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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Since Ewan did not think that Right River could use mental power to convey information, he simply did not check the back of the empty cell monitoring. Until the message sent by Baylor in the morning, Ewan immediately sent someone to investigate the surveillance of several cells next to the right river, even including the cells across several corridors and any space.

After expanding the area search, the list of names to be investigated grew much longer. And among them, there was a name that caught Ewan’s attention.

Ewan looked at the list of several names among the ‘Nord W. Haywell’, frowned slightly. According to the notes on the back, Nord went to another cell at that exact time, and that cell was at the back of the cell where Right River was, a back-to-back location. The security camera captured a picture of Nord walking into the cell at that time, and Right River was a wall away.

However, Ewan was not only interested in this. He remembered that Nord was Wellin’s subordinate, when Wellin enlisted Crusader to find him, Nord was also on top of Crusader, and later Crusader was attacked by interstellar pirates.

Interstellar pirates would be accurate to know Crusader’s route and the Crusader had ancestral stones resources on this matter, someone must have informed the news. Later he found Julius and interstellar pirates had contact, it was logical to assume that Julius provided the information.

This was also his initial confession with Baylor content.

Ewan on this royal persecution was not too nervous, because he had found Julius’s handle, so he also immediately submitted to the court on Julius’s investigation. But now that he thought about it, Julius was not a member of the military, and he couldn’t have known everything about Crusader’s affairs. But if there was a spy on the ship at that time, then the problem would be very well solved.

Ewan suddenly remembered Wellin’s report he had received a few days ago when returning from planet D1. He had asked Wellin to go to the target Black City to track down the previous interstellar pirate warlord who confessed to the intelligence trafficker and weapons dealer, and Wellin finally got it this time, and arrested the person.

As Ewan had predicted, Wellin found traces of communication with Julius on the intelligence peddler, but at the same time, Wellin also discovered the presence of a mysterious person. In addition to Julius, there was another person who also had a connection with the intelligence peddler.

At that time Ewan suspected that in addition to Julius and interstellar pirates, there were third party forces.

Ewan thin lips tightly pursed, immediately towards the military intelligence department orders, “two groups of people, one to investigate the background of Colonel Nord and the last three months of activity line, the other group of people now immediately to track the whereabouts of Colonel Nord.”

At this moment, in the midst of the 1st Imperial Military Academy, Baylor followed Nord across the school road to where he had parked his hover car, away from the main school building and next to an old shaped garden enclosed in stone bricks, which was slightly deserted.

In the middle of the U-shaped road was a small flower bed, and Nord’s hover car was parked next to it. It was quiet enough that Baylor couldn’t resist asking, “What exactly did you want to see me about, did Ewan send you?”

Nord did not really want to get into the car, he half sat, half stood on top of the flower bed, behind the gold-rimmed glasses, a pair of eyes clear and cold. He looked at Baylor, then his eyes moved from Baylor’s face down to the blocker on Baylor’s neck.

“No, I wanted to come to you myself.”

Baylor looked at the man and frowned a little suspiciously. From before he had this feeling that it was obvious he hadn’t met the other man even a few times, but he always acted as if he knew him well. “You want to come to me? Why? Didn’t you say you had something to ask me related to Planet D7?”

Nord was slightly stunned as he looked at Baylor, those cool eyes carrying a few moments of deeper meaning. His hand pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his trouser pocket, “Yes, that’s right.”

It was obvious that he said so at the beginning, but now it sounds as if he was reminded by Baylor to remember.

Baylor looked at the cigarettes Nord had taken out and he said unpleasantly, “This is a school, no smoking.” 

Of course, more importantly, he had a keen sense of smell and dislikes the smell of smoke, as does Super Wolf. The cigarette had already been ejected from the box, and when he heard Baylor say so, Nord stopped himself stiffly again.

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” But he didn’t put the cigarette case away either, instead he just tucked it away in his palm and turned it slowly between his fingers. Then he finally said something that seemed to be business, “I heard that you were caught sneaking into the ancestral stone pit, why did you sneak in?”

But his tone was casual and didn’t sound like he cared much about the matter. Rather, it was like a random topic.

“…” Baylor lowered his eyebrows and looked at the man steadily for a few seconds, then turned around and prepared to leave. “Don’t hold me up if you’re okay.” 

Just as soon as he took a step, however, Nord’s voice came from behind him, “Do you know the suitability of spiritual power?”

Baylor stopped dead in his tracks and turned half sideways, eyes puzzled.

“There is no ABO gender distinction for people in the Marl Galaxy, did you know that?” Nord asked again.

Although he didn’t know why Nord would ask this, the existence of ‘Marl Galaxy lineage’ piqued Baylor’s interest and he nodded, “Yes, what do you want to say?”

It was something he had heard from Sean’s class, that the two expeditionary fleets that had departed from Ancient Earth had developed different branches of new humans because they had put down roots in two different star fields.

The one that arrived at Alix Galaxy combined with the indigenous civilization, the Ancient Beast, and so developed the ABO gender system of the Beast.

But the expedition that arrived in the Marl Galaxy did not.

