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Chapter Twelve

Early the next morning, Ren woke up early to begin baking enough product to last the day. To him, baking was soothing. It brought out the best aromas but it could also be a ton of work. Each cup of flour had to be measured evenly and each egg beaten perfectly, but even though it was hard work, Ren loved to bake. The best smell was of a product that one was making for someone else. It smelled heavenly with the mixes of spices and vanilla. This scent would forever make Ren think of his mate sleeping in their bed upstairs.

Even as he thought this, he heard the sound of light footsteps against the stairs. Turning around, he saw Shouta walking towards him in nothing but a oversized shirt that barely covered him. Shouta was rubbing his eyes with his hand, yawning and his light brown hair was sticking up in every way possible. That shirt barely covered anything, but with each step that brought Shouta closer to Ren, their lust from the night before trailed down in translucent streaks on Shouta’s inner thighs.

Ren dropped what he was doing and moved to Shouta before his mate reached him. Smiling softly, Ren rested his hand on Shouta’s stomach, wishing he could feel movement from within.

“How are you feeling?” Ren asked in a quiet voice. Shouta moued and reached out to wrap his arms around Ren’s torso, laying his head against Ren’s shoulder and just breathing in that familiar scent. Responding to the touch, Ren wrapped his arms around that lithe waist.

“I’m hungry,” Shouta responded, nipping lightly at the exposed skin of Ren’s neck.

“Well, you are eating for two now.” Ren rocked the both of them slightly swaying on his feet. Shouta closed his eyes, burying his face in the crook of Ren’s neck. Leaning his cheek against the top of Shouta’s head, Ren said, “You don’t have school today, what do you want to do?”

“You still have to open the cafe, I’m fine helping you out here.” Shouta murmured into Ren, loving the feel of his arms wrapped around him.

“Are you sure?” Ren asked squeezing Shouta’s waist a little tighter. “I don’t want you overworking yourself.”

Shouta pulled away slightly to look up at Ren with a small smile lingering on his face. “Don’t worry, I know when I’m at my limit.”

Ren smiled back at him and leaned down, touching their lips together in a light peck he turned his head to look at the countertop and dough he had abandoned when Shouta walked down. “Let me finish these scones and danish first, then we will eat breakfast.”

“Mm.” Shouta agreed, his stomach feeling is if it needed something in it. The cool air hit the back of his bare thighs and he remembered he still had semen dripping down them from the night before. “I’ll go take a shower then.”

Ren’s hands wandered lower and groped Shouta’s butt cheeks as if he was kneading the dough behind him. “I wanna go in with you.”

Shouta laughed loudly and slapped his hands away playfully before twirling away from those wandering fiends. “Stop it.” His mirth was visible from the huge smile that spread across his face. “We have all time time in the world for that later, finish your job first.”

Standing up straight and saluting Shouta, Ren chuckled as he said, “Okay, boss.”


Shouta was just stepping out of the shower, his stomach turning with a sudden onslaught of nausea when he heard his phone ring. Both hands on his stomach, he stumbled out of the bathroom and picked up his phone from the bedside table. Seeing that it was his father, Shouta gritted his teeth, holding back his nausea and answered.

“Yeah, Dad?” He asked as he sat down in only a towel on the bed, his elbows resting on his knees and his forehead resting in one hand. Sitting down helped with the random bouts of dizziness he had from time to time.

“Shouta?” There was worry in his father’s tone. He could just imagine him sitting up straighter with his brows scrunched together. “Your voice is hoarse, are you okay? Is it the baby?”

“No,” Shouta breathed out slowly, hoping the slow pace of his breathing would calm his raging stomach. He stared hard at the floor, fighting the wozziness that filled his head. “I’m just a little nauseated.”

There was clattering from the otherside of the phone, as if his father had stood up and was moving around. Worry was laced in his voice, “Do you want to talk to your mother? She will know what to do.”

Shouta closed his eyes and breathed in slowly again, “It’s fine dad, what did you need?”

More clattering from the other side of the phone before he heard his father respond, “I wanted to know how you were doing. You haven’t called in a week.”

Shouta couldn’t resist the laugh that escaped him, the sharp movement brought back the nausea he had just begun to hold off. “You do know that I’m almost twenty seven years old right? You don’t have to check up on me.”

His father’s voice was a mere mutter, “But your mom was worried.”

Resisting the laugh this time, Shouta responded, “If mom was worried, she would have called me herself.”

From the other side of the phone Shouta heard his mother’s soft voice in the background. “Who are you talking to?”

“It’s Shouta.”

There was a task from his mother, and as if she heard the conversation from earlier, she advised, “Tell him to try some fresh lemon when he wakes up, it’ll help with the nausea.”

Hearing the worry in his mother’s voice made Shoura smile. More clattering before his father’s voice rumbled out, “You heard her son. Go buy some lemons.”

Shouta breathed out softly, thinking of the fully stocked kitchen below him. “We probably have some downstairs.”

There was a pause and his father grumbled, “How is that…man treating you?” He said the word man as if he wasn’t sure that had been the correct word to use.

