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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


There was an oppressive silence in the room. Wellin wanted to say that he didn’t mean it, but he felt so inexplicably intimidated that he didn’t dare to speak.

Only Ewan’s voice, like a light wind sweeping across the lake, said, “Before I became General, I didn’t let my soldiers die in front of me, and after I became General, I won’t do it either.” He sat in a casual position, his muscles in a relaxed state, as if he were gossiping. “Even if it wasn’t Baylor, I wouldn’t do it if any of you were in his position. Do you understand?”

How could they not understand?

Sky Wolf Legion’s executives were all people who had fought alongside Ewan and even fought together in the battlefield.

They knew better than anyone that this young General, who was not much older than those present, or even a few years younger, was never afraid of battle, and never hid in the rear, thinking of preserving his own safety. Ewan was the tactical commander on the battlefield, but also the front line of one of the most courageous warriors. It was for this reason that they would willingly follow the young general.

Wellin understood Ewan’s meaning, but he was still a bit reluctant, he said, “But…”

Ewan interrupted him, “No buts.” His eyelashes covered, his voice carried a convincing aura, “What’s more, Baylor will not betray me.”


“I was thinking that you might want to change your attachment.”

Baylor looked at Julius and he slowly frowned, “Why?”

Outside the window, the late autumn leaves had almost finished falling, the branches looked a bit sluggish, but it was convenient for the sunlight to shine in unobstructed, and put Julius’s handsome face in a soft light, looking more seductive. His blue eyes were almost brighter than the sky outside, Julius said, “Actually, this is for your sake, looking at you, you may not know what has happened recently.”

“What is it?”

“The escape of an important prisoner from the Marl Galaxy on planet D7, you must know about it.” Julius said, “After all, you are the most suspected person at the moment.”

Baylor was silent for a moment, he didn’t expect Julius to know about it, but Julius knew that it was a big deal. He looked at Julius with a wary gaze.

Julius smiled gently, “You don’t have to look at me like that, I’m here to help you.” He continued, “After Right River was robbed, now you and the General are at the center of the whirlwind…”

Before Julius could finish his sentence, Baylor gave a strange look, “Ewan? What does this have to do with Ewan?”

“Of course it does, he is now suspected of colluding with the Marl Galaxy to deliberately let Right River escape.” Julius spoke tactfully, not mentioning that it was because Ewan had let Baylor go, to set the stage for what was to follow. He continued, “And now you are considered to be in league with the General and part of the treasonous collaboration.” Julius lowered his voice slightly, “So you’re in danger.”

Baylor leaned back gently as he raised the end of his eyebrow, skeptical of the statement, “Why would I be in danger?”

Julius looked at Baylor for an instant, “The easiest way for the General to get rid of his suspicions if he wants to is to push you out as a scapegoat, as long as he puts everything on you and he captures you himself, then he’ll still be a hero to the people.”


Julius looked at Baylor’s face that one point more was vulgar, one point less was too light, he had lush and cold features, those eyes were as clear as an autumn lake, a glance can see the bottom of the lake.

Such a person, with Ewan as ruined, to be honest really felt some pity.

Julius said half-heartedly, “So you have to save yourself now, and I can help you.”

Baylor finally got a reaction and he asked, “How can you help me?”

Julius’ voice, like a misty morning, said, “You testify that Ewan is indeed in collusion with the Marl Galaxy, and then I will rescue you, and then you will live with me in the palace, and I will knight you, so that you can completely get rid of such a humble status as a gift of TL7, and even, after my reign, I can also support you to go back to the TL7 planet and regain everything that belongs to you. Take back everything that belongs to you.”


At night, Baylor returned to Ewan’s house. He thought Ewan would be late, but as soon as he opened the door, he saw Ewan sitting on the sofa in the living room, covered with a damp air, his hair was wet and dripping with water, he had just taken a shower.

This was the time to take a shower, most likely just after working out in the training room of the house.

Baylor said with some surprise, “Why are you back so early?”

Ewan got up from the couch, “I didn’t have anything to do today, so I came back first, so we could have dinner together.” He said, “I heard from your teacher about your mecha training, congratulations.”

Baylor replied absentmindedly, “It wasn’t that hard.”

He put his things on the coffee table and headed for the kitchen, where the food was already prepared, not by Ewan, who wasn’t much of a cook, but by the house’s intelligent cooking system. The table was set with light food, which was his taste.

Ewan followed him into the kitchen and brought the food to the table, and he asked, “How are you feeling mentally today? Are you still uncomfortable?”

“No.” Baylor sat down at the table, his tone slightly dissatisfied, “Don’t treat me like a porcelain doll, I’m not a sick girl, I’m not unwell all day long.”

Ewan listened to Baylor’s description and laughed softly, his tone teasing, “You’re confident in your face.”

Not really wanting to talk, Baylor glared at Ewan. The lights were warm and Baylor felt the mental energy fluctuations coming from deep inside him; Super Wolf should be waking up soon. At that moment, Ewan was talking about the military competition afterwards.

