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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The woman was taken away by the police. Even if the fire did not spread, she was still guilty of a crime, the images in the surveillance were the evidence. But when she was taken away Jian Nian could clearly see the woman’s cold face. Before leaving, she also looked at Shen Si, which meant she was fully prepared for this and was aware of the consequences. She still decided to come and set the fire, this strange self-giving aggressive behavior was really a bit strange.

“Shen Si,” Jian Nian looked at Shen Si, who was standing next to him, “What that woman said, is it true? Of course I’m not referring to your parents, but to the fact that you were at the scene of the car accident.”

Jian Nian had never been to school, now everything he knew, apart from knowledge of the unlimited flow world, was taught to him by Shen Si. Shen Si would go to school every day according to the fixed time. He thought that Shen Si had learned of his parents’ accident after school. 

At that time, they were not too old.

“This incident.” Shen Si thought for a moment, “Actually I really can’t explain it, because I have no memory of it. I don’t know why I went to that place at all, the only memory I have is that I suddenly felt like I should leave, and it was right after class time, so I followed my instincts.” Shen Si leaned against the wall, there were no ups and downs in his voice, as if he was just talking about lunch.

But Shen Si went forward on instinct and saw not a rare plant, but the scene of his parents’ car accident.

Jian Nian looked at him, and after a moment he smiled, “Of course, I’ve always trusted Shen Si, of course you wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“Why can you be so sure?”

“Impossible is impossible.” Jian Nian pushed open the door and walked into the room, “Shen Si has always wanted to live a smooth life, wanting nothing more than to have enough money to use. Wanting your parents alive is much more stable than your parents being dead, and, I know, you and your parents had a good relationship.”

And Shen Si’s parents, too, loved him very much. Besides Shen Si, Shen Si’s parents were the first to accept Jian Nian, they were gentle and kind, and Shen Si always had a smile on his face until they passed away.

He simply couldn’t have killed his parents.

Shen Si looked at Jian Nian’s back, as he sighed slightly, then, after making a statement, he followed him back into the room, hoping that these troubles could end there.

Originally he came back to avoid trouble, but didn’t want it to become more trouble.

The mess finally passed, after eating dinner, the time was eleven o’clock. Shen Si got up and went to the bedroom. Jian Nian who was originally sleeping in Shen Si’s room didn’t get up, as he didn’t want to run and sleep in a bed with Shen Si, although he would like to sleep together, Shen Si would directly throw him out.

Thinking this way, Jian Nian stood up, he walked over to pull up the curtains. In the moment of looking out the window, Jian Nian frowned slightly, on the opposite side of the window, a person quickly pulled up the curtains, panicked.

Seeing the same actions, was it the same family before?

“Shen Si,” Jian Nian shouted Shen Si’s name, “Who is living in the building opposite you and your house directly opposite the window?”

Shen Si came out with a glass of boiled water, he glanced outside, then spoke, “The woman who just set the fire, it’s her house, what’s wrong?”

“Just trying to play a game.” Jian Nian smiled a little, with a childlike playful feeling. Shen Si sipped the water, watched him walk out of the room, and stood in place for a while. Shen Si looked at the time and turned back to the bedroom.

However, Jian Nian could do whatever he liked, and there was no need to stop him.

In the night, Jian Nian wore a black windbreaker jacket. The unbuttoned jacket rattled in the wind, he stood on the opposite balcony, almost all the buildings had turned off their lights, almost no one could see him standing here.

Jumping onto the balcony, before Jian Nian could get inside, there were voices coming from inside, a man’s and an old man’s.

The sound of a quarrel came out, exactly like a normal family pattern, only if Jian Nian didn’t hear what they were talking about.

“Dad, what the hell is going on? Why would Xiao Hui go across the street and set fire to someone’s house? What the hell are you guys doing? Didn’t I tell you guys? You are not allowed to target that child.” The man’s voice was broken, “What do you want the two kids to do?”

“This is Xiao Hui’s choice.” The old man’s voice was serious, “She did it for the children and for you, you know? Because of that man, even Jing Lian is in jail, if we don’t take action, our whole family will be killed by that man!”

“What age is this? Why would you and Xiao Hui still believe in such things, Dad!” The man let his voice out, “Even if you and Xiao Hui have always said that the boy shouldn’t have been at the scene of the crash, you have no reason to say he killed his parents, Dad, you and Xiao Hui need to wake up!”

