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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Baylor’s initial performance in the test was a hot topic in the virtual communities of the major military schools, and when wandering around the virtual communities, he could hear people talking about it from time to time.

Even established a joint fan group, in the virtual community of the military school store 555, was an underwater aquarium style, which gathered the three military schools Baylor’s fans, the omega Baylor met before in the restaurant was one of the organizers. In fact, this fan group had more than 50 people, most of them were omega, because they worship Baylor as an omega that could show no less than alpha fighting ability.

As time passed, the fervor died down, and then suddenly Baylor went to study at the 1st Imperial Military Academy, and the discussion about Baylor within the school heated up again, only this time it was more about Baylor’s looks. Then came the spy controversy and the hostage situation.

Baylor’s reputation ebbed and flowed through these events, but the one constant was that his name was always on the lips of the students. He was the one who didn’t even realize that he was a popular figure in the school.

After the hostage-taking incident, Baylor’s words that day, delivered over the radio to every student’s ears, awakened many people, and although it didn’t increase the number of united fans by much, Baylor’s image in many people’s minds changed dramatically. It was a complicated feeling, but simply put, there was probably a sense of… a sense of family.

Anyway, the interest in Baylor made them learn about Baylor’s rematch with Eric in the first place, and although the 1st Imperial Military Academy campus was still being restored, that didn’t stop people from gossiping. In particular, many people had heard about the fierce battle between the two in the test, but had not really seen it, and now they could see it with their own eyes, so they went to join the fun.

Before the competition, the news had already spread in the joint virtual community of the three military schools. Austin, who was studying at Imperial National Military Academy, was not surprised to hear the news.

The president’s son from TL7 had been studying at Imperial National Military Academy for almost half a semester, and during that time he had only seen Baylor on the test broadcast, but it was as if he was being targeted, and Baylor’s name, which he hated, kept popping up in various places. For example, he had gone to the 1st Imperial Military Academy.

Austin was disgusted when he heard the news, he couldn’t understand how Baylor was always being promoted. Even he could only attend the Imperial National Military Academy. Then he heard that Baylor might be a spy. Austin’s first reaction was to be happy, and he cursed the Ya’an Empire with a vicious curse that Baylor, the bitch, should be arrested and thrown into the prison planet, preferably never to be released.

But on second thought, Baylor was the one sent by TL7 after all, and if Baylor was really a spy, then he might be implicated. He then hated Baylor even more. It was like a calamity!

He kept posting on the school’s forum to abuse Baylor, saying how he was a bitch and a scourge who would bring everyone to misfortune… After the insults he could sleep in peace, like a daily task. Gradually, all three military schools knew that there was an anonymous account that hated Baylor, appearing in various threads related to Baylor, and then spewing people regardless of the occasion.

However, no one knew that such a dirty mouth would actually be spewing from this harmless and delicate looking omega.

At 9:00 p.m., the gymnasium of the 1st Imperial Military Academy was bustling with activity. The stands of the gymnasium, which was used to host large events, were filled with people, and the only difference with the official game was that the lights around the stands were currently off, only the gymnasium playing field had lighting. Because this was not an official game, or even a private game, and the students in the stands were all uninvited.

Including Austin and his companions.

However, the presence of Imperial National Military Academy students was not surprising, the United Military Academy students were also present. And it’s not the first time they’ve been here.

“Baylor missed last week’s appointment, so he’s not going to miss today, are they?” Austin’s companion took out a telescope and looked at the empty field and the entrance lanes. She complained, “If he still misses today, I won’t come next time.”

Last time they waited here for almost an hour!

Austin clasped his hands, he was wearing an exquisite suit, all haute couture, although there were many noble sons in the major military schools, but because they were in the military schools, most of them dress in a simple and low-key way, those like Austin who could go to the fashion week at any time were not many. So he sat on top of the bleachers and immediately received a lot of attention, especially from the alpha guys. He said with understanding, “He just doesn’t dare to run away and deliberately play with people, thanks to Eric, who has the grace to trust him.”

It must be said that Austin’s words were what many people had in mind.

After all, if you agree to play against each other and don’t show up, what else could it be if not stage fright and desertion? Because of the first missed appointment, students in the stands were speculating whether Baylor would play today, except for one person, and that was the well-disguised Aynor.

He was sitting not far from Austin, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, looking no different from the students next to him. He wore the hood of his sweatshirt and a pair of glasses with binoculars to disguise himself and to help him see what was happening on the field. Because Eric had tipped him off, he knew very well that Baylor would definitely be out there today and that the man was now here.

