classroom with many training pods.

Baylor walked up to a training pod and looked around, “Where is this?”

“The training room.” Sean walked directly to the main console, then activated the training pod next to Baylor.

Baylor, a little silent, did not understand and asked, “so why take a secret passage here?”

“Convenience, fun, or maybe boredom, you can pick one of these.” Sean replied casually, “Didn’t I tell you, secret passageways are a feature?”

The designer of this school must have been toxic.

“What did you ask me to come here for?”

The training pod beside Baylor had been lit up with azure lights, and Sean confirmed again, “You’re okay with your mental strength now?”

Baylor nodded.

“Don’t feel any discomfort?”

Baylor shook his head.

Sean raised his chin toward the training pod, “Then we’ll try the mecha operation again today, sit in it.”

Baylor thought of the last defeat, he did not hesitate to sit in the mecha training module. After buckling his seat belt and putting on his virtual environment helmet. The hatch closed and started up smoothly, while the main console in front of Sean was also synchronized with the training pod’s simulated environment.

It was the same basic training E-1 human mecha, but also the most basic open terrain. Sean stared intently at the situation on top of that screen. To be honest, he himself did not have any certainty. The mental power breakthrough thing was the first time he witnessed it, much less any evidence that that would help his mecha operation in any way.

Everything was just some inference he had made with XX before. There was no theory to support, let alone any evidence. It was completely a mangled idea. The probability of failure was rather higher than being able to succeed. Especially since the mental power detection module exploded at the end. But it was such an unconventional thing, but it was an extremely unreasonable success.

As Sean watched the mecha in the synchronization screen twitch uncoordinatedly at first and then work extremely smoothly, he didn’t know how he should react at that moment. He should have expected it to work, but he knew how little chance it had of success.

What’s more…

Seeing that the mecha was no longer content to move his hands and feet for a walk, but began to run on the flat ground.

–That’s a big success.

At this time, Sean finally believed that Baylor in that spiritual storm was indeed not half damaged, and that the spiritual power detection module was indeed because of the skyrocketing spiritual power and malfunctioning. He had lived for more than 40 years, this was the first time to see such an outrageous thing.

Each one of these were extremely unbelievable, and they all happened to the same person.

As he watched Baylor begin to dodge the obstacles after familiarizing himself with them, Sean turned his attention to the mecha training pod in operation, his pupils trembling and his gaze strange. From getting the mecha moving, to operating the mecha smoothly, to training, it would take a regular person at least three months to get used to it.

But all this took less than an hour for Baylor. What kind of monster was sitting in there?

After his mental breakthrough, Baylor finally regained complete control of his mental power. With his enormous mental power, it was much easier for him to manipulate every part of the mecha, whether it was the amount of information coming from outside the mecha or the precise manipulation of the mecha.

It was just as Ewan had said, mecha piloting would only be more physically demanding on the pilot. It didn’t take long for him to feel his exhaustion and the hunger coming from his stomach.

He used more Mental energy and his brain energy loss was too much, so he was prone to hunger.

After Sean saw the general situation and had a good idea, he didn’t let Baylor continue the training any further. For one thing, it was not advisable to be too hasty now, and Baylor’s current situation was safer to rest a bit more. Secondly, he was afraid that Baylor would do something else unpredictable to challenge his worldview if he stayed on.

Simply put, he needed to digest Baylor’s existence as a hangman.

The training room had a normal entrance and exit, Baylor left through the door and was about to find a place to eat when two alpha men in suits blocked his path.

Baylor lifted his eyes and looked up the neat, uncreased pant legs, then raised his eyebrows, “Something wrong?”

“Mr. Baylor, His Highness has a request.”

Baylor glanced to the side, a black hover car was parked above the school path.

Julius was saying that he had something to see him today.

Thinking of the previous communication, Baylor turned around and walked towards the hover car.

All right, let’s go hear what Julius wants.

But… was he free to move?

Baylor remembered that Ewan had said that Julius was not allowed to leave the palace, and then Julius had asked him to visit him more often, even though he hadn’t gone once.

