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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“My… future?” Shen Si’s voice was so low that it sounded as if it was just an ordinary murmur.

Qian Min laughed out loud, her body twisted. Her whole body had already been completely detached from a human’s appearance. After being revealed as the thief, it was as if she could no longer maintain her human appearance, those belonging to the playfield’s worst factors in her body continued to revive.

Yes, she wasn’t Qian Min, just the thief in the playfield.

Cheng Xiangwen couldn’t see the scene in front of him, but through Qian Min’s laughter Cheng Xiangwen understood that the current situation was very bad, whether he or Shen Si, both of them were currently in a very delicate situation.

Although he didn’t know why the thief disguised itself as Qian Min and lurked around them. After being exposed, she targeted them and started the attack, her killing intent was very obvious, as the only consciousness of the playfield, she and the playfield were the same essence.

Kill all Survivors.

If they didn’t kill her now, then she would keep attacking and this attack was very deadly, but if they killed her now, the playfield would just fall apart and the game would be over, and everyone would leave the playfield, but this would be a very difficult thing to accept.

What was stolen within the playfield would be lost forever.

Both Cheng Xiangwen and Shen Si would have a hard time accepting this happening.

“Well? What are you going to do?” Qian Min let out a maniacal laugh, “Are you going to die with me, or are you going to live?”

Shen Si lowered his head as he stood in place, everything empty around him. The distant wind blew the corner of his coat; the sound of water was constantly hitting the river bank; the wind was sluggish; this scene made Shen Si look unusually lonely. He stood there alone, alone facing this choice, it seemed that every choice was a tragedy.

Qian Min’s face with a distorted smile, as if it was Christmas and she had red dye everywhere like a painted clown.

Did he feel despair? Pained? Then, like everyone else, would he start breaking down in the face of it all, attacking others and taking their future away?! In that case… In that case!

“Stole my future?” Shen Si suddenly spoke. He didn’t look up, nor did he move, only the wind was blowing his clothes and hair. His hair looked a little yellow because of the loss of color and it blocked his eyes. His expression could not be seen, but both Qian Min and Cheng Xiangwen heard his laughter.

The laughter was strange, and could even be described as bizarre.

For no one would laugh in the face of such a situation, unless he was crazy.

“Shen Si?” Cheng Xiangwen fumbled to get up, he wanted to walk towards Shen Si’s position, “Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

Shen Si still didn’t look up, didn’t even pay attention to Cheng Xiangwen’s inquiry, his laughter was still there, with a little mockery.

“You stole my future?” Shen Si repeated these words as he slowly raised his head, his dark eyes staring at Qian Min. There was not the slightest negative emotion in those eyes, there was just peace and… mockery. He said, “Just you?”

Even the air was quiet, Qian Min’s eyes widened, “What did you say?

But Shen Si didn’t answer, and just snapped his fingers.


As if it was a signal, the clock appeared in the air. Qian Min stared at the clock, her eyes were full of hostility, “You can’t do it! I stole your past, you have no more time to go backwards!”

“Is that so?” Shen Si’s outstretched finger waved as the seconds flew backwards.

Cheng Xiangwen fell to the ground again. He could feel the gravel flowing beneath him, but he was still conscious and could hear Qian Min’s yelling and screaming, with voices pouring into his ears. Cheng Xiangwen judged in the extreme noise that Shen Si had only gone backwards in time in this playfield.

And all the humans in the playfield were excluded by him.

Shen Si had control of his ability to this extent?

“You will despair.” Qian Min sneered and opened her hand, “Soon, it will stop.”

The second hand abruptly stopped at a position, it no longer moved forward, as if it met something that obstructed it, this was the place where playfield made the second announcement, and also the time when Shen Si had his past stolen. The creaking of the gears kept ringing, as if it would break in the next second. The second hand trembled because of the obstruction.

Shen Si clutched his hand as he sighed, as if he was lamenting something.

“It’s useless! You can just die here honestly!”

Still not answering, Shen Si just looked at Qian Min, and in that instant, in Qian Min’s time, she clearly saw a little bit of blood pouring into Shen Si’s eyes, as if it was spreading like a tree root, and covered his entire pupil at a speed imperceptible to the naked eye.

Tick, the second hand moved backward again.


The empty past was quickly filled with countless images, and in this timeline, they were lit up again.

The second hand kept spinning backwards, time was speeding back to the very beginning, and the people in the playfield who had fallen because of the second rule event got up from the ground in bewilderment. They looked at their palms, completely unaware of what was happening, and just then, a man pointed to the side, “Look, what is that?”

Everyone looked to that place, a clock shaped figure was floating in the air, but this clock was different from the other clocks. It was flying backwards, the change within the playfield was minimal, but for Survivors, it was too much. They could easily detect the subtle changes within the playfield.

