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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


“When I first met you, I felt the spiritual power in you…” Probably a little shy, Nord misplaced his eyes slightly, “It was a very strong attraction.”

At that time, he had promised to go with Jon to meet the ‘gift’ from TL7 planet, but when he saw Baylor from afar, he felt that this ‘gift’ had a high degree of spiritual power that was compatible with himself.

Alix Galaxy humans rely on pheromone to identify whether two people were genetically suitable to be mates, but the Marl Galaxy system does not have pheromone, plus the civilization advocates spiritual power. In order to raise offspring with stronger spiritual power, they often rely on the ‘homozygosity’ of their spiritual power to match the marriage partner.

And at that time, when Nord found that heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul attraction, fearing that he would reveal himself, he immediately turned away. “That day in the middle of the night in Crusader, I was also attracted by the spiritual power, so I appeared outside the captain’s room, and then met you.”

Baylor remembered the incident, it was when Super Wolf came aboard, he followed the spiritual power fluctuation all the way to the captain’s room, and ended up being entangled by Nord, and then Wellin found them. At that time, Super Wolf and Ewan were in the captain’s room.

Nord asked, “Don’t you feel it between us…? That attraction?”

With a look of distress and confusion, as if he was really trying to figure it out, he said, “By all rights, you would have felt the same as I did.”

Baylor’s mouth twitched, “What feeling?”

He didn’t know what that feeling was, all he knew was that he was feeling four words right now – ‘a thorn in the side’.

Nord lowered his eyes, “Heart and soul shaking, love at first sight.”

He got up from his chair with a ‘clatter’, so loudly that the chair tripped over Baylor and he felt it burn his butt. But in contrast to Baylor’s great movement was his expressionless, almost serious face, as he said stoically, “I did not, I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense.”

Then, after the sudden cacophony fell, in the dead silence, Baylor heard a sneer coming from beside him. Baylor felt so wronged. He was sentinel when he lived for more than twenty years, mate’s shadow had not been seen, who would have thought that suddenly emerged so much recently?

Listening to the military boots on the polished floor, gradually away from the sound of footsteps, Baylor also no longer stayed, ready to leave. Then as soon as he turned around and took a step, Nord suddenly said, “It’s a luxury, but I hope to see you again.”

“… We’ll see.” Baylor left without a backward glance.

The snow-white and silent cell, the man with a svelte and competent temperament looked at omega’s back as he left, his lips slightly open, as if he wanted to say something else, but said nothing. He had some confusion and loss in his eyes.

Not many people were lucky enough to meet the one who was a good match for their spiritual power in this life. How many people can’t wait for that person and end up looking for a suitable companion to spend the rest of their lives with?

But he met.

Looking at the matter alone, he should be a very lucky man. But the place was not right, the time was not right – and the person was not right.

In that case, why should he meet?

Baylor had thought Ewan had gone, but when he opened the door to the hallway and stepped outside, he found Ewan just slouching against the wall, head down, a shadow coalescing around his jaw. His eyes, hidden in the shadow of his hat brim, reflected the screen projected by the terminal, and his other hand tapped rapidly on the keyboard area extending from his wrist terminal. He sorted through the information he had just heard and then arranged the next task.

Noticing Baylor coming out, Ewan darted his eyes up to look at Baylor before returning his eyes to the screen to finish typing the last sentence. He asked then, belatedly, “Done talking?” 

“Yeah.” Baylor leaned closer to Ewan.

Ewan put the screen away at this point, then lowered his hands into his pants pockets, “Now that you’re done talking, let’s go.” He pressed the intercom button on the wall, the voice of a soldier came from the other end of the intercom, Ewan said into the intercom, “It’s over.”

At the end of the sentence, the soldiers on guard outside lined up neatly and entered, then returned to their cells to continue their supervision tasks. Ewan was in the midst of these two ‘long lines’ lifting his legs towards the outside, after a few steps, he stopped and looked at Baylor who was still in place, he raised his eyebrows, “You’re not leaving? Still want to talk?”

Hearing these words, Baylor was convinced that the piercing gaze she had just felt was not an illusion. As soon as he came out and saw Ewan’s serious look, he thought he was making a fool of himself. Now that he thinks about it, maybe the usual serious look was also an act.

Baylor shrugged, “We can talk about it.”

Ewan, “…” Ewan had never smoked, he had tried one when he was young because he was curious, but he didn’t find the pleasure in it and never tried it again. However, at this moment he suddenly wanted to give himself a cigarette.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” He frowned and said, “Waiting to talk about a heavenly marriage, a lover from another life, a destined love… Are you busy?”

Tsk, he thought he could pretend for a while. Baylor lifted his feet and took the lead to walk outside, “What am I too busy for? I’m not busy every day.”

“Idle? Aren’t you too busy with training to do anything else?” Ewan followed Baylor. He didn’t even have time to see him in his office, and if it weren’t for the fact that he hadn’t been training recently and Baylor wasn’t living in the dorm, he wouldn’t have known how many times he could see someone.

As a result, now he actually says he’s idle.

Baylor stopped trying to get on Ewan’s nerves and said, “I don’t know him that well.”

Ewan slightly froze, realized Baylor was explaining to himself, his stifled mood slightly brighter.

