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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Nord’s prison was a special room, with the precedent of Right River, his cell was made of special material, which could be perfectly soundproof as well as energy isolation. The snowy cocoon room was bright, but without a window, like a space independent of the world.

Wearing an electronic collar around his neck to restrict movement, wearing a snow-white costume, Nord that used to disguise the glasses have been removed, his hair, usually meticulously combed with hair wax, was now loose, making him lookmuch younger.

He was like a deaf person, could not hear a sound, so he sat in front of the transparent glass door, and could only use the sight to determine the situation outside.

So the first moment Baylor came over, his eyes lit up slightly.

Ewan ordered the guards to retreat to the outside and wait, and then the cell in the voice communication channel opened. The sound from the outside world suddenly came in, as if the world had suddenly been opened.

Nord looked at Baylor who moved a chair to sit opposite himself, he had not spoken for a long time, resulting in a slightly muted voice, “I did not expect you to really come.”

Ewan was leaning against the doorway at the other end of the hallway, clasping his hands and watching them quietly. Baylor and Nord’s time together was not a lot, his impression of Nord was also very thin, an elite officer whowas Wellin’s subordinates, for his affairs also always somehow nosy.

The impression now was one more, that of a spy in the Marl Galaxy.

“What do you want to say, say it.” Baylor racked his legs, his movements bodaciously casual.

Nord and Baylor were separated by a thick glass, not standing very close to each other, so standing could be as level with the seated Baylor as possible.

“Why don’t you tell me what you want to ask?” Nord said.

Baylor raised an eyebrow slightly, “You’ll answer anything I ask?”

“I’ll tell you whatever I know.”

“…” Said it really like that. Baylor frowned slightly, a bit of suspicion and mockery in his eyes as he casually asked, “And what is your purpose in being a spy?”

Baylor didn’t really expect Nord to answer him, but he said quickly, “To deliver information about the Alix Galaxy to the Church.”

Baylor grunted, “Nonsense.”

Nord gave a slight pause and continued, “The Church has always wanted to attack the Alix Galaxy and encroach on this side of existence, and we are the Church’s preparations for that.”

“We?” Baylor caught the key to Nord’s words, and he raised an eyebrow, meaning he wasn’t the only one.

“There are ten of them sent here with me, and maybe others.” Nord replied.

Baylor stared at Nord’s calm, unruffled look as he searched his mind for how believable Nord’s words were, but on second thought, he didn’t even know there were others to begin with, and there was no need for Nord to lie about the topic and then purposely tell them about the existence of other spies.

“Is there a list?”


“Not a single one?”

“We were sent to Alix Galaxy together at the time, but we weren’t allowed to communicate with each other, and the missions were solo missions.”

Baylor hit the nail on the head when he asked, “So what was your church’s plan?” A hint of doubt passed over his face, “Isn’t one Marl Galaxy enough for you to live on?”

Nord’s gaze became far-reaching, his eyes still fell on Baylor, but Baylor felt that he was not looking at himself, what he saw in his eyes should be a different landscape.

“The Marl Galaxy has a much harsher living environment than the Alix Galaxy,” Nord’s voice was slow, with a kind of indistinctness and inauthenticity that traveled through time and space, “there are also relatively few resources available, most of the planets are uninhabitable, and there was no It was a very barren galaxy. As a result, the overall level of human development in the Marl Galaxy had been lagging behind the development of this side, including technology, civilization and the human race. We do not have the ability to differentiate into powerful warriors like you do, we are closer to the ancient humans who left the home planet.”

Baylor knew that the two expeditions were divided, and that the one in Alix Galaxy had the ability to differentiate because it had genetically bonded with the native civilization, the Beast.

Nord continued, “Until a hundred years ago, the Church found a lost relic of a spiritual civilization in the territory of the Marl Galaxy system, from which a large amount of information about spiritual power was found, allowing the Marl Galaxy system to obtain a sudden progress in the study of spiritual power, spiritual power increased, and only then had the power to compete with Alix Galaxy. But even so, our spiritual power is not naturally superior to yours, so the Church has been trying to get a breakthrough on it.”

Baylor didn’t sound quite right as he frowned, “What does you breaking through yours have to do with the Alix Galaxy?”

Nord shook his head, “The Church only wanted to invade the Alix Galaxy because the resources are more abundant over here, it has nothing to do with spiritual breakthroughs.”


Nord interrupted Baylor, he stared at Baylor for a moment, “The one who has something to do with the spiritual breakthrough is you.”

Baylor froze and frowned in confusion, “Me?” He gave a disdainful laugh, “Because of that inexplicable prophecy of Right River? Do you guys really think I’m a god?” He was not yet strong enough to change the spiritual power of a civilization. He said with a casual attitude of teasing a cat and a dog, “Instead of counting on me, why don’t you think of your own ways to enhance it?”

“That night on D7, you went to the ancestral stones pit.” Nord was suddenly talking to Baylor about another thing, “You found the spiritual power fluctuations within the ancestral stones, right?”

Baylor’s scattered smile slightly closed.

