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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shen Si stood up from the cold bench. He looked at the blackness in the sky with no emotion in his black eyes; he was calm, as if he was in the deep waters of the Dead Sea. It was as if he had been waiting for this moment to come.

“Are you sure I will say yes to you?” Shen Si opened.

【In order to let the rest of the people leave, you will promise.】The unlimited flow world consciousness was decisive,【You went backwards in time seven times in order to get this world out of destruction, which is the only future that can be counted as bright.】

It was clear that Shen Si would have wanted it, and he would have chosen to bear the weight of the world with all that he had.

It found it very funny. It had seen everything in the future, Shen Si gradually lost his consciousness in the fusion with the unlimited flow world, and eventually became in charge completely, like a dead puppet. It had always done so, no one had ever been able to escape this shackle.

As long as Shen Si agreed, what awaited him was destruction.

Shen Si didn’t speak again, he didn’t agree and didn’t refuse, as if he was ready to accept it all. The transformation of the world continued, and finally, the unlimited flow world consciousness saw Shen Si nod his head.

The moment he nodded, a black thread came up from the ground, and the black thread stuck into Shen Si’s wrist, as if it was a torture, the unlimited flow world consciousness was expecting Shen Si’s demise. It just stared at the man, as if it was watching a grand funeral.

But at that moment, Shen Si reached out, he clutched the black thread, as if pulling out the roots of a weed, and pulled the black thread hard.

【What are you doing?】

“Finally, I’ve caught the origin,” Shen Si looked at the black line in the middle, “so we can continue with what comes after.”

In Shen Si’s heart, there was a red light that flashed. The next moment, behind him, the broken clock was slowly floating in the air. The clock was trembling, the half broken clock constantly had parts falling down, each part falling causing that red light to become deeper.

The power of time was expanding.

【No, no!】The unlimited flow world consciousness suddenly panicked.

It had never cared about Shen Si, because even if Shen Si had the power of time, Shen Si couldn’t do anything about it. At best, he would just obliterate a playfield after using up his power, which was so tiny to him that it couldn’t do any harm.

However, now it was different, it could feel the huge power from Shen Si scurry out. The clock continued to crumble with the power, and after the miserable clock finally shattered completely, it felt an indescribable sense of threat.

Why would he have such a powerful force?

A red light rushed up to the sky and everyone looked in that direction. In the light, the golems touched, froze, everything stopped in the air. People rushed to run out of the danger area, and then were stunned to look at the light and the light after the clock turned into pieces.

On the other side, Xia LeYu hugged the small child in his arms, his pupils slightly dilated, after a moment he opened the inquiry, “Jian Nian, has Shen Si told you how many times he went backwards in time?”

“Seven times.”

“Seven times? Then that’s more than a hundred years.” Xia LeYu opened his eyes to calculate the time, he frowned fiercely, and finally loosened his tight frown as if he had thought of something.

So that was it… 

Shen Si had prepared a big lie against the odds, a lie that concealed his purpose and allowed him to have the ability to resist at this moment.

“Xia LeYu?!” Jian Nian anxiously shouted Xia LeYu’s name, “What exactly happened? What did you understand?”

Xia LeYu looked at the sky, “From the beginning, whether it is the Special Unit or the Inspection Unit, Shen Si’s ability that evolves quickly made people feel shocked, and, he couldn’t even control this power, his body being on the verge of collapse. Now I finally know why. Because he is Shen Si.”

Time controls everything, the only person who wasn’t affected by time was Shen Si. He started from 0, always going forward, since going backward in time was meaningless to him, because he wasn’t affected by time, he only saw a straight line that always extended forward.

So, that meant that for those hundred and forty years, his time ability was evolving and accumulating.

Shen Si’s purpose from the beginning wasn’t to change the future by changing the past, his plan from the beginning was to accumulate energy. Squeeze his body until he was near collapse, waiting for the last reincarnation of the arrival of this huge time ability to return to the world of unlimited flow as much as possible.

The clock floating in the air was his apparatus to control the suppression of his power.

So the moment the clock collapsed, the moment it was completely broken, it became his complete ability.

This power was enough to tear the unlimited flow world apart when it touched the world’s origin.

“The past can’t be changed, I’ve always believed that.” Shen Si clutched the black line, he was bathed in red light as he said with a little tenderness in his voice, “I certainly wouldn’t be foolish enough to do a thing that is simply useless, from the beginning I discarded this.”

