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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The title of military genius was not given to Eric just because he was an A-alpha.

Students who could enter the 1st Imperial Military Academy were as qualified as they could be, after all, if their genetic qualifications were too poor, they would be brushed off at the first hurdle of the application process. Austin was not able to transfer to 1st Imperial Military Academy because of his poor genetic qualifications.

In addition to his genetic qualifications, Eric’s military skills were very high, including war strategy and maneuvering. Some people even think he was the Ewan of his student days, in time, may become the next God of War.

In Eric to participate in the military examination before, Ewan knew Eric, after all, as the general of the military, he would occasionally care about the care of the excellent seedlings, and even personally to recruit. When he saw Baylor’s fighting ability in his dream, he got the idea of recruiting.

So Eric could find Baylor’s combat flaws, Ewan was not surprised, Eric himself was very good, not to mention that he had his own professor on the side to guide. He was not worried about Baylor, because whether Baylor finally wins or loses, this battle will be very helpful to Baylor, and that’s enough.

In the first ten minutes of the battle, Eric knew that he had thought out the right way to sum up.

Baylor fought quickly, like a cheetah, seizing every opportunity to attack with precision, and then using every attack as a winning blow. He was like a tornado, bringing his opponent into his own rhythm, and then using his sharp, straightforward and brilliant attacks to keep people busy, only to keep responding to his attacks, until Baylor against the throat, losing the last chance to struggle.

But as long as this point was clear, how to defeat Baylor, it was very simple. To sum up, it was just that, the enemy into my retreat, from soft to rigid, deliberately revealed the weakness to guide Baylor attack, the pace of the battle in their own hands.

So when Baylor launched that stormy attack, Eric didn’t fight hard, but went with the flow, either converting Baylor’s force or dodging it altogether. Then after Baylor’s fireworks-like bloom and a moment of respite, Eric would launch his own attack to disrupt Baylor’s fighting rhythm and speed up his physical exertion.

He didn’t daydream about winning Baylor, he didn’t make excuses for his defeat and then imagine how good he would feel if he won ‘normally’. He just wanted to find a way to win that fight.

He calmly followed his plan, fired several shots in the direction of Baylor, then predicted the direction of Baylor’s dodge and attacked Baylor with his long sword like a dragon. This was exactly when Baylor’s fireworks dissipated the silence, it was his time to launch an attack.

Baylor rolled sideways somewhat lamely, but before he could stop, Eric’s bullet followed his figure and he could only passively avoid it again. Now even a layman could see that the battle was now in Eric’s hands.

In the unlit, but starlit stands, no one spoke for a while in the tense atmosphere, and there were only a few scattered sounds in the large stadium. 

Only now did someone find his voice and say, “Is it about to be decided?”

“Eric is going to win, right?”

Aynor was sitting in the front seat, watching through special lenses as his beloved omega showed his decline on the field and was wounded by his younger brother, he lowered his eyebrows, his eyes showing concern.

Aynor, although unable to become a fighter because of hemophobia, but his genetic qualifications were there. His excessive dynamic vision as well as brain thinking speed makes him accurately capture the action between the two. He saw very clearly that Baylor was now indeed suppressed by his younger brother.

Despite Eric’s efforts these days he saw, but at this moment, he still can’t help but feel nervous and pity for Baylor, especially seeing those wounds. He clasped his hands and watched as Eric kicked up solidly, although Baylor blocked it with his gun, but he still shook his foot.

Eric, this kid does not know to be a little lighter? What if someone was really hurt? Ah, there was blood…

Aynor’s face went white, his body soft. Leaning back on the back of the chair, he struggled to move his eyes to ease his dizziness and nausea. However, at the moment he opened his eyes, there was a sudden change on the field.

Just when Eric was ready to meet Baylor’s attack, Baylor did attack, but just as Eric dodged the meteoric dagger, according to his moment of vulnerability, Baylor should shoot at close range, aimed at his waist side. So Eric did a good job of defending his waist side in advance. However, his expected attack did not appear, Baylor instead jumped backward, pulling away a step, and after a brief pause, toeing off, the whole man catapulted up straight at Eric’s face.

Eric froze, then quickly adjusted to dodge under the waist.

It’s okay, still an attack, still in his anticipation. The next step would be for Baylor to sweep his legs and attack his hands on the ground, and at this point, he should– Eric narrowed his eyes, one hand power side flip, then one end of the gun, without the slightest hesitation, direct fire.