The old man slammed the object in his hand onto the floor, “We’re all doing this for your own good! Xiao Hui did it even more because she loves you and the baby!”

“I don’t need that kind of love, the child and I will move out of here and I will try to beg Shen Si’s forgiveness and try to get Xiao Hui out.” The man’s footsteps faded away, “As for you Dad, we’ll come back when Dad knows it’s not right.”

Slam. The door closing was very loud and Jian Nian leaned against the wall of the balcony, raising his eyebrows slightly.

The old man was panting and sitting on a chair, he kept exhaling and his head and eyes were dizzy in the light, why did his own children shelter that guy? Even if he left here and still caused Jing Lian to go to jail, won’t he cause more trouble now that he’s back?

At first he didn’t believe Shen Si could be any kind of devil until that incident happened.

That day Shen Si’s parents were in a car accident, he clearly remembered that afternoon, he stood on the balcony and saw Shen Si return home, he stood in his school uniform in the room, covered in red blood, he watched Shen Si go into the bedroom like this and never came out.

But soon they had news here that Shen Si’s parents had been in an accident, and Shen Si was at the scene of his parents’ car accident.

It was such a frightening thing.

After that, as long as Shen Si had a relationship with people, whether it was Jian Nian or his unrelated aunt were, one by one, in accidents. Soon he ended up alone. The old man also finally understood.

Why was only Shen Si not in trouble? Was it because of Shen Si? He was a scourge to the people around him!

The old man faltered and stood up. He reached behind him to pick up what he had just thrown on the ground, and at that very moment he saw the shadow on the balcony.

“Can you tell me the story just now?” Jian Nian looked at him with a smile full of longing, though it was all a false longing, and said, “I am really very curious.”


Jian Nian didn’t come back all night, even though Shen Si left the door unlocked for him.

The next morning Shen Si woke up early to open the door to look outside, before the mess of clutter was all cleaned up. Due to the police’s criticism and education, those next door had thrown all the things into the dump. Now their doors and windows were closed, and it looked like they didn’t intend to come out.

But where the hell did Jian Nian go?

After feeling in his pocket, he found the key he got from Jian Nian’s hand and put it back in the same place again, then locked the door and turned around to go downstairs.

This place was really too small, so small that any incident would be immediately spread throughout the neighborhood. Last night’s incident was probably out. Shen Si breathed out a breath, he looked at the sky; the weather was clear, but the weather forecast said that the afternoon may yield more snow in the afternoon.

After turning through a few streets and even stepping over a few gravel roads, Shen Si finally reached his destination, which was a very open route and looked a bit desolate.

Shen Si’s parents were involved in a car accident here.

There were almost no cars driving, no security cameras, and no other vehicles were even seen colliding when the police arrived, but Shen Si’s parents did die here. When the police arrived, Shen Si was the only one standing there, standing on the side of the road looking at the burning car with flames in his eyes.

“Although I really don’t like to pursue the past, there are things about myself that need to be dealt with.” Shen Si murmured. “But, it’s true that I don’t know anything, I can’t think of anything.”

But, if he had been here at the time, he wondered if he could know.

Shen Si snapped his fingers and the clock floated behind him, then turned his head to look at the clock.

“Show me the time.”

The clock trembled for a moment, and then it spread as a point of light, and after it spread, the point of time with light was stretching. Shen Si was able to see all the way to the beginning of time, that was the time he was born, waved his hand, like checking the monitor, the time bar kept moving, and finally came to the time of his parents’ death.

This time could be restarted, only Shen Si’s current ability and control couldn’t make time rewind to the present. But this also meant that he was standing awake at that time.

“So, why is that?” Shen Si rubbed his chin, “If I was standing here awake, why would I forget what really happened here? It is indeed strange.”

Shaking his head slightly, Shen Si pressed his temples, he waved his hand to take back his ability, but at that very moment, he suddenly saw something.

The next instant, it was as if the time was folded up and unfolded, and three images overlapped from top to bottom.

“Three different scenes from the same time?” Shen Si froze for a moment.

He hurriedly pulled back in time, all the way to where he first gained his powers, and viewed the footage from that time with an ability he wasn’t familiar with.

In this long stream of time, such an overlap of time only existed where Shen Si had rewound time, having different scenes overlapping.

“Here, time was backtracked? Twice?” Shen Si blinked, “Who turned back time? Me?”


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At least that husband is a nice man! But, why did that old man say he was covered in blood?
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Does that mean that he already had that ability earlier? So many questions. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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