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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


In the moonlit room, the waves of alpha pheromone rolled over everything in the space, including people. Baylor felt like a sponge, constantly absorbing the pheromone from the man behind him, while his own pheromone was constantly being squeezed out, spilling out of his body uncontrollably, even his blocker was not working.

The cold white skin was flushed with an unusual redness. Baylor was pinned against the wall, and felt his waist being strangled. This was some kind of new torture. Was this punishment?



What a fucking dog.


If he had to do it again, he would never open this door.

The only thing that gave Baylor some internal comfort was that Ewan avoided it a little and changed his posture so as not to make the situation any weirder or more awkward.

“I’m sorry.” Ewan suddenly said, because Baylor’s back was turned, could not see his expression, but the low voice could penetrate Ewan’s pain at the moment, the tight line of voice, in the end of the voice with a bit of patient trembling.

Baylor waited, did not wait for his next words. Was this guy now sane or not sane?

Baylor moved his neck uncomfortably, and when Ewan spoke, his neck burned hard.

During his estrus, the actual details were not clear to him, it seems to be that alpha at a specific point in time will pheromone outbreak, during this period alpha would be in a state of extreme emotional instability.

Well, see out, Ewan was now indeed very unstable. At one time it felt like killing, and at another time aggrieved baby. When did the General ever show emotions of aggression?

Baylor suddenly remembered that he had been in a mood before. When he was in the mood, Ewan mocked himself for not even remembering his own. He raised his eyebrows, and suddenly, he was in a state of shock. He raised his eyebrows, suddenly feeling a little gloating.

“How can you, an alpha who has lived for more than 30 years, not even remember your own susceptibility time? Where are your inhibitors?”

The susceptibility period was the same as estrus, both have inhibitors.

In fact, Ewan should have injected inhibitors when his susceptibility time was approaching, this guy will be like this now, it seems that he forgot his susceptibility time. The wind and water were turning, hum, let him also laugh at himself before. And at this time, the room above the wall suddenly made a strange sound. Baylor turned his head with difficulty to look over and found that the wall above the window opening, and then a bottle of cold medicine was sent out.

In this kind of moment, Baylor, even if you could not see clearly that thing also, knows what is, he urged behind the people who did not respond at all, “Inhibitors!

However Ewan still didn’t move, just buried his head in the nape of Baylor’s neck, and even rubbed it gently.

“…” The susceptibility period was horrible. Baylor thought for a moment, then said tentatively, “I’m not going anywhere, take the inhibitors.”

He felt a slight snort in the nape of his neck.

There was a reaction!

Baylor said while the iron was hot, “Aren’t you having a hard time? The medicine is right over there, I’ll stay put here and you’ll be back soon after.”

The hot breath was a little farther away from his neck, and the shackle-like arms around his waist were loosened, so Baylor exhaled when he finally felt he could breathe freely. The next second Baylor was finally released, Ewan obviously had not lost his mind completely, knowing what he needed at the moment.

The fact was that the inhibitors were sent to him immediately when he first felt his susceptibility, but he never thought that Baylor would come first before the inhibitors arrived. When he saw Ewan walking to the window where the inhibitors were placed and his back was facing him, Baylor couldn’t even be bothered to rub his back and immediately opened the door and prepared to run outside.

You’re kidding, he’s crazy he continues to stay here?

However, his move to escape immediately stimulated the sensitive Ewan at the moment.

Baylor just pulled open the door and took two steps outside, if the usual time he may be able to run a little faster, but he was now weak arms and legs, back pain, was really limiting his strength to play. So just as soon as he breathed in the slightly fresh air outside, the next second, he felt a blast of wind blowing by and a strong breath hit him hard.


Baylor felt like he was wrapped around a giant anaconda. The door didn’t close again, but Baylor was thrown down on the room’s soft carpet.

Ewan didn’t press down on Baylor’s body, as if he didn’t want to make it too difficult. But it also completely eliminated the possibility of Baylor’s escape.

The four eyes met, Baylor looked at Ewan’s goose gray eyes with anger and hurt, obviously accusing him of preparing to escape. The back of his head was cushioned with his opponent’s hand, so the fall was not particularly painful.

Baylor took a deep breath, “Forget it, you hold it you hold it.”

The reason for this was that Ewan was susceptible and not in his right mind, so he won’t be bothered with him.

We’ll settle the score when he’s sober.

Baylor turned his neck with difficulty, saw the empty inhibitor bottle, and completely resigned to his fate. Since the inhibitors had been administered, he should be able to recover soon.

So he simply relaxed his body, stopped struggling, and even closed his eyes, looking like he was ready to just go to sleep, and after he closed his eyes, he just barked, “Remember to get me a bottle of inhibitors.”

The alpha pheromone hooked, he felt his own estrus was coming.

What kind of sin was this?


On the third morning, Weifield was in a hurry to leave the house. Wellin, who lived next door, was brushing his teeth and leaning on the door frame, curiously calling out to his brother, asking vaguely, “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

As Weifield walked, wearing his uniform jacket, his hat tucked awkwardly into his arm, he said, “The General is in his susceptibility period.”

Wellin, “!!!!” Wellin almost swallowed a mouthful of foam as he hastily said, “I’m going too!” With his hand still on his chin, afraid that the toothpaste foam would show, he quickly prepared to turn around and go back to deal with it.

Weifield looked at Wellin’s impatient look and rolled his eyes in disgust as he said, “What are you going to do? Go and get rubbed on the ground by the General?”

Wellin’s body stiffened as he took a step, and he realized that he was an alpha, and the most unbearable thing for a susceptible alpha was another alpha.

