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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The screen with a soft glow unfolded in front of Baylor, and the search entries on it were all related to the alpha susceptibility period without exception. In fact, he had been reading this thing for two days, and he already knew almost the basics of alpha susceptibility. He was now learning about the advanced knowledge – mixed forum.

Because he wanted to find a way to make some large person sitting next to him at the moment to be a little more normal.

Baylor’s eyes were browsing through the various headings, and then he saw a ‘My mate was too sticky for his susceptible period, what should I do’, his eyes lit up, and he immediately clicked in.

LZ: I’m almost sucked dry. I’ve been teased out of pseudo estrus twice. I’ve been doing it for two days. Woo woo, I’m going to give up if it goes on like this. Is there any way to calm him down?

1F: ? The LZ is to show love?

2F: This is a little hard, touch LZ, inhibitors played?

3F: Big brother is sick?

LZ reply 1F: we are very in love, but I am now really distressed ah! In addition to the following, my neck has been completely unable to see, I feel that my glands have been bitten off orz.

LZ reply 2F: played, but feel not much use ah QAQ

6F: The first time I saw the A experience susceptible to it, the inhibitors played only a small control pheromone, so that the A will not completely lose their minds, but the desire for their own mate. If you don’t want to get pregnant, you should take precautions at this time. It’s a little difficult to get A to leave you now, and A needs to be comforted by his mate during the susceptible period. My mate told me that if he didn’t hold me when he was susceptible, he felt like he was being plucked out of his heart (of course he must have been exaggerating a bit I think).

7F: Yes, my mate said the same thing, and it felt like the world was falling apart.

8F: A natural susceptible period of A will have a strong attachment to mate as well as possessiveness, especially mate’s pheromone, so on… If the gland is really painful, let him wear a bite stopper, omega also have to take good care of themselves.

9F: why A only stare at the gland gnawing, gnawing mouth does not smell good? It will not hurt the glands!

LZ replied to the 9F: mouth has also broken the skin, I’m too hard.

Baylor’s eyes, like starry nights, were slightly wide like a frightened cat. From the time he saw the accusation LZ against his mate, his mood rose and fell.

Ah… So it would be this painful?

When he read the science fiction yesterday, it was said among the science fiction that alpha would especially need their mate by their side during the susceptible period, but he didn’t think that the original separation would make them so painful.

No wonder Ewan kept pulling himself yesterday, so to speak, it feels like the susceptibility period was a bit like his own mental power out of control needing to guide pheromones. Which kind?

Recalling the feelings of his own mental power out of control, Baylor could suddenly understand Ewan. Baylor used his own glance to see Ewan’s hands on his knees, rather like a kindergarten child being asked to sit upright, there was a sense of reluctance and helplessness.

Unlike the usual Ewan that was usually engraved into the bones of the straight and sharp, at the moment his straight body only had a sense of awkwardness and stiffness.

Since yesterday morning, Ewan did not move like before on him, sometimes anxious to grab him, would also be like an electric shock immediately let go, although he did not want to admit, but Baylor knew that this was Ewan’s fear of control of his own strength to hurt him.

“You…” With the pair of goose gray eyes, Ewan opened his mouth slightly, but suddenly did not know what to say.

Under the tangle, Baylor slightly frowned, then like his own reflection in the mirror, Ewan’s brow also frowned, obviously he did not say a word, but Baylor somehow understood his meaning, probably because those eyes were no longer like before, with deep thoughts to hide their emotions.

Baylor suddenly remembered a quote from the science fiction he read yesterday –

The susceptible alpha was always extraordinarily frank about their emotions, just like a naked child and honest. The sight turned and saw the words on the post again.

Baylor hesitated briefly, then his brow stretched open, rather like a compromise, and he shoved his hand into Ewan’s hand that was resting on his knee, not daring to move.

“I’m not so fragile that I’ll break when you squeeze it.” He didn’t bother to look at Ewan’s expression either, just muttered, “Looking so aggrieved, it feels like I’m abusing you.”

The first thing he noticed was that Ewan’s hand was only holding him vaguely, and he didn’t even feel anything. He was a little surprised, and turned his head to look, only to run into Ewan’s eyes staring at him. That look was just like the crazy pheromone the night before, causing Baylor to suddenly lose control of his heartbeat.

The tips of his ears unconsciously colored red, Baylor very uncomfortable grumpy, “Can you fucking talk? To hold or not to hold? No, forget it.”

With that he was ready to pull his hand back, and he did recoil, he always felt as if he had flipped some switch. Don’t let Ewan go crazy again later.

As soon as his hand was ready to leave, however, Ewan’s broad palm immediately followed, then clutched him tightly, followed by a mountainous alpha embrace – the cold pheromone and the opposite of the burning body heat wrapped him firmly, and Ewan’s other hand pressed against Baylor’s other hand on the back of his head, pressing him even harder into his embrace.

Baylor felt a bit like Super Wolf when he was pampered, completely ignoring his huge body and jumping on him like he thought he was a baby.

Just… Caught off guard by being overwhelmed.

But it wasn’t quite the same.