Baylor looked at Ewan’s deep and slightly cold eyebrows, in contrast to the full forehead, his eye sockets look deeper, in the shadow, the slightly light goose gray pupils were like emitting a faint light.

Baylor did not easily find people handsome, but Ewan’s look was indeed one of the best he had ever seen. Julius also looked good, but Ewan was more heroic and handsome, but also more aggressive in general. This kind of person, in fact, generally seems to make people stay away. But Baylor does feel that Ewan was quite approachable, obviously he was a General, but also nothing of a General’s frame.

And often apologize to him…

“The military competition selection starts next month, I think you…”

Baylor suddenly interrupted Ewan as he said, “I met with Julius at noon today.” His fork held down a small white heart fruit with unerring accuracy. He said in a casual tone, “He said I was in danger because we were both considered treasonous and collaborators.”

Ewan sat just across from Baylor, staring at him in silence across the warm yellow chandelier in the center of the table.

Baylor did not hesitate much to tell the whole story of his noon conversation with Julius. He forked up the white heart fruit, but did not intend to eat it, only to transfer it to his bowl, then lowered his eyes and reached for another one. It was as if he was playing some interesting game. “He said you’d push me out as a scapegoat.”

Ewan didn’t say anything, and Baylor waited half a day without hearing anything. He lifted his eyes, only to run right into Ewan’s eyes. There was not much hesitation in his eyes, but rather a few bright colors that belong to the melting of the snow and ice, the color of spring blooming open.

Baylor was stunned, lost in thought, he moved his eyes away somewhat hastily, his eyes wandered around and fell back on the plate of white heart fruit, only this time, his fork did not hit, the round fruit like oil, a slinky round.

Baylor was annoyed and raised his eyes again, but this time he didn’t dodge, and with a bit of annoyance, he said, “Don’t you have anything to ask? Why do you keep looking at me with such strange eyes?”

He was not at all comfortable looking at him.

A low chuckle escaped from Ewan’s lips, and Ewan didn’t restrain his gaze, even the aggressiveness in his gaze became stronger, as if – to bind Baylor firmly with his sight. Since Baylor has asked this, Ewan picked up the most important thing, and asked, “You don’t crave his pheromone, do you?”

“…” Baylor suspected that Ewan’s brain was not normal, he asked incredulously, “Is that all you want to ask?”

Is that the wrong focus?

With one hand on his face and a fork in the other, Ewan forked the white heart fruit that had escaped Baylor’s grasp, much to his anger, and placed it in Baylor’s bowl. “What else do I need to ask?” There was a slight chuckle in his voice, “You didn’t believe him, did you?”

If he did, how could he have been so calm and forthcoming about it with him?

“He must have also told you that to get out of this passive situation, he could help you by testifying that I had betrayed the Ya’an Empire, and then he would get you out after I was convicted.”

Baylor listened to Ewan’s cloudy tone and frowned a little suspiciously, “You eavesdropped?”

“I’m not that bored.” Ewan said frankly, “But I do know he went to see you at noon, I have been having his whereabouts watched.” At the end, Ewan pretended to ask, “So, did you say yes?”

Baylor: … This person had guessed everything, why ask questions. Baylor looked at his bowl of white heart fruit and was suddenly upset. He pushed the bowl to the side and said stiffly, “I promise, I’ll join forces with him to bring you down.”

“That won’t work.” Ewan’s voice was light, but the words were firm, “You can only join forces with me.”

“…” Baylor inexplicably raised the end of his eyebrows, “On what grounds?”

“You look up to others?” Ewan asked rhetorically.

“…” Like he’s so great. Baylor felt that Ewan had been talking too much lately, so he decided to bring the subject back himself by asking, “What are you going to do now?”

Ewan hadn’t wanted to involve Baylor in this, but since Baylor had confessed to him, he should give the same honesty. “If you want to know, come to my room later?”

“…” Baylor looked at Ewan expressionlessly, he did not want to talk, and even had the urge to do that.

Ewan added faintly, “The information is in the room, what are you thinking?”

Baylor took a deep breath.

Seeing Baylor get up and leave, Ewan’s cold brow was tinged with a warm smile. The warm yellow light shadows his eyes, dispelling the last hint of gloom. Ewan had never doubted Baylor in front of others, but deep inside, there was a trace of uncertainty.

It was more like a suspicion of himself than a suspicion of Baylor. He himself believed that he and Baylor were in a relationship that could not be betrayed, but did Baylor feel the same way? Or was it all just wishful thinking on his part? Only, even if he had doubts in his mind, he would never show them in front of others.

This kind of unreserved trust was indeed a kind of selfish favoritism. But fortunately, Baylor did not disappoint his expectations. He did indeed win the bet. He was now finally convinced.

During the night, Ewan suddenly heard a familiar cry in his sleep, Ewan looked up and saw a dark gray to light black figure hovering in the air. It was like it was patrolling its own territory, looking around the world.