“Ren?” Shouta clarified, his hand returning to his stomach as it tossed and turned. He still had his eyes shut, the darkness seemed to help with the dizziness. “He’s treating me fine, why?”

“I still don’t like that boy.” Osamu grumbled, his voice almost like a threat.

“Well I do,” Shouta snapped forgetting about how awful he was feeling at that moment. His eyes shot open and he straightened his back in an automatic gesture of defense.”You can zip it.”

“Shouta?” Ren’s voice sounded out along with the sound of footsteps against the floor. He walked into the bedroom, his expression slightly worried until he saw Shouta sitting on the bed holding his phone to his ear. He continued to walk close as he spoke, “I was wondering what was keeping you. Who are you talking to?”

But before Shouta could answer, his stomach heaved, and his face turned an off shade of green. Ren’s eyes widened as he watched Shouta throw his phone aside and sprint to the bathroom with his hand over his mouth. The sound of Shouta emptying his stomach made Ren cringe, but mixed in was a shrill voice calling out from the other side of the phone. Ren picked it up, looked at the display and cleared his throat.

“Hello Mr. Ichikawa.” Ren resisted the urge to call him boss.

Osamu’s voice barked out like a gunshot, “Where’s Shouta? What happened?”

Ren looked towards the bathroom, “He’s…um…tossing his cookies.”

“He’s getting sick?” Osamu yelled, his voice so earsplitting that Ren pulled the phone away from his ear. He could still hear him yelling even with it an arms length way. “Boy! Why aren’t you in there with him?”

Being called ‘boy’ at the age of thirty five was a new one for Ren and it took him a second before he answered. “I don’t do too well with people getting sick.”

“What use are you then?” It seemed the only way Osamu would talk to Ren was by yelling at the top of his lungs. “Get in there and help my son!”

Ren wanted to ask how he was suppose to do that when the sound of the toilet flushing and water running alerted him to Shouta coming back out. When he emerged, his face was still a sickly shade and his hands were trembling where they covered his mouth. His adam apple bobbed several times as he swallowed before he noticed that Ren had picked up his phone. With one hand pressing down on his abdomen, he reached out his hand, wanting Ren to pass the phone over.

Ren didn’t need another clue and practically threw the phone over as if it was a hot potato. He got the chills from the voice on the other end of the phone. He couldn’t even imagine how terrifying a yakuza boss in real life would be.

“Dad, stop about that.” Shouta rambled off answers as his father asked them. “No, I’m okay. I’ll make sure to try the lemon tomorrow.” The next statement from his father stunned him.

“I want to meet that man.” Shouta paused in mid step, he was moving closer to the closet for his clothes when that was spoken.

“When?” This could be a bad thing or it could turn into something highly unexpected. Breathing out, Shouta began to get dressed.

There was rustling of paperwork, then Osamu asked, “When is your next day off?”

“That would be next Sunday.” He responded pulling his pants up over his legs and buttoning them closed. Ren watched Shouta the entire time with worry, lust and other emotions mixed within his eyes.

“Then bring him here.” Osamu demanded.

Shouta sighed again as he pulled his shirt over his head, speaking with a firm voice, “Don’t forget your promise, dad.”

Sighing, Osamu muttered, “I won’t touch him.”

Shouta knew that even if his father swore he wouldn’t touch Ren, he didn’t swear that his subordinates wouldn’t.

Now fully dressed and the conversation over, Shouta said, “I’m hanging up,” without waiting for his father to respond.

Ren walked over to Shouta, touching his flushed cheeks gently with the back of his hand. Shouta’s eyes fluttered shut. His face was on fire and Ren’s cool hand felt like heaven against it.

“What’s next Sunday?” Ren asked, switching his hand to Shouta’s other cheek.

There was a moment of silence before Shouta answered in a quiet voice, his eyes opening and watching for Ren’s reaction. “My dad wants to meet you.”

Ren’s face turned the same shade of green as Shouta’s, nausea rising to the top of his stomach. His hand dropped from Shouta’s face and his eyes went wide.

Seeing this, Shouta laughed, “He’s not that bad.”

“Maybe to you.” Ren grumbled, before reaching out and tugging Shouta to him in a hug. “But who knows what he will do to me.”

Shouta immediately snuggled into the embrace, his feelings of nausea and dizziness seeming to fade. “He wouldn’t dare to lay a finger on you.”

“Maybe not him…” Ren muttered, voicing out the thought Shouta had earlier.

“Don’t worry,” Shouta soothed, his hand lightly drawing circles on Ren’s chest, “I won’t let him touch you.”

Ren chuckled and squeezed Shouta closer to him, his nerves finally calming down. Even with their body’s separated with the thin veil of clothes, they both seemed to be ignited with lust. Trying to keep the atmosphere light, Ren intoned, “Thanks, oh guardian Shouta for protecting me.”

Shouta laughed into the crook of Ren’s shoulder, loving the embrace and the feeling of security he found within those arms. The large, happy smile never left his face, even as he whispered, “Idiot.”

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January 23, 2018 2:36 pm

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Thank you^^
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Sue R
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