I wonder if Julius will ask about this later.

Since it was lunchtime, the hover car drove Baylor directly towards the restaurant near the school.

Baylor walked into the guarded booth and saw Julius, who was dressed casually today, already sitting in his seat.

As soon as he was seated, Julius asked, “I thought Baylor would come to the palace to see me, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Julius’ voice was like a silk string, clear and pleasant, with a clear accusation in it, which made one feel a little guilty.

He blinked and said mercilessly, “I didn’t promise you anything before.”

What’s more, he’s been so busy lately that he doesn’t have time to go to the palace to play with people.

Baylor continued, “Besides, aren’t you able to come out on your own?” Baylor said, looking down at the time, “What do you want me to do? I have class this afternoon.”

Julius was silent for a moment, he braced his cheeks and said with emotion, “To be honest, you are the most nonchalant person I have ever met.”

There was real emotion in these words, and they were obviously completely heartfelt.

Baylor said without blushing, “Well, I think it’s okay.”

It was as if it was a compliment.

Julius smiled helplessly, “We’re here, we have to have dinner.” He said, “The last time we had a date with you because of the accident, we haven’t eaten that meal yet, so today is also considered to make up for it.”

Baylor happened to be hungry too, so he shrugged, “Okay.”

We can’t waste a trip.

The food was ordered beforehand and was quickly brought up at Julius’ direction.

Julius liked food that was so delicate that it looked like a work of art, Baylor looked at the large plates of food in various shapes and sizes, but extremely pocket-sized food and was not interested.

Not caring about the eyes of others, Baylor did not observe the repeated dining etiquette, treating the expensive food in the same way as ordinary food.

The noblemen who were sophisticated see, probably to lament the waste of common people. But Baylor did not care so much.

What a mess, could be eaten in the mouth on the line.


This was too salty, that was too sour, and the dessert was too sweet…

Baylor’s water had to be refilled several times, while the wine was not even touched.

Baylor was not happy with the expensive food.

Julius also noticed that Baylor did not seem to like these dishes, he slightly inclined his head, showing a concerned look, “Why, do you not like to eat?”

He also deliberately found a fine restaurant on the food rating list, he tasted the taste was not bad.

Baylor said perfunctorily, “It’s okay, it’s average.”

“If you don’t like it, you don’t have to force it.” Julius said, “What do you like to eat? Next time I’ll find a restaurant you like to eat at.”

Julius’ dining etiquette was engraved into his bones, he had put his cutlery down as he spoke and looked intently at Baylor, “Or, where do you and General usually like to go for dinner?”

Baylor frowned slightly, “What do you mean?”

Julius’ back was straight as a pine.

The meal was already over, and he no longer beat around the bush and got straight to the point, “I was thinking that you might be able to change your attachment.”

At this moment, in the military department, Ewan and Sky Wolf Legion’s senior management were discussing the next action.

Although the current actions of the royal family were aimed at the military, everyone knew that the royal family and the nobles could not be enemies of the entire military, so this meeting was limited to Sky Wolf Legion. After all, Sky Wolf Legion was personally led by Ewan, the other two legions among the difficult not to ensure that there were people with crooked thoughts. And it was at this time, the information department submitted an urgent report.

It was about the whereabouts of the Crown Prince.

“His Royal Highness left the palace today to go to the vicinity of the 1st Imperial Military Academy, then picked up Mr. Baylor, and is currently dining in the Rist restaurant, with bodyguards and attendants near the box. It is impossible to know the content of their conversation.”

This report was heard by all present.

Who Baylor was, everyone in the room was also clear. Even if they didn’t know it before, after what happened on Planet D7, they knew it now. Baylor was the omega that General had been trying to protect, and was also a gift from Planet TL7, and now was the key person who caused the General to be in the center of public opinion attacks.

The most important thing was that the General was very partial to this Baylor.