Ewan was an alpha, and he knows how uncontrollable the attraction between pheromones could be, and Nord could betray his civilization for Baylor, although according to him, there was also the influence of these years of life, but Baylor was definitely a big reason for his sway, so you could see that the The attraction of spiritual power was not weaker than the attraction between pheromone. His brow furrowed in repulsion and he looked sideways at Baylor, “You have no special feelings for him?”

“No.” Speaking of which, Baylor was also a bit puzzled. Although he had not spent much time with Nord, if there was anything, it was enough for him to sense it. Baylor thought about it and came up with only one explanation, “Unless it is a creature made of pure spiritual power like spiritual body, it is very difficult for a person to sense the spiritual power fluctuations of other beings, and I can only sense the spiritual power fluctuations of the sentinel and guide when they use their spiritual power during battle. But that often also has to do with their spiritual body.” After all, when a sentinel and a guide go into battle, when the spiritual power is high, the spiritual body would certainly appear.

Baylor said, “The spirituality in Nord is not strong enough for me to notice, and the Marl Galaxy lineage should be more sensitive to spirituality than I am, so he can sense that my spirituality matches his to a high degree, but I don’t feel it at all.”

After a pause, Baylor two eyes straight ahead, a light blink, he suddenly remembered something, said, “And before I have been in a situation of mental disorder, not moving, mental power riot, only want to find guide, so I just pay attention to your body guide element to go, then have the effort to care about others?”

At that time he was full of thoughts on how to abduct Ewan as his own stable source of guide element, where could still pay attention to the weak mental power of others?

The corners of his mouth rose indisputably slightly, and then he met Baylor’s gaze.

Baylor stopped in his tracks and asked eagerly, “Why don’t you let him out, or let me in, and I’ll try to feel something?”

He was curious about what it would feel like, and hearing Nord talk about it as divine, it should feel amazing. The faint curve of Ewan’s mouth quickly flattened out and he turned to face Baylor, raising his hand and unceremoniously tapping the furry head as he said firmly, “Don’t even think about it.”

Is he crazy?



After talking to Nord that day, Ewan became very busy, leaving early and returning late, and even not seeing anyone for several days. Baylor knew that it probably had something to do with what Nord said that day, that Ewan had already started to act, and he was afraid that there would be another big move from the military department.

Their class was also released from the D7 planet and resumed their normal training content.

Alfonso looked at them so dejected, and inwardly could not help but feel compassionate to tighten their skin, so they dragged them all to the snowfields for extreme training, a group of young people in their twenties bare-chested in the middle of the snow to stand in military position, practice ambush position, a series of For four days, the skin was uncovered to them.

All of them were suffering, except Super Wolf, who was very fond of such a snowy field. As soon as he returned from training in the snowfields, Baylor looked at the messages coming in from the terminal that had been put away during training and froze when he opened it. He clicked on the message and it was from Eric.

[I’ve got a day for the fight! I’ll see you Wednesday night at 7pm!]

[Why don’t you answer me?]

[I’ve got a day for the fight!]

[You’re not backing out, are you?]

[Damn it! It’s Wednesday! I’ll wait for you at the gym.]

[Where are you, Ancestor?]

Baylor’s mouth twitched, and then he watched as the urging message gradually turned into worry.

[Day, you’re not in trouble, are you? Are you still alive?]

The next thing he did was to send Baylor one text message after another.

[Baylor, what’s wrong with you? What’s going on? Give me a reply when you see it.]

Even after Wednesday, there was a text message coming every day asking about it.

Baylor scratched the Super Wolf next to him with some weakness, oops, he forgot about it because he was dragged by Alfonso to the snowfield training. It was all Alfonso’s fault. After a moment of conviction, Baylor sent a communication request to Eric.

The communication was quickly answered, and then an anxious inquiry came from the other end of the communication, “Ancestor! You’re finally responding? Where have you been the last few days? Holy shit, are you okay? My brother is going crazy! Where are you now? Are you still alive?”


If he was not alive, was he a ghost now?

But Eric was worried about him, and it was his fault, Baylor coughed lightly and said, “I was pulled by the military instructor to the snowfields for training, and communication was prohibited during this period, so I didn’t see it.” He also forgot to tell Eric. Baylor very decisively put the blame on the military instructor, “It’s all Alfonso’s problem.”

Eric was a little relieved to hear that Baylor was okay, and then the resentment of having his appointment canceled rose again, especially since the news of his match with Baylor had been spread when he made the appointment, and the gym was packed on Wednesday as if it were an official match, and he was embarrassed to have his appointment canceled. But when he heard Baylor say that, he couldn’t continue to blame. After all, there was nothing that could be done about the training arranged by the military department.

Just then, Baylor said, “Tonight, I’m free tonight.”

Eric was stunned when he asked, “Didn’t you just get back? Don’t you want to rest?”

Baylor’s tone was casual, “I’m fine.”

His relaxed tone was arrogant, Eric’s arrogance was aroused and he said decisively, “Tomorrow, I’ll give you a day to rest, or I’ll win and not be honored.”

Baylor raised his eyebrows slightly, he raised the corners of his mouth and answered, “Okay, just don’t be afraid to lose too badly.”

“Tomorrow night, nine o’clock, see you in the school gym.”


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