The plan he customized at the beginning was to enhance his abilities in the cycle of time in order to completely obliterate this unlimited flow world that shouldn’t be present. It was also because of the hardships of the seven cycles that the unlimited flow world consciousness would be high on the awareness that he would find a way to save the future from the past.

The future could be changed with effort.

Shen Si had always believed in this saying.

【You can’t do that!】The unlimited flow world consciousness suddenly understood its current situation, and if Shen Si was allowed to proceed without permission, everything would be over.【You have the power of time! You got this power only after entering the unlimited flow world, and if you use this power to obliterate the unlimited flow world will lead to time refutation! Everything will disappear! No matter the ability or the end of the world, no one will even remember that you went backwards in time seven times! Including yourself! Are you willing? Are you willing to do that?】

To do something that no one remembers, not even himself, after enduring the pain, had no meaning for a person himself. There was no way to deny the fact that the time there would pass with the refutation of time.

【Once you do, Jian Nian, yes, him! His heart disease that was suppressed by his ability will reappear! Don’t you care about that? That people who have changed their fate because they have the ability will be imprisoned in their fate again, you’re doing them a disservice! I can leave this place if you give up on this matter.】The unlimited flow world consciousness wanted to make compromises.

Shen Si put it down, he was bathed in red light, and after a moment he smiled a little. He said, “Such a future, I like it.”

No unlimited flow world, no one who was swept into the playfield, and no Jian Nian who became an S-Rank Survivor as a result, such a future… he liked it a lot.

The red light instantly exploded and in the light they could see the whole world was changing. The swamp was dispersing in the air like data, then the sky, the things that had nothing to do with reality were fading away, as if it was a miracle.

In the light, time was spontaneously repairing the broken history.

Jian Nian ran towards Shen Si’s location, and after passing through the wave of people, Jian Nian finally found Shen Si standing in the same place. Still had his white hair, his body clothed in gray, the wind blew the corners up, with a strange fluctuation.

Jian Nian felt he was a waste.

He obviously thought he must protect Shen Si, but later on he still relied on Shen Si alone to save him. Just like when he was a child, Shen Si always stood in his way and helped him deal with all his problems, no matter if it was a child who bullied him or a stone thrown at him.

The one who stood in the position of protector from the beginning to the end was always Shen Si and never anyone else. Shen Si turned his head, saw Jian Nian, so he showed a smile, as if he was sharing the joy with him.

Clutching his fist, Jian Nian wanted to punch Shen Si hard, but after tightening his fist, he realized he couldn’t do it. He could only resentfully unclench his fist and put the strength he had just accumulated into a hard hug on Shen Si.

“Too tight.” Shen Si coughed, “Loosen up a little.”

“No.” Jian Nian didn’t let go at all, “How long have you been planning something like this?”

“I’ve been thinking about this from the beginning.” Shen Si stopped paying attention to the strength of Jian Nian’s hold on him, and just explained in a gentle voice, “Instead of saving the world from the unlimited flow world, it is better to completely destroy this harmful thing from the beginning, and I have always been acting for this purpose.”

Jian Nian clenched his teeth tightly before finally spitting out a sentence through his teeth, “…You will always be like this.”

He always had a way to achieve everything he wanted.

“I’m sorry.” Shen Si’s voice was gentle as he apologized, “The unlimited flow world is gone, the timeline is being repaired, both your powers and mine will be gone, and your heart disease will return.”

“Whatever it is, I won’t die that easily.” Jian Nian closed his eyes. Jian Nian was more concerned about other things than the possibility of a recurrence of his heart disease.

Would the memories in the time refutation be erased straight away? No one would remember this time or what humane thing Shen Si had done?

This was the future that Shen Si broke. It was also the most beautiful future.

A new timeline in which the world of unlimited flow had never appeared before.



Beep, beep. The alarm clock next to the pillow beeped continuously, until the sleeper woke up to forget about it. Shen Si dazedly sat up from the bed, scratched his head and opened the bedroom door. He froze as he saw a fully dressed teenager sitting on the sofa who said hello to him.

Then it took a moment for Shen Si to react and breathe a sigh of relief, “You’re up early.”

“I have an appointment with the school today to visit a college.” The teenager’s voice was rare with a little leap of faith, “We’re going to have breakfast at D side, and after breakfast we will go straight to the college.”

“Be careful on the way.”

Watching the teenager run out the door, Shen Si exhaled slightly. He went into his room and began to clean himself up.

The teenager just now named Xi Luo, was his unrelated cousin. His college entrance examination was the city’s university. He had only met his aunt once and she brought the teenager to his home, and after awkward pleasantries, she hoped Shen Si could help a little to take care of this child.

