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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The intelligence unit quickly identified Colonel Nord’s location, and reported it to Ewan. Ewan was still waiting for the other side of the investigation, but when he saw that Nord’s current location was the 1st Imperial Military Academy, his hesitation turned into certainty.

Nord’s presence at the 1st Imperial Military Academy could only be for one reason, and that was Baylor!

Ewan left and walked towards the outside, and then ordered in a stern voice, “Teams 9 and 10 quickly gather and rush to the 1st Imperial Military Academy, blockade the 1st Imperial Military Academy, but do not alert people, and block any entrance and exit of the Imperial City, including air flights. “

Weifield immediately passed on the order, “Yes!”

Ewan also ordered, “Send Black Star to the school gate as well.”

Weifield froze, just to drive the mecha within the imperial capital? Had the situation come to this? But his confusion was short-lived, and he quickly gave the order.

The reason why Ewan didn’t choose to drive the mecha directly was because, after all, this was the imperial capital, and driving a mecha over the imperial capital was not allowed, and he also didn’t want to alert the snake with the grass.

After arriving at the school, the ninth and tenth teams had already surrounded the school, and the military aircraft were already standing by over the military headquarters.

“Yes, currently at the end of the street in Vier, next to the Lisen building on the nursing campus.”

“The instrument has confirmed that the target near the crowd is not dense, only one person beside him.”

“…” Only one person, so who was that person, there were basically few possibilities. Putting on the headset, Ewan’s goose gray pupils were as stern as a cold sword blade, putting a dagger into the dagger belt on his lap, Ewan gave the order, “Find five people to go in with me, you guys stay outside.”

The school had already communicated with the school, and most of the students have been called back to the building, but it’s also class time, and there aren’t many students on the school road.

With Nord’s location flashing on the single lens in front of his eyes, Ewan led the men in a rapid approach.

2000 meters, 1500 meters, close to 1000 meters…

However, at this time, the campus radio suddenly ‘drop’ sounded, and after a brief electromagnetic sound, the man’s crisp voice rang out in the air within the area.

“Don’t move, there are explosives.”

Ewan abruptly stood his ground.

Baylor stopped himself stiffly, his eyes glaring at Nord, and looked Nord up and down, as if pondering whether Nord’s claim of a bomb was true or not.

Nord sighed, he frowned, looking at Baylor who was already only two steps away from him, his fingers moved away to turn off the radio system, his cold voice took on a bit of helplessness, “I actually prefer to leave in peace.”

Baylor sneered, “If you want to leave quietly, you shouldn’t have come to me.”

He actually just a step to reach out to grab the other side, but he did not dare to act rashly, although he did not smell the smoke of the bomb in the air, but this world’s technology was much more advanced than his place, he was not familiar with the weapons here, because he could not tell whether the other side said the bomb matter was true.

And Super Wolf at this moment also under Baylor’s command, stopped at Nord’s side, it showed its teeth, towards Nord fiercely showed his fangs.

“Before I leave, the last task the church gave me is to take you away.” Nord looked at Baylor steadily, “To be honest, I could have been a little rougher in my methods.”

Indeed, he did not suspect Nord at first, in fact, Nord could have just done it at that moment.

Baylor looked at Nord suspiciously, but Nord did not do it then, but revealed so much information to him. What the hell was this guy thinking?

“But I’d rather have you leave with me voluntarily.”

Baylor sneered, “You’re dreaming.”

Nord’s eyebrows twitched slightly, “I am indeed a bit naive.” His eyes showed an extremely complex look, like the bottom of a dark sea, “But there is no reason why you have to stay here, why don’t you think about going to the Marl Galaxy? The people here can’t understand you at all.”

Baylor didn’t have the heart to talk to him here, he had heard the troops stop in the distance at this moment, obviously shocked by Nord’s words just now.

At the same time, there was also the noise of the students. The voice just now, apparently the whole school briefing, at the very least, was heard within this nearby school district.

Baylor suddenly had a guess in his mind, “Where’s your bomb?”

