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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


In the central building of the Sycamore Church in Marl Galaxy, High Priest Right River sat on one side of the long table, a position that further emphasized his prestigious status.

“Nord has been captured, and from the information, the Ya’an Empire has recently started a large military exercise, which shows that our plan was likely to have been leaked.” Bishop Jean Deaux said.

Another bishop cursed, “After spending too much time in the Alix Galaxy, such people cannot be trusted at all, betraying their own civilization so easily will be punished by the Lord of the Universe.”

In this wide and bright meeting room, there was a woman wearing a white robe with gold trim and a magnificent cylinder hat made of shiny and expensive materials. She was about forty years old, with faint fine lines at the corners of her eyes, but generally looked very well maintained. The long curly hair was tied behind her back, she looked a bit similar to Right River. She suddenly opened her mouth and asked, “Right, I read the document you submitted earlier, in which you proposed that the Church send troops to Alix Galaxy as soon as possible to seize…” she tone a subtle beat, ice blue eyes like crystal, penetrating radiance and very sharp, she slightly raised his eyebrows, continued, “… The person you predicted, an omega, I ask you, do you know how much it would cost to declare war on Alix Galaxy?”

Nearly twenty people in the room all looked in unison at the other end of the right river, only to see his face unchanged, his tone calmly replied, “Back to Lord Pope, the cosmic level of war, at least hundreds of millions of personnel loss, more – is the complete destruction of a civilization.”

Pope [Hua] always had a calm and dignified body that was not invaded by years, like a statue of God, she lightly responded, and asked, “Then you think, hundreds of millions of people, to exchange for an omega that can not yet confirm whether it can be beneficial to us, is appropriate?”

she said, “The church has done its best to go along with your prophecy, but don’t you want too much now?”

This obviously disapproving questioning did not deter Right RIver, he said, “The Sycamore system needs that person to be the most critical core, and our civilization needs the Sycamore system to help the spiritual power to make a breakthrough, the sacrifice of these people will become the cornerstone of the Church of Sycamore, and the throne of the Marl Galaxy, I think it is not just inappropriate, but necessary. ” Right River continued, “Now that Nord has leaked our information, the Ya’an Empire’s recent movements have confirmed that they are beginning to be wary of our actions, leaving us little time. Baylor is a man that we must take in.”

“His massive spiritual power is an existence that even the Alix Galaxy Empire’s S-class General can’t match, only he can completely fuse with the Sycamore system and make the system truly come to life.”

The people present looked at Right River with some surprise, because Right River had always been a breezy, uncontested image of the world, but at this time it is rare to say something in such a strong tone. Even Right’s next words were almost desperate, he said, “Even if we can’t take him in, we must not let Alix Galaxy have him, he will bring a complete reform in spiritual power, this reform must not be possessed by Alix Galaxy, otherwise, we will lose the power to compete with Alix Galaxy forever.”

His eyes, which were unadulterated by a trace of emotion, were gentle to say the least, but they also breathed a coldness that regarded all things as ruminants. He said emphatically, “This matter, it must be done.”


In the room covered with that lazy early winter sunshine, a not particularly soft bed quilt was lifted to a corner, a look after sleeping had not been tidied up. This was a very difficult scene to see in Ewan’s home, Ewan as a soldier, even if he did not deliberately do, would also subconsciously would be their own room tidy up not a trace of chaos.

But this was not so unusual compared to the dog that was hatching an egg on the bed. After all, who had ever seen a dog hatching an egg? Especially since that dog was still a spiritual body. And, the egg it was hatching, which was bigger than a palm, was also a spiritual body.

Baylor looked at Super Wolf, who was nestled on top of the egg, letting his fur wrap around the egg and being careful not to press against it, and for a moment wanted to give up on this dog. How old was he, how come he still had cognitive impairment? What does hatching an egg have to do with a dog?

Wake up! Dogs are born in the womb! It’s a mammal! What eggs are you hatching?

Super Wolf, who had a mental connection with Baylor, naturally heard Baylor’s breakdown, but his response was to wag his tail, poke up his ears, glance at Baylor with those ungrateful eyes, then nestle his head in his belly again, put his tail over the egg, and ignore Baylor completely.

He’s going to be a male mother, hmmm.

Baylor’s temples jumped and he wanted to go up and whip his own spiritual body, yet as soon as he moved, the strong arm around his waist caused him to bounce back violently, straight into the culprit’s chest.

“…” So angry, he forgot he had a dragger next to him. Baylor ground his teeth and twisted his head to glare at the other party, but because of the position, the person did not glare, but almost twisted his neck.

“Shit!” Baylor reached up to rub his neck, how could he be so unlucky?

However, the other hand was the first to rub his neck, with thin calloused fingers and a coarse tiger mouth, touching the skin with some itching, but soon that strange feeling was replaced by a moderate massage.

Ewan’s hands were wide and strong, with long, thin fingers that could easily hold Baylor’s neck in their hands with a gentle squeeze. He rubbed up and down along the tendons and muscles that were tugged, slowly dissolving the stiffness. His skin tone was not too dark, but Baylor’s skin tone was too cold and white, the skin exposed between his fingers and the skin on the back of Ewan’s hand will form a stark contrast in color.

Where Baylor could not see, Ewan’s eyes were slightly darker.

Baylor froze.

Other than that, Ewan was still quite comfortable to lean against.


Baylor slapped Ewan’s hand away and covered his neck with his own hand, the neck was a vital part, being squeezed in someone else’s hand makes him feel very insecure. Then his other hand went to break the hand that was still strangling his waist during the massage.