Aynor stared closely at the entrance to the arena, expecting the figure to appear.

However, at that moment, there was a sudden commotion from the back row of the stands.

“Ah, it’s him.”

“He’s so good-looking.”

“That’s not right, how did he come out from there?”

Aynor turned around to look at his words, and then he saw the entrance to the audience standing at the entrance of the auditorium, the person everyone had been waiting for with great anticipation. Baylor was dressed casually, a plain white T, with a thick jacket over it because it was the beginning of winter, a pair of knee-high shorts and a pair of sneakers underneath.

The look was not like coming to the game, but rather like walking through. Because of the lack of lighting in the audience, his delicate face could not be seen in the dimness, only the jewel-like eyes were reflecting the light of the field with a glowing light.

“It’s Baylor!” The students next to him confirmed.

Then some of Baylor’s fans shouted, “Baylor! Go for it! We’re watching you!”

“Baylor supporters will always be with you!”

Some students who were familiar with Baylor from a class asked, “Baylor, why did you come from here? This is the audience.”

“…” What’s wrong with the auditorium? He just saw the gymnasium and found a door to open it, so what the hell was going on here? This gymnasium was not the biggest gymnasium in 1st Imperial Military Academy, but it could still hold 10,000 people.

Baylor glanced over, although because of the darkness could not see exactly how many people were sitting, but the game seat on both sides of the bleachers was estimated to be filled with more than 90%, a conservative estimate of 4,000 to 5,000 people. 1 And then the pair of eyes were simply like ghosts hiding in the dark.

The corners of Baylor’s mouth twitched, which was really different from what he imagined. He lowered his head, then opened his terminal to confirm the location. He couldn’t have gotten into some kind of competition by mistake, could he?

At this time, Eric, who had received the news of Baylor’s appearance, walked from the competition channel to the competition venue, and his appearance caused a chorus of chants from the audience.

“Go Eric!”

“Beat that kid! Don’t disgrace our alpha!”

Baylor, “…” What the hell was going on here?

Eric stood in the middle of the field, he couldn’t see exactly where Baylor was because the stands were too far away from him. He gestured slightly with his hand to quiet everyone down, and then Eric sent a communication request to Baylor.

Didn’t this person already arrive at the stadium? Why isn’t he coming?

Then the communication wasn’t answered, but replaced by the figure on top of the bleachers, gradually approaching. As Baylor approached, Eric found his opponent in the stands. He hurriedly walked to the edge of the bleachers where Baylor was, and across the railing, Eric said with a smile, “You’re right on time today, but what are you doing in the stands?”

Baylor listened to the urging coming from the seats beside him and he asked, expressionlessly, “What’s with these people?”

He had thought he was just coming to fight someone, why was it like a boxing match? 

Unlike Baylor, Eric was wearing 1st Imperial Military Academy’s combat uniform, a dark blue T-shirt with black work pants and combat boots that revealed the powerful muscles and long limbs of his upper body, exploding from top to bottom with hormones that would make an omega’s heart flutter with desire.

Eric replied, “Ah… Because word of our fight got out, so…” He shrugged his shoulders and said he was helpless, “I couldn’t stop them from coming.”

After all, he had borrowed the arena and hadn’t chartered it.

The students next to him heard him and said, “What’s the matter Baylor, are you afraid to go on?”

“Don’t be squeamish! Pretend we don’t exist!”

“Once a student, twice a student.”

God damn it, I’m familiar with it. Does he really think he’s a professional boxer? But Baylor didn’t hear malice from these students either, and he gave an impatient ‘tsk’, a little irritated and a little helpless.

Just when Eric thought Baylor was unhappy and wanted to back out, he saw Baylor take another step forward, then brace his hand on the railing, just like a cat, daintily and deftly flipped over the railing, the corner of his jacket seemed to float like a butterfly, and then he landed steadily in the arena. With this action, the arena was suddenly stirred up, whistles and screams like a tidal wave shook the entire arena.

The sudden shouting made Baylor almost lose his footing. He turned his head as if he had seen a ghost and stared at the audience, which was clearly unlit, but was brightened up by the various lighting tools brought by the students.

“Shit! What the hell are they yelling about?”

Eric said to Baylor in a heavy tone as he steadied his heartbeat for a moment, “Be cool.” It was hard enough for their alpha to find the omega he wanted, but what if Baylor bent those omegas again?

“…” Baylor does not understand and does not want to understand the middle of the field, “hurry up and fight, after the fight I have to go back to sleep.”

