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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


This type of playfield was actually a very difficult one to identify, especially in areas with large crowds where there may be multiple Survivors returning, and the playfield type was more difficult to define. But this was not the hardest thing, the hardest thing was the location where the return was concealed.

Only after the playfield was opened could the Inspection Unit ascertain the details, determine the playfield type, then the Special Unit could take action. But here, the Special Unit couldn’t intervene and even the Inspection Unit’s detection would be blocked. The Special Unit could only place people who sent back messages from time to time.

“Team Leader, we received a message that the playfield is open.” Xia LeYu walked into the office, “According to the members of the Special Unit present, the number of people in the playfield is no less than a hundred, or even more.”

“Has the Inspection Unit gone over?” Ning Yangze hastily turned on the surveillance facilities in that area, an invisible wall trapping the area firmly.

Xia LeYu nodded, “In order not to conflict with the people inside, and Team Leader He personally went over.”

“He Xin? What is he doing there?” Ning Yangze frowned slightly, “The recent playfield should be Wu Qiu’s charge. Is this playfield very special?”

“Special? I guess.” Xia LeYu handed the information in his hand to Ning Yangze, “Team Leader He suspects that the playfield is this one, and he specially asked me to look up the information of this playfield. Team Leader, do you want to take a look?”

“Yes.” Ning Yangze took the information, after flipping through the documents, Ning Yangze saw the name of the playfield.

Deceptive playfield: Theft.

“This playfield…” Ning Yangze frowned slightly, “Isn’t this the legendary playfield that is very difficult to get, making countless people kill each other?”

“Yes, this is it.” Xia LeYu nodded seriously, “It’s most similar to the dream playfield and will give the players an imaginary enemy. Survivors must find this enemy. The early stage is fine, usually in the later stages, someone will not be able to resist attacking because of their suspicions, and thus cause chaos.”

Ning Yangze gave Xia LeYu a look, then he turned back a page again, “There is a thief among Survivors, everyone will have one thing stolen, they only need to catch the thief and retrieve what was stolen. This is considered to be the end.”

“When I read the information I found that this playfield is not fixed, and can even be said to be very metaphysical. The transcript has a Survivor that said that the people around him had their lives stolen. That is, the unlucky Survivors who just stepped into the playfield immediately lost their lives.”

“Even lives can be stolen?”

“Yes.” Xia LeYu turned the information over a few pages and showed Ning Yangze what was on that page, “This is what I have made, a compilation of what was stolen from the Survivors who currently survived.”

Ning Yangze looked at the text on it, and the things on it were very strange, one could even say that it was unexpected.

There were conventional things like hair, hands and feet, clothes, and unconventional things like appearance, ability, life and even breathing, which meant that it was completely luck in this playfield. What someone lost was random, it was simply… 

The worst case scenario.

“Now it’s up to the Inspection Unit.” Ning Yangze put the files on the table, “Whether the playfield and outside communication props they developed are useful depends on now. If they really succeed to contact with the outside Inspection Unit, then we can better protect everyone in the future.”


Shen Si stood in place, and turned his head to look around. Most people were looking at the words in the air, hundreds of people looked at each other, they began to look for something on their own after a moment’s pause, just then, a light flashed, the words in the air shattered, the next instant, screams rang out.

Less than three meters away from Shen Si, a man screamed and fell to the ground. His arm was cut off, blood continued to drip down his stump, the sharp scream directly burst into Shen Si’s eardrums.

This man had his arm stolen.

“What’s going on? Where is this place?” The other man suddenly backed up, he looked around trembling, his eyes filled with panic, “What is here? Help? Is it a kidnapping?!”

This man had his memory stolen.

“It hurts… Ahem.” A woman fell limply to her knees, she kept coughing, blood fell down her mouth, she held down her abdomen, even through her clothes they could see the woman’s abdomen was deflated.

She had her internal organs stolen.

In the wake of that light, there was chaos all around, screaming people everywhere, shrieks, blood, terrified faces. Shen Si subconsciously backed away, just then his arm was grabbed by a person, Shen Si turned his head, Qian Min took his hand in horror, then shook her head at him.

She opened her mouth to say something, but couldn’t, so she frowned and pulled Shen Si backward, where there was a small shelter, she pushed Shen Si into it, then he got in and sat behind this small shelter.

Taking off her heavy jacket and gloves, Qian Min picked up the small wooden root on the ground and wrote with it.

[It’s too chaotic outside, let’s wait here for a while, we’ll go out after it’s normal.]

Shen Si looked at her, and after a moment he spoke, “Your voice was stolen?”

Qian Min nodded, then she continued to write on the ground, [Suddenly found myself unable to speak when that light came over, it looks like everyone had something stolen from them, what about you Shen Si? Do you feel anything physically abnormal about yourself?]

“No.” Shen Si shook his head as he held up his hand and looked at it, “There is nothing abnormal.”

[That’s strange.] Qian Min quietly glanced outside, it was really messy, and the things that were stolen were really strange. Many people were caught off guard, losing the instincts they relied on to survive, and there were really many people who had fallen to the ground, even Qian Min saw a person who had hired a Survivor lying on the ground with only the strength to breathe, the hired Survivor had fled away.