Shen Si had no experience of sharing a room with anyone else, having been taught to do so for Xi Luo, and the short stay didn’t affect Shen Si much, but brought a little energy because of the teenager’s arrival.

After washing his face with cold water, Shen Si looked at himself in the mirror. His face was still dripping with water, and his black hair had gotten a little wet because he wasn’t paying attention just now, but it wasn’t too bad.

After casually wiping his face with a towel, Shen Si looked at the time and went to the door.

If he was a little late, he wouldn’t be able to catch the bus. He had just walked through the door to the room, when Shen Si saw the person standing in the elevator door. That person was wearing a black suit, while standing in the elevator door also looked like he was dozing off, almost asleep.

Shen Si went over and tapped him, and saw that he was startled and almost jumped up.

“Mr. Bai?”

“Ah, so it’s Xiao Si.” Bai JunYi yawned, “You’re early today, are you going to work?”

“Yes, this time coincides with the holidays, and many people take advantage of this time to travel, so the team will soon arrive and we will do twice as much a day.” The elevator doors opened in front of the two, Shen Si and Bai JunYi walked in. Waiting for the elevator doors to close, Shen Si waited before continuing to speak, “Where is Mr. Bai going? Why are you out so early today?”

Bai JunYi scratched his head, “Today there is an open class, but I realized that I forgot the USB disk at school. I had to get up early today to grab it.”

“There’s an open class in elementary school too?”

“Why not?” Bai JunYi looked at Shen Si in shock, “You didn’t have an open class in elementary school?”

Of course not… 

His hometown was in a small county that was neither poor nor rich, and there was only one elementary school near his neighborhood, with little high-end equipment and no such thing as open classes.

Shen Si smiled towards Bai JunYi without answering, Bai JunYi nodded, then he turned to press the button to the elevator and asked the office where the key was left, before the other party replied he yawned again.

“Still so sleepy with an open class? Did you sleep late last night?”

Bai JunYi looked at Shen Si, then only not very intentionally said, “Stayed up late playing ranking, fell three ranks.”

Not waiting for Shen Si to speak Bai JunYi himself couldn’t help but laugh. He helplessly scratched his head and smiled gently, “After work, it’s really still for entertainment, so it’s a bit of a pity achievement.”

Bai JunYi, his neighbor, was gentle and had a mature personality, whether in front of adults or children he had an easy-going appearance. He didn’t give off the image of antipathy, and was now a nearby elementary school language teacher and class tenure; he was the most popular teacher in school.

Incredibly he was also very popular among parents, almost every one of whom wanted their child to be assigned to his class. The elevator doors opened and Bai JunYi stepped out of the elevator. He waved at Shen Si and walked in the other direction.

Shen Si smiled and waved at him, then turned around and walked to the other side. His work place wasn’t far but he still needed to take the bus. The earliest bus wasn’t here yet since it wasn’ even six o’clock yet. Shen Si looked out the window to look at the scenery.

Today’s weather wasn’t quite good and it was gloomy, and looked as if it was going to rain. But the weather forecast reported that there was no rain today, so he probably couldn’t see the sun. Also because of this, while the weather wasn’t too hot but because of it so many people signed up that they needed to take two teams a day.

Shen Si leaned on the bus window, on the side, the breakfast store was opened, and a white mist floating into the air, and he could see the morning runners; everything was so peaceful and stable.

Getting off of the bus, Shen Si unbuttoned his two buttons of his shirt and soon he saw his companions, they waved towards Shen Si and beckoned him over.

Yi Mingze put the tour guide clothes in his hands and stuffed them over to Shen Si, Lin Qi was in the bus counting the tourists they were bringing this time.

“Hurry up and change into it, then organize your things.” Yi Mingze sighed, “Let’s bring a little more water this time, last time we didn’t bring enough water, and the tourists almost quarreled over a bottle of water. The three of us should take a little more.”

“No problem.” Lin Qi gave an okay gesture, “And medicine, remember to check whether the medicine with you is expired.”

Shen Si joined their conversation after changing clothes, “How many people are we taking today?”

“Fifty or sixty.” Yi Mingze sighed, “There are definitely people running around, Shen Si you follow behind and must keep an eye on the people. Don’t even lose half a person or it will be a problem!”

“Ah this…” Lin Qi looked at Yi Mingze in shock, “How could half a person get lost?!”

Yi Mingze froze due to this counter-question, seconds later he reacted, then Yi Mingze snickered loudly. Lin Qi also didn’t hold back, so two people were laughing with the same stupid laugh. It was a good thing that there were no tourists near them, otherwise they may suspect that they were following crazy tour guides.

