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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Baylor went back, but couldn’t find his jacket. Wandering around the field in confusion, Baylor only saw several sweeping robots cleaning the field, but did not see where his jacket had gone.

“I came back to look for it.” Baylor muttered, bristled, and no longer insisted, turned in the direction he came and left.

If Ewan says it later, he’ll say it. There was nothing he could do about it.

The gymnasium was empty, and Baylor followed the aisles to the outside, where the cold wind was pouring in, and the heat from his exercise had subsided, so he shivered when the wind blew. This was really the beginning of winter in the capital.

Then at this time, there was a very harmonious effect with the cold wind of the cold pheromone along with the wind drifting in, Baylor nasal tip slightly moved, he identified the smell of this pheromone, but not yet see people. But the owner of this pheromone was obviously not ready to play hide-and-seek with him, there were hard soles on the smooth floor of the sound of clear footsteps, from Baylor’s side of the corridor.

Baylor looked sideways and saw Ewan in civilian clothes.

Ewan? So he’s here too?

Ewan walked up to Baylor, frowned, and the first thing he said was, “Where’s your coat?” While asking, he had reached out to unzip his trench coat.

Baylor felt in his heart that he knew this man too well, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I forgot to take it, just went back to look for it, but couldn’t find it.”

The next second, with Ewan’s pheromone and the temperature of the trench coat was covering Baylor’s body, and then Ewan’s slightly laughing voice came, “Who let you run so fast?”

Baylor thought of his own battle and that moment of retreat, indeed it was lame. He snorted, very dissatisfied, and said, “Next time Eric makes the scene so big, see how I beat him.” Do so many people think he is a monkey?

But did not refuse Ewan’s jacket.

“Take it easy.” Ewan carefully looked at the wound on Baylor’s face. It was okay, it was just a flesh wound, they could go back and treat it, then he turned around and led Baylor to the parking lot, then said, “Do not blow people out of the psychological shadow, Eric will be the new backbone of the military.”

This time twice to lose in the hands of the same person, that person was also a seemingly weaker omega than himself, and this time also felt so big a gap, but any psychological quality weak some, would have to be depressed from now on, the psychological shadow of the battle.

By Ewan said so, Baylor began to recall just Eric’s expression, indeed was not very good. Baylor gently raised an eyebrow, walked next to Ewan, said, “He asked me out, I did not force him.” After a pause, he added, “If he can’t even stand this setback, then it’s good to give up early.”

Ewan was a bit helpless, “I don’t know if it’s the guy’s luck or misfortune to meet you.”

Baylor said, “Of course it’s fortunate, it’s the careful teaching he received from his seniors. The next time he asked me to fight, I did not necessarily agree. He also caught my eye so I reluctantly agreed.”

“Caught your eye?” Ewan looked at him askance, “How so?”

“Didn’t you say he’s a great talent in the military, so it’s strange to catch my eye?”

“Strange.” At this time they had walked to the parking lot, the hover car from the ground up, Ewan went to the driver’s seat to open the door, looking at the other side of Baylor, he said, “He’s a fledgling young man, is there really nothing else to see? Get in.”

Baylor opened the car door and got in, and then by the way released Super Wolf. Just now, during the fight, Super Wolf was so excited. If not released to let it play, Baylor was afraid it would not stop all night.

One hand on his seat belt, the other hand petting the dog’s head, Baylor smelled the cold pheromone scent, thinking Ewan was not suitable for this pheromone, he was more suitable for a vinegar scent. The hover car rose smoothly to the required height, and then headed out of school.

Baylor turned his head to look at this person who always insisted on driving, and he unconsciously remembered what Ewan said to himself before. The side of the alpha’s face showed off that superior bone structure, and the lights in the car fell, he looked like a sculpture in an art museum.

After that day, the two of them were very busy, and did not spend much time together. Occasionally they would see one another, but it was also very hurried, and then he had to go to the snow area for training. Today was the first time the two sat quietly together.

So Baylor finally asked the question he had held onto for the past few days, “Do you really like me?”

This unexpectedly blunt question made Ewan choke for a moment, he looked askance at Baylor, saw Baylor’s expression, he asked, “You don’t believe me?”

Super Wolf was licking Baylor’s palm and Baylor pulled his hand out and patted its head, “Okay.” He adjusted his posture so that he was comfortably leaning against the backrest.

Then he looked ahead with satisfaction. He thought it was a nice day, the moon was pretty, the temperature outside was comfortable, this seat was comfortable to lean against, and Super Wolf’s dog head was comfortable to touch.

