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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Are you trying to understand someone?” Xia LeYu repeated.

Shen Si was silent for a moment, then spoke, “Why would you think that? Do I look like the kind of person who tries to understand someone?”

“Not really.” Xia LeYu replied, “But I can’t think of a reason for your sudden change of mind, and I can only blame it on trying to understand someone. After all, you aren’t so much a curious person as a person who tries to make life a little better, because you are kind to everyone around you.”

“So, that’s why I thought, are you trying to understand someone?”

“No need to understand, didn’t Team Leader He suggest that I go to a playfield?” Shen Si spoke in a small voice, “It’s okay, you just tell me the location.”

Xia LeYu lowered his head, and after a moment he responded, “Okay, I’ll go poke around, and send you the results.”

There was usually at least one playfield open, but because of the Inspection Unit, they could almost predict the playfield appearing, and evacuate the crowd before it opened. Occasionally there would be a playfield they couldn’t detect in advance, but because of the remote location, plus the Special Unit’s timely rescue, there were almost no casualties.

If it was said that a new playfield was opened, it seemed that the Inspection Unit did hear about it before.

Xia LeYu left the file room, the smell of paper and grass was far away from his nose, he stretched and ran to find Ning Yangze. He was in charge of the file room, Ning Yangze was in charge of other things, and the communication with the Inspection Unit was also Ning Yangze’s responsibility.

“Team Leader!” Xia LeYu ran to the office.

“Xia LeYu, what’s up? Did you find the suspect?” Ning Yangze put down the half-signed document in his hand, “Or is there something wrong?”

Xia LeYu used a paper cup to pour a cup of warm water down in one gulp, and then he spoke, “It’s Shen Si, he asked me if there was a playfield opening in the near future, he seems to have encountered a place where he needs to use his ability, but can’t control it, so he wants to try to enter a playfield.”

“What? You said Shen Si?” Ning Yangze was shocked for a moment, “The Shen Si who has the time ability but only thinks about evolving the ability to the point where he can just not enter the playfield?”

“Yes, it’s this Shen Si.”

“…He actually actively wants to enter a playfield?”

Ning Yangze subtly bit the end of the ballpoint pen, his teeth leaving marks on the body of the pen for a moment before he put the pen down and proceeded to speak to Xia LeYu, “Let him go here.”

“Hmm?” Xia LeYu blinked as he glanced at the location, then compared it to the map, “Wait a minute, isn’t this the territorial area of the Underworld Trade Union organization? Do you really want Shen Si to go to this place? And, is there really a playfield open here?”

Ning Yangze nodded, “No problem, there is indeed a playfield open here, moreover, this place is not just the territory of the Underworld Trade Union organization, but also the territory junction of multiple organizations that we know of.”


“It’s the various organizations that existed right in the unlimited flow world.” Ning Yangze sighed, “There are some more intense people in these organizations, many of them are on our blacklist, and most of them gather here. Because we are all Survivors of the Special Unit, it’s not good for us to go to them. Most Survivors believe having an ability makes them worthy of respect, some Survivors are obsessed with going into playfields to enhance their abilities.”

Xia LeYu touched his chin, eyes on the floor, “That is to say…”

“Yes, this place has a playfield open if we can’t evacuate the crowd, this is the only playfield that Shen Si can enter on his own, the Special Unit has group members lurking inside, Shen Si is not without help if he goes in.” Ning Yangze nodded, “If he really wants to enter a playfield, this is indeed the best option.”


When Shen Si left, he left the key in the original place, but also left a thicker jacket in the house. It was getting colder outside, Jian Nian was like a lazy cat and spent every day curled up in the blanket. Obviously he didn’t feel the cold, but was still wrapped in a blanket, sleeping with his hair sticking out.

At that time, Shen Si would feel that perhaps Jian Nian’s cute points were only here.

Shen Si had always been a passive person, compared to having the initiative to do something, he had always been pushed by events, the only initiative he had to do anything was if it had to do with plants. Everything else occured as time passed by, his life had always been so, and he was also living this way.

Many times Shen Si would feel that his life was like this, even if the world of unlimited flow came to him, there was nothing to work hard for, the difficulties were easily solved, and he spent leisurely days living a leisurely life.

This was the first time he, of his own accord, walked towards the hard place.

When Shen Si walked out, Jian Nian thought Shen Si was going out to buy something and asked if he wanted to accompany him, Shen Si shook his head at him and then left without saying a word.

If Jian Nian knew where he was going, it would be hard to go by himself.

After buying the nearest ticket, Shen Si looked at the name of the place on the ticket, it was a place he was very unfamiliar with. After looking up some tourist places on the internet, it should be a lukewarm place, with some features but not famous.

Would there really be a playfield open here?