Baylor had never been held like this before, his chin on Ewan’s shoulder, the other man’s hair sweeping across the tip of his nose, the other man’s breath spilling over the nape of his neck… All of this made him tingle a little.

He was even instinctively a little defensive because he was not used to it.

The hand had been subconsciously squeezed into a fist, but Baylor blinked and finally unloaded, not only his hands, but his body as well, and he simply let himself lean completely into the other’s arms.

Go ahead and hug it, it’s not like you’re missing a piece of meat anyway. For the sake of the special circumstances – let him be.

By the end of the night, Baylor went to check on Super Wolf again and, well, didn’t move his position at all. Baylor sat on the bed and locked eyes with Super Wolf’s dripping eyes.

“When is it going to hatch?” He asked.

Ewan was sitting on the side of the bed, but he didn’t seem to have any reaction to his spiritual body, and if he had any reaction to Super Wolf’s reaction to the hatching of the egg, it would have seemed like a shock.

Super Wolf had half his face hidden under his own fur, he actually had a little activity in the afternoon, after all, so the curled up dog was also feeling very tired, but he also just walked around the bed, support a lazy back and immediately jump back to the bed, and then continue to nest on the egg.

When he heard Baylor’s question, he ‘wooed’ a few times.

It doesn’t know, but it feels like this little guy was coming out soon, and wondered what kind of spiritual body it would be.

“An egg, oviparous animal, snake, chicken, or bird.” Baylor crossed his legs and wrapped his arms around it as he stared at the egg, which was protected to death by Super Wolf. He was actually more curious about what spiritual body Ewan would have, but what he was more curious about was how Ewan still really had a spiritual body?

Ewan was now considered fully awakened as a guide? Was his susceptible period also related to this?

Ewan’s eyes didn’t stay on Baylor, he was also looking at the egg.

Baylor saw this and asked, “Do you recognize it? It’s your egg.” Thinking about it, it seemed a bit ambiguous, Baylor added, “Your spiritual body.”

Ewan smiled and immediately put his eyes on Baylor, apparently the attraction of his own spiritual body was not as great for him as Baylor. He responded, “Hmm.” 

In the past two days of training, Baylor had basically been desensitized to Ewan’s naked lustful gaze. Desensitized by the Naked lust filled gaze, he adapted well and began to think, “What’s it going to be called? I can help you with a reference.”

Super Wolf next to him also gave an excited ‘ow’, saying that he could also, and even had a kind of desire to take his place.

Ewan, who had been obedient to Baylor for the past two days and nodded at everything Baylor said, shook his head and said, “I’ll think of it myself.”

The alpha’s expression was still the same, a tenderness that had rarely been revealed directly in the past.

But the corners of Baylor’s mouth twitched, and he directly went up to Ewan’s jaw and cupped it, scrutinizing it like a molester, “Hey, you’ve not recovered, have you?”

Ewan did not stop Baylor’s action, nor did he say anything.

Baylor thought about it, people’s post said it had to last a few days, ranging from four to seven days, it was only the second day, it was unlikely that Ewan recovered and this was a pretense. After all, it was a physiological impact, how could this person control this?

So Baylor put down his hand, “Still silly.” Then he got up and moved to the bed, went down and propped himself up, ready to pack up and go to bed, “I’m going to bed.”


Baylor took a few steps out, turned his head, and saw Ewan still sitting there.

Ewan didn’t sleep with him that night, unlike the night before, but as soon as Baylor got up this morning he saw Ewan guarding his door, not sure how early he came in or if he basically didn’t sleep much.

Otherwise, the dark circles under the eyes today would not be so heavy, Ewan’s eye sockets were already deep and do not need dark circles to add shadows to the eyes.

When you think about what the post said, Baylor felt that the sight of him had suddenly changed. It just felt, sort of, pathetic, like he’d been left behind. Ewan should be uncomfortable being separated from him, which was why he was desperately pestering him the night before.

But after finding out about his injury yesterday morning, Ewan had been in control.

Baylor let out a long breath and took a big uncontrollable step towards Ewan, then very tyrant-like took the hand and pulled the man outside, “Don’t disturb Super Wolf hatching the egg, you’re sleeping with me today.”

Super Wolf wanted to be a male mother. He felt like he’s got this trend too. He must have owed Ewan in a previous life. Oh no, he didn’t know Ewan in his last life.

Baylor pulled the man forward with mixed emotions, while Ewan, whom he was pulling, quickly reversed his grip and walked beside Baylor, the corners of his mouth rising slightly with an uncontrollable hint of a hidden smile.


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February 24, 2023 8:43 pm

Looking forward to the egg hatching.
Baylor caring for and about Ewan, is nice.
Thanks for the chapter.

February 26, 2023 3:54 pm

Why I feel like I can read but don’t understand some sentences? 😅😅

Thanks for chaptersssss~~ It’s probably a wolf. 🤣🤣🤣

March 18, 2023 9:31 am

Ewan is trying so hard not to hurt/ bother/ annoy Baylor. I wish Baylor was more in touch with his feelings. Sometimes he says or thinks things that aren’t kind. But maybe that’s just the way it seems when translated.

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