“What does ‘okay’ mean?” Ewan furrowed his brow. Apparently Ewan wasn’t as comfortable as Baylor.

But Baylor didn’t care about him, he replied in a casual tone, “It means ‘I got it’.”

“…” Ewan didn’t feel so good about himself. When the car pulled over, Ewan turned his head to look at Baylor, “You know now, so you didn’t listen to the whole list of things I said before?”

Baylor nodded, “Yes, I remember everything.” With the good-natured, proud look of a student who had done his homework, Baylor said, “You had a desire for me. And now it’s time to see if I have the same desire for you.”

“…” It seemed that way, but it didn’t seem that way. Ewan was a little embarrassed by Baylor’s frank words. How to say, their relationship was like flesh and blood, and the most important thing was their feelings.

However, Ewan was about to say something when Baylor added, “Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when I have a desire for you. “

Ewan felt his head hurt, but looking at Baylor’s seriousness, he felt like his heart had been clawed by a cat, and he asked, tickled, “So how are you going to verify this?” He also sounded quite serious, as if he was attending some academic seminar.

Baylor raised an eyebrow at Ewan and said in a light tone, “Let’s see.”

Then Baylor suddenly found Ewan showed a thoughtful expression. The pair of goose gray eyes looked flat, but Baylor felt a chill down his back. There was a feeling of being watched.

This feeling of panic made Baylor show a little grumpy, he glared at Ewan, “What strange things are you thinking again?”

Ewan was not at all flustered at the moment, he restarted the car, smiled slightly diffidently, instead raised an eyebrow and said, “What do you think I’m thinking about?”

… I hate it when people talk to themselves in riddles. 

However, it was at this point that Ewan suddenly asked, “By the way, what’s your real age?”


Ewan nodded as if nothing had happened, “Very good.”

“…?” Baylor then noticed Ewan looking over every now and then, glance after glance, making Baylor’s already up and down drumming heart hang even more up and down, Baylor could not stand to turn her head to glare at Ewan. “Can you drive seriously? Is there something on my face?”

The low and deep laughter suddenly spread out in the car, like a lake ripple, and then Ewan could not control and reached out his hand and rubbed Baylor’s head. How could it be so funny? Baylor ‘snapped’ Ewan’s hand away.

And Super Wolf reached over his head to Ewan with an expression of ‘he won’t let you touch him, so touch me’.

So Ewan gave Super Wolf a handful of pets. Then he spoke soothingly, “I was just thinking about what you really look like.”

Baylor froze, then frowned, “What were you thinking about?”

Ewan said, “I thought you looked good.”

Baylor, “…”

The hover car pulled smoothly into the underground garage, the lights dimmed, and Baylor shrank into the shadows there, hiding his expression as the door was opened and the cold breeze from outside poured in, faintly dispelling some of the heat that stretched from his ears to his cheeks, or perhaps the opposite.

He got out of the car and stomped his feet, as if that would shake the heat off his face. 

Then he met Ewan’s strange gaze, “Got fleas on you?”

Baylor’s expression froze, “… Do you really think I’m a dog?”

Next to him, Super Wolf hummed a few times through his nose in dissatisfaction, he was very clean, but no fleas.

Evening –

Perhaps it was because of some talk in the car about Baylor’s past. Ewan found himself dreaming of that world’s Baylor for the first time in a long time.

The handsome dark-haired young man’s eyebrows were more elegant in their delicacy, but he was a violent character, making the noble appearance a bit hostile, like a long sword that had drunk blood.

This time the dream Baylor well not like in the past, either struggling to live or fighting, this time he sat with the Super Wolf next to the tower on top of the observation deck, and then quietly looked into the distance.

The location of the tower was on the outskirts of the city, far away, you could see the fireworks in the middle of the city, but even so, it was still silent, the two sides of the world were clearly separated, but even for Baylor in the world there, it was also lonely.

The wind from high above blew, stirring Super Wolf’s silky fur and Baylor’s black hair on his forehead. Ewan walked towards Baylor, stood beside him and then sat down, his face sideways and focused on this familiar and unfamiliar face. He reached out his hand to touch Baylor’s skin, but it didn’t touch anything.

With a laugh, Ewan dropped his hand and did not do anything else, just sat quietly next to Baylor and watched him as the sun set and the distant city lights up.

Sinking into the night, Ewan looked up and suddenly found a large round of bright moon hanging in the sky.

Big was a bit out of the ordinary.


It didn’t seem round enough, and the lines on it didn’t look like a planet.