According to his prediction, Baylor would attack from this direction.

‘Bang Bang Bang’ a few shots, Eric looked at his empty in front of him and stared. Did Baylor not give chase?

“No.” At this time he suddenly appeared on Eric’s side two meters away. Baylor said, as if he could read Eric’s mind, “I did not attack as you thought, did I?”

Eric’s pupils tightened, he turned his head as an afterthought, but in the instant he turned his head, he came face to face with the sound of gunfire and the killing bullets.

In the moment of dodging in disarray, Eric’s mind was still wondering, why did Baylor suddenly stop just now? His attack rhythm suddenly changed?

This doubt of his was confirmed in the next. It was not his illusion, but Baylor’s attack rhythm, even his habit, had suddenly changed.

When it was time to attack, Baylor chose to back off, and when it was time to back off and stop, Baylor’s attacks were more aggressive. However, just as Eric was struggling to adapt to this new rhythm, trying to anticipate Baylor’s attacks again, Baylor suddenly overturned everything Eric had adapted to before.

Can’t catch him. After being kicked to the ground by a flying kick and rolled out a few meters, Eric suddenly realized something. He couldn’t catch Baylor’s attack pattern at all.

“What’s going on?”

“How did Eric…” Someone hesitated.

The person next to him completed the second half of the sentence, “… It seems like he’s going to lose?”

“Wasn’t he just on top?”

“What’s Eric doing? Is he letting off steam?”

Many students in the audience did not understand how the situation was suddenly reversed. In their eyes, it was as if Eric suddenly started sleepwalking and did not know what he should do.

Only those students from the single-combat department realized it, and they stared at the omega on the field with wide eyes, not daring to say a word, holding their breath.

How could this be done?

How could it be done as if there were several different personalities in the body? The change in fighting style between each stage was no longer a simple change in stance, but feels like a completely different person.

For example, it’s like a familiar friend who not only suddenly changes his hairstyle, goes from not being able to eat spicy food to being spicy as hell, then goes from liking omega to liking alpha, and was greeting people with ‘stupid, have you eaten’, but suddenly says to you ‘classmate, have you had your lunch’…

It’s like a persona collapse transformation!

And that’s what happened to Baylor.

These single-armed students could probably see something, in the eyes of the professors was clearer than ever.

At this time in the control room, Professor Snow who was convinced that his student would win had his hand against the glass wall, he could not hide his amazement at the omega who had regained control of the rhythm of the battle, Baylor took his mecha combat class, he had also paid attention to this particular student, a large number of assessment analysis papers also told him that this omega was not ordinary.


How did this happen?

Obviously a month ago Baylor’s fighting style was still so single, how could he now completely change to a new fighting style?

“It’s amazing, it’s really amazing.” He shook his head and kept on feeling, “From ten minutes ago, it’s like a completely different person, as if everything before was a mirror, I know, he did it on purpose, he deliberately used a single fighting style before to lure Eric into a trap, let Eric go into a thinking fixation, used the first half of the game to fall behind, instead set Eric’s attack into a template, and then make changes himself…”

He made Eric think he was the hunter in pursuit of his prey, but in reality was leading Eric into a trap.

Baylor was the real hunter!

A good hunter will always appear above the hunting ground in the likeness of the prey.

“That’s awesome, just fantastic!”

Sean heard it, but looked at Ewan, “You taught it?” Such a cunning style, a look was Ewan’s handiwork.

Ewan at this time hand fist slightly covered his lips, he murmured, and then said, “I did teach him to be more varied in battle.” The low voice was slightly beaten, tinged with a few imperceptible smiles. He said, “As for Professor Snow’s comment that Baylor was acting before… I guess that’s probably not true.”

Sean raised his eyebrows in some confusion, “Oh?”

Ewan’s eyes were downcast with only the figure of Baylor, who was always wanton and arrogant when he was in battle, like a little tyrant king. His eyebrows were stretched, and the sharp and harsh aura of his body softened like the melting of ice and snow.

The first half of the disadvantage should not be what Professor Snow imagined, as Baylor deliberately pretended to lure Eric into the game, but Baylor simply wanted a quick battle, and then to go home to sleep. Only halfway through the game he realized something was wrong, so he changed his fighting style.

