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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Luo XiaoLou gave it some thought. Those instruments would probably take up quite a bit of space. His three rooms and one living room were clearly not enough. So on Sunday evening, he took the time to contact the friendly receptionist of Star River Mall online. He expressed his desire to buy a bigger apartment.

“Ah! You really are looking for a new apartment? I’ll send you some plans for big apartments in a nice neighborhood. You’ve got a new girlfriend, right? To please your girlfriend you’ve had a change of heart. I sincerely suggest you consider a duplex.” The receptionist’s sweet voice came over.

Luo XiaoLou’s mouth twitched as he thought of Yuan Xi. He needed to buy a big apartment to raise him? Wait. What’s he doing? Yuan Xi and a girlfriend are two different things, okay?

As Luo XiaoLou was torn between the two, a milky voice answered on his behalf, “Yeah. That’s because he wants to feed me and his man.”

There was a scream from across the room, “Man — man? I see. You don’t look the type. You had a baby too? Ah. I’m sorry if I misunderstood your aptitude. But since it’s a family of three. I can recommend a neighborhood with an advanced kindergarten near you —”

Hey. What are you guys talking about? What do you mean, I’m not the type? At what point do I show signs of sexual deviance?!

Luo XiaoLou shuddered as he realized the conversation between the receptionist and 125 was going in a weird direction. He even interrupted the receptionist, “No. No need. It’s just a misunderstanding. I’m not moving out of my current apartment. I just need a bigger warehouse. Or maybe just a lab.”

The receptionist said hesitantly, “But… Even if it’s not for your loved one’s sake, your children need to be educated too. I’ll be paid a bonus for whichever subsidiary you choose. But my moral compass won’t allow me to look at a poor child like that —”

Can I say, kind receptionist lady, your little theater inside your head is too powerful? What do I need an advanced kindergarten for? Sending over a rock that spoils and secretly collects everything it sees?

“Oh. Thank you very much indeed! I’ll make sure it gets the best ‘education’ possible! You just need to help me choose a large home near me,” Luo XiaoLou insisted.

“You promise?” The maternal instincts overflowing from the receptionist, seduced by 125 words, still remained skeptical. It was carefully confirmed.

“I guarantee —” Luo XiaoLou gritted his teeth as he squeezed the stone harder to tell it to say something to end this stupid conversation.

“Thank you. You don’t have to worry. I’m their child no matter what. I’ll be satisfied as long as they don’t abandon me.” 125 touchingly said. It was rare that someone cared about it so much.



The female receptionist forced the poor child out from her mind. She began to choose large homes for Luo XiaoLou in his current community. In a short time, dozens of three-dimensional pictures of various apartments were sent over. To Luo XiaoLou’s satisfaction, there were three or four suitable apartments in his building on the ninth floor. One was even right above him.

The decoration was much better than the three-bedroom apartment he bought. At three hundred ninety thousand, Luo XiaoLou was also very confident it was a good buy. Given that the vault had recently become much more plentiful, the upstairs apartment was set on the spot.

“Also, according to the requirements of the warehouse you just mentioned, I’ve selected a few underground warehouses for you. Do you still need to see them?”

“Yes.” Luo XiaoLou considered. He would obtain more and more materials in the future. It would be better to prepare another warehouse for backup.

In the end, Luo XiaoLou bought a warehouse on the third underground floor for 200,000 federal coins.

After signing the contract online, Luo XiaoLou made the payment.

The receptionist said in a business-like tone, “The keys to these two places will be delivered to you tomorrow evening. Please take care to sign for them when they arrive.”

Luo XiaoLou thanked her politely, and then, in the next second, 125 and the receptionist ignored him. 125 even answered when the receptionist asked its name. The adorable hostess was almost tempted to pull the little handsome guy over to her and give him a hug along an Internet cable.

Luo XiaoLou fought back a shudder off the virtual net, “Why does your voice change when you talk to her? Explain your reason for secretly pretending to be a child!”

125 scowled at Luo XiaoLou, “Of course. I’ve been studying the essentials of talking to pretty girls. They’re the best.”

