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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Presidential Palace Conference Room.

The atmosphere today was no different than usual, and the content was similar. There was an update from an official on the situation in the border region with the Olin Truth Church, followed by a few officials taking positions and making their own suggestions.

Without missing a beat, Chu Feng made a few remarks, and after he finished, he bumped into Willson’s eyes across the room.

Willson looked at him provocatively and gave him an unkind smile.

Chu Feng averted his eyes and continued to gaze at the terminal screen in front of him. 

The meeting was short and only lasted until 11 a.m. Chu Feng hurried out of the Presidential Palace and drove home.

Upon returning home, he took off his military uniform, put on a light-colored overcoat, grabbed his car keys, and left the house. The two men sitting on the dilapidated flower bed in the neighborhood saw Chu Feng coming down the stairs, and hurriedly looked to their left and right, pretending to be waiting for someone.

Chu Feng whistled and walked up to them, stopping in his tracks. The two men sat still, but their faces were uneasy, and the man holding the newspaper was trembling.

“Is it cold?” Chu Feng looked around and raised his coat collar, and asked in a chatty manner.

The two men looked at each other and answered nervously.


“It’s not cold.”

Chu Feng laughed and amiably said, “It’s been tough.”

“It’s okay.”

Chu Feng tossed his car keys, and asked, “If I leave the gates of this neighborhood, do you think you can keep up with me?”

“Can’t.” They shook their heads in unison.

He pointed to the entrance of the neighborhood again and asked, “What about them? Can they keep up with me?”

There were three more people standing at the entrance of the neighborhood, peering in, but when they saw Chu Feng pointing at them, they all froze.

“Neither can they.” They replied nervously. 

Chu Feng hmmed and added, “If you can’t keep up with me, then why are you sitting here? Isn’t it a waste of effort?”

The two looked at each other, knowing that their identities had already been revealed, and one of them boldly said, “I can’t keep up with you, but the mission still has to be accomplished.”

“When reporting to your leader today, just say that Chu Feng said: although you guys can’t do anything, I don’t like the feeling of being followed. You guys don’t have any serious status anyway, and it’s completely blameless for a high ranking military officer being followed and almost assassinated, to kill a few people in self-defense.” Chu Feng laughed and continued, “I hope I won’t see you again after today.”

After that, he walked back and entered the building, tossing his keys up repeatedly.

The two men watched his back disappear into the security hallway to the garage and ran towards the front door. With white faces, they gesticulated and talked excitedly with the people who greeted them.

At that moment, a car roared inside the neighborhood, and several people stopped talking and looked inside. They saw a streamlined sapphire blue sports car pulling out of the gates of the neighborhood and slowly stopping in front of them.

As the door lowered, Chu Feng waved his hand at them and said, “Take care.”

The sports car roared arrogantly and quickly merged into the long street. This time, no one was following him, and Chu Feng soon arrived at the bottom of Xiao Feng’s building, where the eye-catching luxury sports car was parked in the street.

He greeted Xiao Feng, then went up to the second floor in three steps, and pushed the door of the apartment open. Luo ZhouZhou was lying on the bed, and when Chu Feng’s footsteps sounded walking up the stairs, he sat up with his ears perked up and stared brightly at the door.

At the instant the door opened, he shouted happily, “You’re here?”

Chu Feng closed the door smoothly, smiled, and replied, “I’m here to pick you up and take you back.”

“Didn’t you say I was in danger and someone was trying to capture me? Can we go back now?” Luo ZhouZhou asked with both joy and concern.

Chu Feng stepped forward, curled his index finger, flicked his forehead and said, “It’s safe for now.”

“Then you should sit down.” Luo ZhouZhou patted the edge of the bed.

Chu Feng sat down and said, “Calgar is preparing for the election and his focus is on that. I guess he arrested General Luo at this time because he was worried about the unpredictability of the election. I threatened him about the election today, so he won’t touch you for now, at least until after the election.”

Luo ZhouZhou asked with interest, “How did you threaten him today?”

“I said one of those things about him that could be brought to the media.” Chu Feng fell back, his head resting on Luo ZhouZhou’s lap.

