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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Do you have a suspect?” Xi Luo threw the book on the table, “Or anything about Survivors with electricity or network type abilities?”

“Previously, Xia Leyu had investigated Survivor profiles, but there really wasn’t a Survivor with similar abilities who had come to do the registration.” Ning Yangze searched the computer for the Survivor files that the Special Unit had compiled, “I’m not sure if any one came to register in the first place, or if the information in the computer was erased.”

Xi Luo tilted his head, “You don’t have a backup?”

“Yes, but if it is really the Survivor, even the backup is useless, so Xia Leyu went through the archives, in the record I let them do the transcript file at the same time, all of it is in the archives, but it is too much and Xia Leyu needs some time to go through them.”

Xi Luo nodded, “It is also true that I haven’t heard of anyone in the world of unlimited flow who had awakened cyber abilities.”

“Of course, because for survival, that is the most useless ability.” Ning Yangze helplessly spoke, “Playfields are independent of the rest of our world, there is no electricity and no network, even if there is a playfield, a pure network ability is actually no different from no ability. Even if such a person didn’t die in the playfield, they wouldn’t be cared for by other Survivors, to put it bluntly, the weak cannot gain attention.”

“That’s true.” Xi Luo’s voice was calm, “I will continue to pry about the Survivor, my brother’s safety is in your hands.”

“No problem.” Ning Yangze answered, “Our Special Unit was established to help all people, whether a Survivor or an ordinary person. Shen Si’s problem has us continuously concerned, and we absolutely will not let Shen Si be in danger. “

Hanging up the phone, Xi Luo pushed the English book away, then took out a stack of exam papers from the side. English was not hard since something like a language could be remembered while sleeping, but math, something like math, even in sleep he would fail to learn because of fretfulness.

He had no choice but to brush up on a few more sets of questions when he was awake.

“It looks like you’ve really decided to do this, take the entrance exam, go to college, and hang out with those ordinary people.” A voice rang out behind Xi Luo. Xi Luo took his headphones off and turned around slightly. Behind him, a man in a fine suit approached him with a smile on his face, looking somewhat gentle, but not that gentle either.

Not everyone in this world smiled the same way as Bai JunYi, with pure warmth and calmness, especially those who pretended to be kind, after the contrast with Bai JunYi it was extraordinarily false.

For example, this person.

The leader of the Underworld Trade Union: Lin Chao.

“Is there any problem?” Xi Luo continued to do the exam in his hand, “I told you guys before I came here that my goal is next year’s college entrance exam.”

“Of course, I don’t mean to stop you, you are an S-Rank Survivor, the most powerful being in itself. It’s just that in this situation now, will the entrance exams really be held as scheduled? And, manipulator, coming back to reality from the unlimited flow world, are you doing enough to get into college?”

“What exactly are you trying to say?”

“I just want to say that exam-oriented education is not as good as you think, you are still a child now, so you will think it is not better to go outside and see, but, I do think you have better room for development.” Lin Chao smiled and said, “You are younger than the other two S-Rank Survivors and more talented than them, so you can totally surpass them.”

“What about after surpassing them?” Xi Luo asked like a child with a bit of inquisitiveness in his eyes, “We are now in a society under the rule of law, so of course we have to act in accordance with the law, right?”

“No, if you want, we can shape another kind of rule altogether.” Lin Chao put it this way, “You have the power to do that.”

Xi Luo looked at him, and after a moment he turned his head to continue doing his math homework, and then replied perfunctorily, “I will think about it.”

Seemingly not hearing the perfunctory in Xi Luo’s words, Lin Chao smiled and said goodbye to Xi Luo, and before leaving, he even asked him to tell him if he was missing anything, and finally left reluctantly, as if the whole process was a long-written drama. Xi Luo didn’t look very comfortable.

Ning Yangze was right, Survivors were too much, there would always be some guys who felt they were unique, such as this Lin Chao. He almost wrote his ambition completely on his face, his intentions naked, seemingly thinking Xi Luo was really a child who didn’t know anything, acting all perfunctory. Such a person could really become the leader of this organization? It was really a bit hard to imagine.

Or rather, this guy was not the leader at all.

Thinking of this, Xi Luo raised his head, he slightly narrowed his eyes, then looked at the shadow in the corner, “Follow him.”

A small black butterfly came out from the gap in the corner, it flapped its wings in the air, the next instant it disappeared in the air, and when it reappeared the butterfly had stopped on the corner of Lin Chao’s back. The black butterfly and the black suit blended perfectly, making it impossible to tell that something had stopped there.

Xi Luo lowered his head and continued to do his work, looking no different than usual.


Cleaning out the broken flower pot and soil, Shen Si carried the garbage bags downstairs. The garbage cans downstairs were covered with a layer of snow, but it looked especially clean and tidy.

