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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


This loud commotion almost plunged the entire school into a deadly silence. Only the crisp voice that spoke in a foul language resounded through the school.

“… He, what is he doing?” One student asked, a bit dumbfounded, she was confused.

“Probably… beating someone up.” Another student replied.

At this point they were all looking at the speaker hidden in the ceiling with colorful expressions, ranging from incredulous shock, to heart almost jumping out of their throats in shock.

“Oh, my God!” A student’s cursing voice broke the suffocating silence, “Is that motherfucker crazy? Isn’t that guy holding the school hostage? There are so many bombs! What if he just punched him and it exploded!”

With this voice, the real bombs have not yet exploded, but the panic had exploded among the students with a bang.

As the panic spread, everyone became more silent, they almost did not even dare to breathe loudly, for fear of disturbing the hidden bombs, at the same time, they were sensitive to everything around them, the flow of air, the sound of machinery, the wind blowing grass, birds and insects – they look for the possible location of the explosion, his entire body filled with tension.

However, in the midst of such a tense atmosphere, the sound from the air still did not stop.

The radio seemed to be knocked flying to the ground, emitting an ear-splitting electronic sound that made people want to cover their ears, ‘bang bang bang’ a few times, the radio finally stopped rolling, the cacophony stopped, and then the clear sound of the fight came out clearly.

The gold wire glasses frame had been broken, Nord covered his face, the eyes of surprise had not receded, the seemingly slender but hidden strength of the hand tightly squeezed into a fist, and then again broke the air to his abdomen to punch.

This person… Nord reached out his hand to block the incoming fist, and his tone tightened, “Are you crazy?”

How could he have ignored his threat?

Did Baylor not care about the lives of the people in this school?

Baylor gave a cold laugh.

Nord suddenly felt a murderous aura coming from the side at this time, although he could not see, but he still leapt upward with that flower bed hand brace, a heel to avoid the invisible attack. However Super Wolf’s paws stomped hard, a sharp brake, and then quickly showed its excellent bouncing ability.

Nord’s eyes narrowed, and as soon as he landed, he quickly pulled out two guns from under his jacket, one left and one right, and began to shoot at the unseen spiritual body.

And at that moment, the crisp voice rang out again, “It’s true that you are from the Marl Galaxy, although you can’t see Super Wolf, your perception of spiritual bodies is very sensitive.”

Nord froze, looked down, Baylor had grabbed his ankle, then one hand pulled down hard, the other hand tackled towards his neck. In Crusader, Nord had briefly fought with Baylor once before, but in two months, the other party’s skills have grown several times since then.

The movements were faster, stronger, and the aura was more severe. Is this the person who could become the ‘core of the plan’?

However Baylor at this time also found that the previous Nord completely hidden his strength, as he came from that B-class alpha pheromone. As Nord quickly adjusted his posture and tangled with Baylor, Nord’s cold voice carried a question in it, “Do you not care at all about the death of the people in this school? Aren’t you afraid I’ll activate the bombs now?”

The corners of Baylor’s mouth hooked up, and then he launched his attack without any hesitation, while his voice spread clearly through that radio into the school.

“Huh? What the hell are you talking about, whether they are dead or alive, it has nothing to do with me.”

A wave of disbelief rose in the hearts of the students and professors at this moment. Damn, was this person too desperate? Then immediately after, they heard a solid flesh-on-flesh sound. Shit, this person really does not care about their lives!

Even Eric’s mouth twitched at this moment.

Just… It’s sad. The students who idolized Baylor before, especially the omega’s, couldn’t help but feel some anger in their hearts. Not to mention those students who were already unhappy with Baylor, plus the previous ‘spy’ rumors, all had especially bad evaluations of Baylor.

One of them, Johnathan, was even shaking with anger as he cursed, “This man is ruthless, inhuman and unconscionable, a sociopath!”

The next moment, Baylor’s words were like a heavy hammer knocking their brains into a roar, “They are all military cadets, people who are going to war.” Baylor’s voice was unconsciously tight because of the force he was using, with a stern coldness, “Are they waiting for others to save them even in the battlefield?” Baylor’s mocking general laughter reached their ears, and they could almost imagine the smudge of disdain on the teenager’s lush to stunning face, “Don’t joke about it. What kind of warriors are they if they are trusting their lives to others? If they are warriors, they should not be afraid of death. Only the weak will wait for others to save them.”