“How long are you going to hold it? Let go of me! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have twisted my neck, and you guys… why don’t you hatch your own egg? You’re actually letting my spiritual body help you hatch your egg. Isn’t this brazen? Why are you so brazen?”

There was no mistake, that egg, that spiritual body, was Ewan’s spiritual body. Baylor thought of the previous dream in the school, they should let Ewan try to hatch that dream egg, Ewan refused, fucker, so it was here waiting for him?

Ewan refused to hatch it, so he brought it out and let Super Wolf to hatch it.

Although it was also Super Wolf’s second-rate thought process, it was also Ewan’s fault!

Maybe he felt Baylor’s anger, but Ewan’s rock-solid arm loosened. Baylor quickly escaped from it, Ewan was slightly uncomfortable and frowned.

Baylor felt the chance to escape, immediately rubbing his waist. Last night, he was strangled all night. This morning he also suffered. He felt like he was about to break into two. Just rubbing the corner of his shirt, it slipped up, revealing some skin around the waist. Baylor did not react, but Ewan immediately moved.

He glared at both eyes, thinking that Ewan was going to fish for himself again, and was about to simply fight with Ewan, but found that Ewan just grabbed the corner of his shirt and lifted it up.

Baylor’s clenched fist froze in confusion.

Ewan’s eyes quickly sank, with a bit of self-recrimination.

Baylor watched Ewan that moment like a deserted dog, the whole thing drooped down, he looked down in some confusion, only to find that his waist already had a clear circle of red marks, only to be bruised later. Especially at the side of the waist, the marks were even more obvious, bright and shiny eyesore under the cold white skin tone.

The answer to why there were these marks was clear.

Baylor frowned, but did not blame Ewan, only said, “What’s wrong with this body? It’s too delicate, isn’t it?” Then he slapped Ewan’s hand that was holding up the corner of his shirt, “What are you looking at? Go eat breakfast, you’re hungry.”

Baylor’s stomach let out a grunt as soon as the words left his mouth.

Baylor licked his lips. After all, after tossing and turning all night, he needed to be recharged.

Then, to Baylor’s surprise, Ewan suddenly answered in a low voice, “Okay.”

The reason for this was that he hadn’t spoken in a few hours, and his voice was muffled at the moment, like the sound of sand on paper, and his voice was a bit low, heavy and heavy, with a weight on the end of his words.

Baylor looked at him sparingly, “So you know how to talk.” Baylor then skipped over Ewan and prepared to walk outside. As he passed Ewan, Baylor’s nerves were tense and very alert, afraid that Ewan would suddenly reach out and pull himself again.

Since he came to this room last night, Ewan seemed to have taken a vow to stick to him in general, in the physical sense of ‘sticky’, either pulling his hand or holding his waist, in short, must be next to him.

This time, however, Ewan’s hands moved slightly, but then stopped their own movements, two hands hanging on the sides of the body, obviously a very natural standing position, but there was a sense of stiffness, as if they were cast in the same way.

Only his gaze followed Baylor’s figure closely, instead of his own touch to confirm the other’s presence.

Baylor walked over nervously, but still couldn’t help but look at Ewan with his eyes, fearing that the other party would suddenly pounce on him. Keeping such a vigilant state, he walked over to the bottle of inhibitors that was thrown on the ground yesterday, bent down and picked it up, then he looked at the label carefully while walking outside.

The label on the bottle read S-grade alpha inhibitors, and Baylor stared at the label struggling to find the date of manufacture.

Is this stuff expired? Why does it feel like Ewan hadn’t improved much since the injection, had he?

Well… But I can’t say that there was no improvement at all, after all, the pheromone of Ewan’s body was restrained, at least now there was not the frightening and tempting crazy feeling of being overwhelmed by the cold smell. Now when I think of that feeling, it still makes Baylor feel scared.

There was a kind of, about to cross a line, and then completely fall into the feeling.

Falling into lust.

He threw the bottle of pills, which was confirmed not to be expired, into the garbage. It seems that everything was about a degree, and it was not a good thing to have too much of this guide element at once.

Baylor listened to the sound of footsteps falling behind him just a few steps away, and knew without looking that Ewan was following closely behind him. He sighed and could only console himself with the thought that when Ewan was back to normal, he would have to laugh at him.

It’s best to film his current retarded appearance and play it for him when the time comes. After thinking about it, the corners of Baylor’s mouth hooked up, showing a little dejection.


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February 23, 2023 3:30 pm

Thank you for your hard work. I love this story. Is there a way for you to replace the word retarded? Is a very derogatory word.

February 24, 2023 5:56 am

No offence & meant as helpful; there are a lot of mistakes in this chapter & novel overall. The wording is really challenging at times. A character referred to as a woman & then “he”; what is “Pope [Hua]”?
However the word “retarded” is now considered dated & most importantly, offensive. Using ‘inferior’, ‘mentally numb’ or even ‘backward’, would be better.
The Marl Galaxy are ramping things up. I really dislike how Right River seems to view Baylor as a commodity, not a person.

February 24, 2023 6:00 am

Baylor will be milking this situation for a lonnnnng time, I think!
I like that with a clear head, Ewan feels remorse for being too rough with Baylor during his susceptible period ~ even though he wasn’t himself and it wasn’t done on purpose. Says a lot about his character.
Thank you for translating.

Last edited 3 months ago by WangXian31
March 18, 2023 9:14 am

This chapter was easier understood. The author was quite vague in the last chapter. Ewan must be exhausted from trying to stay in control of himself.

April 12, 2023 8:49 pm

“Male mother” God why is super wolf so cute. 🥰🥰He the only good thing in the novel

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