It’s weird here. And the noise of those people was giving him a headache. Baylor suddenly remembered something, he footsteps, frowned at Eric, “Wait,  when we fight, will it still be noisy?”

Eric knew what Baylor cared about, when fighting would rely on hearing to make offensive judgments, he said, “After the start of the battle area will be isolated, there will be no sound to disturb us.”

He gestured to the narrow crack at the edge of the battle zone.

Baylor tried to ignore the raucous sounds of the audience as he tucked both hands in his jacket pockets and asked, “How do we fight today?”

Eric’s eyes lit up with wariness and he said, “Just like in the test.”

Baylor met Eric’s gaze and raised an eyebrow.

It’s time for a clean slate.

The corner of his mouth ticked, “Okay.”

Although there were many spectators, this match belonged only to the two of them. After they entered the center of the field, the battle distinction rose up as an isolated transparent wall, and it was as if they were enclosed in a four-sided transparent box, in which they could not hear the sound outside and could not see the situation outside, but outside the box they could grasp the situation inside. Without anyone announcing the start, the arsenal of weapons rose in the middle, Baylor took off his jacket and picked up a gun and dagger, while Eric chose a gun and longsword as he had done in the test, and the two tacitly put a piece of sensor to their hearts.

The scene in the field changed to the familiar swamp, if not for the difference in costumes, it was a perfect replica of the examination period.

“Eric this nature…” In the control console in the audience, Professor Snow gave a slight sigh.

At that moment, Ensley next to him laughed, “Young people, always have to be proud of something.”

Sean, sitting on the side, snorted, “That’s not what you said during the test.” At the time, Baylor’s pride was still considered a flaw.

Yes, in addition to the students watching, in this high control room several professors also gathered, including Sean and Ensley were the original test examiners. Sean looked at these people and shook his head with some disgust. Originally, he wanted to sneak into the control room to occupy this good place by himself. After all, he was a professor, sitting in the audience was too eye-catching, but did not expect to find that once he came over, he was not the only one who thought so.

These guys not only came to occupy the place first, even snacks were ready. A group of old disrespectful guys, do not need to prepare for class to correct homework?

However, at that moment, the door of the control room was opened, Sean turned his head and looked at the unexpected and reasonable figure, he gloatingly raised his hand and greeted, “General, you’re just in time, just about to start.”

Ewan, “…”

The professors who were gagging saw the alpha in the doorway and stopped their voices for a moment, showing an unexpected look. Although they did not have a very close relationship with Ewan like Sean, they were all professors with deep seniority and were not terrified to meet Ewan.

Ensley even asked, “General, are you so free to come to the game?”

Ewan knew he was bumping up against these professors and couldn’t walk away at this point. He sighed silently in his heart and then walked in with his feet up, closing the door with his hand, “Right.”

Ensley said very enthusiastically, “Come, come, come together, General, would you like something to eat?”

Ewan politely declined, “No, I’m good.”

Sean smiled and relieved Ewan, “Well here we go, come on over.”

Ewan smiled and immediately strutted over to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked down at the situation.

After everything was ready, two people walked to the two ends of the field, after leaving some space for each other, in the moment of turning around, without any pause, and without any greeting, both people tacitly immediately drew their weapons, and then rushed towards each other. The match just to fight a win or lose does not need any fancy, just one word ‘fight’!

The dagger sheaths and scabbards that had been tossed aside rolled to the ground, and before they could stop, their owners were already clashing in the middle of the field in a real fight. Eric was the pride of heaven, the test of that fiasco he could never forget. These days one of the things he most often did was to recall the battle scene, and then replicate it, break down Baylor’s movements, study his fighting style, and winning strategy.

And under his persistent research, he found Baylor’s weakness.

Eric’s eyes reflected the light of his sword, and he lowered his brow and kicked Baylor’s underhand. This time, he would win!

Baylor stepped on the edge of the swamp pit, bent to the side, and braced his entire lower body in the air, while avoiding the attack, he used his hands to launch his legs at Eric. Then when Eric dodged, he quickly suffered a body landing, and then a dive to wrap up. The gun’s bullet clips in the gun body emitted a crisp clattering sound, Baylor’s attack was like a blistering rain, dazzling to the eye.

The students who saw the test live said, “That’s it, that’s what happened before, Eric was disrupted by the attack and Baylor won.”

The students who hadn’t seen the test now actually saw the two fight with their own eyes and forgot to breathe for a while. And then their minds all came up with the feelings of their ‘seniors’ who watched the live broadcast.