“But even if you brought it to the media, he can still find a way, right?” Luo ZhouZhou asked.

“Yes, he can find a way. But if the scandal happened before the election, it would be more or less influential.” Chu Feng turned to look at Luo ZhouZhou, “And he doesn’t know how much I have in my hands, so he doesn’t dare to act rashly.”

“Then be careful not to piss him off, what if he uses force to deal with you?” Luo ZhouZhou was a little worried.

Chu Feng laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I’m a general, and I have close friends in the military, so he can’t touch me easily. If he wants to deal with me, he can’t get anything against me in the open, he can only come at me in the dark.”

Chu Feng stretched out his hand and tapped Luo ZhouZhou’s nose again, “And I have never been scared of someone using underhanded methods.”

“That powerful?” Luo ZhouZhou pressed the hand on his nose.

Chu Feng took his hand, pulled it to his mouth and kissed it, before saying, “Mn, because I grew up in the gutter.”

“What if he becomes president again after the election? I saw those people interviewed in the news, and they all said they supported Calgar.”

Chu Feng let out a deep sigh and stated, “That’s why I will hurry up and investigate the secret behind him.”

Knock, knock.

Xiao Feng knocked on the door outside, “Sharp Blade, Little Blade, dinner is ready.”

Chu Feng rolled over, sat up and asked, “Little Blade, do you have the strength to go out and eat now? I can also bring it in for you.”

“I’m going out to eat.” Luo ZhouZhou quickly lifted the blanket and got out of bed, saying, “I don’t want to stay in bed.”

“Fine, let’s eat and then go home,” Chu Feng said. 

Luo ZhouZhou ran to the adjacent bathroom to wash up, and with a toothbrush in his mouth, he slurred, “I still have to visit Chen SiHan.”

“Now that it’s safe, we’ll go generously tonight, I still have to thank him properly.”

Xiao Feng cooked a table full of dishes, all of them tasting delicious. Luo ZhouZhou ate until his stomach couldn’t hold it any longer before he put down his chopsticks, and insisted on having half a bowl of soup again.

“If you like to eat, I’ll make something different for you for every meal.” Xiao Feng was very happy to see that he loved his cooking.

Chu Feng said, “We’re going back after we eat.”

“Going back?” Astonished, Xiao Feng asked, “Didn’t you say it was dangerous and you had to stay for a while?”

“The danger is solved for now,” Luo ZhouZhou said. He sat down in his chair, his upper body rocking gently from side to side. He lifted his chin again and said to Xiao Feng, “Chu Feng is the most powerful, isn’t he?”

“Yes, Sharp Blade is the most capable person I’ve ever met.” Xiao Feng answered sincerely.

Chu Feng shook his head with a smile as he listened to the conversation between the two.

After dinner, Chu Feng and Luo ZhouZhou got into their sports car and returned home without having to avoid anyone. The stakeout at the entrance to the neighborhood was gone, , because after hearing his words, they rushed to report to their superiors and were then ordered to withdraw.

After entering the elevator, Luo ZhouZhou saw Chu Feng press 12 and asked, “Are we still living on the 12th floor?”

“No, we’ll go back to our home on the 13th floor, which has your favorite rooftop,” Chu Feng said.

“Then why did you press 12?”

Chu Feng asked, “Don’t you want Big Crow, Little Crow and Precious? They’re still waiting for you on the 12th floor.”

“Ah, yes, I have to bring them upstairs, too.”

Back at home on the 13th floor, Luo ZhouZhou took a nice hot bath and changed into soft pajamas, then lay down on the sofa, pillowed his head on Chu Feng’s lap, and put his arms around his waist.

Neither of them spoke or made any other movements, quietly enjoying the inner peace and tranquility when their beloved was near.

In the evening, after a simple dinner, they left to visit Chen SiHan at the Alliance Hospital.

The elevator arrived at the Emergency Department on the 15th floor, and as soon as they stepped into the corridor, Luo ZhouZhou heard the sounds of laughter coming from one of the rooms. Among them, Chen SiHan’s laughter was the loudest.

