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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Cleaning up these dummies wasn’t that troublesome, so they quickly cleaned up the scene. The ground was sprinkled with glass shards, the crowd was slightly relieved, then looked at Jian Nian.

Although they didn’t know why, Jian Nian seemed to be able to see his dummy.

“What should we do?” Ning Yangze put away the sword in his hand and looked at He Xin, “What do I need to do to get out of this playfield?”

“I don’t know.” He Xin’s voice was unusually calm.

“What? You don’t know?” Ning Yangze’s eyes widened, “Didn’t you say before that if we could see our own cognitive dummies we could find a way through?”

He Xin reached out and tapped Ning Yangze on the forehead, “I’m just saying there’s a good chance, what we should do after seeing it is still uncertain.”

Covering his forehead with some pain, Ning Yangze took two steps back and distanced himself from He Xin, then dropped his hand, “Now, let’s first determine how to see your own cognitive dummy. Jian Nian, what did you feel? Before seeing it, did you have any peculiar feelings?”

Jian Nian slowly shook his head, “…No.”


“Ah, if I say no, then no.” Jian Nian impatiently covered his head with his jacket, “I can’t understand why I saw it all of a sudden, I was worried before…”

Shen Si stood next to him, “Worried… worried about what? You still have something to worry about?”

Jian Nian: … 

Can this be told? He was worried that the dummy he perceived would be the one Shen Si hated, that it would distract them from their subtle but not too distant relationship, and that it would even create a sense of fear. Although Jian Nian had never been much for hiding, always speaking his mind openly.

But the current atmosphere wasn’t at all suitable to say this and Shen Si would resent him if he started talking about love in the middle of a dangerous playfield.

“In fact, I can probably understand a little.” Shen Si’s voice was very low, “If the cognitive dummy is right, he is you.”

Jian Nian turned his head to look at Shen Si and stared hard into Shen Si’s eyes for about three seconds, then he lifted the jacket over his head, dark eyes with a raging fever.

“But even if you understand, you don’t want to change anything.” Jian Nian lowered his voice, which didn’t seem so clear in this rain, “You will not want to get back together when you decide to give up, even if I try to keep you.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Shen Si looked at Jian Nian a little strangely, “Indecisiveness is not a good thing.”

“That’s right, indecisiveness is not a good thing.” Jian Nian looked at him helplessly, “It’s good that you’re like this.”

Unable to change his mind, unable to change the way he acted, even unable to make him turn his mind around on this matter, Jian Nian knew from the beginning that trying to get Shen Si to change his mind was a very difficult thing to do. He would need to do a lot, change a lot, and maybe if he did more, Shen Si would be even more indifferent toward him.

But never had that moment made him feel more sad than now.

In this playfield, he saw his own nature clearly, and Shen Si also saw everything next to him, but none this could impress Shen Si, not even let him look at him more.

He now wanted to meet Shen Si’s perceived self.

“Maybe things aren’t as bad as you think.”

Jian Nian faintly froze, turning his head to look at Shen Si, his face not visible in the rain, but he could still see a flash of softness in Shen Si’s dark eyes. At that moment, Shen Si’s gaze seemed to merge with this rain, flowing very gently.

“Although I have always treated people coldly, I am not a robot. As a human being, how can I not have the slightest feeling?”

Jian Nian’s eyes widened slightly, he reached out his hand, but just when he was about to grab him he paused and slowly turned back to the three people standing together looking at them. All six eyes seemed to be filled with the words “eating melon seeds”, as they were watching the show.

Putting his hand down, Jian Nian walked to the dummy with his hands in his pockets, and only then spoke with some disgust, “What next?”

Seeing no more drama, Ning Yangze regretfully looked in the other direction, “He Xin, what do you think?”

“Everyone should have cognitive dummies, but Ning Yangze and Shen Si’s aren’t here. According to what we know so far, I still think we should go find these two cognitive dummies first.” He Xin pushed his glasses, “They should have been born a long time ago, they’re just hiding.”

“Why?” Ning Yangze gave a tsk, “Why would my cognitive self hide? Am I a coward who would hide myself away?”

He Xin was unimpressed, “We’ll know when we find it.”

“Great, everyone has found a way to deal with this playfield, then I’m relieved.” Bai JunYi smiled, “Then, I’ll go find Parasite without worry.”

“Mr. Bai?”

“No need to worry about me, I have no problem.” Bai JunYi voice was calm and gentle, “If it is the case that smashing the cognitive dummy can kill the main body, then I don’t really need to pay much attention to Parasite itself, just find Parasite’s dummy and smash it, the same can be done to kill Parasite.” Bai JunYi turned around and walked out, “Don’t worry, I can definitely find that guy.”