This line of fighting didn’t leave a single breath for the other side at all, and one of them was actually an omega.

“Awesome.” Someone muttered.

The person next to him raised his chin proudly, “I told you, you guys always think we’re exaggerating! What are we lying to you guys for?”

“This man just isn’t a normal omega, don’t imagine him as a normal omega!”

Those students who had been reluctant to believe that Baylor had the ability to fight and win against an A-class alpha could only nod their heads at the moment, “Okay, okay, okay, you’re right you’re right.”

Some of them simply did not say anything, maintaining their last stubbornness.

“I just don’t know if Baylor can still win this time, last time he was already close.” Someone looked at the two people fighting in the field and recalled, “If Eric had been faster at that last moment, it would have been Baylor who lost.”

At this point, the single-armed students weren’t just guessing, they were already seeing the doorway, frowning, and one alpha student said, “I don’t think it’s a big win.”

The people next to this alpha student looked towards him, while he was staring unblinkingly at the situation in the field. The people in the field moved so fast that even with good dynamic vision they did not dare to relax, and even then many times they could not keep up with the action. He said, “Look carefully, although Baylor seems to have the initiative now, but Eric has figured out his attack movement, he dodges very well and will attack at the best time.”

Austin also sat nearby, heard this analysis, he struggled to open his eyes to see, but all in vain, he found himself unable to follow Baylor and Eric’s movements, yet Baylor was in it like a fish in water. The cynicism that rose in his heart was like the darkness after sunset, sweeping over him unstoppably, and the only glimmer of comfort was that – although he couldn’t see it – it didn’t seem that Baylor had the upper hand now.

That’s enough, lose, lose as badly as you can.

The alpha student was not wrong in his analysis, and in the control room Ensley praised, “Eric has improved a lot, and in just a short time actually found his opponent’s fighting vulnerability and then made a strategic adjustment.”

Eric’s combat class professor, Professor Snow, showed a pleased smile, he knew best how much effort Eric had put in during this time. In the time after class, Eric sought his advice a lot, but also under his guidance almost every day with extra training. It was those efforts that led to the progress he made today.

Professor Snow said, “This kid has a toughness and hard work that is hard to beat.”

Sean turned his head to look at Ewan next to him, then found that his student did not have a trace of worry on his face, but rather a sense of relaxed pleasure. He asked curiously, “You’re not worried?” 

Baylor was now on the downside.

Ewan raised an eyebrow, “Worried about what?” He said, “Who can beat this little lunatic for tenacity and stamina?”

Sean opened his mouth, had nothing to say, and turned his head to continue watching the field.


Baylor may be able to lose other things, just these two, he said second, but no one dares to say first.

On the field, Baylor also noticed that something was wrong. After firing two shots at his opponent’s vitals, Baylor flipped backwards, pulling himself away from Eric.

The dagger twirled in his fingertips and was held back in his grip, his eyes locked on Eric, who was ten meters away from him, then he raised his hand and wiped the blood from his face with the back of his hand.

He did not fight painfully, there was a kind of fast fist on the cotton of the powerless feeling, especially the more to the back, the opponent almost all could be predicted on their own attack.

The feeling of this fight was not new to him. When he sparred with Ewan before, this was the feeling he had.

As Ewan said, his fight to win fast, lack of variation, the consumption of their own, was a self-defeating way of fighting.

Eric also found this, he was just like the original Ewan, using the opposite of his own fighting rhythm, when he was fast, Eric would dodge, at the interface of his two attack rhythm, Eric would launch an attack, attack him by surprise, and then disrupt his attack rhythm.

This guy–

“Looks like you’ve put in a lot of work lately.” Baylor was not impatient, but the corners of his mouth hooked slightly.

Eric knew this was his strategy working, and his longsword pulled out a sword splash and crossed with his gun as he said proudly, “I told you, I’ll win.”

Baylor laughed softly, the curve of his mouth increasing, then lowered his body slightly, ready for impact. He said, “I underestimated you, dumbass, you’ve grown up.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he rushed up like a bullet off the string. It seemed to be the same opening as before, but something had changed.

And when Ewan heard this, the corners of his mouth lifted with spoiled eyes.

The fact that you were calling someone a dumbass was really – crazy.

Ewan had already seen the strategy Eric had adopted. If it was a month ago, Eric could indeed win, and at that time he was using this strategy to suppress Baylor. But unfortunately, he was a step too late.


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