Walking up to the ward, he found a number of uniformed police officers standing and sitting around Chen SiHan’s bedside, listening to his giddy story of his heroic deeds.

“I’ve always told you that you should practice shooting more often, anytime, without stopping, and it was all for good reason. Just look at this time. Would I have been able to shoot the mugger who had already fled the neighborhood if I hadn’t kept up with my marksmanship training?”

“SiHan.” Chu Feng stood in the doorway and couldn’t help but interrupt.

Chen SiHan, whose left arm was bandaged, looked toward the door when he heard the voice and happily said, “Old Chu.”

The others turned to salute.

“Good day, General Chu.”

“General Chu.”

Chu Feng walked over to his bedside and put a large bag in his hand on the table. It was quite heavy as the bag was pulled down tightly by its carrying handle.

“What’s this?” Chen SiHan asked.

Chu Feng replied, “Seeing that you have been heroically wounded, here is your condolence.”

“Open it and let me see.”

Chu Feng smiled and partially opened the bag to reveal the crystal trophy, “Zhou Zhou took the pain to bring you his beloved turtles’ nest to thank you.”

“Thank you, Zhou Zhou. Zhou Zhou is really kind.” Chen SiHan looked lovingly at the trophy and cautiously stroked it twice with his uninjured right hand.

“Sheriff Chen, General Chu, we’ll take our leave first, you have a nice chat. Sheriff Chen should also recover well, we’ll see you some other time.” The officers knew that Chu Feng and Chen SiHan had something to talk about, and they all took their leave.

Chen SiHan said goodbye to them, and Chu Feng nodded his head in greeting, and after everyone had left, walked over and closed the door.

“Zhou Zhou, sit down.” He saw that Luo ZhouZhou had been standing by the door and motioned for him to take a seat in the chair.

Luo ZhouZhou slowly walked to the bed, bowed to Chen SiHan, and said, “I’m sorry, Chen SiHan, it’s because of me that you were injured.”

“Little Tail, Chu Feng and I are never polite to each other. Don’t feel guilty, or you will make me feel stressed.” Chen SiHan smiled and added, “Besides, I’m a cop, that’s what I should have done.” 

Chu Feng chimed in, “Go sit down, SiHan and I have something to talk about.”

Luo ZhouZhou dutifully went to the chair by the window and sat down, watching Chu Feng quietly.

“What do you think is in Luo Pei’s hand?” Chen SiHan asked.

Chu Feng pondered for a moment and said, “I don’t know the details, but it’s definitely not simple to get Calgar to use the military forces to arrest someone and to use Zhou Zhou to force him to let go. This thing is certainly not simple.”


When Luo ZhouZhou heard his and Luo Pei’s names, he couldn’t help but prick up his ears. But their voices were not loud enough to hear them clearly, so he simply leaned back in his chair and sat down again.

“It would be nice if we could get what Luo Pei has,” Chen SiHan said.

Chu Feng sighed, “It’s hard. He’s too cautious to give it to others easily.”

Luo ZhouZhou listened attentively, and couldn’t help but move his chair a few steps forward before sitting down again.

Chen SiHan looked up to Chu Feng and said, “You are Zhou Zhou’s Alpha, and he doesn’t feel comfortable telling you, so how about we let Zhou Zhou meet with him. He should tell it to him, right?”

“I don’t want to get Zhou Zhou involved…”

“I think it’s okay for me to try and meet with the General.” Luo ZhouZhou’s voice suddenly sounded from beside him.

They turned their heads and met his face close to theirs.

“Ho!” Chen SiHan was shocked.

Luo ZhouZhou brought his chair closer and said, “If the General doesn’t feel comfortable giving the evidence to someone else, then let me go see him.”

When Chu Feng hesitated, Chen SiHan said, “Zhou Zhou is already involved, and it’s impossible to get out safely. Now we can only go to General Luo.”