Ewan watched the hovering voice steadily, obviously in a dream, but he felt awake, awake enough to know it was a dream and awake enough to remember what Baylor had asked earlier. Baylor asked him if there was anything strange about him. Ewan looked at the figure that was clearly unreadable, but imparted an innate sense of closeness, and a few moments of deep thought passed over his face.

Could it be that Baylor was referring to this?

Ewan woke up under the gaze of a tiger. It was a gaze with an extremely strong presence. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a pair of icy blue sharp eyes, and the thick grayish white coat.

What a big dog head.

Baylor knew Super Wolf was awake, but by the time he got up and went downstairs, he realized that Super Wolf, the white-eyed wolf, had actually run off to find Ewan as soon as he opened his eyes.

Look at that douchebag spreading his belly out under the man, was this his spiritual body? How so undignified?

After his first unnatural petting, Ewan was now very skilled, and even the technique also divided into light and heavy, making Super Wolf think it was very enjoyable. When Ewan saw Baylor coming downstairs, the action on his hands subconsciously stopped. Super Wolf rolled over, squatted his body, then put his paws on Ewan’s palms brutally and unreasonably, then gestured for him to continue.

It was a strong buy and sell attitude.

Baylor looked and felt very speechless.

Ewan said after a greeting, “I saw Dragon Hunter at the head of the bed when I got up in the morning, does he always wake you up like that?”

Baylor nodded with some resentment. He was even numb from the initial shock. 

Ewan thought somewhat helplessly, no wonder he was in a bad mood every time he woke up.

The moment you open your eyes and see a dog’s head hanging in front of you, people with bad hearts can go straight to the hospital.

Ewan suddenly remembered what Sean told him earlier, “So now others can see Dragon Hunter?”

Sean told him that he had a momentary vision of a large gray and white dog in the research room earlier.

Baylor said, “Yes, but also no, depending on whether I want to.”

Before it was Super Wolf disconnected from him, so he couldn’t control Super Wolf, but now that Super Wolf was back inside him, he can naturally decide if his spiritual body can be seen by others. “But S-rank alpha seems to be able to see no matter what.”

It was strange.

About this, actually Ewan already had some guesses in his mind, but it still needed to be confirmed. As he listened to Super Wolf start screaming up at himself at the moment, Ewan suddenly remembered something else, “So are you able to talk to Dragon Hunter now?”

“Hmm.” Of course, Super Wolf was his spiritual body.

Ewan listened to Super Wolf’s rhythmic barking and asked curiously, “So what is it saying now?”

“…” Baylor suddenly eerily silent, and Ewan’s gaze, he hesitated for a moment, and then did not know what was remembered, the corners of his mouth twitched, vainly averted his own eyes, “It is saying, let you call its name.”

Ewan hesitated for a moment and understood in his mind. So he opened his mouth and called out, “Super Wolf.” After all, it was Baylor’s spiritual body, and it wasn’t good to keep calling him by his name.

However, Super Wolf called out a few more times, and a little bit of urging.

When Ewan was confused, but did not want to, Baylor said in a heavy tone, “Not this.”

Ewan raised his eyebrows, showing a puzzled look, “What do you mean?”

Is there another name for it?

Super Wolf gave a few more excited barks. Baylor listened to Super Wolf’s urging, he sighed and said a word in a very small voice.

Because his voice was so low, Ewan couldn’t hear him very well and he asked, “What?”

“… Ardent Tyrant.”

Ewan frowned, “What’s that?”

Baylor got impatient and ignored his shame and blurted out, “Ardent tyrant!”

Super Wolf cooperated by ‘awwwwww’.

Ewan: …

Shame was something that, having taken one step, can naturally easily take a second step, and Baylor added, “Little name, Tyrant Tyrant.”

Ewan: …

Baylor said innocently and sincerely to Ewan’s creepy stare, “I didn’t give it to him.” The name he gave was Super Wolf, how handsome.

However, Ewan’s eyes took on some strong suspicion.

Baylor assured me seriously, “He named it himself, it has nothing to do with me.”

Although, it was his spiritual body, probably can not be separated from him by a few points. But he did not know why Super Wolf gave himself such a name, probably related to the TV series it watched, anyway, Super Wolf liked the name, it thought it was very cool.

Ewan turned his head and then met Super Wolf’s eager, almost materialistic gaze. Apparently, it was looking forward to Ewan calling it that name. Ewan reached out his hand and touched his head, which tilted his head slightly, showing a few expressions of pleasure.

This guide technique was really getting more and more comfortable for the dog. Then the next second, Ewan smoothly pulled a piece of paper from the nearby coffee table, crumpled it into a ball, and then threw it out, “Dragon Hunter, go fetch the ball.”

Ardent tyrant.

Tyrant Tyrant.

These two names were absolutely impossible to call. He decided Dragon Hunter sounded the best.


The author has something to say: 

Super Wolf: love me and call me Tyrant Tyrant.

Baylor: Oh.

Ewan: Oh.

Ewan’s spiritual body: Oh.


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