Looking at Bai JunYi’s back, Shen Si slightly tilted his head, not understanding Bai JunYi’s decision Shen Si. After all, in this world everyone was an individual, choosing to cooperate or alone was their freedom, so Shen Si didn’t feel that stopping him was a good idea.

At that moment, a little blurred voice sounded, and as Shen Si turned his head, a little gold light wandered in the rain. It seemed to have found Shen Si, the gold point directly broke into Shen Si body.

“Shen Si?!” Jian Nian, who was standing right next to him, hurriedly grabbed Shen Si’s hand, “Is everything okay? What was that just now?”

“It seems…” Shen Si blinked, “I’ve encountered this kind of thing in other playfields before.”

That’s right, he had encountered this kind of thing in the dream playfield before, when a little girl’s voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Big brother?” The little girl’s voice rang out.

“It’s the one from last time… Xiao Ying?” Shen Si stood in the rain, “What do you want to say?”

“The way to leave this playfield is by smashing your own cognitive dummy.” Xiao Ying’s voice was weak and sounded thick with fatigue, “Big brother, come back alive.”

The voice ended abruptly, and the gold dot drifted away in the rain, as if it had never been there.

Outside the playfield, Xiao Ying fell off her feet and was held by Yang Yi the moment she fell to the ground. Looking at the sweaty Xiao Ying, Yang Yi patted her back heartily.

“Xiao Ying is very powerful and has helped a lot.” Xia Leyu hurriedly comforted the fallen little girl, “Wait after I explain it to Team Leader Ning, I’ll let him treat you to a big meal!”

Xiao Ying’s face was all sweaty, as she shrank in Yang Yi’s arms, but after hearing Xia Leyu’s words, she forced a smile, “I’m happy to be able to help everyone.”

“Don’t say that, you deserve it.” Yang Yi let Xiao Ying lean on him, “Make sure Ning Yangze gives you a bonus!”

Xiao Ying was a little shy and buried her face in Yang Yi’s shoulder, and after three seconds Xiao Ying raised her head, “I already told the person inside what you told me to. It was the brother I talked to last time, that brother sounded very calm, nothing terrible should have happened inside.”

“The brother you spoke to last time?” Yang Yi thought for a moment, “Hey, Xia Leyu, there are survivors of the last dream playfield in this playfield?”

Xia Leyu sighed, “Well…”

“I remember that after the dream playfield including Jian Nian, there were only eight survivors, right?”

“Actually, just do a little elimination to figure it out.” Xia Leyu subtly tugged on his collar, “In the last playfield, Jian Nian was the owner of the dream, so Xiao Ying failed to contact him. Others were unconscious, some were injured and weren’t there. Therefore there’s only one person who was in the dream playfield as well that Xiao Ying could contact. Shen Si.”

Yang Yi pause, “Shen Si? Ah yes, I heard that he awakened the ability of time? Is this true?”

“Uh?” Xia Leyu was shocked for a moment, “How did you know that? Although you are now working with the Special Unit, we never mentioned this to you guys, right?”

“No, it’s not just me, in fact most Survivor groups know about it.” Yang Yi stood up with Xiao Ying in his arms, he also understood that something wasn’t quite right, “About these few days, a message suddenly came out within the Survivor organization, saying that someone who was once an ordinary person had awakened the absolute time ability. I was curious about this after inquiring about it, only to find out that it was Shen Si. What? You guys didn’t announce it?”

“How is that possible! This is Shen Si’s privacy, where do we have the right to disclose it?!” Xia Leyu frowned as he walked from side to side, “No, there’s definitely something wrong here, it looks like there are other organizations, maybe even hidden inside the Special Unit, indeed, last time too.”

Xia Leyu remembered that a long time ago, the news that an ordinary person would get abilities when entering a playfield was artificially pushed by unknown characters for some time.

He couldn’t let this go. After Ning Yangze came back from the playfield, they needed to conduct a major sweep in the Special Unit!


Bai JunYi walked in silence in the rain, looking around on the way, sensing that Parasite in the neighborhood.

It was very dangerous to parasitize others while wounded, so he could only return to his own body and hide, but then he would be attacked by the dummy and couldn’t keep shrinking in one place. The power of the Devil’s Silk Thread was strong in that it could control others, it didn’t have much attack power itself.

The rain fell on the ground, and as Bai JunYi closed his eyes, he could hear the rain around him; it was pattering everywhere, they fell on the ground with a regularity and made a clear sound.

If someone were to move in the area, it would disrupt this regularity.

Where was it?

Splash, splash, subtle footsteps came, and the unknown person moved carefully behind the wall, slowing his breathing and placing himself where he would attract the least attention.

This was it!

Bai JunYi waved his hand, golden arrows of light instantly pierced the wall over there, and a hoarse male voice rang out as he almost rolled and crawled out from behind the wall, covered in mud and water, looking distinctly wretched.