But what are you studying those for…

“It’s so late. What are you still doing in the study?” Yuan Xi’s unhappy voice came from the doorway. Luo XiaoLou got up and walked out. 125 was back to being a rock.

Inside General Luo’s side apartment, the atmosphere was off.

Bypassing the obtrusive servants, Luo ShaoFan entered Ms. Jin’s apartment in a rage. He said, “He didn’t even give it to me. What a good son you taught! It really is a product that grew up in a place like that!”

Yesterday, she broke off her mother-son relationship with Luo XiaoLou. Ms. Jin was also very upset. But seeing Luo ShaoFan come in, she cheered up and said, “He — he wasn’t like that originally. I’ll ask for it again for you later.”

Luo ShaoFan eyed Ms. Jin suspiciously for a few moments, snorted and finally said nothing more.

“I really didn’t think he’d turn against me for that little thing. I should have known better than to give it to him — luckily I still have you. If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have stayed in the Luo family’s main residence in the first place.” Ms. Jin’s sad face was gradually replaced by compassion again when she looked affectionately at Luo ShaoFan’s handsome face.

Luo ShaoFan’s expression became unnatural for a moment. After casually saying a few words, he left Ms. Jin’s apartment and carefully avoided the servants who would report his whereabouts to Mrs. Luo.

Yes. His position in this house was supposed to be different. He had to live carefully. Compared to Luo ShaoJun and Luo ShaoTian, he was really not the young master of the family.

But… It’d be different from now on. It was all because of that woman in the apartment. She brought him the best news and, of course, the worst news.

That lowly woman had snuck up on him after a few days of living there and told him that she was his real mother.

It was a bolt out of the blue for Luo ShaoFan. Luo ShaoFan had fantasized more than once about his own parents, under the harshness of Mrs. Luo and the cold eyes of the servants. But when such a woman came to his door, he still couldn’t accept it.

Yet, Ms. Jin told him another surprising piece of news. He wasn’t just some random child that Major General Luo had adopted. He was Major General Luo’s son.

Luo XiaoLou was the son of Major General Luo and the woman he loved the most. And Ms. Jin was the maid in charge of taking care of that woman at the time.

The young Ms. Jin had been attracted to the handsome, wealthy and charming young general, who was cold. She has been secretly in love with the man of the house. Later, not quite understanding the cruelty of fate, Ms. Jin couldn’t help but take advantage of Luo ChengYun’s drunkenness to sleep with him.

When Luo ChengYun woke up, he deeply regretted it. Luo XiaoLou’s mother felt that she had let him down. Seeing Luo ChengYun in great pain, Ms. Jin was secretly heartbroken. She vowed not to contact Luo ChengYun again.

However, one month later, Ms. Jin discovered to her horror that she was pregnant. With this fear and surprise, Ms. Jin left Luo XiaoLou’s mother’s apartment until she gave birth to Luo ShaoFan.

Looking at her infant son, Ms. Jin clenched her teeth. She gathered her spirit to go back to Luo ChengYun again. Even if not for herself, a son also needed a father and good care. She couldn’t allow her son to live the same lowly life as herself.

However, she didn’t find Luo ChengYun. Instead, she met Luo XiaoLou’s mother. That beautiful, cold woman was actually pregnant.

Ms. Jin continued to stay and take care of her employer, not just because the master had been good to her, but she really wanted to see Luo ChengYun once more. She was busy all day long and at night, she had to sneak back to the rented apartment to look after her son. Ms. Jin was very tired but she gritted her teeth and endured for her son’s sake.

Major General Luo returned to visit his mistress. He seemed to want to bring back his son but Luo XiaoLou’s mother flatly refused.

Ms. Jin stopped the man again but Luo ChengYun just gave her a cold look. He didn’t even give her a chance to speak before leaving. Ms. Jin completely woke up from her young and ignorant girlhood. It was almost painfully obvious that that man would never like anyone else at all. He could marry another woman for the family, but except for his mistress, he would never fall in love with anyone else.

A month later, the mistress went on a trip and she came back badly wounded. Her body weakened rapidly. Before she died, the mistress held Luo XiaoLou in her arms, kissing him over and over. She kept saying, “My poor child. I never thought that you would share my fate.” Then she put a necklace around Luo XiaoLou’s neck.