“I’ve been undercover in the Ya’an Empire for a long time.” Nord was bullheaded, “You see, I’ve been here since I was ten years old and received a similar education as the rest of the Ya’an Empire, even, 1st Imperial Military Academy was my alma mater. At this school, I studied for seven years.” Nord reminisced about the old days, then said flatly, “How many bombs do you think I could have planted in seven years?”


Nord said, “I don’t remember the exact number myself, but I can guarantee that once it explodes, all the people here will be pulverized, including you and me.”

Baylor half narrowed his eyes, his tone fierce, “You are trying to pull me along?”

Nord shook his head, “I want to take you away, safely.” He said, “The church has a strong hold on you.”

Baylor froze slightly, he frowned, puzzled by this, “I have nothing to do with that church.” Not to say he had nothing to do with it, he had never even met it.

“Right River is a high ranking member of the church, and as I just said, his spiritual power gives him prophetic capabilities.”


“He prophesied the appearance of a person two years ago, so he was captured by the Ya’an Empire, but there was a delay in rescuing him precisely because he was waiting for that person to appear.”

A sudden sense of foreboding rose in Baylor’s heart, “…”

Nord stared closely at Baylor, “Among his prophecies, that person is the key to the reform of the world’s spiritual power civilization and is important to the Marl Galaxy.”

Baylor’s emotions were mixed at this time, the corners of his mouth twitched, then his voice said mockingly, “… I’m not going to lie, I’m past my middle-aged years, why don’t you just call me a savior?”

“In a sense, your status is similar to that of a savior.”

“…” Then let’s just destroy this world.

Baylor was speechless.

This was really something that he did not fantasize about during his middle school years, his only thought at that time was to eat a full stomach, now think about how narrow his eyes are, he actually had the potential to become a savior. It’s ironic to the extreme, he’s never met a savior before, and now he’s going to become someone else’s savior?

But what’s more important now is-

The light in Baylor’s eyes sharply stared at Nord, then did not move to look carefully at Nord’s state at the moment. He said the matter of explosives, whether it was true or not, and, if it was true, then control the bomb explosion would be what?

To be honest, if according to Nord, he came to take himself away, then it was indeed unlikely to come empty-handed, the possibility of a bomb was still very high.

And at that moment, Nord again pressed his cigarette case in his hand, and then talked to Ewan, who was a thousand meters away, “You came faster than I thought, in fact, if you had not found me, perhaps I would not have come this far. As you can see, the whole school is now under my hostage. If you do not want the whole school to be buried with us, then agree to my request.”

At this moment, the students in the classroom heard the announcement and instantly showed panic expressions.

“A bomb?”

“Buried with us? What’s going on here?”

“A gangster has entered the school? How did he do that?”

This was the 1st Imperial Military Academy, the security level was no less than the government, and it was full of military cadets. How could this criminal dare?

Immediately, a student of explosives laughed and said, “What bomb? Where is it? We can dismantle ten of them.”

However, in the next second, what they heard made the expression on their faces unable to relax.

“There are hundreds of them, scattered all over the school, so I suggest the students don’t move around either, after all, you can’t guarantee if you’ll step on a mine as soon as you leave the room.”

Then Nord said to Ewan, who immediately ordered the military department to arrange a search, “No need to communicate with the troops outside, I can hear you, as soon as anyone else enters the school, I will detonate the bombs, hundreds of bombs, can explode for a while.”

Ewan stopped his own communication with a heavy expression. He looked at the positioning of the other side that appeared on his lens, obviously more than a thousand meters away, but Nord could keenly detect them and still know their every move.

Nord said he could hear…

Ewan remembered what Baylor said to himself before, in their world, spiritual power could be used to strengthen the five senses. So Baylor’s five senses were extremely sharp, so they could only eat light food, and also did not like noisy places.

Now Nord also had the same ability? Is he the same as Baylor, also a sentinel or a guide?

The possibility of a wiretap was more likely than this possibility.

Ewan made a gesture to the five people around him, indicating that they should not move, but he still used the text to get in touch with the troops outside, but the words of Nord, they could not enter the school for the time being, could only arrange for experts to come, outside the school to use the instruments to detect the energy reaction inside the school.