Listening to these words, Eric suddenly remembered that during the examination, the teenager he fought with was also such a picture of determination to put life and death on the line.

Baylor was panting, he and Super Wolf together with the attack, the opposite Nord only looked more wretched. Finally, he grabbed Nord, pinned him to the ground, and then rode on him, looking down on the shocked face of the man underneath. The gun that was taken from the other man’s hand was in his hand, and he shot it up sharply and pointed it at Nord.

Baylor’s eyes were burning with bright, burning flame, and the fire was intertwined with a frightening madness, and his clear, crisp voice was not the usual wan laziness, but a leap of faith. He raised his eyebrows, “Don’t you have a bomb? Go ahead, blow up on me, if you have the guts, we’ll die together.” The black muzzle of the gun in his hand was aimed at Nord’s forehead, “Blowing up other places won’t stop me from shooting your head off.”

Nord narrowed his eyes, his face did not show fear, rather, his cold eyes also took on an imperceptible obsession. Baylor’s battle spirit was so high at the moment that he completely ignored the existence of other things, and among them was a spiritual force that was extremely homogeneous with his.

But mainly because Nord did not have a spiritual body, his spiritual power fluctuations for Baylor was not too high of a sense of existence. But it was such an insignificant spiritual energy, the frequency above and Baylor’s spiritual energy were extremely compatible.

The question Nord asked Baylor earlier, whether he had thought there might be a person in another galaxy with a high degree of spirituality compatibility with him, was not an empty question. Because on the Crusader, Nord felt it the first second he saw Baylor.

On top of this hostile land, he actually met a person with a spiritual fit. From then on, he had an extremely complicated emotion for this person.

Nord should not have come to see Baylor at this time, after all, after saving Right River, he was in a very precarious situation. The military department would have traced him sooner or later, the first priority should have been to leave quickly. Even if he came to take Baylor away according to the church’s intention, he should not waste time with the meeting or talk so much with Baylor.

In the final analysis, he just couldn’t resist the complicated feelings that came from the spirituality fit.

Nord’s eyes touched the obtrusive blocker on Baylor’s neck, holding it against the muzzle of the gun, he sank his eyes, and then he said, “Believe it or not, I don’t want to make an enemy of you.”

His words fell, and then in a corner of the school suddenly came the sound of a violent explosion, almost as if the ground shook.

This made Baylor’s ears, which had not lowered their hearing ability in time, almost produce tinnitus. But Baylor was not affected by the sound of the explosion for too long, but immediately frowned and stared at Nord.

Clearly Nord did not do anything, why would it explode?

Could it be timed?

“It’s not timed.” Nord said, “I also do not have accomplices.”

He spoke calmly as if he knew what Baylor was thinking at the moment, without the slightest hint of panic of being held at gunpoint.


Nord continued, “If you don’t let go of me, the explosion will go on forever.”

Baylor sneered, “And now you’re thinking of using them to threaten me? You think I care?”

Nord said indifferently, “If you don’t care, forget it.” There was almost a hint of a sigh in his voice, “The whole school will be in flames, and it’s good that you’re really going to die with me.”

One after another, the explosions almost blew the sky apart, it seemed that this was no longer a school but a real battlefield, the flames began to approach the sky, the fire alarms sounded all around the school only to be drowned out by the explosions, as if they were competing with each other.

Baylor could almost feel the searing heat from the explosion beside himself, his tongue against his upper jaw, killing intent in his eyes, a coldness that was completely different from the searing heat of the moment. Baylor’s finger moved slightly, ready to pull the trigger.

However, at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded behind Baylor’s back, stopping him from doing so.

“To die together?” The lazy low voice had a cold anger in it, “Only in your dreams.”

His voice was like magic, and the endless layers of explosions behind him suddenly stopped, leaving only the fire alarms still clamoring, but even so, in contrast to the apocalyptic-like commotion just now, it surprisingly created a kind of dusty tranquility.

Nord listened to the sound of explosions stopped, his eyebrows locked up, a shadow over, his eyes crossed, still riding on their own, looking at the General in combat gear.