The whole playfield was rewinding in time, so the fallen people came to their senses and they got back up. The people present looked at each other, and finally they walked towards them, not knowing what was happening, but felt that they had to go over and see.

As if they were going to witness something extraordinary.

Outside the playfield, He Xin’s props emitted an ear-splitting alarm. He Xin’s eyes snapped open, the data was flying backwards, and with He Xin’s memory, he was able to recall the previous data changes very clearly, there was no mistake, these data were going backwards and forwards.

“What?” Startled by the alarm, Wu Qiu rushed over, “Team Leader, what’s happening?”

“It must be Shen Si going backwards in time!” He Xin quickly reacted, “Only this time he didn’t rewind the whole world, but just this playfield, so the prop captured the change in data.”

Wu Qiu’s eyes widened, she hurriedly looked at the outer wall of the playfield, “That means that soon this playfield will be rewinded to before it opened?!”

“That’s right.” He Xin hurriedly instructed Wu Qiu, “Have the Special Unit come over immediately to maintain order. Since this incident happened very unexpectedly, when the time comes, it’s probably going to be chaotic for a while.”

“Yes! I’ll be right there!”

Listening to Wu Qiu jump out like a rabbit to make a phone call, He Xin continued to watch the data change and kept comparing the time, closer and closer to the playfield opening time.

What exactly was Shen Si’s stimulus in there? How did Shen Si suddenly burst out with such powerful energy?

Before He Xin could think of a reason, the prop once again sounded an alarm, the entire data cleared, and Wu Qiu, who had already finished her call, and He Xin looked at the playfield enclosure together. In a flash, the entire playfield enclosure ripped apart, crumbling in the air and turning into ash-like debris.

“What?!” He Xin’s eyes widened, “No, it’s not like time has gone backwards at all!”

…It was more like time obliteration.

They couldn’t get past it because the time regression was still going on.

In He Xin’s line of sight, Shen Si stood there, the clock behind him spinning so fast that Qian Min, who was obviously not a human being, seemed to be fixed in time; she floated up, in a parallel line with the clock, and a miserable scream kept coming out of her mouth.

With a bang, as if bursting out of her body, countless points of light emerged of the thief’s body. They searched for their master and quickly blended in, and all those who had had something important stolen from them, even their lives, opened their eyes.

The man whose memory was stolen remembered who he was, the man whose arm was stolen kept touching his arm, the woman whose internal organs were stolen pressed her abdomen with joy.

Cheng Xiangwen, who had his eyesight stolen, sat on the ground and looked at the sky as if he was watching a miracle.

“Team Leader! The playfield has gone back to before it opened, but… the time rewind is still going on!” Wu Qiu quickly spoke, her voice as fast as it could be, “Now the playfield has regressed back in time to a point we can’t detect, but even so, it’s still regressing!”

“One year ago, two years ago, three years ago!” Wu Qiu kept reporting the estimated time data on the machine, “…Now it’s, four years ago.”

The clock in the air was still spinning, the violent energy making the cracks on its dial expanding. He Xin didn’t speak, and none of the people present spoke, because none of them could remember to open their mouths after what was happening now.

The only sound on the scene was the screams of the thief.

The wind blew in, as if calming off some of it, and Shen Si smiled slightly as he spoke in a whisper, “Goodbye.”

The transparent clock dial shattered in half, and the glass shards turned into points of light and disappeared into the air.

Time rewinded to the birth of the playfield, turning the entire playfield into flying dust. Qian Min stopped screaming, its body was melting, like cotton candy dipped in water, and as she quickly turned into dust, a little bit fell to the ground.


That’s why it did it, to never see this person again, but why? Why, after stealing his past, this person can still turn back the clock?

At the moment of entering the playfield, the thief stole something important from each person. Shen Si had his future stolen, and in Shen Si’s future, the thief saw himself obliterated, and it wasn’t Shen Si who disappeared without the slightest trace, but this playfield and itself.

So it chose Qian Min as its identity instead, so it opened new rules, and it stole Shen Si’s past to make this person disappear completely.

Why did it still not work?

The future… was it really impossible to change?

The thief completely disappeared, and Wu Qiu lowered her head and reported in a whisper, “The playfield, it’s completely undetectable, it… disappeared.”

The clock disappeared into the air, Shen Si’s eyes turned back to pitch black, and as he closed his eyes, his body fell backwards. He Xin quickly ran over and caught Shen Si before he hit the ground. Shen Si had passed out, his breathing was very light, like he was just asleep.

“Shen Si?” He Xin tried calling out to Shen Si, but got no response.

“Where’s the doctor?” He Xin looked to the Special Unit members who had come over as quickly as they could, “Hurry up and take him to the hospital!”


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