So with a mouthful of foam, he said to his brother, “Well, go ahead and call me if General has anything.” Luckily Weifield was a Beta.

Weifield rushed to Ewan’s mansion with some necessities, parked the car in the underground garage, Weifield used his authority to open the elevator, and then took the things to the upper floors. At this time the alpha pheromone in the house had faded a lot, plus Weifield was a Beta,  and was not sensitive to pheromones, so it was surprising that he did not feel anything strange on the way.

Until the moment the door opened –

The elevator was directly connected to the living room from the underground garage, the elevator door opened was the living room, and in the moment the elevator door opened, Weifield suddenly felt his blood freeze up, like a mistake into the lair of the dragon, a chilling fear let him set in the elevator, hesitant to take a step.

Not only was it a step, the murderous aura was like as long as his fingers moved slightly, he would immediately die.

Ewan also went through a susceptible period in the past, although it was also true that he did not like people close, but he had never given off such strong hostility.

“What are you doing there? Come in.”

A crisp voice jolted Weifield out of that fear of death, and only then did he realize that his back was chilling from cold sweat and his hands were shaking unconsciously.

Weifield looked up with difficulty and saw Baylor standing on the third floor corridor, looking down at him, while behind him stood the General.

The General was expressionless at the moment, his pair of eyes sullenly looking at him, as if he dared to take a step into here, he could chop off his legs.

Weifield again moved his eyes to Baylor’s body, at this time he realized that Baylor’s clothes were not tidy, hair messy, sleepy eyes, cold white skin with a few flashes of color.

Weifield pressed the elevator door and suddenly understood something.

No wonder the General’s reaction this time was so much greater than before. With his omega around, just like the bitch that gave birth to the pups, he would also double his aggression. And by the look of Mr. Baylor, last night seemed to be quite intense.

This reinforced Weifield’s determination not to go in, and he stood just inside the elevator room, “No, I’m not going in.”

This statement was not only for Baylor’s ears, but more importantly for Ewan, who was holding Baylor’s wrist at the moment. As expected, after saying that, the strong hostility weakened a bit.

Weifield finally was able to breathe freely, he still had some fear, so the tone was a little weak, “This is some of the supplies that will be needed in the next few days, the military and school side I will help to inform, these days I’ll have to ask Mr. Baylor to take care of the General.”

Saying that, he put one foot against the elevator door, while bending down to put the items he brought to the door, in the process, he did not cross the thunderbolt step at all.

“…” Baylor felt his temples popping in and out, “A few days? Did he inject inhibitors? Why does it take a few days?” Was this a fucking joke? With his right hand clutched, Baylor pointed at Ewan with his left and asked, “How long does he have to be like this?”

Weifield looked at the silent Ewan with some difficulty and he said with uncertainty, “Well, I’m not really sure…”

Baylor’s eyes widened, “Hasn’t he been through a susceptible period before?”

Weifield replied, “It was a different state than it is now.”

Baylor was unsure, “What’s different?”

“First, General’s susceptibility period should not be now, this is an anomaly, by definition, his susceptibility period should be in six months.” Weifield said, “Thirdly… There was no Mr. Baylor before.”

The susceptibility period that the alpha with omega and the alpha without omega go through were completely different states.

In the past, the General actually injected inhibitors, as long as the recovery day could be almost normal, except for the mood was not good, but nothing else. But now look at General this way, obviously could not use the past situation to judge.

Weifield lowered his head, looked at the things he brought, and suddenly realized that he seemed to have taken some things less, these things were for Ewan, but now think, should also prepare some for Baylor.

Baylor did not know what Weifield was thinking, he just felt devastated, God knows what it was like for him to be held in his arms all night yesterday, and in the morning he woke up feeling like his body did not belong to him, and only when he got up or went to the bathroom would he let go of him.

Baylor said, “So he can be normal without me, right? Then let him stay by himself–“

As soon as the words left his mouth, a hand pulled him brutally, and then the hand immediately wrapped around his waist.

Baylor, “…”

Weifield, “… Obviously that won’t work.”

“And…” Weifield gazed at Baylor oddly, “…When the General is susceptible, no one else can get close, as long as Mr. Baylor can, so I’ll have to ask Mr. Baylor to take care of the General.”

“Did he dream over the previous thirty years?”

“Ahem… Anyway, I will help you ask for leave from the school and the military department in the next few days, and I will also come over to visit regularly, so don’t worry.”

“…” This had a fucking use.

However, Weifield left mercilessly, after all, it was dangerous for him to stay in this place for one more second.

Baylor stared at the closed door, very helpless, dragging the person next to him who looked like he was going to stick to him, Baylor turned around and went back towards Ewan’s room.

The door to the room was not closed, and no one had the heart to close it. Baylor stood in the doorway and watched the spiritual body on the bed shrink into a ball, just like a disc. But not so round, because it had an egg in the middle of the body, resulting in the body’s curvature was not so perfect.

That’s right, an egg.

His spiritual body, a sled dog, was now trying to hatch an egg.

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Baylor take care of your Alfa now it’s time for you to really see how much you like it. Thanks for the Chapter!

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Well that was a little underwhelming, sadly.
What messed with Ewan’s susceptibility period cycle I wonder; simply Baylor and the recent talk about mating?
Is this egg Ewan’s spiritual body perhaps?
Thanks for translating.

March 18, 2023 6:57 am

I don’t understand anything that happened or didn’t happen in this chapter.

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Good luck to both Tyrant and Baylor, time to take care of the other!

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