So before Ewan could say anything, the captain of Team 9 took the lead and said, “General, the Prince’s purpose in meeting Baylor at this time was definitely not simple, he only wants to buy him off. The secret meeting at this time, I’m afraid that omega is also not pure-minded. General, I think in this matter we still have to be vigilant, for that omega we still have to put him under strict control. If he is really bought by the crown prince, when the time comes he will  perjure himself, and it will be very bad for us.”

This was not an alarmist statement.

Now Baylor’s identity was very critical, he was a major suspect in Right River’s escape, and Ewan was deep in this public opinion attack, but also because at the time he was bent on taking people directly away.

Ewan’s initial actions have bound Ewan to Baylor.

If at this time, Baylor was bribed by Julius and, on behalf of Julius, perjured himself in court, admitting that it was he who set Right River free and was instructed by Ewan, then Ewan’s charge of treason and collaboration with the enemy would have been confirmed by the royal family.

In this way, Ewan was the enemy of his back.

Wellin was more familiar with Baylor among these people, was also more clear about the relationship between Ewan and Baylor, he knew that General was behaving very out of character with Baylor, previously he was also happy to see this. After all, the General could find someone he liked, which was not an easy thing.

The main thing was to be able to watch General’s gossip.

But at this moment, he was also serious to speak to advise, “General, I also think we should be vigilant about Baylor.” 

With regard to Ewan’s blurred vision, although Ewan didn’t say anything, Wellin was still inexplicably flustered. But he still insisted on finishing his words, “After all, he is the person sent by TL7, we don’t know what he is thinking inside, and he is still suspected of letting Right River go, and he is so close to the Prince… Think about the clues we found recently, what if Baylor is actually the Prince’s people from the beginning? Maybe it was all planned by them in secret.”

Ewan’s eyes swept the room and found that the people there basically had a look of approval on their faces, only Admiral Von expressionless, a look of old gods at ease. He lowered his voice and asked, “So what do you think should be done?”

Wellin thought for a moment and boldly and firmly suggested, “Arrest him first, in order to prevent him from continuing to contact the Prince, and on the other hand, if something bad really happens, we can also…”

“Also push him out of the way, to save myown life, yes?” Ewan finished Wellin’s later words.

Wellin knew it would be cruel to Baylor, but if it was a choice between General and Baylor, then he wouldn’t hesitate at all.

Even if you abandon your personal feelings, General was the bottom of Empire’s ability to deter the forces of the civilization’s radiation circle, General or Baylor, which was more important, blind people can easily tell.

Weifield although expression cold, but cast to their younger brother’s line of sight tinged with a few helplessness. He was also thinking the same as Wellin, but since the D1 planet trip, he was clear about the General’s answer.

The two hands were clasped under his jaw, Ewan’s eyelashes lifted, his eyes looked like they were covered with frost and snow, his voice was still loose and casual, but it was mixed with a bit of sarcasm, “I don’t know when I became a person who hides behind others and only thinks about saving his own life.”


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February 3, 2023 3:05 pm

Wth! There’s no proof or evidence that Baylor did something. He was not near RR at all… unless it was super wolf😳 this is getting crazy. Thanks for updating ❤️❤️

February 3, 2023 3:36 pm

I wish for much longer chapters 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

It is now getting intriguing 🤔

February 3, 2023 5:34 pm

Baylor isn’t a monster, Sean, he’s a weapon.
With these ridiculous assumptions and rumours gaining momentum, Baylor really needs to communicate with Super Wolf and find out what happened when he went into Right River’s cell.
The Prince will never turn Baylor! What a ridiculous notion.
Love Ewan’s comeback.
Thanks for translating.

March 13, 2023 6:11 pm

The general’s people are as willing to throw Baylor under the bus as the prince is. Sounds like typical government BS.

November 22, 2023 10:35 pm

YOOOOO AREN’T YOU MEANT TO BE MILITARY OFFICIALS????? Even if someone is suspicious you need solid evidence to accuse them of something, don’t just immediately subject him to imprisonment out of nowhere when you don’t got no evidence, ain’t this too much of a coincidence? Like use your brain, everyone got their own secret and so does Baylor so you need to chill Wellin, I thought you had a good brain… now I’m not sure….

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