When Shen Si arrived at the destination, he was slightly surprised to find that there were a lot of people here, and it could even be said that… it was popular. There were people everywhere, and the places where they could sit were filled with people, hundreds at least, some of them whispering, some alone looking through their phones, men and women, and even a few timid half-grown teenagers, looking like a small bazaar from afar.

“Hello?” A voice rang out next to Shen Si.

Shen Si glanced toward where the voice came from, only to see a woman in a thick cotton jacket with a long scarf looking at him, then she patted the seat beside her, “Little brother, come to sit here?”


“Sure.” The woman stood up, shook her body, looking a bit too cold, then she waved towards Shen Si, “Come on over, this is the last seat.”

Shen Si nodded, he walked over and sat next to the woman, no extra expression on his face.

The woman blew towards her hands, which were wearing thick gloves and looked particularly uncomfortable to move, “Are you here to enter the playfield too, little brother?”

“You too?”

“Of course, everyone here is here to get into the playfield.” The woman laughed, as if she was laughing at Shen Si’s question, “I see you came alone, no Survivors behind you, you are also here to take your chances? Have you joined the Underworld Trade Union?”

Shen Si shook his head, “No.”

“Seriously?” The woman was stunned for a moment, after a moment she sighed, “Alas, it’s normal not to, you see most of us here, in fact, have not joined, after all, there is really no money to buy insurance.”

Slightly surprised by the woman’s statement, Shen Si looked at her, then learned about the current situation. This area was the only place where the Special Unit will not come to interfere with the opening of the playfield, and will not purposely come to care, so many people who wanted to enter the playfield would gather here.

These people included Survivors who wanted to progress in their abilities, and ordinary people who wanted to gamble.

The majority of those who were in groups of two or more people gathered together were either Survivor organizations or ordinary people who had hired a Survivor, while most of those who came alone were ordinary people who couldn’t afford to hire Survivors, so they had only bought information about the location. Most of them had their own difficulties, and a playfield seemed to be their only place to gamble.

The woman’s name was Qian Min, twenty-eight years old, obviously very young, but in the checkup was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she only had three months left to live.

“I really don’t want to die, this world is so beautiful, how can I be willing?” Qian Min smiled and held the thermos cup blowing the hot water in it, “My family raised money and went to the Survivors of the healing department, but even they couldn’t help. When my parents cried until they almost fainted, that Survivor suggested that I come to the playfield to try. As long as I can awaken an ability, maybe my disease can be cured, and even if it can’t be cured it can be suppressed.” Qian Min’s eyes brightened, “I was certainly attracted to it, so I came. I was going to hire a Survivor, but the price is just too expensive, and I’m simply just a liability like this now, so I’m not going to drag anyone down, whether I can get out alive or not is the same.”

Qian Min smiled and said, “Having hope is a good thing.”

“Hmm.” Shen Si nodded.

“So, little brother, what are you doing here?” Qian Min finished the water in the lid of her thermos, “Is it because you owe money? Or is it because your job is not going well?”

“Neither.” Shen Si thought about it, “I’m ready to go in and see if I can work a little harder.”

Hearing something completely incomprehensible, Qian Min looked at Shen Si blankly. After a moment, she tilted her head, then smiled, “Forget it, it’s okay not to say, after all, we are all ordinary people, we all have some secrets that we don’t want to tell. It’s too normal, I hope we can all come out safely.”

“Yes, can definitely come out alive.”

Qian Min nodded seriously, she continued to pour water into the lid of her thermos cup, just then, crack, a strange noise resounded in the air, followed by an unwarranted sound. Qian Min’s hands of the thermos cup fell to the ground, she screamed and grabbed Shen Si’s sleeve, but because the clothes were too thick, her gloves slid off and she fell onto the ground.

In fact, not only her, most of the people around were in the same situation as her.

An earthquake.

The earthquake lasted only three seconds, and the next moment, four walls rose from the ground, trapping everyone present firmly, and people who had fallen got up from the ground in slight panic.

“Has it started?!” Qian Min got up from the ground, “This is a playfield?”

“Hmm.” Shen Si stood still and looked at the sky, and in the sky there was a sign floating there with two lines written on it.

「There is a thief among you, the thief stole one thing from each of you, you have only three tasks.」 

「1. Find what has been stolen from you; 2. Find this thief; 3. Take back what has been stolen from you.」


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Ooh interesting! I wonder what the “thief” stole from Shen Si!

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This looks like a fun play field! What was stolen? 🤔

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I hope the stolen things are tangible, like wallets or cellphones, because if those are e.g. memories… then good luck finding and taking them back! And, wow, is this actually the first playfield where the rules are known from the very beginning? Thank you for the chapter!!!

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I hope Qian Min makes it.
The playfield games are actually fun….except you could die ofcos

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