“It’s hard for Zhou Zhou to meet him. I’ll try once and see if I can convince him. If not, I’ll think about letting Zhou Zhou do it.” Chu Feng paused, then added, “It’s also important to catch the murderer of the Omegas and find the Special Forces soldier who is still alive.” 1

“Understood. I’ll continue to pursue the case after I’m released from the hospital,” Chen SiHan promised.

Back home, Chu Feng asked Luo ZhouZhou, “Are you going to play for a while or go to bed?”

Luo ZhouZhou thought about it and replied, “I’ll talk with Big Crow and Little Crow for a while.”

“Okay, then you’ll have to go to bed when I finish my bath.”


Chu Feng took the clothes into the bedroom bathroom, and Luo ZhouZhou watched the turtles from the front of their new aquarium. After taking a quick, hot shower, Chu Feng put on a clean T-shirt and wiped the water from his head with a towel as he walked out.

He paused as his eyes fell on the large bed in the middle of the bedroom.

Luo ZhouZhou had already changed into his pajamas and was lying halfway on the bed with a blanket on. When he saw Chu Feng come out, he lifted up the blanket, patted the remaining half of the bed, and invited, “Come on, come to bed.”

After a few seconds of silence, Chu Feng said, “I’ll go next door to the guest room.” 

He had already cleared out the next guest room and made up the empty bed that had been sitting unused.

Luo ZhouZhou was a little upset and said, “Why do you have to sleep in the next room? I’m not squeezing you.” After thinking about it, he changed his mind and said, “Just hugging, that’s not the same as squeezing.”

“We can’t sleep together every day,” Chu Feng said.

Luo ZhouZhou asked in confusion, “Aren’t we lovers now? Lovers should be together at all times, eat and sleep together.” Thinking about it, he added, “And also do what lovers are supposed to do with each other.”

“Zhou Zhou, do you know what lovers should do with each other?” Chu Feng’s voice was a little hoarse.

Luo ZhouZhou looked at him frankly and said, “Of course I know. Lovers don’t just kiss, but also make love.” 

Chu Feng was stunned by the words.

Luo ZhouZhou patted the empty space beside him and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll be very careful and very gentle.”

“…Where did you learn that phrase?” Chu Feng asked.

Luo ZhouZhou thought about it before replying, “In the movie? That’s about the idea anyway. Here, come on.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was still unmoving, he took a bag of candy from under his pillow and said in a coaxing tone, “If you sleep with me, I’ll give you this bag of candy. The newest candy from the candy store around the corner, and it’s all orange flavored.” 2

Luo ZhouZhou sat on the bed with an expression that was both innocent and seductive.

Chu Feng looked at him, his light brown eyes darkening, and shocking waves began to brew inside.

“I’ve tasted one. It’s sweet and fragrant.” Luo ZhouZhou poured out the candy, picked one up and showed it to Chu Feng. He was sitting in the middle of the blanket, the collar of his pajamas a little too big, exposing his white neck and half of his shoulders. His hair hadn’t been trimmed for some days, and a few strands of it hung untidily around his cheeks.

“If you sleep with me, I won’t eat any of it, I’ll give it all to you.” Luo ZhouZhou eyed Chu Feng as he fiddled with the candy in his hand.

When he lifted his wet eyes to look at him, Chu Feng felt his breath stop. He was like a genie who had wandered into the world and there was no way to deny him anything he wanted.

Chu Feng closed his eyes and took several deep breaths.

“Orange flavor, come on.” Luo ZhouZhou was still seducing, and his voice sounded like it was tinged with honey.

Chu Feng walked to the edge of the bed and leaned down to look at him.

Luo ZhouZhou licked his lips, which were soft and glossy in the light.

Chu Feng’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and he reached up and caressed his cheek.

Luo ZhouZhou took the hand in his and rubbed it against it with affection, looking at him with foggy eyes.

Chu Feng’s hand slowly went up and covered those eyes. Then, in a quiet voice, he said, “Go to sleep, I’ll stay here with you.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. MonkeyNote: Ah, right, there’s an Omega-killer. Totally forgot about him, lol.
  2. MonkeyNote: looooooool, Zhou Zhou! Seduce that man with orange flavored candy!


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