And, Ewan opened his mouth to the air and asked, “You said you agreed to your request, what is your request?”

Although thousands of meters away, Nord was talking to Ewan face to face, and he immediately replied, “Let us go.”

Us? Ewan’s brow furrowed.

“Yes, I only have two requests, one, I want to be able to leave, and the other, I want Baylor.”

The announcement was not hidden from the students, and those who were familiar with the name ‘Baylor’ showed surprised expressions, while Johnathan, who had an argument with Baylor before, sneered and took on an angry tone, “Sure enough, this Baylor is a suspicious person!”

Eric now glared at Johnathan, “Bullshit! Is your brain full of mush? It sounds like he’s trying to hold Baylor hostage!”

“And he’s the one who got our school into trouble!” Johanthon sneered back, “They came for him, and now it’s the whole school that’s in trouble! He’s a scourge!”

Eric clenched his fist in anger, almost wanting to punch someone. But he was pulled back by the classmate next to him, “This is not the time to fight.”

And at this moment, Baylor listened to this high-profile declaration of Nord’s words, he suddenly did not understand, “What exactly do you want to do?”

Perhaps Baylor was hard to understand, in fact Nord did not intend to use this scheme at first. He came here for the simple purpose of actually just wanting to meet Baylor. Yes, it was such an impulse. Of course, one of his last tasks was indeed to take Baylor away. But that wasn’t really his main purpose, that was just incidental.

Even about going to the Marl Galaxy, he just wanted to have a chat with Baylor, and originally did not want to force Baylor. What he didn’t expect was that the military department would find out his identity so quickly and act so quickly.

In order to protect himself, he could only take a more radical approach. Thinking of this, Nord frowned slightly. But the matter had come to this, and he could no longer be soft hearted. He said, “I’m giving you a choice, come with me now or let them die and stay here for a while longer.”

The words also went out through the radio, apparently to get everyone to put the pressure on Baylor, as if the lives of the people in this school were now in Baylor’s hands.

If the bomb does go off, it would be all Baylor’s fault.

Ewan was now frowning deeply.

Nord used the word ‘stay for a while’, which means that even if Baylor chooses to stay now, it was only temporary, Baylor would still go to the Marl Galaxy sooner or later.

He thought he knew what Nord was thinking at the moment.

If Baylor stays, Nord would detonate the bomb, then Baylor would be a target, in the eyes of the world, he would carry all the casualties of the explosion, the country would not be able to accommodate Baylor. No wonder the school broadcast system was deliberately used to publicize all this and draw the attention of everyone.

Ewan’s hand was clenched at the moment, and the light in his eyes was fierce.

Nord looked at Baylor, his gaze quiet, patiently waiting for Baylor’s answer. However, he did not wait for Baylor’s answer, but watched as Baylor’s face suddenly revealed a smile, the corners of his mouth rose, a bright and cold smile.

Then, he watched as Baylor suddenly and uncharacteristically approached him, followed by a hard punch to his face. And a rude expletive spilled out of Baylor’s mouth and rang through the radio throughout the school.


Author’s Note: 

Nord: A normal person would have thought this through.

Baylor (laughs): Sorry, I’m not a normal person.

The first meeting of the ambush was actually Nord was going to go with Jon to meet Baylor, but after seeing Baylor in the distance, he suddenly turned around and walked away (yes, it was such a hasty ambush kkk), later will elaborate on why.


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February 8, 2023 3:58 pm

Yeahhhh just punch Nord’s light out and won’t be able to detonate any bombs 💣!!!

Soooo exciting and gripping 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

February 8, 2023 6:42 pm

Who is Jon, that’s mentioned in the author’s note? Is it Right River.
Baylor really is a law unto himself. Perhaps, like me, he’s decided that if he’s the saviour of the Marl Galaxy, would Nord really blow both of them up along with everyone else? Surely not!
Poor Ewan must be going nuts inside.
Thanks for translating.

February 9, 2023 5:02 am

I love their Baylor attitude and teasing smiles. Thanks for the chapter!!!

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Baylor is not the person to threaten.

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