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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The cloak isolated the coolness of the rain, making his sleep a good one, and when Shang HaoJia opened his eyes again, he was already lying in the big bed where he had slept once before.

This kind of deep sleep dispelled his original tiredness every time, and the human doctor rubbed his eyes and sat up, giving a rare lazy yawn.

This time the vampire didn’t guard the room, only the corner table had a warm lighted yellow lamp, the window was half open, and the air was filled with the fresh scent of the rain. Feeling that all his clothes were still on him, Shang HaoJia was finally completely relieved, lifted the quilt to get out of bed and went out. Following the memory to find the stairs, he went down one step at a time.

“My dear friend – did you have a good rest?” The vampire was sitting in the sofa in the living room, and when he heard his footsteps, he got up with a smile and greeted him, “This winged lion has been waiting for you here for a while, and if you have recovered your energy, he probably has some things he wants to ask you urgently.”

“It’s okay, I know humans are weak, if you can’t hold on, just rest for a while, I’m not that anxious.” It was probably because of the begging, but the winged lion’s attitude seemed very open, while sipping the drink in the cup and cheerfully waving his large paw. “I’ll start by introducing myself – my name is Sheng Kebike, I’m a Winged Lion of the Sixteen Beasts of the Holy Clan, and I currently serve in the Sky Branch of the Special Agency for Traffic Accident Management and Investigation.”

“My name is Shang HaoJia, a human doctor, currently at the city hospital, Emergency Department…” He introduced himself like the other did. Doctor Shang, who found himself more and more accustomed to reporting his race, as if he was becoming more and more detached from human society, couldn’t help but rub the corner of his forehead and suddenly felt a vague concern for his future.

Sheng Kebike obviously didn’t notice his thoughts, and just nodded towards him in a friendly manner, “Your vampire has a land license, so it’s not my responsibility, but if you can really help me, I can help you get a pegasus – although the dragon in question said that pegasus are timid, they are also the most docile, and among the races that are allowed to fly in the sky, are also the most suitable for humans like you and elves to ride.”

“I have no intention of going to Heaven yet, but thank you for your kindness.” Shang HaoJia smiled, shook his head, thanked the other party’s overly enthusiastic goodwill, walked to the sofa, and sat down. He was looking around for a piece of paper to write down his medical history, when the vampire on the side handed over a piece of delicate kraft paper.

“Do you need some simple refreshments? I can ask them to send some over.” Sitting down beside the human doctor, the vampire’s body tilted slightly in his direction and he thoughtfully lowered his voice, “I’ve heard that humans are supposed to live according to the rule of three meals a day. Perhaps my words are a bit excessive, but my dear friend, your way of life is obviously already very unscientific.”

I can’t believe I was taught to be scientific by a vampire! Doctor Shang finally realized the magic of the world once again, but nodded resignedly and accepted the vampire’s health education, “Is there anything that can top the hunger? I think I am indeed dying of hunger now…”

“Please don’t worry, I have specially prepared it for you long ago.” The vampire’s pale handsome face was tinged with a pleased smile, as he lightly clapped his hands twice, and a plate of cake and a plate of cookies were floating and flying down from the stairs, trembling then landing on the table.

“Okay – so let’s get started. Mr. Sheng Kebike, can you briefly describe your condition? I need to know more about your condition before I can determine whether I should first offer some simple treatment options for you, or whether I should refer any of my colleagues to help you take another look.” Already accustomed to this kind of forced OCD serving, Doctor Shang nodded politely towards the void, and with his arms wrapped around his chest and his body slightly leaning forward, he went back into his standard professional state.

“Good, then I won’t beat around the bush with you.” The winged lion nodded repeatedly, took two steps forward, and couldn’t help but sigh heavily, “I have a headache when it comes to this matter – I originally had a beautiful mane, and in our clan, I was considered a standard beautiful male lion. Who would have known, that just after the summer, my mane would start thinning. I tried a lot of methods but to no avail, and piece by piece fell off. It was ugly as hell. I was angry enough to shave it all off. After shaving it, the group of bastards actually laughed at me again, saying that I’m not like a male lion at all! It really pissed me off…”

“Okay – I understand.” Shang HaoJia nodded soberly, and took the opportunity to stuff two cookies into his mouth, then took a sip of the milk tea handed over by the vampire. “Apart from hair loss, do you have any other uncomfortable reactions? Any special changes in your lifestyle? Have you suffered from any diseases before hair loss?”

“No… you are human so you don’t know, we’re a non-human race, and to get sick is actually still quite uncomfortable.” Apparently not noticing the small movements of the two people, the winged lion cocked his head to carefully think for a long time, before again uncertainly gently shook his head. “Instead, one day because of a flying broom without a license, I gave a wizard a ticket, and he was quite angry, so he cursed me. I was thinking that I was blessed with the power of the holy race, so I didn’t take it seriously – it can’t be because of that, right?”

