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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Hiding behind a tree and watching Shen Si, Cheng Xiangwen’s eyes overflowed with excitement, but the current situation no longer allowed him to stay.

The Special Unit’s people had already arrived, and the situation just now was seen by most organizations. The people in the playfield looked at Shen Si with faces full of surprise. After seeing the ability just now, they could easily link this and the rumors of Shen Si together.

They had been told that he was an ordinary person who awakened the ability of time, but it was an S-Rank’s ability talent, and he would one day be no less powerful than the three S-Rank Survivors.

They now believed it.

Disguised as a member of the organization, Cheng Xiangwen smiled as he walked out and called someone. The number he dialed looked like a series of numbers, something that a child would type out at random.

“Hey, do you know what I saw?” Cheng Xiangwen let out a cheer, “I can call this a miracle of the gods! A playfield that big just disappeared, I’m sure, that wasn’t just time regression, he destroyed the whole playfield!”

The person on the other side of the call listened to him in silence, for a moment before speaking, “Oh.”

“Hey, don’t be so cold.” Cheng Xiangwen sighed helplessly, “You know what? Everyone was surprised when I left the house, if we didn’t look exactly alike, we wouldn’t be like brothers at all! How about giving a smile?”

“No.” The person on the other side was brief and concise.

Cheng Xiangwen tsked, then continued to sigh, “Forget it. But now Shen Si’s ability is confirmed. His ability definitely exceeds the three S-Rank Survivors, and this growth rate is amazing. I really admire him too much, but, his ability is very unstable, even on the verge of collapse. Is he really okay?”

“Yeah.” The person on the other end responded in the same voice, “Just trust him.”

Cheng Xiangwen shrugged, “I got it, I’ll listen to you. By the way, how about you pick me up? It’s just too remote here, I seem to be… I’m a little lost.”

The other side hung up the phone with a click, as usual, without giving face.

Cheng Xiangwen was shocked as he looked at the phone screen, then racked his brain while squatting down, trying to find the map in the phone to take him out of this ghost place. His brother was treating him like road kill, but refused to come to pick him up, this guy was still as socially scared as ever.


In the hospital ward, Shen Si leaned back on the pillow and was staring at the air in front of him. His consciousness recovered quickly, and he remembered everything that happened at that time very clearly. He was silent as always, and answered concisely when the Special Unit asked questions without any abnormalities.

Except for his ability.

Shen Si’s ability grew a great deal stronger, and he could do more things with time; he could now stop time with a casual thought, and it would be no effort at all to rewind time.

This should have been a happy thing… 

Where Shen Si was staring, the clock sank in the air, the glass dial was half shattered, exposing the hands inside, looking very messy, but this didn’t damage the clock, it was still running normally, even though its glass surface was broken beyond recognition.

Shen Si stretched out his hand, put his hand to the crack of the clock, and with a stabbing sound, the sharp fragments directly cut Shen Si’s fingers.

Subconsciously withdrawing his hand, Shen Si looked at his finger, crimson blood seeping out of the wound, followed by belated pain. He took a tissue from the side and pressed it on his finger, then Shen Si continued to stare at the clock.

The clock was a manifestation of his ability, like a carrier for the power of nothingness, but no matter how you count the carrier power, it was an invisible thing. Invisible meant it couldn’t be damaged by physical means, so why was this clock so badly damaged?


Shen Si waved his hand, the clock then turned into points of light, and those points of light connected into lines, and the lines formed a circle to enclose Shen Si in the middle, from the beginning, to the end. He looked at the circle, and after a moment he put his hand on the point of light, as if pulling a piece of gumdrop to pull up the line, Shen Si saw something magical.

It was something like a screw, circling round and round, forming one circle after another, with no beginning and no end, because the beginning and end were connected and couldn’t be broken at all.

Shen Si pressed the line back, then continued to pull back, but unlike before, now he could not only see the past, but also the future. This future was only to a point, and he couldn’t see further back, because it was pitch black, real nothingness.

“The future, it should be something unforeseeable.” Shen Si looked at the fragments, “The past cannot be changed, only the future is an unknown that can be expected. Only this is the truth.”

On the other side, He Xin and others were meeting in the office.

This time the playfield had no need for aftermath except the news circulation, because there wasn’t even one casualty and the scene hadn’t changed in the slightest. The playfield was directly destroyed, that area had become an absolutely safe area, so there wouldn’t be any playfields here that would open, which was a good thing by definition.

But everyone present could only laugh.

“It has been determined that that playfield has been completely obliterated.” He Xin didn’t take out the information, because for now, the information was completely useless, everyone could see that thing happened. “Shen Si alone rewound the playfield back to the time before the playfield was born, which is equivalent to completely wiping out the playfield’s existence.”

“This matter has been circulating among Survivors, and the major Survivor organizations are discussing this event internally.” Xia LeYu, who was in charge of the news, spoke up, “So far, no less than five organizations have prepared to contact him.”

He Xin frowned slightly, “But his power is just too amazing.”

“Disappeared completely?” Ning Yangze sighed, “I’ve asked Shen Si about things inside. From his recount, the thief in the playfield stole his future and then stole his past, trying to make him disappear from the world completely, it looks like Shen Si did the same thing to him.”