Shen Si helplessly reached out and patted them, “All right, the tourists will be over here soon. Hurry up and deal with them.”

Under Shen Si’s reminder, they stopped laughing and continued to do preparations, until the tourists came over and they also resumed their original state.

The same reliable guides.

Work continued as usual, until the people were brought up the mountain. The tourists scattered on the top of the mountain to take pictures, and Shen Si watched the people, although the protection measures here were very good, not afraid of anything happening, he just watched for a while, then Shen Si turned his head to look at the luxuriant deep forest.

Dense green stretches, occasionally one or two unnamed birds flew by, and he could also hear moving calls from inside the forest.

This was indeed a natural scenic spot that was difficult to see.

“The scenery is really beautiful.” Yi Mingze sat next to him with a sigh. He squinted his eyes to feel the wind blowing across his face, a moment later he was a little strange scratching the hair at the temples, “Just, I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s fortunate we haven’t had an earthquake and it feels like there’s a sense of celebration.”

Lin Qi came over and after hearing Yi Mingze’s words he patted Yi Mingze’s shoulder, “Don’t worry don’t worry, there will never be an earthquake here! Right Shen Si?”

Shen Si looked at him, after a moment he smiled and nodded, “Yes, there will not be an earthquake.”

After saying that he continued to look at the sky. The weather was still gloomy, dark clouds blocking the sun, but under these dark clouds was the azure sky was the sky that belonged to them.

They reached the bottom of the mountain by noon, and Shen Si unscrewed a bottle of mineral water to drink the cold water and it moved down his throat to his stomach, giving him an indescribable sense of relief. At this time, Shen Si heard behind him Yi Mingze’s voice.

“Uh? Shen Si?” Yi Mingze stopped a man, “Are you the next group of visitors? You’re early, our meeting time is 2:30.”

“No, I’m not…” A very familiar voice.

Shen Si turned his head, and the next thing he knew he saw the man stopped by Yi Mingze.

He seemed to have changed his appearance after three years of absence, but he was still as thin as ever. His pale skin looked sickly and weak, his black clothes showed a bit empty, and he stood still, seemingly annoyed by Yi Mingze stopping him and even his brow was furrowed.

“I’m here to…” Jian Nian opened again, only this time before he could finish his sentence he was interrupted by a man.

“He’s here to see me.” Shen Si screwed the cap on the half-drunk mineral water bottle, then he walked over. The moment he saw Shen Si, Jian Nian’s eyes were firmly fixed on Shen Si and never moved away, Shen Si nodded at Yi Mingze as he said, “I’ll be back later.”

“No problem.” Yi Mingze waved casually, “Remember to eat!”

Yi Mingze could easily see just now that the anxious stranger, the moment seeing Shen Si, he went quiet. He very meekly followed Shen Si away.

What kind of person was this? Friend, relative or… a lover?

Yi Mingze laughed a little, ah, Shen Si was such a young man, how could he not find a girlfriend? It turned out he had been in a relationship a long time ago.

Holding Jian Nian’s hand, he pulled the man all the way to a nearby small park. Shen Si took him to sit on a bench next to him, Jian Nian didn’t refuse, and even went overly well behaved.

“Drink?” Shen Si handed him the water.

Jian Nian shook his head, he clutched the corner of his shirt, his pale fingertips were twisted white, “I don’t want to drink water.”

“Why did you come alone?” Shen Si put the mineral water next to him, “Is your body okay?”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had an attack.” Jian Nian let out a long breath and moved his fingers away from his coat, “Am I disturbing you? I’m a bit confused, I just suddenly wanted to come over to see you. Speaking of which… the reason we separated, it’s because you feel I notice the meaning in your eyes, right?”

Shen Si looked at him, “Do you think you’re disturbing me by coming here without permission?”

“…Are you?” Jian Nian had a frustrated sigh, “If you don’t like me, I’ll go back later.”

Why would he find him annoying?

The reason Shen Si and Jian Nian split up was because he felt that Jian Nian couldn’t understand others, and it wasn’t because of personal space. Now Jian Nian had finally found out that he had an obsession for Shen Si.

“Want to come stay at my house for a few days?” Shen Si opened by saying, “The second bedroom is occupied, so you will be forced to squeeze in my room with me.”

Jian Nian froze for a moment, he looked up at Shen Si. A long time later, he nodded as if he hadn’t reacted, his face filled with a slight bewilderment, and couldn’t control his joy.

It was as if his world had started over again at this moment.

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