“I am human, but according to the non-human races I have seen so far, there really aren’t too many that aren’t sick…” Thinking he actually needed to ask a wizard, Doctor Shang shook his head, and decisively gave up to continue to record medical records, “If it was a physical disease, I can always have a solution. But if it’s a spell, I may just have to come up with some ideas to treat the symptoms first.”

“My goodness – treating the symptoms is enough! As long as I can stop being so unjustly stuck, you can have whatever you want!” Hearing his words, the winged lion not only did not feel disappointed, but was also unusually excited as it sat up straight, excitedly flapping his wings twice, “Quickly say it! Regardless of its cure for the symptoms and the root cause, give me your advice first! I’ve been so worried about it.”

“Here’s the thing, this winged lion sir.” Shang HaoJia couldn’t help but lightly laugh and slightly sit straight, then seriously looked at him, “In human society, if the treatment is not effective, for some special reasons and hair loss, we usually have another option – buying a wig.”

Shang HaoJia turned his head to see the vampire struggling to hold back his laughter, and when he looked over, he waved his hand apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m simply offering this as one method to resolve it and I indeed think it is very unfortunate…”

“What’s that thing? Is it something we can use in the Winged Lion clan as well?” The winged lion flapped his wings excitedly, came up to him, lifted a paw and patted his back, “You help me get one, I’ll get you a flying horse – if you really don’t want to go to the sky, I’ll get you an invisibility cloak. Anyway, although now is not allowed to sell offensive equipment, the invisibility cloak kind of seems to be something no one cares about, so you can also use it as a means of self-protection…”

This was obviously a rather tempting suggestion.

Shang HaoJia slightly raised his eyebrows, and was thinking about whether he should agree, when the vampire suddenly stepped forward, shaking the paws of the winged lion while smiling, “Mr. Winged Lion, our side will find a way to help you get a wig, and we also hope you can fulfill your promise.”

“Okay, anyway, you two are also a family, I will take it as your promise.” The winged lion nodded cheerfully, and seeing the opposite side change from fragile human to vampire, he no longer retained his strength, and enthusiastically shook his paws hard. “I still have to be on duty, I can’t stay here with you for long. Can you get it in three days? If not, then two more days—”

“That’s more than enough.” Realizing that the vampire obviously had some other intentions, Shang HaoJia nodded, “Then it’s settled, we’ll meet here again in three days at this time – is that okay?”

“Yes, yes, absolutely no problem – then I will not be a bother any longer. See you later, and I’ll bring you the cloak in three days.” With a friendly nod toward him, the winged lion turned and went out the door, flapping his wings twice to take off into the dark night sky.

“My dear friend, please forgive me for agreeing to this for you in such a reckless manner.” Waving a hand to call the door slowly closed, the vampire then turned to his side to the human doctor, apologetically leaned down with one hand on his shoulder, “I really hoped to cope with this matter as soon as possible…”

“The wizard he ticketed also lives here?” Shang HaoJia didn’t feel any displeasure, as he picked up a cup of tea and took a sip, then went around back to the sofa and sat down, “Seeing you stand up, I more or less guessed it – but what the hell was he thinking? What kind of magical thought process does it take to curse someone bald?…”

“I will explain this matter to you in detail when I return, my dear friend – we are now faced with a much more serious situation.” The vampire shook his head gently, and his face became serious, refilling his cup of tea for him before he sat down again on the sofa opposite.

“While you were resting, I used my network of contacts to investigate the identity of that Loki. If there’s no mistake, he should probably be the first in line of succession to the family. This is a mob family that refused to sign the convention and was on the first-kill blacklist where vampire hunters are concerned.”

Having no concept of every term, Shang HaoJia stuffed a mouthful of cake into his mouth and nodded thoughtfully, “Then when you investigated, did you find that their family had the habit of sucking the blood of other species?”

“Not yet, so this matter is still strange to us. But according to the intelligence, he and another werewolf family had a yakuza clash, and to this day both families are still fighting each other – previously when your parents went to the police station, they were blocked because of the low-level vampire and werewolf fighting each other. I’m only afraid that it’s not unrelated to this matter.”

The vampire slowly responded, his eyes gloomy, “If we let them continue to fight like this, the worst result is that the Special Agency will expel all the non-human races from the city, and if we don’t leave, we will be judged as illegals.”


“Come on, let’s first carefully sort out the current situation and see what’s really going on.” Hearing that the result would actually be so grim, Shang HaoJia’s expression also followed the solemnity, sitting upright to unfold the cowl paper, “The current situation is Wayne Loki and another werewolf went against each other. Let’s call him John Doe for the time being…”


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It’s all happening! A request for a lion’s mane wig… that’ll be a first 🦁😁
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May 23, 2021 1:06 am

A wig for a male lion… hmmm, finding a big enough plushy or shaving another lion won’t be right. I wonder what will Mr. Wei do?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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My gosh lol a wig for a lion, this is going to be Epic! The vampire is so attentive to the doctor! ❤️❤️

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It’s Underworld, the cartoon version! With lions wearing toupees! Oh man, this story is just the funny I needed. Thanks for the chapter!

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