“Mr. Shen? You’re back?” A voice came from behind him, Shen Si froze, he looked back, a man in a black down jacket stood behind him, his voice was full of surprise.

A polite greeting, Shen Si stood in place slightly puzzled.

This man was a resident of this neighborhood, and also one of the people who didn’t move away after the mental playfield incident, but Shen Si and his relationship was just as an acquaintance, there was no interaction other than being neighbors. Why would he suddenly call out, and so happy that he came back?

“I was really worried when I heard that you had gone to the Special Unit after the attack, great, Mr. Shen you are back safely.” The man looked relieved.

Shen Si nodded, “Thank you for your concern.”

“I’m not saying that, Mr. Shen, you seem to be prone to this kind of thing, it’s just too scary. I heard you went in there while you were working right?” The man came over, as if he didn’t see Shen Si’s resistance he pulled out a leaflet from his arms and stuffed it to Shen Si, “I say, Mr. Shen, do you want to try this?”

“What?” Shen Si unfolded the leaflet and looked at it, the first thing he saw was the name of the organization Underworld Trade Union.

This was?

“People with bad luck like you, Mr. Shen, I think it’s especially suitable to join the union, in this way, no matter when, there will be Survivors to save you. This organization is the place with the highest number of Survivors other than the Special Unit, so it’s really not a loss.” The man spoke eloquently, with a face that looked like it was for Shen Si’s own good.

This was simply an insurance sales pitch… 

Shen Si blinked, “Forget about this, I don’t really like this kind of organization type stuff.”

“How can this be called organizational stuff? It’s for the safety of our lives!”

“Thank you for caring about me, but I really don’t need it.” Shen Si refused him in a whisper, and after returning the leaflet to the man, Shen Si returned to the neighborhood and soon disappeared from the man’s sight.

The man tsked, and patted his jacket before throwing the leaflet in his hand into the trash, “Tsk, I was doing it for your sake. Don’t regret when you die in the playfield.”

Totally not expecting the Underworld propaganda to move from offline, even in the form of selling insurance, Shen Si was slightly surprised. They talked about Survivors previously, but he didn’t think that after his short stay in the hospital, Survivors were no longer a troublesome existence.

But was it really okay to go up and tell people they were ‘unlucky so buy an insurance policy’?

Won’t you get beaten up?

When he returned home, Shen Si went through the things in the refrigerator. He wasn’t much of a cook, and only occasionally bought food to make a little bit of not very good meals, so there was no food in the refrigerator that could spoil, but this also meant that Shen Si simply didn’t have anything to eat.

He’d better go out and buy some fast food.

Just after making this plan, before Shen Si closed the refrigerator door, his cell phone rang. Shen Si looked at the phone on the table, and then closed the refrigerator door and went over to look. The caller was still a person he knew but was not familiar with. Why was he calling at this time?

“Hello?” Shen Si sat on the sofa and answered the phone, “Mr. Jiang?”

“It’s me, it’s Mr. Shen, it’s like this, I heard that you seem to have a bit of bad luck lately, it’s said that you’re often caught in playfields. In that case, do you want to try to come and join an organization, the one that’s hot right now…”

Shen Si clicked off the phone, and he frowned as he shut the phone screen off.

“What the hell is going on?”

After about three seconds of silence, Shen Si re-lit his phone screen, then went into the forum and began to search for the Underworld Trade Union, and soon there was a very large number of discussions on it. Clicking on a random post, Shen Si finally found the answer.

The organization’s publicity was spreading to reality, and they found a very large number of people doing the work of pulling people, but not every ordinary person would hear the publicity and would join, so they began to look for those who had entered the playfield and were survivors.

Those survivors generally knew the power of the playfield, would produce a fear of the playfield heart, and at this time it was the easiest to believe them. Even if they didn’t believe, they would hold the idea of trying to join, and because of this reason, this neighborhood was their target.

This place had become a large playfield filled with nearly 10,000 people.

Shen Si slowly closed his eyes, leaning back on the sofa.

“…This sucks.”

If those guys were really targeting people who had entered the playfield, Shen Si, who had entered the playfield several times, was undoubtedly their best target. After all, Shen Si’s entry into the playfield couldn’t be hidden from the people around.

Shen Si had already seen numerous scenes of insurance salesmen knocking on his door.

What could he do?

Should he put a note on the door saying ‘refusing all insurance’?

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March 30, 2021 10:01 pm

You can try, but I bet there would be some who would rip it off your door, knock and try to sell an insurance to you while saying they haven’t seen the note. The most shameless type. Hang in there Shen Si!

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March 31, 2021 6:49 am

shen si should paint a “no solicitations of any form allowed” or smth at his door xD

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