Ewan laughed softly, then replied, “He’s not that good of an actor.”

Just as Sean was about to ask again, Ewan reminded, “He’s winning.”

Sean hurriedly turned his head to see that Baylor’s dagger was already against Eric’s chest, hitting the sensor. Baylor had beaten Eric for the second time. The last time he won was a close one, but this time it was a complete and unquestionable victory.

Eric’s constricted pupils were filled with Baylor’s eyes that leapt with the fire of battle, and underneath the boiling heat of those eyes was an extremely cold silence.

In the past two months, he had become stronger. But he was not the only one who became stronger, Baylor used these two months to completely surpass him and leave him behind.

Eric looked at the man in front of him and didn’t look good, but smiled with pride and then announced in a high tone, “I won.” He said, “But don’t cry.”

The corners of Eric’s mouth twitched, “Who’s going to cry?”

After a brief moment of silence, the room erupted into a frenzy that nearly turned the gym upside down. Baylor’s name was chanted by the entire audience, and was accompanied by thunderous applause and whistles. Everyone stood up in unison to pay sincere tribute to their two peers on the field.

“KAM! This is the fucking game we should be watching!”

“I’m so proud that I went to school with them!”

“Baylor! Eric! 1st Imperial Military Academy has you guys, so amazing!!!”

“Shit! How do I join the support group? I’ll join eight times faster today!”

The only person sitting in his seat, Austin’s expression was so ugly that he looked like he had eaten shit. He listened to the tidal wave of praise and cheers around him, and he bit his nails with cynicism in his eyes.

How could he win? How could Baylor win? Eric was such a piece of crap!

Unable to watch, he got up from his position with a cold body and took the lead to leave his position and walk outside.

At this time, another person who also left was Aynor, who was sitting in front of Austin.

After watching Baylor’s battle behind him, in the sound of his heart beating like a drum and his blood boiling at the moment, Aynor had only one thought.

He was going to see Baylor.


After landing at the barrier in the battle area, Baylor almost didn’t let the sudden cheers to the eardrums explode. His head even went blank for a moment. Instead of enjoying the cheers belonging to the winner as his character did, Baylor’s face turned pale, and then struck off as if he had lost the fight, with the intention of running away.

Originally he wanted to go back the way he came, but after a few steps felt that it would not work, and turned his head towards the direction Eric had just come out.

Sentinel’s fit a more quiet victory. He could not stand out.

So the audience sitting on the stage watched as Baylor spun around the field and then flew away.

Audience: …

Eric: …

What’s going on here? How did the object of their cheer slip away?

At this moment, the already growing Baylor’s backing group members’ heads snapped up and it dawned on them, “Shy, he must be shy!”

This statement immediately drew a chorus of approval. After all, that was the only reason.

So some of the students screamed, “Aaaahhhh actually shy, why is he so cute?!”

“Oooooooooooo, baby is cool and cute, I can’t.”

Fortunately Baylor had walked backstage, otherwise he heard these softwords and name calling, he estimated that goose bumps could fall all over the ground, and then cursed, what the hell were these shameful words? And what was this about being shy? He went outside because it was too noisy.

Even after he had walked backstage, his head was still buzzing.

That moment of sound like a tidal wave of sudden influx into his brain, making him almost down.

Some annoyed skimmed his mouth, but touched the wound at the corner of the mouth. Baylor, while based on the direction of the wind blowing to find the exit, while touching his arm, just ran too fast, and as a result forgot to take the jacket away.

Although it was early winter, he did not feel cold at the moment. After the fight, his body was now very hot. He was blown by the wind and suddenly remembered Ewan’s nagging. If Ewan saw him without his jacket, he would probably have to say that to him again.

The warrior should be unconventional! But Ewan, the general of the army, loved to catch details on him. Baylor hesitated for a moment, but stopped in his tracks, he was now inside the ring preparation area that was not completely out of the stadium, which was usually used for halftime for the audience to move around. He turned his head, ready to go back and get his jacket.

Just then, however, a voice suddenly called out to him, “Baylor.”

He turned his head and saw Aynor dressed as a student, wearing a hood and glasses, and if Baylor didn’t recognize his voice, he would have hardly recognized him.

“You’re getting better at this disguise.” Baylor said.

Aynor strode over, almost bringing up a gust of wind, the walls isolating the still-bustling sounds, faintly revealing human voices instead, making the open area even quieter, his footsteps then becoming particularly noticeable.