Ewan was now holding the cigarette case that Nord was holding in his hand, and then slightly bent down and stretched out his hand, holding Baylor’s hand that was still holding the gun, and then under Baylor’s puzzled gaze, he pulled Baylor to his feet with a push.

Not only that, he also pulled Baylor to his side, in an extremely tyrant attitude to keep people behind him. Immediately after, he frowned and said in a disapproving tone, “This kind of person, just beat him up.”

Ewan looked at the man who slowly got up from the ground, his gaze cold and depressed.

He was still trying to die with Baylor? Heh. I don’t think you’re qualified.

The other five people with Ewan also quickly rushed over, and then surrounded Nord.

“…” Baylor mouth corner twitch, somewhat speechless, “Why are you here?”

“According to the clues you gave, I rushed here immediately after finding the person.”

Baylor hesitated a little and asked, “You’re not minding the students at school?”

How could he have the time to come here and interfere with him? The thought that Nord was still alive brought a bit of irritation to Baylor’s eyes.

However, at this moment Ewan said, “Keep him, he’ll be useful, as for the school…” He did not look at Baylor, but his gaze also brought a little imperceptible smile. “Thanks to you, there’s no need to worry about that either.”

Baylor was a bit puzzled as he reattached his mental power to his hearing, and then he heard something beyond his expectation.

“Demolition Department Class A, has detected the location of a bomb.”

“Demolition Department Class B, two detected!”

“Demolition Department Class C, there are two in the Anwus building!”

Demolition students had already left the safety of the building and were wearing their equipment in batches to check out the bombs in the school, trying to lock on to the location and evacuate the surrounding people before they exploded. And it wasn’t just the demolition students who were on the move.

Students from the Warfighter Department cleared the roads blocked by the explosions and then drove their vehicles to evacuate people from the school. Medical students began treating those who were unfortunate enough not to be evacuated and were affected by the blast.

Every now and then, some students could be heard shouting.

“Damn, we can’t let people look down on us!”

“We are warriors, consider it a real-life exercise mahjong.”

“No, we’ll treat it as a drill. Usually we do not dare to make such a big noise in the school.”

“Bomb the school, this is my dream now.”

“Dare to bully the 1st Imperial Military Academy? Who is afraid of some stupid bombs?! The usual training injuries I received are heavier than this!” Then a medical student next to him mercilessly pressed on the student’s wound, and the student immediately wailed out, “Gently, gently…”

The commotion apparently also reached Nord’s ears, and a look of surprise passed over his face. He used the school to hold Baylor hostage, in order to make Baylor in the Empire after no way to get a foothold. Even if Ewan found the key to control the explosion in time, the explosion just now was enough to cause casualties, enough to push Baylor into the limelight.

However, he did not expect that the students would unite in this situation, not only to minimize the damage, and also to maintain a positive attitude. From their words, not to mention their dislike for Baylor, they didn’t even put this explosion in their eyes.

Baylor was also a bit surprised, he looked at Ewan’s gaze with a rare confusion.

Ewan turned his head sideways and met Baylor’s eyes, he could not restrain the corners of his mouth, did not answer, but half-heartedly said, “It seems that in the future, before going to war, you should make a pep talk.”

Baylor looked puzzled. What the hell?

Ewan was still holding someone in his hand at the moment, fighting. Baylor did not react, his hand tightened a few more, so that their palms clasped tightly together. I don’t know what he felt, he was like a fierce beast stepping into his territory, narrowed his eyes and turned his head, and then met Nord’s eyes.

Ewan was very familiar with the hidden meaning of that line of sight, he immediately understood. It turns out that what he felt was wrong when he heard Nord’s words earlier wasn’t him being overly sensitive. Ewan raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth curved up with a bit of coldness.


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hahaha omg yasss Baylors horrible attitude towards others became inspiration for lazy students. Ewan you VIP you. Now that was climactic!

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Baylor thinks so differently, but once others catch on, the understanding shines brightly.
Ewan is so quick thinking and analytical too.
The students did themselves proud in the end.
Wasn’t Nord’s day; I can’t quite dislike him yet though.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 14, 2023 4:35 am

Really hope this turns the student’s opinions of Baylor toward the positive.

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Baylor words was right. Luckily, those student got the positive messgae.

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