Then the mistress gave everything in the apartment to Ms. Jin, asking her to help take care of her son. On her deathbed, she kept telling Ms. Jin, “Don’t let Luo ChengYun take Luo XiaoLou away.”

After the mistress died, Luo ChengYun came back and wanted his son. At that time, Ms. Jin had unwittingly handed over her son as if he was the son of the woman, and love, who he had just lost. Even with the genetic test, they were still father and son so it wouldn’t matter.

She would raise Luo XiaoLou herself, but — she really didn’t want to see her son end up like her.

Ms. Jin comforted herself with this. She would do her best to take care of Luo XiaoLou, and the mistress didn’t want her son to go to the Luo family at all anyway.

Seventeen years later, Ms. Jin couldn’t bear the thought of missing her own son more and more every year. She took Luo XiaoLou with her and returned to the Luo family. She approached Luo ChengYun alone and told him the half truth. She was pregnant back then, but didn’t dare to mention that she had switched her son.

Luo ChengYun was as cold as he was back then. He turned and left without saying anything. He didn’t care about mother and son.

Ms. Jin was helpless. She could only shamelessly find the Luo family’s First Lady, and repeatedly assure the woman that she just wanted Luo XiaoLou to be in the Luo family genealogy, and she wouldn’t have anything more to do with Major General Luo.

A lot of untoward things happened those days. But in the end, that lady agreed!

Ms. Jin was full of enthusiasm. She really wanted to see the child from back then. However, she had never thought that Luo XiaoLou would leave of his own accord. For the child who had lived with her for his entire life, Ms. Jin still had a few feelings for the child.

In the end. Ms. Jin returned the necklace she had secretly put away to Luo XiaoLou and stayed with the Luo family. After Ms. Jin found Luo ShaoFan, she told him everything. Luo ShaoFan couldn’t believe it and he even took a genetic test. Only then, he couldn’t deny the fact that he and Ms. Jin were really mother and son.

Luo ShaoFan knew that this secret must never be revealed. But. This was also a turn of events!

He finally knew why the First Lady had tried to send him away to study abroad several times and why Major General Luo was obstructive. He had been very good to him, no worse than Luo ShaoJun and Luo ShaoTian.

Luo ShaoFan immediately went to his father and questioned him if he was his real son.

Luo ChengYun was silent. He said to him, “What does it matter if you are? Your mother never loved me, she just wanted a child.”

Luo ShaoFan stared firmly at his father, hesitated for a long time, then asked, “What about Luo XiaoLou? That bastard son of yours?” He was actually asking that question for himself. He was the son of the irresponsible parents.

“Him? His birth was just a mistake. It’s good that he left. And that woman, just ignore her and don’t believe anything she says. She feels jealous of your mother,” Major General Luo said.

A mistake. That was how his father had defined him.

Ever since Ms. Jin had come to his door with Luo XiaoLou, he’d been watching the joke. He despised Luo XiaoLou… and even gave him a hard time. But he would never have thought the real illegitimate child, that no one could see and no one wanted, was himself.

Luo ShaoFan’s hands clenched tightly. Someday he would trample all these people who looked down on him under his foot.

One thing Major General Luo said before he left caught Luo ShaoFan’s attention, “The things your mother left you, they are all priceless. You must take care of them.”

Luo ShaoFan listened to this and immediately felt moved. He turned to ask Ms. Jin what Luo XiaoLou’s mother had left Luo XiaoLou.

Ms. Jin recalled carefully for a long time. There seemed to be nothing but a necklace. Back then, she saw that necklace and liked it, and even wore it herself for a long time.

Luo ShaoFan immediately asked his mother to help him get the necklace back. Ms. Jin hesitated but eventually, she couldn’t stand his pestering.

Finally, she agreed.

But yesterday, he didn’t get it back. When he came back, he lost his temper at Ms. Jin.

Poor 125 was lying in the hutch next to the master bedroom. It was the end result of a long, hard fight to stay out of the lab. Oh well. It was only a door away from the master bedroom, though.

But at least it now had its own apartment. And it had internet access. And it can’t bug anything!