Ewan frowned, then turned his head to look at the person next to him and found that Baylor had disappeared at some point, the lookout was also gone, replaced by a vast snowfield, and behind him there was a tree, obviously snowy, the tree was sprouting green buds, branches and trunks flooded with life. The only thing that remained the same was the night. There were no stars in the dark sky, only the abrupt and abnormal moon.

Ewan looked at the tree and suddenly remembered something.

He tilted his head and thought about it. He didn’t know how long it took, but he reached out his hand to the ‘moon’ –

Baylor was awakened from his dream by a strong pheromone, which was just like a bomb suddenly bursting, the top of the snowy mountain like S-class alpha pheromone like an invisible monster, quickly swelled away, and then occupied every corner of the house.

Baylor violently sat up from the bed, and then subconsciously wanted to jump out of bed, but the result was that his feet touched the ground and uncontrollably went soft, so that he fell directly to the ground.

The alpha pheromone washed over his body like a torrent, and the physical qualities of the omega plus the mark of the other party inside him made him unconsciously surge with a sense of submissiveness, making his arms and legs weak. Not only that, he also felt his pheromone begin to boil up, and the glands on the back of his neck began to heat up and swell, reminding him of the sensation he felt when he was going through his estrus.

Baylor gritted his teeth, restrained the feeling, and cursed, “Oh my God, what is Ewan doing?

At this time, Super Wolf was running quickly outside, as if something was attracting him. Baylor cursed again. Then he pinched himself hard to clear his head, bit his lip and propped himself up from the floor.

The moment the door opened, Baylor felt a stronger pheromone, he reached out and subconsciously covered the back of his neck. The skin of the glands there became sensitive. Usually they had no feeling because of the blocker, but now he felt as if he was being strangled by it.

When he finds Ewan, he must properly settle accounts with the other side. In the middle of the night, what the hell was this? Shit.

Ewan’s room was directly below his, on the second floor.

And when Baylor struggled to brace himself to walk to Ewan’s room, he was already sweating, and the simple steps were just like walking against a gale. Without knocking, Baylor unscrewed Ewan’s door.

“What the fuck are you…”

Baylor looked at the Ewan who met his line of sight, and the unpleasant curses that had just come out were suddenly stopped.

Against the moonlight outside the window, Ewan’s pair of goose gray eyes were covered with blood, the expression of the facial features through a shocking cold and pressure. Just like the aura of his body at the moment.

When he met Baylor’s eyes, he felt a strong sense of danger, like a volcano about to erupt, under the calm was the threat of death. At this time, Ewan was like a beast ready to start killing.

Baylor felt a crisis, immediately stepped back and was ready to close the door to leave. But the moment he moved, the opposite person, like a cheetah, swooped over. Ewan had never fully revealed his S-class alpha strength until this moment.

Baylor’s eyebrows lifted, ready to counter-attack, then a gust of wind and a dizzy spell, when Baylor again reacted, the door of the room was indeed closed, but it was to shut him in. And he was now pinned against the wall, a strong arm tightly around his waist, behind the hot nose against the back of his neck, like a fierce beast on the hunt, will take the back of his prey’s neck.

What’s more was that the strong pheromone source approaching made his swollen and painful glands even more uncomfortable, and there was also a panic-inducing sense of submission. This surrendered position caused Baylor to subconsciously resist.

“Damn it, Ewan, are you crazy?”

The hot nostrils fluttered against the skin on the back of Baylor’s neck, but the barrier prevented Ewan from actually touching his glands, and only the tip of his nose touched the skin above Baylor’s glands.

At this point, Baylor found himself noticing that the tip of Ewan’s nose was cold, very different from the hot temperature of his back. Baylor’s mouth twitched as he felt that he must be under the influence at the moment to be so weak, otherwise how could he not move?

The next time he felt a strong presence behind him, Baylor’s face suddenly darkened and he gritted his teeth and threatened, “Move your stick out of my way or I’ll break it for you.”

Ewan’s hoarse voice rang out at Baylor’s fingertips, and even the breath that came from his words traveled down Baylor’s spine along the somewhat loose collar, causing a terrible shiver and tingling wherever it went.

“Don’t move.” Ewan said, “I’m in my susceptible period.”

The dull, dark voice had a faint hint of resignation and helplessness to it, unlike the fierce stare that seemed to be trying to eat him alive.

“…” Baylor was strangely silent for a moment, thinking that this must be his own illusion.

Resignation? Why was Ewan helpless? Fuck him.


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