“Responding to disappearance with disappearance, how like him.” He Xin leaned back in his chair, “Shen Si’s ability has evolved so fast that now it has reached a point where even the Inspection Unit can’t intervene.”

Xia LeYu looked at them, and a moment later he slumped down on the table. “Mr. Shen is amazing, another derivative ability in the use of time class.” He added, “It’s more like taking back what belongs to you a little bit than saying it’s an ability evolution.”

The people in the room froze for a moment, He Xin and Ning Yangze looked at each other, and then they looked at Xia LeYu in unison.

“What did you say?” He Xin spoke, “Say it again.”

“Ugh?” Xia LeYu froze for a moment, he sat up straight with some panic, then repeated what he had just said, “I said that I feel like this is more like taking back what belongs to Mr. Shen than evolving his abilities, don’t you guys feel that way?”

He Xin nodded, “Continue.”

“Because since the awakening of the ability, Mr. Shen seems to awaken a new ability every time he enters a playfield, although they are very closely linked to time.” Xia LeYu put his hand out, “At first it was just unconscious time pause and time rewind, after that it was skillful control of time, then it was what we just learned, he seemed to be able to watch snippets of things that happened in the past. Now, he can even extinguish time.”

Xia LeYu put down his hand, “See, it’s exactly like collecting things, and he receives the ability without the slightest hindrance, there are just more abilities than he can control.”

“Go ask Jian Nian,” Ning Yangze suddenly spoke up, “Asking him about Shen Si is more reliable than asking others.”

Although Jian Nian and Shen Si had broken up, they were childhood friends and ex-lovers. He was closest to Shen Si by far and not even his mere neighbor Bai JunYi and cousin Xi Luo could know everything.

The only person who knew Shen Si’s past and his character was Jian Nian.

“Speaking of which has Jian Nian arrived yet?” Xia LeYu looked at the two, “I informed Jian Nian earlier, he said he would come over soon.”

Ning Yangze shook his head, “Don’t disturb them now, I guess this matter has made Jian Nian very worried, maybe he will still be angry. Wait until tomorrow when he is calm before we go over and ask him.”

“That’s right.” Xia LeYu remained on the table, “Mr. Jian really cares about Mr. Shen, and has been suppressing himself. Will they get back together?”

Listening to Xia LeYu’s words, Ning Yangze couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

As the most difficult existence to communicate with among the three S-Rank Survivors, it was really hard to say whether it would be a saving or a trouble if he really got back together with Shen Si, who was really cooperative and did nothing to cause trouble, but relatively speaking, Shen Si was really extra cold.

His behavior pattern was set, his means of handling was rigid, his whole person, it seemed, didn’t have any human feelings.

It was really hard!


Jian Nian stepped into the Special Unit special hospital, as he was holding his breath not knowing how to move. Shen Si went to a playfield without telling him at all, and if the Special Unit hadn’t informed him, he would have had to wait at home. Was he that untrustworthy? At least he could’ve told him where he went.

The moment he saw the person in the ward, Jian Nian suddenly felt that his anger had subsided.

…What a loser.

Jian Nian spat on himself, then sped up to Shen Si, looked Shen Si up and down to make sure he wasn’t hurt before breathing a sigh of relief, “I was scared to death, are you okay?”

“Yes.” Shen Si looked at Jian Nian and after a moment he nodded, “Jian Nian, what do you think the future is?”

“The future?” Jian Nian didn’t understand why Shen Si asked this question at all, he stood in front of Shen Si’s bed slightly strangely, “If I had to answer, the future is something unknown, but not necessarily something that will get good results, but everyone is full of expectations.”

Shen Si bowed his head, “Yes, the future is certainly unknown.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Jian Nian reached out a little strangely and touched his forehead, “No fever, then why are you talking nonsense?”

Shen Si knocked his hand down, then shook his head, “Nothing, I was just thinking about something.”

“What is it?”

“With hard work, even the future can be changed.”


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April 19, 2021 1:04 pm

For some reason I really hope that they get back together!

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

April 19, 2021 2:02 pm

Mmm….Xia Leyu’s view is very interesting. That would mean ShenSi always had the ability and it would explain the overlap of time he saw when his parents died.

April 19, 2021 2:21 pm

The future is the ONLY thing that can be changed!

April 19, 2021 10:11 pm

OK, that matter was resolved… so now what? Those organisations wanting to contact Shen Si means nothing but trouble. He can always rewind them to before they were even born, and that would be it. I’m a bit worried about that broken clock face, as in it’s not really a good thing. Well, let’s see what’s next. Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 23, 2021 9:56 pm

I think Jian Nian may be the ML only because we see him more than Mr. Bai. I discount the cousin. Shen Si is starting to get a bit spooky with this time thing.

June 1, 2021 2:31 pm

Even with dark desires, which Shen Si is after all aware of, I like Jian Nian. Wish Shen Si could be nicer to him.
Are the clock’s cracks representative of the strains Shen Si has been putting on both his ability and self?
Thank you for translating.

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