“Finally, I got you.” Bai JunYi opened his eyes, his golden eyes flashed with an icy coldness.

Parasite sat on the ground, bowed his back, like a hunchback patient shrinking there, dark jacket with a hood, the hood blocking his greasy hair, but Bai JunYi could see his exposed eyes, the kind of gloomy to make people feel sick to look at.

The green vine instantly shrank back into his sleeve, and Parasite stared grimly at Bai JunYi before standing up against the wall, “Why do you want to cross me, I’m not controlling you.”

“Do you think that only the people you control deserve to hate you?” Bai JunYi sneered, “You’re such an incomprehensible person.”

“What do you mean by incomprehensible? If you had this ability I’m sure you would have done the same thing as me, don’t say it so grandly, it’s just that your condition is better.” Parasite’s eyes widened, “As long as you can survive by whatever means, who are you to be so condescending enough to accuse me?”

Bai JunYi clutched his hand tightly, “Condescending?”

“Who do you think you are? And who do you think I am? I remember, your companion died, didn’t he? You think it was my fault? Don’t blame me.” Parasite’s eyes were filled with a fierce light, “If put in my place, not only you, but even that companion of yours would have done the same!”

“Shut up.” Bai JunYi’s light arrow shot straight through, “You are not allowed to insult him.”

Parasite lunged out, the vines in his hands instantly shot out, not targeting Bai JunYi, but the dummy behind him, who had been smiling and looking at him.

A shield of light blocked Parasite’s vines, and Parasite withdrew the vines in some pain, and blood instantly dripped from his wrists. The rain blurred his vision, but it didn’t matter, he was used to living in the dark, even without light he could still feel his way out, this little blockage was nothing! What the hell, he came here to parasitize Shen Si, how could he be entangled with Bai JunYi?!

Is that God of Light so small-minded? It was just parasitizing his companion, isn’t it? And he didn’t kill anyone, it was Bai JunYi himself who did it!

His hatred was simply inexplicable.

Quickly rushing out of the rain screen, in front of him was someone he didn’t know, wearing the uniform of the Special Unit. Parasite narrowed his eyes slightly, the green vines in his hands instantly wrapped up, if it was only semi-controlled he could still do it, except that it could only briefly influence the person’s choice.

The person quickly blocked behind himself, and Parasite pulled out the vine and continued to run out.

Pushing the innocent passerby away, Bai JunYi looked at the staggering fleeing Parasite, his eyes narrowed slightly as a golden light flashed beneath his feet.

Three seconds later, the light shot out directly from his feet, the ground trembled and cracked, and in a flash, cracks were created directly under Parasite’s feet, which caught him off guard.

The golden point of light coalesced under his feet, and three seconds later, the light shot out directly from his feet, the ground kept trembling and cracking, and in a flash, cracks were generated directly under Parasite’s feet. Caught off guard, Parasite’s eyes widened violently, and he fell directly to the ground.

Stepping in front of Parasite, Bai JunYi opened his hand, a light blade in his hand condensed.

“You can’t escape.” Bai JunYi raised the light blade in his hand, “Go to hell.”

“Hey! Don’t! Calm down!” Parasite let out a scream, “Why do you have to chase after me, I told you, I didn’t want to kill him! Obviously you were the one who killed him!”

Bai JunYi looked icily at the struggling Parasite lying on the ground, “Yes, that’s right, I killed him, but so what? Isn’t it you who caused all this misunderstanding? You controlled him to attack me and made me mistakenly believe that he was actually a dummy, wasn’t this all in your calculation?” Bai JunYi sneered, “Let me have a mental breakdown, so that you can better invade my consciousness and occupy my body, what a good calculation, now you don’t admit it?”

Parasite kept backing up, “Even so, so what? If you had admitted your mistake, he wouldn’t have died. It’s still your fault!”

“Is that all you can say?” Bai JunYi’s voice was calm, so calm in fact that there were hardly any ups and downs. At this moment, he no longer looked like the gentle and polite teacher, but more like an ice sculpture sculpted from an iceberg, without expression and without feeling, “Even if this is my fault, it doesn’t mean that you are not at fault. So, I’ll give you an honest death.”


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Goodness, this Parasite guy is just no good. I hope Bai JunYi kills him.
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If somebody’s feeling like they want to murder you, arguing with them that it’s not your fault isn’t gonna stop them. The only reason Bai JunYi needs is that he hates Parasite. 🤷‍♀️

Arguments and excuses are for if he survives to face a proper criminal trial. Bai JunYi is probably the one who will need a lawyer, after he’s murdered the guy.

March 21, 2021 11:30 pm

So we have a mysteriously missing dummies of Shen Si and Ning Yangze, but I bet the most difficult to break will be Bai JunYi’s dummy. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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