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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


In the middle of the night, a rustling sound came and Baylor, who was lying flat on his back, opened his eyes alertly. But his attack was quickly and skillfully deflected, and then the next moment a familiar smell wrapped around him, and the tip of his nose twitched.

The next thing he knew, the person pressed his hand and confined him in an embrace, and his low voice rang in his ears, “It’s me, you’re safe, go back to sleep.”

It may have been the soothing hand on his back, or the compelling and familiar feeling in his voice, but Baylor’s nervous nerves eased and relaxed when his consciousness was still in a daze. Baylor closed his eyes and fell back to sleep.

The next day’s sunlight shone into the house, Baylor moved slightly, and then found himself bound by something, unable to move. He opened his eyes in a daze and saw only the muscular line of his chest beneath the wide open collar of his shirt. The tip of his nose moved again subconsciously, and after smelling the familiar smell, Baylor ignored the hand around his waist and closed his eyes again.

However, the next second, Baylor opened his eyes, his mind also abruptly awake. Before going to bed, Ewan was still on the other side of the bed, far away from him, when did this guy roll next to him?

Baylor subconsciously pulled the hand and sat up, and at this time Ewan was also quickly awakened by his rustling, goose gray eyes showing a moment of clarity, and Baylor to meet the line of sight, immediately returned to the confusion of bewilderment.

And at this time Baylor was carefully recalling the events of last night, before vaguely remembering the dream-like unreal memories of last night in the middle of the night.

“Who told you to come over here last night?” He frowned.

However, the person he was staring at was just lying on the bed, half propped up on one arm, his normally neat and tidy hair now disheveled, coupled with the large expanse of dark skin exposed by the wide open bodice, rather invitingly criminal.

Baylor narrowed his eyes, his mind suddenly came up with some impure images, some images he had never imagined. He even remembered the ridiculous passage he had heard on Crusader earlier.

When the scene from that passage came back to Baylor’s mind, Baylor froze slightly, a little surprised that he remembered it. Baylor shook his head before meeting Ewan’s questioning gaze. Baylor didn’t bother to pursue the matter of last night as he lifted the blanket in a wretched manner and headed for the toilet in a hurry.

What was he thinking about?

Ewan, on the other hand, looked at Baylor’s fleeing posture, raised his eyebrows and laughed silently as he lifted the covers and got up slowly and leisurely.

After breakfast, Baylor was thinking about what to do at home today when he suddenly received a communication from Sean.

“Baylor, why aren’t you back at the military?” The person on the other end of the communication, Sean, was in his office at the military headquarters, but it was only a voice communication, so he could not see Baylor’s situation at the moment.

Baylor’s corner of his mouth twitched silently, he would like to go back.

Then he looked askance at Ewan, who was looking down at his tablet with his headset on, next to him. Although Ewan was still silent today and clinging to himself, but also began to do something else, so it seems to be almost back to normal.

So Baylor said, “I should be back soon, in a few days, okay?”

Sean took a breath and said, “What for…? Little granddaddy, did you forget you have a selection for the military competition?”

“Oh!” Baylor opened his mouth slightly.

Sean rubbed his temples, “You really did forget, such a big thing, you can forget.”

Baylor glanced down at the two men’s legs next to each other, “There’s been too much going on lately.” Not too many things, one by one, he had almost forgotten he had entered the contest. He asked, “What time is it again?”

“… The first game is next Tuesday, and we’ll do the groupings this weekend.” Sean said in a serious tone, “Although it’s a preliminaries, the players at the beginning won’t be too strong, but you signed up for a mecha tournament, although there is some basic training before, this battle is not a child’s play.”

Sean looked at the calendar, there were less than five days until the first match, he had waited for Baylor to come to the military training before, but only learned that Baylor had taken a leave of absence and that Ewan was not there. “If you take it lightly, you might end up in the first round. Where are you now, and is Ewan next to you? Where did he take you? I don’t mind if you guys usually go out and enjoy time for two, but this is no time for fun.”

Baylor flinched slightly as he asked rhetorically, “Don’t you know?”


Baylor said, somewhat uncharacteristically, “I’d like to go to military headquarters during your student’s susceptibility period, but he won’t let me go.”

Saying that, Baylor looked sideways to the side, but found that Ewan was now focused on the tablet in his hand, expressionless. Baylor was suddenly a little curious, for the first time in days he saw Ewan so focused on something other than himself.

Although it was a bit shameful to say so.

Sean’s voice on the other end of the communication was strained, “Ewan’s susceptible?”

Baylor nodded, then realized the other side couldn’t see, and answered again, “Yeah.”

Sean fell silent, no wonder the Weifield kid didn’t say what Ewan was doing, it turned out to be a susceptible period, the General’s susceptible period was indeed not suitable to make a big announcement.

But– Sean looked at the date again, the date was not right ah. So he frowned, not quite understanding, “How can he be susceptible? It’s still three months before he’s susceptible, and even if he’s susceptible…” Sean’s voice was a little peculiar as he said, “This is the third day of his susceptibility according to the time?”

Baylor didn’t nod for nothing this time, thinking about what Ewan was looking at so intensely, while absently replying, “Yeah.”

Sean raised an eyebrow, “And he wouldn’t let you go?”

“Yeah.” Baylor found Sean’s question a little uninformative at this point, and he frowned in dissatisfaction, “Didn’t I just say that?”

Then Baylor noticed a silence on the other end, and just as he was getting impatient to see if the communication had been disconnected, Sean started talking again. This time his voice took on a bit of meaning, “So that’s it, he must have given you a lot to worry about these days.”

Baylor agreed, “The susceptibility period is a pain in the ass.”

Sean suddenly laughed twice, and then lengthened his tone, “It’s not a lot of trouble.”