Because he was hopeless, this man had all of the skin off of his body stolen.

It was just too cruel.

The doctor told her that entering the playfield was the next best thing, the last way to try after there was absolutely no way out, and sure enough, it wasn’t that easy to stay alive at all.

Qian Min quietly shrank back, Shen Si was quietly sitting in place. He didn’t move too much, for outside or waiting here, his emotions would be the same. Qian Min couldn’ot tell if Shen Si was really calm or had been scared silly, but now, as an ordinary person, she could only try to huddle for warmth.

When they talked outside, they could be sure that the other party was not the thief.

Just then, barring a sound, Qian Min heard Shen Si snap his fingers, she looked towards Shen Si, and the next moment, time stopped.

Shen Si sat in place looking at the clock in front of him, and as before, Shen Si pulled out past time clips, each light point was a time period, Shen Si kept pulling back, all the way to eight years ago, but it was still in an unviewable state.

It was true that in a playfield, his ability would increase dramatically, but now it still wasn’t enough to stretch all the way back to eight years ago. He still needed to continue to progress and evolve enough to adapt to this ability.

Shen Si lowered his head, the point of light disappeared from the air, time continued to move forward. Qian Min blinked, looked at Shen Si sitting in place looking at the ground, and a moment later, tilted her head, confused.

Did she just hear Shen Si snapping his fingers?

She was sure she heard it, but Shen Si’s posture didn’t look like he had snapped his fingers at all, so what was going on? But forget it, it’s just a small matter, or what to do afterwards, where to look for her lost things and uncover this thief instantly.

In order to live, she would try her best!

The area gradually went quiet, Shen Si came out from behind the cover. Outside, there were really not many people who were still able to move, only those who were so weak that they couldn’t even shout for help, their luck was so bad that in the opening, they were directly eliminated, and would soon die inside.

“It’s so dangerous.” Shen Si looked around, “Even organs can be stolen, this playfield is really scary beyond my expectation.”

Qian Min patted his shoulder, with a little bewilderment on her face.

What did he mean by terrifying beyond his expectations? Had this person been in other playfields? Was he a Survivor? It can’t be… If he was a Survivor, he should have told her before.

Just then, a person stood up violently, as if he was a Survivor who hid here and didn’t leave, because the activity was too intense, the wood next to him was knocked directly to the ground.

“Is that Mr. Shen?” The man fumbled forward, and the next instant he tripped over the wood that rolled to the ground, “Ah, it hurts, Mr. Shen? Is that you, Shen Si?”

Shen Si blinked as he walked over, seemingly hearing footsteps, the man lumbered up from the ground and tentatively felt his way forward, “Hello Mr. Shen, I’m Cheng Xiangwen, a member of the Special Unit, I was asked by Team Leader He to watch over you before entering the playfield, please don’t worry! I will definitely protect you well!”

“I’m behind you.” Shen Si spoke in a small voice.

“Uh?” Cheng Xiangwen struggled to turn his head in a hurry, “That’s it! Please don’t worry!”

Qian Min, who was following behind Shen Si, blinked, she reached out her hand and waved it in front of Cheng Xiangwen’s face, after a few waves Qian Min turned her head towards Shen Si and shook her head.

“You had your eyesight stolen?” Shen Si opened his mouth to inquire.

“It looks… Yes.” Cheng Xiangwen lowered his head, the person was instantly dejected, like a big yellow dog that was reprimanded, “It’s really a shame, I obviously promised Team Leader He that I would protect Mr. Shen, but I ended up being completely helpless just after I came in because my vision was stolen. But don’t worry Mr. Shen! There’s another member of the Special Unit inside!”

Shen Si glanced around, “He’s not with you?”

“Well, we are lurking in separate organizations and don’t know each other.” Cheng Xiangwen held down the ground and stood up again, “But please believe in the Special Unit! We will definitely take you away!”

Qian Min blinked, then she found a wooden stick from the ground and wrote a sentence on the ground. [What’s your relationship with the Special Unit? They even made a special effort to protect you.]

“At most, it’s a doctor-patient relationship.” Shen Si replied, “I guess it was brought up in passing.”

“Uh? Is there anyone else?” Unable to see Qian Min, who happened to be unable to speak, Cheng Xiangwen blankly turned his face to the side, “Mr. Shen, who are you talking to?”


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April 8, 2021 11:56 am

Are there many thieves or just one? I wonder what got stolen from Shen Si. But, since he’s immune to the playfield’s ability, will he have nothing stolen?

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

April 8, 2021 12:18 pm

Well that is scary playing field to run into

April 8, 2021 1:24 pm

Hope they don’t think Shen Si is the thief because of his abilities

April 8, 2021 11:13 pm

Yeah, it would be too easy to steal ordinary objects, but stealing organs, senses, body parts, memories or even an entire skin of the body is way too creepy. Good thing Shen Si is immune. Now the question is, how to get something like that back? Thank you for the chapter!!!

April 9, 2021 4:32 am


May 23, 2021 8:04 pm

Okay that theft thing was scary and creepy. As usual Shen Si is immune to the playing field, which still hasn’t been explained. I hope the girl with him gets out alive, I feel bad for her and the agent, though I’m pretty sure he’s toast.

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