“The Church has developed a spiritual power enhancement system using the spiritual power contained in the ancestral stones, but the spiritual power within the ancestral stones is dead and difficult to be driven by human power and then used in a reasonable way.” Nord said, “This system also needs a core, a fresh and enough spiritual power comparable to the spiritual power in tons of ancestral stones as the core of the system.”

At this moment, in the basement of the main church of the Sycamore Church at the border of the Marl Galaxy, between the mountains of colorful ancestral stones, there was a cylindrical device for storing human bodies that was still vacant.

Underneath the device, like an octopus, and like the root system of a tree, there were many pipes, some of which were connected to the reactors of the ancestral stones, and some of which were extended above, spreading to several holy coffins in the glorious and divine prayer hall.

Already back in his civilization, Right was now dressed in the white-gold robe of the Wise Men, and he stood in that prayer hall, looking at the sacred coffins that had been given the emblem of the Sycamore Church. The parents waiting next to him helped the still sleeping child out of the holy coffin after the time was over.

“Praise be to God for the miracle.” The parents said sincerely to Right, “Praise the Church.”

Right River smiled faintly, “Praise the Church, please come in three days on time.”

The parents cautiously answered and then took their child outside, leaving the church with a large amount of wealth, which was the price they needed to pay in order to enhance their child’s spiritual power.

Of course, what the church craved most was not just money, but its credibility among the people. Watching the faithful put another child with spiritual power defects into the holy coffin, Right River lowered his eyebrows and averted his eyes. He knew that these holy coffins were of little use now, because the energy they could mobilize from the ancestral stones was too small, and the nourishment of the spiritual power was extremely slow.

But he was also most aware of one thing, and that was that if there was a ‘core’, then the miracle would truly manifest.

Back in the almost isolated cell in the imperial capital, Baylor listened to Nord’s words with a puzzled look on his face. He even took a few moments of doubt in his eyes.

I don’t know why, he always felt like Nord’s words were teasing him. Why did he believe it so much?

“How do I become the core of the system?” Baylor raised his eyebrows, completely unable to imagine how this thing should be achieved.

Nord shook his head, “the exact plan is not very clear to me, I only know that Right River has been looking for such a ‘core’, then he prophesied your appearance, convinced that you are this ‘core’, that day in D7 planet, he saw something and then knew of your existence, after which he used his spiritual power to get in touch with me and make an escape plan.”

Baylor knew what Right River saw then, he saw Super Wolf. Nord, as he promised before, answered everything Baylor asked him, without hiding anything. The information obtained for Ewan and them had been very critical.

But Baylor, after a slight pause to digest this information, suddenly frowned, “I remember you said that you came here more than ten years ago, more than ten years of plans, you just casually say it?”

Nord gave a slight beat, he did not hide his focused gaze, “I said that I would tell you what I know whenever you ask.”

“You’re betraying your own civilization.” Baylor, however, sank his voice, and his gaze was somewhat contemptuous.

If it was a professional, at this moment he would certainly avoid such an easy way to stimulate the other party’s leaking emotions, lest the other party change his mind and no longer continue to cooperate.

But Baylor had always been straightforward.

Even if the situation was more favorable to him at the moment, it could not reduce his contempt for such betrayal.

Nord’s face showed a minute of bewilderment, then he mockingly lightly laughed, the pair of light-colored pupils in the absence of the lenses after the cover looked particularly clear and bright, his laugh was very shallow, like a dragonfly after the water ripples, quickly dissipated and then returned to calm, “I came here that year 12 years old, I spent 14 years here, if not to say that the first to come, in fact, some of the Sometimes it’s hard for me to distinguish which civilization I belong to.” He lowered his eyes, “I don’t want war.”

Don’t want war? Baylor remembered Nord’s previous act of holding the entire school hostage and snorted, “If you don’t want war, why didn’t you tell the military department about this from the beginning?”

And had to see him.

Baylor suddenly realized something that he had been ignoring.

Speaking of which, why was Nord being so honest with himself? At this moment through that thick, military special glass, Nord’s voice came clearly from the middle of that cell, “I admit, I’m conflicted. But I can’t help it.” He sighed slightly, “I don’t want war, I have feelings for both the Marl Galaxy and the Alix Galaxy, and I don’t want to hurt you.” He reached out and gently knocked on the glass that separated them, then Nord said in a quiet voice, “Without this glass, perhaps you would have noticed that we are a good spiritual match. In the Marl Galaxy lineage, this is known as a destined mate.”

The word ‘mate’ almost seemed like a pinprick, a sharp poke that made Baylor’s brow jerk. Wasn’t the word appearing a little too often lately? Was it specifically working against him lately? Baylor almost subconsciously looked towards the other end of the corridor, where he could hear the conversation clearly, and then met Ewan’s sultry gaze.

Well… Baylor looked at the sky. This time he really had nothing to do with it.


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At first I thought kids were being killed, but that wasn’t the case. Being the core sounds somewhat more permanent though. Surprised Baylor hasn’t asked more about exactly how it works.
Why does it feel ominous?
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Another group that just wants to use him.

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Well, i think Right River is something fishy. I don’t know, but it seems he will put Baylor in one tube forever..
Oh btw i thought there’s a kiss happening in this chapter 😅

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