After quickly understanding the current situation, Sean said, “Then I’ll look at it then, I’ll send you the training program first, Ewan has a trainer at home too, you can try it on the trainer, but you still have to come to the military department as soon as possible to get used to the real mecha operation.” He wrote down a string of times on the paper in front of him, roughly calculating, “It will be on a virtual machine until the third round, but after three rounds you’ll need to drive a real mecha, so you’ll have to touch a real mecha before the tournament.”

Baylor frowned slightly, thinking, “So when Ewan…”

Sean suddenly interrupted Baylor as he said in a flash of insight, “Why don’t we just have Ewan take you to the mecha training ground with him?”

Baylor, “?”

Sean immediately deleted the original plan he had written on his paper and then quickly wrote in something new, “Yeah, let him tag along, he always has nothing to say.”

Baylor frowned, “Can he go out?”

Sean subconsciously asked in return, “Why not?” After saying that, realizing that he might have given something away, he immediately stopped writing and explained, “Although it is not recommended to go out during the susceptible period, but now is not a special situation, and as long as you are with him, it should not be too much of a problem, when I find a private training ground, there is no other alpha, he will not have a stress reaction.”

As for himself, he was Beta, if Ewan was so excessive that he can’t even compromise like this, then he will have to spoil Ewan’s good deeds.

Sean said the plan and Baylor was easily convinced, “Well, I’ll talk to him about it…” He frowned again, “But he’s not in a normal state, I don’t know if he’s listening.”

Sean said very ruthlessly, “Leave him alone.”

Baylor, “…”

Sean thought for a moment and added, “I’ll send him a text, though he may not read it.”

After hanging up the communication, Baylor turned his head and found that Ewan was still staring at the tablet, because the tablet had a setting to prevent peeping, so he couldn’t see what was on the screen either, and could only see Ewan’s expression was faint, but with a vague chill.

Although there was no obvious expression, Baylor felt that Ewan was angry.

What are you looking at that you’re angry about?

Baylor elbowed Ewan, “What are you looking at?” He immediately took Baylor’s hand, hooking his fingers and dropping his eyes, “Boring stuff.”

As if interested in Baylor’s hand, he stared at it and let his fingers drive Baylor’s fingers to rub against it.

Baylor’s body was white everywhere, even in the sun, after a slight red, will quickly return to that cold white, his fingers were the same, slender porcelain white, because of the omega bone structure, the hand was small, could be completely wrapped by Ewan’s hand, but Ewan was not completely hold his hand, he just hooked his own fingers, the skin tone was dark and light, like cobwebs, but it was not clear who was entangled with whom.

When in the susceptible period, an alpha will have skin hunger, and would be interested in every inch of his mate’s body.

Baylor’s heartbeat suddenly went haywire as he watched his fingers entwine with Ewan’s, and now his breathing panicked.

The absurd thoughts of the morning came back to his mind, and Baylor immediately withdrew his hand to meet Ewan’s eyes like a child being robbed of candy.

Probably at home, Ewan dressed more comfortably and casual, sweater collar was a little loose.

It may have been Baylor’s illusion, he felt that Ewan didn’t seem to be like this before, won’t…show much.

Gulping, Baylor reached out his hand expressionlessly and lifted the collar of Ewan’s sagging neckline upward, pulling it straight to the neck, and then he said, “Aren’t you cold with the collar down like that?”

Ewan, “…”

In order to put away the images in his head that were not nutritious and to hide his panic, Baylor said with a serious face, “Sean told me to hurry up with the mecha training, the competition next week, he asked me to take you with me to the mecha training ground.” After a pause, he added, “Private, no other alphas.”

Baylor clearly sensed Ewan showing a few moments of discontent. He was afraid that Ewan would have a temper tantrum, after all, Ewan was like a child now, so he advised in a serious way, “This is a special case, who told you not to pick a good time during your susceptible period?”

After that, Baylor couldn’t help but feel sorry for himself. Listen, listen, he never thought he’d be able to coax people one day. He’s become so much more capable. In the past, he was not so good-tempered, he just fought with people and ran away.

Tsk, he’s awesome.

Ewan’s brow furrowed slightly, as if he was very reluctant to go out. He stared at Baylor for a long time before lowering his eyes as if in compromise and responding in a low voice, “Okay.”

The tone of that voice was very light, but inexplicably there was a sense of resignation.

This made Baylor unconsciously recall the kind of emotion that Ewan himself showed when he sat in his room last night, as if he had been abandoned. Baylor did not know what to do, he could only subconsciously put his hand into the other party’s hands, meaning to let him hold it.

Ewan was slightly stunned, he hung his eyes just looking at the hand that was shoved into his own hands. How could you just give your hand when you want to please someone?

The spiritual body was a sled dog. He was exactly like Dragon Hunter. Then he immediately held it nonchalantly.

It’s time to teach other skills.

Just giving him his hand was not enough.


The author has something to say: Today is also a day to sell the flesh. Today is also a day to sell your body to seduce Baylor’s heart General.

However, Baylor: Can you wear clothes with some male morality?

Ewan: … I hate that my omega is a piece of wood.


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February 25, 2023 5:22 pm

Being a piece of wood is a big step for Baylor, these two are funny and cute. Thanks for the chapter!

February 25, 2023 8:04 pm

Baylor gives Ace/Demi vibes and I’m here for it. My Comrade!

February 27, 2023 1:20 am

Baylor’s first, major, improper thoughts…. it’s a slippery slope from here and he [hopefully] won’t be a lump of wood for much longer 😏
Thanks for the chapter.

March 18, 2023 9:44 am

I get the feeling, from Sean, that Ewan’s susceptible periods are usually very short. And that he might be faking it to continue getting Baylor’s attention.

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