“I guessed you’d come out of here.” Aynor walked up to Baylor, he reached out and took his glasses off, those trademark amorous eyes were deeper and gentler under the shadow of his hat. He looked at Baylor’s face, the corners of his mouth cracked and his forehead visibly red and swollen, with a dangerous scratch under his eye, and frowned, “That brat, he really hit hard.”

Suppressing his disgust at the sight of the blood, Aynor took a tissue out of his pocket and wiped it gently at Baylor’s face. Baylor stepped back and avoided Aynor’s hand. He said, “I’m tougher than your brother.” 

There was a sense of bravado in his tone. It was, of course, a fight, the tougher the better.

Aynor’s hand froze in the air as Baylor avoided it, and his frown tightened.

Baylor was thinking about his coat and didn’t want to stay here with Aynor, so he said, “I’ll leave now.”

“Wait.” Aynor called out to Baylor, who had by now withdrawn his hand, but his gaze became more determined, “Baylor, I need to talk to you.”

By now the stir in the arena had subsided somewhat and some people had begun to leave, pushing open the doors to the passageway and walking out, so Aynor said, “Let’s find a place.”

Aynor took Baylor to the platform outside the west exit of the venue, because today’s audience was basically sitting in the north and south sections, so there was hardly anyone in the east and west sections.

But in the east-west area, Baylor could still hear the crowd leaving from the other direction. He asked distractedly, “What are you going to say?” 

Aynor proved his determination by removing his hood so that Baylor could see himself clearly. Then he said, “Baylor, I promise you that I will be your mate, will you still accept me now?”

Baylor showed a few moments of dismay. It was obvious that what Aynor was about to say was a bit more than he had expected.

Aynor knew that his attitude seemed a bit unreliable to Baylor, he pressed his eagerness and that sense of panic, this was not his first relationship, but at this moment he was like a student in his first relationship. Maybe it was the location, maybe it was the outfit. But Aynor knew that there was only one real reason, and that was the person across from him.

He spoke with a slight hitch, “Maybe it seems to you that my attitude is a bit repetitive, but this is my reply after much thought. You are different from others. Before I met you, it was hard for me to imagine myself living with anyone for the rest of my life, but you have changed that idea.”

During the first few days of contact with Baylor, he had trouble sleeping and eating. At that time he understood that he had no need to deny his heart, he just fell in love with Baylor, and it was a completely different heartbeat than when he was with someone else. The battle made him unable to control his heartbeat.

He was worried about Baylor fighting on the field, but also fascinated by that Baylor. Aynor had never felt like this before. Looking at the person in front of him, Aynor felt like he was standing in front of a sun at the moment, with Baylor in, he could not see anyone else.

Losing his usual emotional sophistication, Aynor’s throat rolled nervously as he extended his hand to Baylor, his voice low as a lute, “I swear to you on my life that I will never let go of your hand for the rest of my life as long as you want me to. And I will never betray you.”

Baylor’s obsidian-like eyes blinked gently, and his sight fell along with the falling ciliary feathers, and then landed on Aynor’s palm that was stretched out in front of him. Aynor felt as if the sight had weight on one side, making his hand tremble with it. The noise of the next area was like the sound of another world, here only as cold as the winter moon at the moment.

“No.” The moment Baylor raised his eyes, Aynor felt his heart fall, including the corners of his mouth. Baylor’s voice was clear and clear, like a cold spring, and he now also had a clear and refreshing aura of being washed by the spring, and he said, “This seat is already reserved.”

All that was left was for the other man to agree.

Aynor’s hand dropped, his soul felt like it was being crushed by a huge mountain, and his heart was filled with a stifling pain that made it hard to breathe.

Baylor nodded.

Aynor took a deep breath, he watched Baylor turn around without hesitation, ready to leave, he pursed his lips, suddenly walked forward, and then suddenly hugged Baylor from behind. Baylor would have been able to dodge, but instead Aynor said, “Wait.”

This word stopped Baylor from dodging the action. But Aynor didn’t hold for long, he just wrapped his arms around him for a moment and then restrained himself from letting go of Baylor and he said, “Baylor, I’ll be waiting for you anytime.”

At the connection of the two areas, there was a man who watched all this silently and raised his hand and filmed it with his terminal.


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