Nord said, “The humans in the Marl Galaxy system do not have the ABOmega pheromone, but they rely more on the spiritual power in the human body, so unlike this side, which is concerned with pheromone matching, in the Marl Galaxy, it is more concerned with the spiritual power suitability.”

It sounded a lot like sentinel and guide.

Baylor frowned, “So?” 

What does this have to do with him?

Nord spoke with a slight pause, and then suddenly asked, “Have you ever thought that there might be someone in the Marl Galaxy lineage whose psychic powers are highly compatible with yours?”

“…” Baylor had turned around by now, he clasped his hands and looked at Nord inexplicably, “Are you thinking I’m too stupid?”

“But maybe, there are times when fate is amazing.”

It’s true that Baylor had not spent much time with Nord, but the few times he had spent time with him before, Nord had always given him the impression of someone who was quiet and one-dimensional, and as a result, now Nord was talking to him about life? Baylor’s mouth twitched and he was about to tell Nord to go to an online chat room if he had a desire to talk but couldn’t find anyone, he wasn’t a free escort.

But Nord’s next words grabbed his attention. Nord’s long fingers twirled the cigarette case, but his eyes were focused on Baylor, “Most of the Marl Galaxy are small countries, but these small countries form a big United Nations as a unified force, and what unites them is the Church of Sycamore, which is also a church with spiritual power as its core.” Nord said faintly, “People in the Marl Galaxy lineage are different from those here, people here have stronger spiritual power but are unable to use it actively, people in the Marl Galaxy lineage are able to use their spiritual power actively, only their spiritual power capacity is relatively more barren, and the highest spiritual power is only A-rank. In the face of relatively weak spiritual power, the use of spiritual power becomes more important, so in order to help people better use their spiritual power to the extreme, the Church of Sycamore was founded.”

Baylor had never heard of these things, but he had once heard Sean say that the two star domains had been in a state of hostility because they had not established diplomatic relations, and there had been very little information exchanged between the two sides, plus the distance, so they had not known much about the Marl Galaxy system.

But this Nord was obviously familiar with the Marl Galaxy.

“Their use of spiritual power is at the expense of other abilities, focusing on the same ability to strengthen themselves with spiritual power, some are hearing, some are seeing, and some are just predicting the future. Right River is more special.” Suddenly, Nord mentioned an extremely sensitive person, “He got two kinds of ability to strengthen, prediction as well as the control of mental power fluctuation.”

Baylor’s eyes changed at this moment, and he stared at Nord, his muscles quietly tightening up. He was a little confused before, but now he clearly realized that the man in front of him should be the one Ewan had been looking for to let Right River go. Baylor’s voice lowered, “What do you mean by that?”

Nord was the traitor in the military department… Then why did Nord expose himself and tell so much information in front of him? Nord looked at Baylor’s defensive look, the expression on his face didn’t change much, he just said, “I mean, the Marl Galaxy is more suitable for you. If you go to the Marl Galaxy, the Church can help you to use your spiritual power better, and with your special spiritual power, you will have a very high status. You will be worshiped by everyone, more noble than the royal family.”

His tone was breezy, slightly mitigating the dreaminess of the content he was conveying.

Baylor felt that the world was suddenly a bit absurd. He laughed softly with mockery in his eyes and said, “I’m really popular these days.”

His eyes were fixed on Nord like a beast looking for a moment to strike, and the Super Wolf next to him had moved around to Nord’s other side and made a pincer movement. Baylor said, “This prince of the Ya’an Empire just said he wanted me to be the lord of a planet, and now you are inviting me to be a God in the Marl Galaxy.”

The prince’s purpose was to set him up to be a toolman for Ewan.


“What is your purpose?”

At that very moment, however, Baylor’s ears twitched slightly as he heard the sound of someone approaching quietly. However, his face did not show the slightest bit, so as not to alert the snake. Whether the person coming was a friend or foe, could not alert the opposite people. But I didn’t expect Nord’s gaze, which was focused on Baylor, shifted slightly to the side.

Baylor knew that Nord had also found those people. Baylor frowned at this moment. The reason was simple, Nord’s performance shows that the approaching people were not his accomplices, indeed, that organized footsteps would not be scattered a few people, but belong to an extremely regular force, it was unlikely to be Nord’s people.

However, those people were a thousand meters away at the moment, he could notice because he used his spiritual power to strengthen his hearing, normal people should not be able to hear. Then there was only one possibility. Nord also used his spiritual power to strengthen his hearing.

He was not from Alix Galaxy from the beginning, but from the Marl Galaxy lineage side. The alpha pheromone on him was also a fake!

Realizing this, Baylor no longer hesitated, and the moment Nord stopped spinning the cigarette case in his hand, he rushed forward to launch his own attack with an arrow step. At the same time, Super Wolf on the other side also launched a synchronized attack.

However, at this moment, Nord said without changing his face, “Don’t move, there are explosives.”

This sentence, not only to Baylor, but also to the people who were approaching a thousand meters away. The reason was that his voice was heard through the radio in the cigarette case he was holding, directly in the entire school’s broadcast system.


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