Monday afternoon, Luo XiaoLou left in a hurry after school. 125 silently scanned the entire school. He found that the person who noticed him the day before was not around. It didn’t make a sound to remind Luo XiaoLou to wait for his owner to come home with him.

While preparing dinner — when Yuan Xi was drunk, he made it a point to emphasize that he would be back every day for dinner. If he didn’t come back he would give an advanced notice. No surprises, Luo XiaoLou still had to prepare dinner for two.

It was almost six o’clock and the doorbell chimed. Luo XiaoLou happily took the keys that were delivered. At the same time, he made an appointment with the workers to let him into his new apartment.

Luo XiaoLou was extremely satisfied with the new apartment. Although it was a bit wasteful for a laboratory, the place was spacious enough.

Another half hour passed. Luo XiaoLou’s brow furrowed as the doorbell rang again. It couldn’t be that Yuan Xi had been sent back again, could it?

With a glance at the visualizer, Luo XiaoLou opened the door in surprise.

Shen Yuan smiled and stood outside the door. He said to Luo XiaoLou, “Master asked me to send the full set of equipment over. I’m not disturbing you, right?”

Luo XiaoLou listened before his eyes opened wide, “How could that be? I’m free.”

Then he looked at the huge amount of clutter behind Shen Yuan and was stunned. All those boxes that could have filled ten rooms were his?

Luo XiaoLou was very glad that he had bought the apartment yesterday. Except for the precision instruments that took up almost a floor of his apartment — he hadn’t really thought there would be so much in a full set. There were ten boxes of materials. Luo XiaoLou couldn’t stop smiling when he saw the list of materials.

It was all high-grade materials! The lowest level was Grade 3. There were quite a few Grade 4 materials as well. Even the very precious Heavy Radium filled an entire big box.

Luo XiaoLou was stunned. The value of these materials was not much cheaper than these instruments!

Shen Yuan also sighed in his heart, how could it be less? This was all according to Master Yan’s standard configuration! The instruments that the Kane Group equipped Federation Class Masters with were of course top of the line and most advanced, and were the most comprehensive. If Luo XiaoLou only wanted a set of ordinary equipment, his master Di Jia could give Luo XiaoLou a set.

After Di Jia made sure that Luo XiaoLou gave the patent right to buy and sell the design, he decided to give Luo XiaoLou a set of instruments. For various reasons, Di Jia did not give Luo XiaoLou more than one set of equipment. He did not give Luo XiaoLou a higher price or even share the news in the company. Di Jia even tried to remove Luo XiaoLou’s name from the company’s records.

Of course, he also tried to keep Luo XiaoLou out of the public eye. At the same time, he was one of the few people who knew that Master Yan had taken Luo XiaoLou as a student.

But Master Yan apparently didn’t think so. How could his young disciple let others take advantage of him? At that moment, he waved his application materials in a big way. It was all packed into the car that was going to Luo XiaoLou’s apartment.

Di Jia, as Section Chief, could only turn a blind eye to this grumpy Master Mecha Maker. The old man wanted to favor his junior apprentice. No one dared to say anything.

And so, Luo XiaoLou’s underground warehouse was filled with materials.

After everything was packed up, Luo XiaoLou invited Shen Yuan to the living room for a tea break — of course, Luo XiaoLou didn’t sigh again at the exorbitant price of the tea.

Sitting in the living room, filled with the aroma of food, Luo XiaoLou was struck by the soft, warm light. Shen Yuan had to admit that the apartment in this not-so-fancy neighborhood was so cozy that it was enviable.

“You live alone?” Shen Yuan smiled and asked carelessly.

Luo XiaoLou opened his mouth. But before he could answer, the door was opened with a bang. A sweating Yuan Xi was standing in the doorway with a dark face.

Yuan Xi, who had just learned something from the workers waiting at the door, swept a glance at the man sitting in his exclusive seat. His face became even worse. Shit. There’s a big change in the family and Luo XiaoLou doesn’t even know to discuss it with him, the head of the family, first!

His mother would always give his father advance notice of everything. Even though father never opposed her ideas — but! That was the least bit of respect!

Not to mention, what did he mean by bringing strange men into the apartment!

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